MGTOW – He Escaped the Talons of a Jezebel Spirit | A Harrowing Testimony

I thought it was all over. We broke up and I thought that was the end of the matter.

Little did he know that the world that he was living in nearly came crashing down.

MGTOW men, welcome back. Please, please listen to today’s entire talk, because as I’ve been asking for more men to share their MGTOW testimonies about how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them in their lives, I’ve been receiving some stories of unbelievable peril that has been tiptoed past, only for men to be able to see freedom on the other side of a seemingly pitch black tunnel.

Today is a story about how a MGTOW brother who has just turned 40 recounts how his ex-girlfriend didn’t take a breakup so well, and in turn, keyed his car and then proceeded to tell the cops in a deceit-ridden voice, “fine, I am going to tell the police you raped me.” She then followed up again and said, “you’re going to pay for this.”

I can’t wait that much longer, so let’s read this one as there is a lot to analyze regarding this story. And for the sake of this email, I will not use his real name, although unlike many emails that I receive, I will be reading all of it, because every word needs to be detailed.

The Harrowing Story of a Near Sexual Assault Charge

I’ve been a fan of your channel since I first saw your collaboration video with Jerry Liu. What wisdom you already have in your early 20s! I wish that someone had passed this knowledge to me when I was finding my way into the world 20 years ago.

I felt compelled to share this story and feel free to make a video to show the journey I took to become the MGTOW man that I am today, having turned 40 last year, I believe things happen for a reason and the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced through life has done nothing but changed me for the better and made me stronger.

Like many young men growing up, I was indoctrinated by friends, family and the media that you grow up, meet a woman of your dreams, marry her, have children and then live happily ever after. I spent my youth and my 20s believing and living that lie.

I came from a strong family and was brought up by my parents who to this day is still married, they have been and continue to be the best parent anyone could wish for. I also have a little sister whom I love dearly – she is now married with children.

Like many blue pilled young men, I spent my youth chasing for that perfect woman that never existed, I dated girls throughout my 20s but for some reason, I never felt compelled to make any of them my ‘girlfriend’. I was already worn down with the experience and drama that women bring. I did the same things that young men would do back in the day to impress girls, shower them with attention and gifts, get into debt buying flashy sports cars and going to the gym to attain a gym honed physique – all just to try and attract ‘the one’.

For various reasons, I started to doubt and questioned the need to find a girlfriend, my nearest and dearest always wonder and asked when I’m going to find a nice girl to settle down with, I simply reply: ‘I’m looking’. But inside knowing that the drama that a woman can bring…I just wanted female company for sex. I never felt close enough to make any of them ‘the one’.

Then I met a woman while I was at a nightclub celebrating my 30th birthday, I noticed there was something different about her – I will only refer to her as ‘X’ to protect her anonymity for reasons that I will go into later. I asked her out for a date and hit it off pretty quickly. She is 11 years my senior but looked much younger. The first time we had sex together, it was out of this world and I was hooked from then on.

It was as though I found the girl that I was looking for, I enjoyed her company…she had a quirky personality and fantastic in bed. I had sex with her from the get go with no protection – she told me not to worry as she was on the pill. She had a steady job bringing in good money, independent. Everything seemed great.

People say that women pretend to be something they’re not for the first 90 days of their relationship – well all I can say is X did just that. What appeared on the surface as the perfect ‘NAWALT’ started to reveal her true side…

X became increasingly dependent and wanted to spend time with me a lot, I went along with it but soon got tired of it. Her drinking became a bit of an issue and I did not enjoy her company when she starts to get emotional. We began to have arguments, fall out, then make up and have amazing sex again. It was as though she revealed in this drama. I soon wanted an out.

Tired of what this relationship had become, in my mind I only saw X as a ‘friends with benefits’ given her age. I plucked up the courage to tell her that I wanted to end it. She did not take it well. We broke up and I thought that was the end of the matter.

What followed was something that you would read in the news but never imagine it would happen to you. She began to stalk me, phoning and texting me constantly to the point that I changed my number. Then realising that she could not reach me, started to buzz my door to get into my apartment. She then sent me a note to say that she is pregnant. My heart stopped a beat and didn’t know what to do. The only thing left was to race over to her house – she then admitted it was a lie to get me to talk to her.

I was so angry that she lied, but being the blue pilled guy that I was, I allowed her manipulation and reason to welcome her back into my life – all because the amazing sex that we had and I was missing.

However things would quickly turn sour as her old ways would surface again causing a rift, we would then spend the next 5 years having an on and off relationship – she voiced her frustrations many times that I never wanted to make her my girlfriend and it was going nowhere – I simply wanted to use her for sex. Which I did but was never man enough to admit. Knowing that I only wanted her as a FWB, I never ever introduced her to my friends and family.

I then decided that I had to end things, things went back to normal: she made multiple attempts to get in touch, she then resorted to vandalising my car twice (I believe she did it but the police could not find evidence to prove it), she even tried to reach me at work. I resisted and kept her shut out of my life. I then filed a restraining order.

I lived the next 2-3 years on edge hoping that X would disappear from my life. I began dating other girls but never wanted to pursue anything serious with the fear that it would follow the same pattern.

Then one evening, X rang my apartment and wanted to see me for ‘one last time’. thinking I was doing the right thing at the time, I relented and went outside my apartment to talk to her. She seemed calmed and wanted to try again one last time, I firmly told her it was the end after all she has put me through. She then came up close to me and whispered: “Fine, I am going to tell the police you raped me…”.

From that moment, I felt as though everything came crashing down on me. I could not believe what I was hearing. Nothing will prepare anyone to hear someone admitting that they are about to make a false allegation just to punish you. In anger, I then began to tell her to leave get out of my sight. She began to shout from the top of her voice that ‘I can’t believe you raped me…’. I pushed her away and ran back into my apartment to call the police. I looked outside and X went to my car and started to scratch all 4 sides. I began to feel nothing but anger and hatred and ran outside and pushed her away – she fell backwards onto the ground and started crying.

A few moments later, the police arrived and before they got out of the car, X smirked and remarked: “You’re going to pay for this…” The police escorted X away in a car and the other officers took my side of the story. They filed an incident and advised me that I may be contacted to assist them on this matter. I was shook up afterwards. I could not believe what just had happened.

I never felt more alone at that point. I couldn’t turn to anyone. Would anyone even believe me?

Three days later, the police came to my apartment and I was taken and detained for 8 hours for questioning. I gave my account of what happened and was relieved that I was released without charge. The restraining order that I filed 3 years before and throughout my time, I had kept evidence of any contact from X which strengthened my defense when I was being questioned.

My lawyer (I’m in Europe), kept me updated with developments throughout and 8 months later, I received official confirmation that there would be no charges brought against me as there was no credible evidence for the accuser to bring this case to court. I was relieved. I felt as though I was reborn after being nailed onto a cross like Jesus.

To this day, I have kept this hidden – never told anyone apart from my best friend whom I trust more than anyone else. Even my family doesn’t know this. I could never imagine someone so close to me could look me in the eye and accuse me of rape. The fire that I had burning for X died that evening. It left me a changed man.

Sunrise, I wanted to share this with you because all the #metoo hysteria has done nothing but bring back all this. I was very fortunate that there was due process when I was dealing with this false allegation to clear my name. I’m forever thankful that the authorities treated me in a fair way, I very much doubt I would receive the same treatment if this had happened today…

Many thanks for taking the time to read this. I would be grateful to hear your thoughts and insight on this. Please share this with my MGTOW brothers out there, as this story needs to be told of what women is capable of doing. I would love to collaborate with you to give a full account of my story as you’re looking to write an ebook. I’d be happy to contribute and expand on how I now live my life after that traumatic experience.

Take care and hoodies up.

The Post Game Breakdown – The Illusion of the NAWALT, the Promiscuity of Borderline Personality Disorder, the Necessity of No and Her Final Opportunity

This story, this story is truly staggering. We are in the midst of the #MeToo movement, and I’m not even going to go there as I know that everyone is nauseated over continued referencing of it and hearing it pop up in your news feed. But why this is important in the #MeToo lens that has been created, is that it brings to light just how cautious you have to be. Even the most prepared man, taking all the precautions that he needs to, not sleeping with women, taking screenshots of text messages, recording conversations if it is legal – even if these things are done today, because contracts don’t mean anything anymore to people and because even consensual contracts don’t mean anything and dissatisfying sexual relationships and breakups are leading to claims of sexual assault – this right here, those dangers and uncertainties should elucidate one of the sharpest images possible for going MGTOW if you don’t already have one.

This horror story right here. We literally witnessed a man’s life go flashing past our eyes and my eyes as I initially read this email, and because of this we go MGTOW. We are careful, we ghost and you don’t play with fire when that fire is controlled by these characteristics:

  1. Revenge
  2. Deceit
  3. Malice
  4. Promiscuity
  5. Unpredictableness

Brother – thank you for emailing me, and I’m beyond thankful that you didn’t suffer from a life in jail or a record tarnished for the rest of your existence for something that you didn’t do. But, as we all have in these situations with women, and in this case, a Jezebel woman, we made mistakes where we could have cut things off and ended it. MGTOW is moreso a preventative measure and thus, it should bring to note ways to protect yourself from a Jezebel woman. Because, this is what happens when a Jezebel woman is brought into your life and you let one enter into your life. It will control you. You will become her. You will fawn and lust over the power that you extract from being with not her, but her body. But, in her presence you feel ill. You feel dark, and that is because you carry the aura of the Jezebel woman.

If you have been following my channel for the past few months, you may remember my video in which I touch on the Jezebel woman. Before I move on here, I want to note the characteristics of the Jezebel woman:

  • This person will seek attention and promote themselves
  • They will attract people that are sharp and often times attractive
  • They are overly demanding and manipulative
  • They are confrontational and create ultimatums
  • They do possess charisma, but it is usually rooted in vain effort and narcissism
  • They pursue chaos, and can’t live in any doldrum
  • They can’t accept denial, as it often reflects a past of rejection and abuse

In modern day diagnoses and comparisons, a Jezebel woman is someone that is seen by modern understanding as someone that might possess borderline personality disorder. The correlation here is that there are countless research articles and a literature review in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders that show repeated connections between borderline personality disorder and things such as sexual impulsivity, sexual preoccupation, meaning it takes precedence in their mind, they have greater sexual exposure throughout their life, value sex more and they likely are very good at it and tempt you using these things.

