MGTOW – There’s No Crystal Ball…A Testimony

MGTOW men, welcome back. I’ve got another video for us today inspired by a testimony that I received recently. I will, as always, keep some of the details in the original narrative private. I do this to keep him anonymous, because you just never know out there. So, without further adieu, let’s get going. To... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – Isolative Tactics

MGTOW men, welcome back. One of the selling points of MGTOW is the fact that you’re able to maintain autonomy over your life. You’re able to stay on top of the life that you want to live and spend time with the people that you want to spend time with, or not spend time with... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Blanket Apologies

MGTOW men, welcome back. Collective apologies, c’mon. We live in a world of grey, not black and white. That’s a fact if anything is a fact. We need strength up front not false humility. Humility comes from strength, which is the other thing that has essentially been reversed. Women aren’t looking for humility in men... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Waiting for Boaz?

MGTOW men, welcome back. As it always is on Sunday in the Western Hemisphere I take a look at a passage from the Bible and connect it to things that we are discussing in MGTOW. I think that this is around episode 56 for me in this series, so if you’re new to this, there... Continue Reading →

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