I don’t know if this was the woman that you were with in this story, but from the sounds of it, I think that she might possess these traits. And again, I’m not here to condemn anyone with this disorder, it often originates out of conditions that they can’t control, but I believe that there is also a spiritual connection this type of person that is very dark. Be warned, and also be aware of their past.

It’s also important to consider contextual things obviously, such as her age in this instance. As a result, she is going to be responding with more volatility to your demand that you breakup with her because she is in her 40s and with each misstep in a relationship that doesn’t end in marriage, she is lessening the likelihood that she actualizes something that whether or not she realizes, she is seeking in these men, marriage. Expect huge blowback in this situation!

The reason that I say this is that, someone that acts such as this woman did is often controlled by a past of pain and strife in their life. This woman might have been abused, she may have been abandoned as well. In order to restore or right this pain and emptiness in her mind, she fills it with a temporary fix. These temporary fixes always fall along the path of being huge highs and also massively deep lows in life. But, they will also do so through sex. Regardless of how sex is portrayed in the media, sex is the most intimate activity that you can perform with another person in a short amount of time. It does not replace long term forms of intimacy and trust that actually repair wounds and help people move on, such as talking about issues that you have, learning to build trust through actions with a person or creating a respect of character between two people, but because it is a short fix of intimacy, what it ends up being in the mind of this type of person, and in the eyes of your ex most likely, is that intimacy through sex helps to quell the pangs of abandonment. Sex is used both consciously and subconsciously to act as a tie to that person, which was you and which you experienced off an on and especially during the early portions of your relationship, because that intimacy masks the feelings of abandonment. But, we know that that doesn’t create a true bond between people, but the mind tells that them that it will. Therefore, they just keep repeating the same process over and over without giving it much thought, because she likely lived with very little introspection, especially considering the fact that she was in her 40s and she was coming after you, a considerably younger male at the time. Why was that? What was going on there? She likely never looked within at all throughout these years, and so when you said, no – this relationship isn’t going any further, it doesn’t register in her mind that your infatuation with her for the lustful reasons would be enough to keep you around. Because it wouldn’t.

And right here is what is so important about this observation – this archetype that you experienced man, this was created by a system. Often times this is created by feminism subversively, through the uprooting of the home and the devaluing of the nuclear family and order. With that gone, promiscuity and off the rails behavior is far more common in order to account for the lack of affirmation that was had growing up. It’s a basic remedy and explanation right here, but I guarantee you that over and over you will see that this situation rears its ugly head. MGTOW men, we are going our own way from a relationship standpoint right here because of the dividing power of feminism and relativism. You are going to have be saddled with a job as not only a husband, but also a reparative person, all the while you have your own issues and societal constraints to sift through? Good luck in marriage.

Also, this situation not only paints a picture for why we go MGTOW because we obviously don’t want false allegations of rape saddled on to us – the reason that we go our own way and don’t expose ourselves to these types of relationships. The reason is that, you can’t undervalue the social capital that can be lost. For example, sure, you win a settlement, you go through a divorce, whatever it may be – and you’re on the other end of it – but many people can’t get past the fact that this certain time and event is on your record. The way that people perceive you is not as simple as you’d like it to be, and if definitely takes into account things such as this. It also takes a toll on your health, as during this time you probably had a spike in cortisol frequently, stress levels were high, you had to walk on eggshells to maintain the relationship and also keep her from your friends and family – as a result, other areas of your life are impacted, even work and your health, maybe even your sleeping pattern. MGTOW won’t benefit you ultimately if your health isn’t in check, as you won’t be able to enjoy life if you’re not healthy and alive! The impact that being around a volatile person like this can have on your health can lead to adrenal fatigue, tension headaches, increase blood pressure, depression, weight gain and even the development of paranoia, which many Jezebel spirits have been found to possess. You will adopt her characteristics as well, and soon you will not be able to understand why until that is already enmeshed into you.

Closing Thoughts – The Illusion of the NAWALT and the Necessity of No

I aim to be pithy, but I realize that I have kept you guys long today. But, I have two more things that I want to point out right here. What appeared on the surface to be the NAWALT…she then started to reveal her true side though.

And now you know the rest of the story!

You know that line right? That’s the line regarding the illusion of the NAWALT, this principle that continues to rear its head in these stories and testimonies, when on the outside that woman that you’re with appears to be perfect, but like anything, with time, the blemishes begin to emerge. I like to think of it in this simplistic fashion right here: anyone, regardless of how poor or rich, can go to the club and look like a millionaire with his life in line, the cuff links, the initials embroidered into his jacket, the rolex watch – everything. Every man can do that once, but, how do you know that that’s the only thing he owns. You don’t even need $1,000 grand to pull off the look to steal a person’s heart for a night. And that’s what’s happening with the supposed NAWALT. People say that the first three months of the relationship that other person appears to be immaculate. I would give it less than that when your gut is the measurement tool, the barometer, because as you said – from the beginning you didn’t want your parents or friends to know. You ascribed respect to those people, and for people you respect, you don’t want to show yourself in a way that would make them disrespect you.

That is when you need to say no, as you said – you didn’t completely pull the trigger. That’s something that I’ve been guilty of and have not done in the past, and that is fueled out of a glimmer of insecurity and not being able to say no and count on yourself for making the right decision. Malcolm Gladwell in the movie, “Blink”, “there can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.” Thus, when it’s time to cut off and move on, it needs to be – a quick, five-second cost-benefit analysis reveals that she was never going to be more to you than a sexual partner. Sure, emotions are involved, but now we have these stories to help us understand, the key is remembering. The key is ingesting, but also practicing and continually taking and consuming, not just treating the world as a goldfish does and deleting it from your memory. It needs to be internalized.

MGTOW men. I hope that this story reached you and you found something within it today, because I already did in reading it.

And as I always say, whether you write well are eloquent or aren’t, I couldn’t care less – send your story my way, I want to hear it and share it, because it will help someone out there as they aim to go MGTOW.

Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!







MGTOW Shaming Lines Vol. 8 | “A Real Man Raises Another Man’s Kid!”

You are at a family dinner and you claim that you don’t want to have kids or you don’t want to get married – often the conversation get cuts off right there. Sure, there are the arguments that if you get divorced she could tap into your retirement fund or the Duluth Model could skew things against you – but before you’re able to get to the point that it produces less of a burden in areas of life that you can’t control and a greater ability to live the life of minimalism and production, you are met with what?

Shaming lines.

And that’s where we are, once again – with shaming lines volume eight. If you’ve missed my first seven, check them out, but we are going to look at four common shaming lines thrown at MGTOW men today.

And no, I did not write the majority of this video in my cush chair in my study with my $2,000 mac desktop computer.  I wrote this in the notes app on my iPhone on an airplane. But, character is more important than content.

1) A real man raises another person’s kid

Personally, I don’t have a lot of investment into this one, as I have never been shamed in this way, but today, with the rise in single parent homes and the continued rise in single mothers, sperm jacking, the increasingly high percentage of divorcees and the continued reliance on the welfare state, the man that is not shouldering the load and offering his time, money, energy and sometimes space as a sacrifice to take care of a kid that is not his own as a single guy is viewed as being selfish in many cases.

This is an asinine concept, and it often occurs when this man has money. A man that has direction, purpose and flexibility in income will be viewed as an increasingly expendable object. A man that is not on the path of social gain through job prospects and the ascension of his career will not. Through this we can make the inference that a man’s reward in the welfare paradigm is to be a resource not to use his resources in the fashion that connects him with his desired areas of self actualization.

The number of emails that I receive from men that mention the man as the grenade, the suicide bomber meant to kamikaze into a threat for the sake of the army is an increasingly common narrative. If he is not willing to fall on his sword and take care of this child, or children, that he didn’t even pass his genes into, he is viewed as a kamikaze that bailed. Imagine being a Japanese pilot and reporting back to the airstrip that you embarked from in the Pacific, and you returned saying, I’d rather not follow through on this – I want my own life. You would be shunned, and in the days of Axis forces, especially when Samurai tradition is carried out so to speak, you are going to be potentially killed, if not abandoned from the ship.

No, I’m not endorsing the kamikaze blow for the sake of western order, the praying mantis order – I’m making this comparison to note MGTOW. If you never enlist into the army, known as the dating game, the blue pill game, you never have to return to the airstrip and confess that you didn’t fall on your sword. Instead, you’re on your own, on Mt. Fuji, legs crossed, at peace – or on a walk with your own thoughts in your own mind as you walk by the cherry blossoms.

It’s an illusion that you need to be the man to take care of this kid that is not yours. Sure, many men want to marry the mother of that child, or children, and that’s a different story. But think of this logically – where else in life are you expected to take ownership for something that is not yours?

Just here, because the West has translated a man’s ability to provide into being a life preserver. Go MGTOW, and exit the draft.

2) A real man watches and takes care of a wife

This double standard and shaming line likely wouldn’t be discussed by me if there wasn’t the crystallization and development of the “strong, independent women” movement that has graced the western world, catalyzed by the “Sex and the City” era of the 90s, continued by the hedonism and egoism of the Britney Spears, Katy Perry and now Kim Kardashian era. Like we used to say, generations raised on corn flakes and Saturday morning cartoons, now we are meeting generations raised by MTV and feminism. As a result, the notion of the strong independent women has now been coupled with the biological understanding that men can provide. But, the fact of the matter is, how is a man that is only validated by the blue pill matrix going to satisfy two identities: he is only man enough if he girdles up his loins to get married and take care of his wife, all the while letting her be the strong and independent woman that is demanded and preached. It’s a tight rope that can’t be walked.

Divorce rates echo this, and salary numbers note that when a woman’s salary surpasses that of a man’s in a marriage, divorce is increasingly more likely. Am I saying women can’t work at all? But understand right here the delicate position that puts a man in. Why make yourself walk a tightrope consisting of a few small threads of double standard speak.

3) “You’re not going to live without a woman, right? You just haven’t found one that matches your standards and is a good catch, like you my son.”

This was a line that was I read the other day. An emailed, who I believe is a teen living in Brazil, relayed that his mother responded to a MGTOW line of his with this subversive shaming line. Admittedly, this line is also uttered by the other side of a mouth that also says, “I don’t need a man.” Sure, if you don’t want a man, don’t pursue a man, but follow that up with your actions – one month without dating doesn’t constitute being a celibate pursuant of that ultimatum that you’ve made about men in your life.

But, when this is uttered by your mom, and she also builds you up, always take it with a grain of salt, especially when that mother is still married. You are far less likely to see the value of singleness when you are in a relationship, even if that relationship is awful. You’re not fixated on the benefits of being single, instead you’re merely fixated on the negatives of your current situation – which is also far different. Furthermore, there may be an ulterior motive when it is uttered by a family member – none of my family members have ever expressed this type of shaming line to me or nailed out any expectations, although I know that many have shamed you into a corner that you need to provide a child to give your family a grandchild, niece or a nephew.

Sandman has created a number of videos in which he alluded to the fact that part of his genes are actually passed on through either the niece or the nephew I believe, which I think he has. Therefore, even if you were pressured for passing on your genes, this would remove an element of that pressure.

Lastly, for your mom – and I don’t know your Home situation – but she likely never looked at the Venn diagram that has been created regarding the positives for men in cohabitation and living with a woman as she said. Show her this one below:

Theoretically, the positives would be shared emotional support, companionship, house maintenance and a consistent sexual partner – but as these things become less common and there is less participation in this and as marriages continually devolve into sexless contracts, what is the benefit of living together?

Your life is more regulated, your diet may be more regulated, and most importantly there are far more constraints on your time and peace of mind. Ultimately, the benefits have been withered away by the erosive powers of western culture’s fervent insinuation of feminism as the standard, even in the marriage setting.

4) “Getting married will finally straighten you out!”

This is said and assumed because of what I mentioned in the previous shaming line – it’s viewed that men don’t know how to regulate their time without a task master, and with more free time the more slovenly their lives will be, the more unproductive and the less driven they will be. Thus, time constraints are good, right? Because men are unruly. This is what is implied by this shaming line.

I would send whoever utters this line over to the lives of Nikola Tesla and the Wright Brothers. There is the line, “a man only makes his money after he gets married.” But, the story that is not told is how much money that man makes, and it also doesn’t take into consideration that because men that are married are likely of a greater age, salary and earnings also increases with age. Therefore, this phrase, or this addagge so to speak, doesn’t possess the same amount of validity that we may see at face value.

Let’s think about this logically here – my life is not on straight if I’m traveling when I want, working on my 401K or Roth IRA, spending time at the gym when I want, hanging out with friends, working on a book, being able to accomplish my goals at work or in my community?

Maybe you’re not doing any of these things at all – and maybe you’re just going ice fishing each weekend in northern Minnesota. I don’t know, who cares, what’s the issue with that – nothing, but if you’re not feeding into the tax system and you’re not validating the society that is defined by consumerism – a la Tyler Durden’s question to the Narrator in “Fight Club” –

“What are we? We are consumers. We are by products of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra.”

The fallacy is that MGTOW shaming is almost synonymous with shaming of minimalism. And the other fallacy is that in order to be a real man these days, you almost have to be willing to walk into the fire, the blazing fire known as the divorce courts. So, the divorce courts are going to be straightening me out apparently? I think not.


So men, in conclusion – what are the shaming lines hurled at you? This is volume eight, thus I know that there are more.

 If you want to share another story with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!

MGTOW – The High School NAWALT? | Red Pills for Teens

A NAWALT in high school? Sure, it may seem like a reality to our young red pill pursuant in high school that emailed me last week – but it likely isn’t much of a reality. I don’t want to discourage you my man, I certainly would have thought the same just a few years ago, metaphorically pandering around a nameless route in the Pokemon universe looking for that elusive NAWALT.

Welcome back MGTOW men. The second semester is starting up, at least for many high schools, and considering that I’ve received a number of emails regarding dating in high school, the confusion about MGTOW, the drive and curiosity to date women, whatever it is. This is a common email, and it’s one of the most common ones.

I believe that this is a group that I want to reach, and there are a few things that I want to remind this demographic, as I’m sure that there are some that have watched my previous videos about Teen MGTOWs and the video that I made regarding dating in high school. The red pill and MGTOW discussion and insight is going to center around dating, women and relationships for high school men more so than it will for older men because this is an immediate pressure. There is less pressure on the economic side of the red pill and choosing the right career, or the right non-job as Elliot Hulse says. You’re not going to necessarily be talking about the self-actualization elements that MGTOW brings up, the free time, the time management side and the overall – “what should I do with this new red pill life that I have discovered question”.

The reason for this is that your focus is going to be bent on what immediate pressures are evident in your life at this time, and for you high schoolers out there, and maybe those that are in college at the time right now, dating and relationships is going to be holding that power. It just is. Maybe for some of you, it isn’t, but for these emailers that I’ve received messages from it is – so I’m going to make a Cliff notes version of how to deal with what he said was a NAWALT in high school.

So, leee get it and read this email:

Hey sunrise, I’ve made comments on your channel before under the username of “White Steve Harvey”, and i have a few questions for you. sorry in advance for the long letter, and feel free to use this in a video, just change some of the important details.

Over the past few months I’ve been listening to people like Jordan Peterson and Stefan Molyneux, which helped me realize that i wasn’t really doing anything with my life; so i got in shape and improved my personality and became more interesting by doing more activities outside of school and video games.

With these changes I’ve started to attract girls that wouldn’t have given me the time of day before. I get checked out more in the school halls, at the mall, etc. But I’m not interested in these girls because i know how they can really act towards the average guy, up to this point I’ve had no positive experiences with girls.

Anyway, recently I attended a four day drivers ed course over the holidays, and met a girl that i believed – and still believe – to be a NAWALT. So, on the last day of the course i asked her out, and she gave me her number. I didn’t get a response for about a day, so I thought she had just blown me off, but she eventually responded and told me that she attended a boarding school on the other side of the state. I’m completely aware that she could just be lying to me but i don’t think so.

There is also a girl in one of my shop classes that is quite obviously interested in me. I was interested in her before too, until I found out some unflattering things about her. She’s emotionally damaged and comes from an unstable family.

My questions to you are:

1) should i date a girl I’m not interested in – like the one in my class – to get people off my back about not having a girlfriend?

2) I think people still view me as a looser because they think I can’t secure a girl in the sexual marketplace. I’m not interested in a pump and dump, I want a relationship, but can’t find an available girl that meets my standards; are my standards too high?

3) And, if I find a good girl will she be turned off by some of my hobbies and interests (like games and movies) because those don’t match my outer appearance?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the comments and thanks for taking the time to compose this email.

I’ll preface things with this warning about high school dating. So, last year there was a news story about a 16-year old guy that had sex with his girlfriend at the time, and one of them was filming it on their phone – I think he was. Somehow, one of his friends got onto his phone, found the video and shared it. High school counseling found out, and soon it got to officials, cops or whoever at the school. He was charged as a sex offender for having consensual sex with his 16-year old girlfriend. Days later he hung himself.

The Social Pressure to Date in High School

Just sharing a little bit about myself, I never dated in high school, and didn’t date until I was nearly 21. Thus, there is really no pressure to do, even if it is just perceived social pressure to date. That pressure is pretty much a fabrication, and isn’t really reality. For example, the norm for getting married today isn’t even the norm of 20 years ago. I’m 24 right now, and someone at age 24 were to get married, that would still be viewed as a really young age to get married. Whereas 20 year ago, getting married at 24 was average, if not late at some times. Thus, don’t feel like you need to speed up, date and find that girl – because likely, there won’t be that girl. The reason for this is that social pressures dictate what we view as important. The things that are valued in high school for example (wearing that letterman jacket, playing the varsity sports, having a group to fit in with, looking cool, being a cheerleader) all of these things will fade when you’re no longer apart of this current social reality. For instance, when you leave high school for the summer, you are less likely to be around these people and thus the things that you may value during the school year will drift and you’ll be able to find what you truly value. That certainly was for me, as I had a small business actually that I was working on in the side during high school and was fully invested into baseball during the summer, despite that fact that most of the school likely had no idea that I even played baseball!)

Thus, don’t make a decision on a social norm that will not be long lasting. Just as I’m only six years out of high school, I realized that the stressors and realities that existed then are non-existent now. To make a decision to date now because of pressure that will eventually fade and won’t really add to the development of your character, will be something that I know most people regret.

And, this right here summarizes MGTOW – going your own way from norms and expectations predicated by society that may not actually be helpful for your journey on self-actualization. High school dating experiences most often produce learning experiences in a confined space that is actually more protected than dating in college. College dating actually offers more dangers as there will be more pressure to marry that girl as you have more freedom, especially if you’re living on campus, there are more people around you that are living together as couples, and women that are dating like to replicate the actions of those around them.

The High School NAWALT?

I went to a very large high school and had multiple opportunities to date, but when a girl is under the age of 18, her brain is likely so fickle. You may only see NAWALT tendencies because those NAWALT tendencies are coming through her being naive, not having fully developed, having a better chance of not being scared by other people in her life, etc. Thus, she may have come off as being a NAWALT, but even I thought my ex girlfriends were NAWALT after dating them for multiple months, which is simple not true at all – we all have this massive grace period with women called the honeymoon phase.

And the thing about marrying your high school sweetheart…that’s pretty much all but gone, the “Remember the Titans” era all but put an end to that one!

Improving Your Life Early!

My advice is to continue to better yourself. Now is the time in your life when you develop a skill, set of skills or learn about something and master it and are able to set yourself ahead of all other guys, earn the money you need and live the life that you want. Now is that time, and don’t waste it – as many wish to be your age. Maybe start lifting weights, start to delve into learning coding or Spanish. Start to develop a YouTube channel, perfect drawing if you can, learn to play the piano, or perfect a certain skill in a sport that you play. Making yourself unique now, beyond just what you’re being spoon fed in many of those irrelevant high school courses.

Personally, I would just hang out in groups of friends if you have them, and I’m sure that some of them have girlfriends. I’d do this in order to create a greater understanding of the demand that dating puts on a guy, and also to give you some social experience with women, because in my personal opinion, especially because many of you go away to college, I don’t think that you should date in high school – but that’s ultimately up to you.

You standards are not too high – when you’re a man and you have reason to have high standards, your standards are not too high. Also, if any girl has an issue with your hobbies and interests, she can’t be your girlfriend because that is only going to generate a lot of conflict, especially in a long term conflict. The thing is, if you develop an interest, master a topic or perfect a certain skill that a hobby demands – that can be carried as an evergreen skill that you can use to monetize yourself and find employment for the rest of your life. Finding yourself now and differentiating your abilities now will make you more attractive to anyone in the future, any employer that is. You may also think that your external appearance is the main thing that women base their value off of when they evaluate a man, but honestly, it comes secondary to what skills you have and if those interests ultimately lead to greater social standing. This is not PUA advice, but I’m just saying – anyone that comes in the way of opposing your interests and hobbies is someone that should be removed from your life, because those very things are your ticket to remove that which from your life that you don’t like.


Ultimately, while I don’t want to sound short in my response – the only purpose of dating in high school is to treat it as a case study. That’s my advice brother. Go into it with no expectations, and understand that absolute terrible risks that are involved. You know my stance on MGTOW, but obviously, each one of you can go their own way and you’re young man, keep these red pills in mind, but make the best decision for you and be sure to contact me anytime.

If you want to share another story with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!



MGTOW – With Persuasive Words She Led Me Astray – The Sirens | Red Pill Proverbs

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.” — George Bernard Shaw

Wisdom is a weapon, and wisdom is a tool. Wisdom allows you to take blows, give blows, know when to repeal and know when to assault and attack. It should be something that every man, regardless if they’re MGTOW, surrounds themselves with.

And if you’ve listened to my videos before, you’ll know that each Sunday I delve into a MGTOW red pill sermon taken from the Bible, and regardless of how you view the Bible, it’s a red pill book that is not represented by the modern day presentation of of what the Bible is and the feminization of western churches – no, it’s a red pill stash. It’s the pharmacy.

And one of these pharmacies is Proverbs. This is part of a mini-series of sermons I’ve done from Proverbs and I’m picking up in Proverbs 7 in this one.

It’s important to know that Proverbs was written by King Solomon, who was known to be a man of wisdom, but, conversely, he was a man of foolishness. Women were his kryptonite, just as women have been for men for thousands of years. There is nothing new under the son, even the greatest, the Samson’s, the Davids – they were brought to their knees by women. And today we will be reminded of this once again amongst a proverb about wisdom and receiving it, not refuting it, and mockers, and the ability to deter them and their misgivings.

Proverbs 7:24-27 – The Woman That Strokes Your Ego

“With persuasive words she led him astray; she seduced him with her smooth talk. All at once he followed her like an ox going to the slaughter, like a deer stepping into a noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.”

When you see a prisoner being detained by a more powerful threat, maybe a dumb threat, what you see is that prisoner maybe taking the route of trying to smooth talk that with the power. Maybe the detainer is stronger, has a weapon or just has the power to eradicate you imminently. If you think that you are going to confront that person head on and handle them, you’re wrong. It won’t work, and you will suffer. You will die and ultimately, you won’t get what you want. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan, and in the Hobbit, one of the most famous scenes is when Bilbo Baggins begin to do exactly what we see in this passage from Proverbs 7, he began to “smooth talk”. That was one way to give him enough time to stay around so that he could get what he wanted and get out.

What smooth talk does is it brings down your barriers. It brings your attention down and it brings your guard down. It’s insurrection, it’s espionage ultimately. It’s not Soviet Union brute force power, it’s Q6 James Bond espionage, and when we see this take place between a man and a woman, the man’s ego is stroked to the point where his defenses and the barriers in place between him and her, the trust barriers, are eroded.

The more time that you spend with her, the more that her tendrils, the more that her stinger, the more that her Shelob stinger is going to slip into your flesh and it will be too late. She has you. But, don’t be Smaug. Don’t be the dragon. And realize this, the Dragon, if he even had a trace of red pill cunning thought, he would have avoided the debacle. That’s all that it takes.

This is obviously a metaphor for what happens to us men, and what the forbidden fruit that many women are, the woman that adorns herself in all the perfumes, colors her hair, wears the glitter and gold, can do. I’ve been that man before, the man that was brought down by this smooth talk and made to believe that I was a perfect man, both in figure and in mind. But, as the stinger got closer to me and eventually gored me, it was too late and I had realized that I was mistaken.

Many of you men have been this man that have heard her voice. She was like a siren. She said, “oh my gosh, the way that you speak – I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a man with that reasoning be able to say something like that.” Or, “I don’t know how you do it? You’re perfect, and you’re able to do so much in so many areas of life”. Or, “you’re so strong and so unique looking, I’ve found the perfect one.”

We, men, even when we strive for humility, we crave to be successful and to possess some power, at least that’s very much coursing through my blood as a 24-year old, and if one person can play that up, it’s the female – it’s the smooth talker. The greatest actresses that this world has to offer.

And realize that this passage ends with a certain calling, stating – “little knowing it will cost him his life.” The thing about MGTOW and the thing about these callings, it’s that it’s not just a matter of entertainment. Life is predicated on a few momentous situations in your life. It’s also more so predicated on the decisions that you don’t make, not the ones that you do make. It sounds backwards, but it applies here. Choose what’s beneficial and choose to surround yourself with what is beneficial, as she is not beneficial. The black widow can smooth talk – it sounds like the most pleasurable noise to your ear.

Proverbs 9: 7-9 – You Can’t Waste Your Time – It’s Too Valuable

“Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults. Whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse. Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still. Teach the righteous and they will add to their listening.”

Understanding masculinity and what it actually means – being a strong man. Being a mental warrior – I think that it is something that is required of you. And one of these areas is being able to take reproach. Nobody is above reproach – there is a difference between disagreement and disrespect. But more importantly here, who are you communicating with? You can make more money, but you can’t make more time. Choose who you invest yourself into, and you will prosper from it.

I’m going to make a quick example from professional sports for this. If you look at the NFL coach Andy Reid, who is the coach of the Kansas City Chiefs, I believe that there are nine coaches all-told that have worked under him that have turned out to be head coaches in the NFL. Nine! You can also make the case for the Dom Capers coaching tree as well and also the different apprentices of other NBA coaches and MLB coaches.

Bottom line, some of the greatest in the different fields of work today have all had people teach them directly. I can’t emphasize enough how going MGTOW is about when you are around people, and regardless if you’re a monk or not a monk, you will likely have some contact with people, the influence of those around you is one of the most powerful influences on this planet. It might make you, or it might break you – and I guarantee you that every single one of those guys will be able to challenge you and force you to form a strong rebuttal of some sort. If they don’t, then you’re likely not going to be able to extrapolate much from them to propel you.

And think of it this way – maybe for some of you guys that have been through some serious divorces or have been through some bad breakups with girlfriends that you shouldn’t have been with – think about whether or not they would have been able to take criticism. I’m not talking about criticism that they don’t like Moose Tracks and only like Neopolitan. I’m not talking about this type of trivial nonsense – I’m talking about things of substance. I’m talking about things in which you have a valid argument, maybe about her spending habits, how she treats people – and if you have an argument and she can’t see that and she snaps at you and she is above reproach – according to this passage, she is a mocker. And if you go further, if she is a mocker, she will hate you.

Essentially, you’re married to a mocker. And mockers don’t have respect for you. Mockers possess disdain.

Proverbs 9:13-18 – It Leads to Death

“Folly is an unruly woman; she is simple and knows nothing. She sits at the door of her house, on a seat at the highest point of the city, calling out to those who pass by, who go straight on their way, “Let all who are simple come to my house!” To those who have no sense she says, “Stolen water is sweet; food eaten in secret is delicious!” But little do they know that the dead are there, that her guests are deep in the realm of the dead.”

Solomon is trying to save his son, he’s trying to stop the cycle. Solomon is writing these things because not only he has had his mind torn and his kingdom diminished because of his infatuation with women and the power of lust over his mind, but because his father, David also did! David too, as we know, was nearly felled by Bathsheba, and all that created was death for his son and generational damage beyond that.

The beginning of this passage summarizes a huge portion of the reason that men will go MGTOW in regards to the female nature understanding within the red pill. We use other things and compare things to define concepts. Folly is defined as an unruly woman. Folly is poor decision making – it’s seen as having no sense of purpose. The unruly woman is thus breaking from her natural purpose, which is to be respectful, to be modest and to be honorable. This is the calling for everyone, but when physical offerings carry the greatest weight and greatest power, if she is abusing this, she is acting out of folly and she is diminishing her purpose.

This could almost be the origination of the word, “basic”. Simple. Simple not in the good way, simple in the way we know it today with the word basic. Without thought, without mind without good application of knowledge and insight. She does not ponder how to best use her time, she sees herself as a taker, someone that can attract attention and to feed her own ego for her own gain. She wants to be seen, she pleads to be seen – and if this is the case, with anyone that you are around, men and women, then this is a person that you don’t want to cultivate a relationship with. This person will extract from you.

“Let all who are simple come to my house! To those who have no sense she says…”

You can’t reason with this woman, and you get translated into one of the dead. She is one of the carcasses that we see in Return of the King, sorry to mention that movie again. But, she keeps her carcasses in Shelob’s Lair to see and to serve as trophies. And right here, this is when you run. Many of us see her looks, we see her gaze and we think, I am upright, I’m righteous, I’m a good guy. I can take her beauty and I can have that for myself, and because of my influence, I will be able to overcome that temptation.

Don’t be fooled. When you go MGTOW, you are not viewing yourself as a Messiah. MGTOW is not about saving this woman. As I’ve said before today, that person will not accept rebuke – she will scoff. “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.” A line from Ty Dolla Sign. It’s truth though, MGTOW is about going your own way, finding those that will respect rebuke and heeding wisdom to keep you away from those that praise your wisdom only to extract at a later date.


So, as I conclude – there is nothing new under the sun. Apply these verses as you may, and if you have a story that can relate to these verses, I would love to hear it, discuss it and relay it.

If you want to share another story with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!

MGTOW – Aren’t You Sad to Be MGTOW?! | The Red Pill is Not Just “Rage”

I’m 18 and I’m trying to explain to my parents why I don’t want to go to college.

I’m 16 and I just found MGTOW the other day and I feel like an outcast in my high school. I don’t really know what to do? I can’t feel like I can really relate to anyone, and I definitely don’t want to date in high school knowing female nature.

I’m 13 and my dad is a feminist. He just doesn’t understand.

As you guys know, I’m 24. I’m not this old MGTOW sage, and I hope that I can reach both those older and those younger than me, but I realize that within MGTOW, there is a growing group that is of a younger and younger age. Just know, I’m always willing to chat about MGTOW, MGTOW as a high schooler, MGTOW in college or MGTOW in your 20s. Because, you’re likely going to have nobody to really talk to about it in your physical life, and thus, we are going to have to go to YouTube, Google Hangouts, Discord and Skype and connect on this. Because, as the title of this video alludes to, those outside of MGTOW are not going to understand it.

We know the reason for this. MGTOW is still very small, but it is growing. MGTOW is something that actually requires introspection and observation. And as a culture, do you think that we really know how to cultivate that? We’ve disregarded that. MGTOW is not the mainstream thought, and from we know of psychology, even when you are asked to provide the answer to the equation, “2+2”, if the group around you says five, you are dangerously close to answering alongside with them. It takes discretion and prudent thinking to understand that a minority choice is the best choice for you, and thus, don’t expect for others to understand MGTOW.

You may be saying to me right now as well, Hoodie – why even worry about whether or not people understand that you’re MGTOW? You shouldn’t even be telling them about it. The thing is, I don’t just go around and tell people about MGTOW. Why conversation goes a certain way, I may mention certain ideas within the MGTOW philosophy, but I don’t mention MGTOW, because honestly, there is too much to lose at that point. Even some of my closest friends, they don’t know about it, and it creates a lot of internal turmoil sometimes when I am cultivating this identity as a YouTube content producer, spending sometimes full-time hours working on emails and videos, while not telling anyone about my thoughts or what I’m doing with my time.

But, this is all okay – because as MGTOW, you know your end game and you’re making the decision to determine your end game. And when you have hope in a final goal, when you have hope that you’re not going to have to be bogged down by many of the pitfalls that your buddies will begin to come across in their 30s, 40s and 50s, and 60s, then you can more easily enjoy the present. Just keep your head down and your hoodie up.

So today, I want to present the first of a few conversations through comments that I have had with people on YouTube as to where the hang up is in understanding MGTOW, and where the misconception exists regarding the philosophy.

1) I have to ask, do you believe that all women are so bad?

Philosophically, I try to hold myself to somewhat of a rigid standard and don’t want to creep into fallacious argumentation whenever I make a statement or a video. Thus, I don’t like to make hasty generalizations, nor will I say “all men” are like this and “all women are like this”. That doesn’t work. So, when I got this question, which I’ll read, I thought to myself – no, but that’s not the point. MGTOW once again, and Jordan Peterson in his response to MGTOW in one of his lectures infuriated me with this simplistic response to MGTOW, has more to do with social ills, economics, job prospects, the education system and the judicial system then women and dating!


I have to ask do you believe all women are so bad?  If you know they are not all bad are you going to let them know that all women are not all that bad. Are you going to give both sides and let these boys decide for themselves? I’m sick of all these labels men and women have for each other. I think feminist need to get their heads out of their ass and wake up. Men I know you have been hurt plenty but look around there are still a lot of women that feel like I do that you are judging all women as the fucking feminist is judging all men. This is a chapter in history that should never be. I wish you all the best. I’m not judging you. Please don’t spill hate into the younger boys. The need a chance to make their own minds up. Again I do wish you all the very best.

If you step back and look don’t you find it a little bit sad? I’m honestly trying to understand this group of men and what they have gone through the make them feel like marriage is not a goal in life for y’all. That you are turning into yourselves. I’m a 47 year old woman that lost her husband a little over 2yrs ago. I thought that if I started trying to find another man to share the rest of my life with that I am sure there would be men there. I was married for 21 years to the same man. I miss him terribly. I loved him so much and wanted to hurt him at times but I mostly loved him. He loved me and those were his last words. Do you really not believe in true love? Is it because you believe all women are feminist? Me personally I would set them on fire that’s how much that dumbass movement means to me. Please help me understand why men and women are so divided, I really don’t understand. I hope you all have a good day. I do hope you find in life all your heart desires. Thank you again for listening to me.

[Here is my response, from two days ago]

Nope, the world we live in is grey. It’s not black and white. But, I believe that feminism has bombarded the opportunity of following through with the “traditional” marriage or relationship espoused by human history. Societal shifts are mainly behind this MGTOW philosophy, and female nature is only a small portion of what I discuss. I am focused on emphasizing how things such as the education system, food and job prospects are failing men. Opportunities are decreasing as marriages continually erode. Through that combination, the best form of preservation is to go MGTOW, especially in light of feminism and postmodernism. First of all, anytime is a hard time to lose a spouse, but during the 40s it must be even more difficult – so I express my condolences there. Is it sad for us on an individual level?

No, personally, I feel significantly less concern for my life by going MGTOW at a financial level in particular. Mainly, I want to be able to take as much risk in my life (travel, career, financial) to self actualize my goals, while reducing the quantity of consequence on the other end. In today’s world, with dwindling job prospects and as education fails us, by going my own way, I give myself a greater chance of being able to take those risks, enjoy my life and be fulfilled, all the while having more time to spend with my parents and siblings who have invested into me and deserve my time.

That’s my main rationale. As a Christian, I take Paul’s words to heart, that it’s better for man to be as he was (single) because he was not concerned with things of this world. I don’t want to be concerned with things of this world to the extent that I might in a marriage market that is often dictated by consumerism and hedonism. That’s my ultimate thesis for my own individual path in MGTOW. If you ask another MGTOW, they might give you an a different answer. Feminism is destructive and filled with egoism as you’ve alluded to, but it is only one small segment of a societal ill that has extended itself across so many sectors of society. MGTOW allows for men to be more protected from that as the world continues to slip into a disarray. Hopefully that helps elucidate my stance for you.

Part of the reason that this argumentation is made, and it was made by a woman, is because female nature serves as a catalyst. Female nature serves as a tangible catalyst that brings men to the realization that the game board that you’re playing on is tilted against you as a male today. My dating experiences, my mistakes but also the destructive expression of feminism and psychological warfare when I was dating, sure that spiked my interest in MGTOW philosophy, but once you get into MGTOW, it’s not about women as the thesis for going your own way. It’s our overall response to looking at the world as an apocalyptic entity right now that is going down. We want to survive and thrive as best we can during that malady.

This is why red pill rage is a term and it is a stage, much like a stage of grief. The red pill rage expresses itself differently for each man. For me, it wasn’t red pill rage, it was red pill haze. I was confused and I was drained, because I didn’t have an answer for the mistakes I had made, other then that I had chosen to date out of my own insecurities at the time and my lust for the women that I dated. For some, the men out there that have been burned, divorced and pillaged during it essentially – red pill rage is so much of a real thing, and it’s a necessary stage to go through, but frankly, it’s the stage that those outside of MGTOW see. It’s often the stage that many people on the outside see of MGTOW when they go on YouTube or they go on But, red pill rage doesn’t classify MGTOW. And during red pill rage, one of the main topics that is centered on is female nature, dating experiences, divorce and child support payments. The reason for that, is that the initial transition to MGTOW is going to be more reflective, and not as much prospective. Sadly, the outside will see a lot of these videos of red pill rage, and because emotion carries so much weight in people’s understanding of a message, that is going to be used as a salient reminder as to what MGTOW actually is, when in reality, that’s not the case.

For example – for me, when I first came across MGTOW in July of 2016, I was consuming content primarily from Sandman, MK and JerryLiu – although the content that I was most drawn to were Jerry’s stories about terrible feminist, negligent female neighbors, stories of divorces – and for MK, I was riveted by his take when he was in the garage talking about the story of his divorce from his Russian wife. NAWALTs man, even eastern NAWALTs, they don’t exist. And if they did, I would be spending my time scouring Indiana Jones style for one as if I’m raiding for the lost ark.

But, as time goes on, you think about what life will look like. A healthy mind, and especially a male mind – even more so, a MGTOW mind, thinks of the future. He thinks about what his life will look like as he goes his own way. He learns to apply the MGTOW philosophy to his life in the best way possible so that he can enjoy it, be fulfilled and benefit others. That is where the hang up is.

I’m sunrise hoodie. That name should communicate it all. My hoodie is for the focus, and you can’t look at the sunrise if it is behind you. I’m looking ahead, and it looks bright.

So, don’t fret when you can’t explain MGTOW, even if you’re not explicitly using the tag. Know that your actions are a better tool for elucidation than any word or persuasion.

If you want to share another story with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!

MGTOW – The Gym Simp | How Dating Can Destroy Friendships

The gym simp. No, we are not talking about gym bros and chugging gallons of water. We are not talking about the gym thot today. Today, we are going to kick back and enjoy another story of gym bro simpery, known as the gym simp. Maybe we can help conceptualize this guy as a gym’s version of the white knight as well. The gym simp.

So, welcome back MGTOW men. So, to do a brother a solid and to give you guys a laugh, because amidst the serious emails that I get, the philosophy so to speak, female nature – I think that it’s important to have a video that makes you chuckle when you’re perusing the MGTOW community. Laughter is needed men, especially in the age of feminism.

So, before I read this email, I will give a quick definition of the simp and also, the “gym simp”.

Simp: A simp is a man that puts aside all personal values and logic for the sake of acquiring a female. Essentially, logic is traded for buying a girl that has your eye. SMV is usually high in these situations and you’re willing to ignore any cost-benefit analysis.  

Gym Simp: The gym simp very much reflects the gym bro that we know, and the gym simp can come in two forms. He is either there to recruit, or he is there to conceptualize an idea of what his girlfriend should look like. Sometimes, he’s even there to prove his manliness to her.

But, when you mix a gym simp, his girlfriend and a third wheeler, if you’re the third wheeler as our MGTOW brother is, you are not going to get a workout in.

So, leee get it. And for the guy that has emailed me, I just edited out a few parts to make the email flow faster.

My Friend Turned Into a Gym Simp

I just had an experience that I deemed may make a great video for you to put a hoodie flair on.

My best friend has met this girl that is, of course, beautiful and pretty much sums up the definition of drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, as we all know way to well, in my opinion, she is somewhat stuck up and full of herself, and is rude. I have met her about four or five times. With that being said there is definite attraction from both angles. It is important to him to have me go with him to events that they attend because it is important for him to keep his purity. (Note: I am not third wheeling). [So, basically he helps them keep their distance].

The other day my friend’s sister ran over my phone when I dropped it then at the gym in the locker room someone stole my hair product, alongside me waking up super late and I failed to get my planned tasks done for the day. I was somewhat frustrated before the workout started. So she goes on to be utterly annoying and kind of hard to deal with as my friend is helping her “squat”. We got a little bit of an argument and then a couple more short blunt outburst came up because I acknowledged that I am going to have to get a new workout buddy because of with him needing to “spot” her and watch her “workouts”, the workouts are going to be around three hours. That is just not going to work for me.

On the ride back home he expresses his opinion that he is very frustrated with me. He states that I am being very rude and that if I can’t edit my behavior he will drop me as a friend. Yes, he said that! I guess I am just wondering what in the world happened here, being that she doesn’t treat me like anything well in the first place. We had a long talk and it seemed that he turned into an instant simp and has perfected the art of white knighting all at the same time. If you could make a video on this or even an email response that would be magnificent.

[From a second email]

I am not happy with how this is panning out because this basically the script of BASIC narcissistic, and making an attempt to tell him what I am seeing or even questioning the way she acts in the gym. Flaunting alongside her clothing choices. He is extremely short when it comes to talking about it. Then consistently goes back to how I was white knighting/ simping over the Arab girl at LA fitness over a year ago. That was before I fell on that “GYM THOT” video and knew about the principles of MGTOW!

God bless the Gym Thot video, oh man, I still need to do a response video to all of the haters that had no idea what the heck MGTOW was when they went into that video. If you haven’t checked it out, I made it in August.

My thesis on this matter, whenever a man ditches his bro for a girl, it stems from this. It stems from the Tom Sawyer infatuation with Becky for the first time when he sees her across the street, and all of a sudden he wants to ditch his bros for her.

I pretty much know where I would take this one, as he’s kind of laid it all out there. We as men are by nature more likely to spend time with men, but when “beauty” in the form of a woman comes around, we are enraptured by the idea of “perfection” that is created within another person, namely a female for men. When that happens, survival mode takes over, and she becomes like a steak becomes when you’re on the brink of dying of starvation. She becomes the biological outlet to survival, and since you don’t offer that at all, you will take second fiddle to her. This is because in our minds as men, we have the idea of scarcity programmed into us in order to make sure that we latch on to opportunities to mate and to have children. Therefore, his urge to stay with her and to even ignore you in social settings or at the gym is predicated on that. That’s kind of my thesis.

First of all, once he is bringing her to the gym and you are trying to get a workout in that is the same workout that he is doing, this is not going to work out if you’re trying to do in a timely manner. Also, he’s not going to build anything with you, and you being there will actually threaten his relationship. Lastly, as a MGTOW man, going MGTOW isn’t just about removing parasitic and vampiric people from your relationships – it’s about removing men from them as well that take away from you. Also, you mention that he is continually going back to how he shamed you for “white knighting/simping” over the Arab girl at L.A. Fitness last year. A man is only going to shame when there is an insecurity within. If you fell for that girl and started to date her, then what would happen is that he would start quoting some Playboi Carti and say you fell in love with a thot – if you didn’t go all out, which you didn’t, you are going to be shamed for being less of a man as well and not confident.

He seems to be playing the gym bro archetype up very well, and it’s very common for the gym bro to also be the gym simp. The gym simp is characterized by a guy that is always willing to offer form advice to women, never men, likely has too much time on his hands to socialize in the gym, makes sure to wear clothes that fit the gym bro archetype, and ultimately views the gym as a place to recruit women. You will not see this type of guy going to the gym during hours that are typically less dense with attractive women. The hours that typically have that demographic are between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., besides Thursdays and Fridays on any day of the week, rarely very early in the morning (as you’re going to get that geriatric group), between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on a Saturday and not until the afternoon on a Sunday, and sometimes at night on a Sunday. Notice that this calendar likely favors both the gym bro and the gym thot. I work out during normal hours, but if you ever want to be free of that demographic, just go to the gym when the clubs are open, it’s that easy.

Dismissal of a Friend to Prove His Allegiance to a Girl

A man changes when a woman comes into his view. There is a hilarious skit with Eric Andre, a wacked out comedian on Adult Swim, in which he is getting ready to chill with his best friend. He’s got the game setup, he’s got the snacks and he’s so excited. The camera cuts to a framed picture of his best friend. Sure, it’s kind of played up, but it has an effect. FBI members so you could say come to his door and say, Brian is missing, Eric Andre’s best friend. He’s not just missing, but he is likely dead and they say that he’ll never see Brian again. The reason for that is: he’s got a girlfriend. Not just a girlfriend, but a hot girlfriend. His mind goes 180 degrees into the other direction. It’s no longer about “bro-ing” out, now it’s about trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and pretending that you care about the towel rack or the type of silverware that you get. His schedule has diminished, his mind doesn’t care, and subsequently, you are no longer viewed as the same person.

I was this guy for two years as an undergraduate, and about the only time that I would slip away and hang out with my best friend was when I was going to baseball practice or I said, hey let’s go lift. But, the reason for this is all biological, and while a man’s sphere of friends often drops, the women’s sphere of friends will likely increase. I read an article in the Telegraph, titled, “Mates? Most married men waved their best friends goodbye years ago.” It stated this in an interesting way, stating, “while we men start to equate our friendships with hospital visits, women view them like a trip to Starbucks. Which means that, over the years, women get used to regularly tending and watering their friendships, while we men let ours wither on the vine.”

There are a lot of factors that lend itself to that, one of them is an actual mental and biological shift that occurs when men get married. Priorities have to change and adjust because money is going to need to be accrued for what they expect to happen with children. As a result, socialization occurs only when needed, whereas with women, there is a tendency to stay in contact with friends more. This is manifested perfectly with my parents. Personality differences could be at play here, but my mom still stays in touch with a handful of her friends, some of which that she has known since she was in elementary school. Whereas my dad may talk to one of his or see one of his friends once or twice a year.

MGTOW guarantees flexibility to have time to maintain friendships and avoid the island concept or effect that many relationships create

One of the beauties of MGTOW is that it ensures that you have more flexibility to continually spend quality time with people that you are interested in and care about. Maybe it’s someone at work that you want to go and have a beer with and talk about his previous career experiences or you guys just want to bond over a shared interest. MGTOW allows you to have more platonic relationships that can shift and evolve over time according to your own investment level, interest level and ability to commit time to it. This is already eroding for your friend who you went to the gym with. Its erosion is illustrated in his words: “that if I can’t edit my behavior he will drop me as a friend.” His interest in editing you stems from his efforts to reduce as much external influence and negative impacts from the outside on his girlfriend, because she is the priority, almost to unhealthy level. What you see here is evolution of the island concept which occurs when a man becomes to entrenched in his interest and value of his female partner at the time. When you do this, you are essentially putting all of your investments into one stock, and you have not diversified your portfolio at all. Thus, this is why you see so many men after breakups or divorces slip into even worse depression. It’s because when they get out of it, there is nobody else in their life that they’ve invested into, therefore they are isolated. This is a dangerous thing when assets are lost, external motivation to work is lost through losing people to support in your family and your spouse – as a result, a married men thrust on to the island is at a far more perilous place than a MGTOW man that is emotional adapted to that life and for some, not all, doesn’t have to worry about legal fees, alimony and other issues.

I bring this up because I see your friend already exhibiting those signs. He may believe that his proving himself to his girlfriend by being this way to you, and considering that you communicated that she doesn’t have that much respect for you in the first place, she may actually be the one dividing you two. The thing is, the more you white knight, the less attractive you become.

So man, if you believe that you’re going to continually come across frustration, just workout on your own and drop him. It’s going to be toxic for you to do that and you’re going to continually resent each other.

If you want to share another story with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!

MGTOW – Infidelity While on Tour in the Military | How MGTOW Saved a Life

Welcome back MGTOW men. Yesterday, I got a comment from a viewer, who I think was a female viewer, and she asked me a question on my “middle school boy’s response to feminism” video. She asked me about some of my general opinions on MGTOW and then proceeded to say, “doesn’t this seem sad.”

My short answer, MGTOW is like the real life version of Game Shark. It almost acts as a cheat code. It’s like when you play a video game and you have found a glitch to warp to the end of a level through some hole in the wall that was failed to be coded in. Why would that make me sad, in fact, MGTOW not only adds opportunity for more fulfillment, less stress, more opportunity to take risk – but it also offers clarity for things that have happened in the past for many of us, propelling us from a place so low that we felt that leaving this planet was the only way to dealing with life, all the way to living the best year of your life as this email that I received from a viewer laid out for me last month.

MGTOW brings men back to reality, and when you’re not in reality, you’re told that it is reality, slaving away in confusion. MGTOW doesn’t look to disparage or carry a vendetta, MGTOW aims to make men’s lives better and more fulfilling after years of being told that this freedom was not even attainable.

So, leee get it.

From Suicide to Peace and Motivation

Here’s the shortest version I can give you. Me, 18 years old, living in El Paso, Texas where I am going to the University of Texas – El Paso. I had always wanted to join the service but I was dating a girl at the time and she didn’t want me to go. For the sake of the story, let’s call her Dee.

Subsequently, he didn’t.

Fast forward 6 years and we are still together. Her and I are now living in San Antonio, I’m 24. We both work for Wells Fargo, doing okay for ourselves. I finally have enough of the shirt and tie day job and decide that it’s finally time for me to join the navy. I talk to a recruiter, fill out all the paperwork. Tell her one day after. I come home from work. She tells me its her or the Navy. After 6 years together. I shipped off to boot camp 2 weeks later.

Fast forward 3 years. I’m stationed near Seattle, WA on an aircraft carrier. I’ve made rank REALLY fast. I’ve completed a deployment to the Middle East. I’m partying, seeing girls, enjoying the single life. Along comes a girl, fellow sailor on my ship. She is as close to humanly possible my ideal type of girl.

[Enter the NAWALT. I’m beginning to hear more of these stories and coming to the realization that one of the most important elements in the narrative of many MGTOW stories is this illusion of the NAWALT. Let’s put that in our back pocket for future reference.]

In my eyes, she is perfect. I get the oneitis harder than any man I’ve ever known in my life. Her body was amazing, sex was great and plentiful. She got along with my friends. She would randomly show up at my apartment with beer. She bought me an xbox one….I even flew her back to Texas to meet my father.

We had some rocky points in our relationship but for the most part it was awesome, We did whatever the we wanted, traveled to California frequently, went to Napa Valley, went skiing…it was great. We moved in together and things actually got better. Everyone we knew just assumed we were gonna get hitched one day. And I thought it was gonna go that way too.

I had a friend on the ship, he was dating some civilian local girl for a awhile, naturally his girlfriend (lets call her Jade) and my girlfriend (lets call her Sally) became friends because we hung out with them a lot.

Anyway, we go on another deployment. So me and Sally and my homie (Steve, lol) are all out to sea for about 6 months up to this point. Sally’s contract in the navy is finished, so she leaves from the ship and flies back to Seattle. Me and Steve are still on the ship in the Pacific. I email Sally frequently, call her when I can and basically just keep in touch as often as possible. She is back in Seattle with Steve’s girlfriend Jade.

I reenlisted and found out I was getting orders to Corpus Christi, TX (where I am currently). I had talked to Sally and she said she would go with me. She wanted to move with me to TX and she was really excited. Well, randomly one day I get an email from Sally and she tells me she doesn’t want to move to Texas. She says she can’t picture herself living there. She says she wants to stay near Seattle. So I tell her that that would basically mean the end of our relationship because I was moving, and I was not going to do long distance. (Keep

in mind she is living in Seattle, at my apartment, while I am still deployed in the South China Sea). I knew that this excuse sounded like BS. I didn’t really care. I told her she needed to be moved out of my apartment by the time I got back from deployment. Also around this time, my friend Steve and Jade broke up. None of this seemed too out of the ordinary because it’s very common for stuff like this to happen in the military. Whatever.

About after 3 days of being back from deployment is went the bomb dropped. Steve and I find out from a mutual friend (she knew both of our exes) that Sally and Jade had actually cheated on us, with the same dude, having a threesome. Mind blown. Both of our girlfriends, had sex with the same dude at the same time. You can’t make this stuff up. It was never about her not wanting to leave Seattle, she just used that as a rationalization to cover up her own shame. Not only that, this same source told us that Sally had been using cocaine and even offered some to her on multiple occasions.

I was a wreck. I couldn’t handle it. Hoodie, I went home from the bar one night and  and I pulled out my gun, and I pushed it against my forehead. I sat there, on my couch with a .45 against my head for like 8 hours. I couldn’t sleep, I didn’t know if she did that in my bed, or on my couch…I was physically sick. I sat there with that gun to my head for so long, so hard, that I left a massive bruise on my forehead. I thought about killing her too.

I got a phone call from a friend in Milwaukee. The ringing of the phone snapped me out of the haze. I didn’t tell him about the gun but I told him that I was sad over the break up. He recommended I buy a ticket to Milwaukee to visit and get my mind off of things. I bought a ticket that day, flew out 3 days later. This friend of mine doesnt know that he probably saved my life. I went to Milwaukee, we went camping, went to a baseball game, drank downtown, played volleyball on the shore of Lake Michigan…it was an awesome week or so.

Sometime down the road, I was bored at home and typed into google, “why are women so promiscuous?”…discovered a bunch of youtube content, articles on ROK, The Rational Male…

Fast forward again. I just lived the best year of my life (2017). I’m 30 now, in the gym almost everyday, got promoted at work, went to a bunch of concerts, I just wrapped up a 3 day road trip of college football bowl games, I’m going to Austin for NYE…I’m so much better off now because some chick burned me so hard 2 years ago. I still feel some hurt and pain from it, but really, I’m so busy I forget it most of the time. MGTOW is a life changing ideal to live by. My friends and family all noticed a change in me. I put up with less shit. Do what I want. I don’t apologize to my family for missing certain events because I’m out doing my own thing. My wallet is fatter, I’m healthier, and everything just feels a bit more enjoyable when you go MGTOW. There’s no other way to put it.

Moving story – once again, if you have a story to share that you want to be shared and to impact other men –  and it doesn’t need to be some long, profound anecdote, please share it. It will resonate with someone.

But, for those that are listening now, I’m sure that some are going to be thinking, and mainly those that are likely here to critique MGTOW, that this has everything to do about female nature. That MGTOW is a philosophy that has everything to do with female nature and that it simply boils down to a philosophy that has to do with women, feminism and just not getting married or cohabiting, right? Wrong. Men Going Their Own Way is a philosophy that has emerged as a result of man’s natural ability to look for, perceive and apply new and more efficient ways to survive in a world and society, primarily Western, and then go forth and achieve and self-actualize himself despite these social ills. Feminism is a large factor that has played into this, but only a small factor.

Stories of women cheating while men are away at war, that was happening in the Bible, look at Bathsheba and Uriah. That’s not new, so if MGTOW is only emerging now but that was happening two thousand years ago, why didn’t MGTOW happen during that time period? Clearly, there is then a gap. A gap is left then, at that gap is that other areas of life are not guaranteed as they once were. Effort does not guarantee you anything, which is something that it may have even done in the Golden Age as they say of American history. Thus, you remove the toxins from your world that could impede your progress and derail you from becoming who you want to be.

Therefore, this story is not about just female nature and being cheated on. If it was, it would just be another story that we could read about in some Reader’s Digest-like publication.

This guy may not have been MGTOW, the one that called this MGTOW brother up. He didn’t need to be MGTOW, but the fact that he did illustrates what is needed from us MGTOW men. Those that need support should get the support from men that can relate to you. The strongest influencer in a counseling like situation is a person that can relate and that can listen, not someone that is deemed to be the smartest. And that is personified through this guy’s action and influence.

But beyond that, and that’s where MGTOW comes into play. The reason that MGTOW is so powerful for me is because is offers an explanation. Humans are fascinated by people and things that offer explanations. We are fascinated by people that can, and I don’t ascribed myself to these things, read the stars, read our palms, offer some prophetic prediction or interpret dreams. The reason for this is because humans seek order, and if we seek order, we seek an explanation, and thus MGTOW, when found, is almost addictive because it is so both prescriptive and descriptive.

When I first found it I was able to understand past decisions that I made in my life, not just in relationships, and also the decisions and reasons for failed relationships. I now knew what hypergamy was for example. It was not just this intangible thought, it was now a reality. With this new found reality, this MGTOW brother was able to have the best year of his life because he was not burdened by questions, he was instead lifted by answers.

And you’re left with positive results such as:

  • Independence
  • New found strength in solidarity
  • Personal understanding
  • Drive
  • And most importantly – freedom from many things, not just “marriage”

And, to reflect on this story itself a little bit more, this is what we have to recognize:

People are unpredictable. You can’t control people, and you can only control your own actions, as seen in who he thought was a NAWALT, but turned out to be a woman that was doing heavy drugs and was cheating on you in quite a licentious way. This is proof that you should never buckle for what someone else wants you to do in a relationship. Regrets for not moving for a new job that would advance your career and help you improve yourself and self-actualize your life, will always be more powerful and painful than regretting staying with her – and if you stayed in Seattle with her, soon you would find out that you had just missed out on an opportunity in Corpus Christi.

Thus, men – go your own way. There is limited time and you can only control yourself, you will never know when the NAWALT evolves into the AWALT either, as almost 80 percent of these stories have that elemental narrative shift in there somewhere.

Keep enjoying the fat wallet, the health, the improvements at work and the overall free lifestyle!

So, this story was splendid. If you want to share another one with me, I want to hear it and I want to share it. Also, at the end of each video I’ve been announcing that I want to put together a book – a collection of stories from MGTOW men sharing how they came to MGTOW and what MGTOW has done to benefit them. To take part in that, let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men, hoodie is out!

MGTOW – The Ill of Instant Gratification in Western Culture & Breaking the Single Parent Pattern

The modern world of self-expression, speaking your truth as Oprah said and this vague notion of self love has taken the once 50-year period of marriage in which men and women fall in and out of love and stay yet choose to stay married for reasons of honor, loyalty and to acknowledge the social contract at play and for some, a theistically based covenant that was formed, and instead has turned it into a 50-year period of divorce and destruction.

Welcome back MGTOW men!

What I have seen is a society that is foregoing the willingness to suffer, and in people’s minds today, the misconception has been created that if you are suffering and aren’t in an immediate and constant phase of success, happiness and fulfillment, then you are not in the right place. You are not in the right place, you are not with the right person and you just need to try out a few more boxes of cereal first before you finally get satisfied with your life and you figure out what’s going on.

We live in a society that is unable to suffer – and I’m not talking about dealing with an injury, a malady or something like cancer – I’m talking about people that are not willing to bite the bullet and suffer through failures, suffer through relationships that aren’t filled with Zac Effron and Ryan Gosling perfection and love that brings you joy not just for the two hours that Hollywood made that movie but for my whole life, in order that they reach an end goal. A long term goal.

Feminism has bred this culture.

Postmodernism has bred this culture, in which there is only “your truth”, not the truth or your opinion. As a result, if the only thing that is real is your truth, then because we as beings will do everything to survive, and the things that we do to make us survive (sex, food and sleep for example) at the most pleasurable, then the only goal is going to be hedonism, which has sprouted and wrapped its vines throughout many women in today’s society, and it has also destroyed the ability for any people to sit there and to reflect, and to think about what’s going on in their lives and why men that have no fathers in urban centers often join gangs and why women that have no father influence often become promiscuous.

The patterns exist for us to make more educated decisions going forward, yet, we often are not willing to sit, look at the patterns and correct the cycles that have created so many of the societal issues that we as MGTOW men are seeing and running away from. The reason, we don’t want to be accountable. We don’t want to reflect on the possibility that we may have to rid our lives of a vice and there are negative repercussions if we don’t.

So, today, I want to use a brief email from a brother of ours who reached out to me this past week and I’m going to elaborate on how feminism and the rise of the Cyndi Lauper songs about girls just wanting to have fun was actually delivering a deeper message than what we saw on the surface.

MGTOW is about dealing with suffering, not shying away from tough decisions and decisions that may not lead to comfort, but will benefit you for a longer amount of time. Feminism promotes stagnancy, it promotes that belief that you have arrived and that there is nothing else that you have to do to reach your full potential and to prove your worth within society. Egoism, hedonism and societal breakdown has ensued at an ethical and values-based level as a result.

So, leee get it!


Yeah basically I also decided I’m responsible for my own actions, and the main real reasons why I’ve chosen women like her was because my own mother was also very self destructive and let myself and my sister get taken away into foster “care,” then given back, basically we were traded back and forth, then eventually the state had enough and put us both in a children’s home among many other kids who also have crap parents.  That all went down by the age of 8, and I repressed a lot of the loss/anger/sadness/everything, but, I never really understood WHY I was chasing these messed up women and pushing away the good ones.

I did in fact meet an amazing girl, I SHOULD have actually stayed with, she gave me everything and she was hot and financially self sufficient, but I pushed her away because I’d not had closure and dealt with my past.  Having a girl actually love me in a healthy way felt foreign and scary.  Instead I ended up going back to another girl whom was self destructive because I thought I could “rescue” her, just like in all the movies, I can be THE HERO!?  ha!!!  Eventually gave up on that one after dating on/off for ten years, realizing once a self destructive woman, always a one, unless they happen to have a TON of money to go get lifelong therapy (which health insurance companies offer little to no coverage for).  

Then I met Katelyn and repeated the same issue.

It wasn’t until I read the book “When the past is present” that I could really figure out why I CHOSE these self destructive women over the very very few good women out there.

‘with suffering comes growth,‘  YET, we as a culture in America are taught that we don’t need to suffer, we’re taught to live for today, and by avoiding suffering, and going after instant gratification, we’re continually left feeling empty.  It’s only through suffering that we begin to face ourselves.

So it’s with no surprise she lost interest in me the moment I decided I wasn’t going to help feed her addiction and self destructive problems, instead my replacement is a full blown drinker, and she can always use his daughter now as a convenient excuse to stay in the relationship since she’s now allowed herself to let the daughter become attached to her.  Good times!  And I guess what’s the most screwed up thing ever is how the news media goes on and on about how men are bad   Why won’t the media discuss the responsibility that single mothers have to not pursue self destruction and self destructive relationships?  OH NO….can’t do that, they are victims right?  and, we should blindly hand over sympathy and more government spending for “programs” that teach nothing more than to continue to make poor choices.  Even to this very day, my real mother lives in a trailer on a crappy side of town, and my enabling grandmother pays for it because she was raised Catholic and feels guilty if she does nothing.  It’s interesting that enablers are also never discussed, just “everyone is a victim, men are bad” then cut to the Lexus commercial!

The song:  “Some of them use you, some of them want to be abused…” yeah.

Why Won’t the Media Do Something?!

So, once again to the emailer – thank you for taking the time to share your story, and for all of the emails that you have sent my way over the past few months. The thing is, society doesn’t confront and stop being the enabler, because they are one in the same.

Also, protected classes are the most valued classes at the moment, and they’re viewed almost as if they were an endangered species.

I’ll break down your question about the media not calling out those classes, in a simplistic way.

Much like Hollywood is controlled by feminism, hyper liberalism and postmodernist thinking, so is the media. As a former journalism student, the majority of those that are going into journalism and film these days are those that identify with feminism, hyper liberalism and relativism. As a result, there is an echo chamber that grows. People will obviously value the people that shared similar views, i.e. confirmation bias, thus they grow to admire those in the film industry and in journalism, therefore they want to pursue careers in those fields, and as a result the fields turn into a monopoly, as you see today. That’s just my theory, but one theory as to why men are going to be framed perpetually as the perpetrator.

But, let’s get to the other elements of your email:

Our Hedonistic Society

The thing that really stands out to me is our hedonistic society that tells us the lie that if we suffer then we are doing something wrong. If we are suffering then we must be wasting time right, because every minute matters and every minute I need to be feeling pleasure, or some high! This destroys marriages today. Boredom is the ultimate home wrecker, I’ve delivered this topic, especially as borderline personality disorder continually creeps its way into more and more homes and in the woman of the world today, including narcissistic personality disorder. When this arises, moments of idleness are viewed as detrimental or almost scary, because this type of personality lives off of drama and excitement, that’s what fuels it – even anger. When things are not as pleasurable or as exciting as your expectations demand it to be, anxiety is produced, and since anxiety is one of the root elements of borderline personality disorder, these women, will take evasion tactics to remove it from your life – and if you’re in a relationship with this, the obstacle towards hedonism is going to be you. There is no value for character, honor for sticking things out through doldrums, that’s secondary, while pleasure is first.

Oh my gosh, I can’t be suffering or going through something tough, so I have to anesthetize it with sex, drugs, alcohol – different forms of abuse, anything. It could freaking be binge watching reality television shows. Who knows. But, American culture is a culture of now, and as a result, we can’t go through the doldrums and we never actually experience that growth that you mention, that growth that comes when you suffer.

Feminism aimed to divide the family, and this movement spurred the belief that the father has no real role in the household. Okay, so that’s accomplished, and men are removed, families are broken up, and society is broken up at the foundational level. So, men will end up having to choose from a larger pool of women that have never had positive male influence in their lives, and when this occurs, women are less likely to have an example of positive male authority, respecting authority and will be more likely to develop daddy issues. When you try to date this, you fail. When you try to marry this, you get divorced and end up paying alimony.

Conversely, men raised by single mothers will often turn to androgyny or, they will actually not develop a full level of self esteem and will turn into doormats. Women will walk over them, bringing another set of men potentially to MGTOW – and the common denominator right here is once again feminism and hedonism.

But, they never wanted to face it, talk about it, deal with – and as a result, I’ve had to deal with a cold person that was looking for validation in all the wrong places. We are all guilty of it to some extent, but you took the step that they didn’t and actually recognized this and recognized why this was happening. That’s truly the difference.

Secondly, patterns.

Patterns are how we as humans make sense of the world and help predict what will happen in order to minimize potential negative impacts. We have scouting reports in sports, we have business analysts predicting stock changes, but when it comes down to our own lives and our accountability at the relational/familial/sexual level, we just tend to throw these patterns out of the window as if they don’t hold any sort of truth in our lives. Ahh, this won’t happen to me..or, I don’t pursue this type of person because of my past…the fact that it’s happening over and over again leads me to believe that there’s some truth to those patterns, as you’ve said! Often times we like to create cognitive dissonance so that we can continue on with our vices and perpetuate these patterns. That’s when you’re on the precipice of a point of no return, and have to turn things around – as you’ve aimed to do and have taken steps to!

Patterns, patterns, patterns – but if they don’t fit with our narrative, ignore them:

I’ll read a few and then, I’m out:

Single Moms 4Single Moms 5Single Moms 6


I’ll link the video in the description where this information can be extrapolated from. I realize that I bounced around a bit today, but I also responded to a couple of emails regarding this and I got a little bit fired up and wanted to make a video.

Once again, you guys clearly have stories – more stories than I have conjured up in my brain, and I’m only one person, and I can only deliver those stories at a certain rate. To help me expedite the process of getting your story out, to help you vent and to warn men down the road, I need you guys to share your MGTOW testimony with me, either how you came to MGTOW or what it has done for your life. I’m aiming to make an eBook through this, so to participate please email me your story at You can also find me on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies are up men, hoodie out!

MGTOW – Why Dating is Failing Young Men | Age’s Impact on Hypergamy

No, today we are not talking about cougars. We are not talking about gold diggers. We are not talking about finding that right partner and understanding why she broke up with me so I can get the next girl.

No, we are going back into the MGTOW mailbag today with an email that touches on the unrealistic expectations in dating relationships today that have helped erode the efficacy of commitment and satisfaction in dating, leading to the unpredictability of partners and the eventual break-up over text message on Christmas morning type of dealio.

I know people that have been married or are married and the guy is younger than the girl, but in dating relationships when you’re dealing with people in their teens and early 20s, this can be a death sentence. Sure, that’s a fact to know, by why does it have to do with MGTOW? And what does it say about female nature, and ultimately for us, what does it say about our choice as MGTOW men not to date?

The thesis is this – age illustrates a greater likelihood of societal status, up to a certain extent, as it works on a bell curve. Age illustrates that there is a greater likelihood that you’ll have a job, an education – and most importantly under the red hued lens of hypergamy, a larger income and thus a greater likelihood to support a potential partner and the kids that her biology is urging for her to have. Understanding all of these things, even if there is a one-year, one grade level difference between you and Stephanie or Lauren when you go through college and eventually graduate college, there is a whole different playing field that you’re going to be dealing with as a man. Hypergamy gets multiplied, and you’re going to have to actually make up for your youth in these situations and make more money and do better for yourself than you actually would if you were of the same age or older.

Because, at the end of the day – unless we are talking about an older female market, potential ex-divorcees that are looking to either get back in the game or recapture a feeling of attractiveness, they might look for a fling with a younger guy, but of course that doesn’t usually entail a long term relationship – at the end of the day, tell me of a woman that you know that says, I’d rather date younger guys. Or, “he at least has to be year younger than me.”

I was at least one year older than both of my girlfriends, I think almost two years older than one of them. They both corroborated the same thing, and I would say that’s expected. So, today, I’m going to look at this from the perspective created from an email I received this week about how a relationship of a couple years was abruptly broken up – as she was just a year and some change older than him.

So, let’s give it a read. To the emailer, thank you again for the response – I will be cutting portions of it our for time’s sake as I record this video FYI. So, leeee get it.


So I’m a recent college grad, I was 23 when I finished (24 now). I was dating a girl during this time who was 2 years older than me. We met when I was 21 and she was 23. She hadn’t dated anyone before so I was her first boyfriend/first everything, while I had dated around a bit. First year of the relationship she was living at home and working part time at a coffee shop and taking acting classes. About a year in she got a job making about 20 an hour doing some kind of education/tutoring and she moved out. I was still living at home with my dad to save costs, as my college was pretty close to where I live, and also working part time. I saw this girl like once a week plus weekends.

Everything was all good with her for most of the nearly 3 years we dated. Basically 2.5 years of a pretty awesome relationship, we never really fought, got along well. Hands down the best relationship I’ve been in, felt really in-sync; like we were thinking with the same mind sometimes. I was really in love with this girl and wanted to marry her and all that (I know I’m an idiot, this is before I discovered MGTOW). Anyway, fast forward to this summer, I graduated college in June, and I decided to take a break for the summer and just relax cause I had been pretty burned out from working and studying and felt like I needed to recharge. She seemed good with this and even encouraged me saying she had done the same thing when she finished college.

Personally, right here – whether she knew it or not, she was likely slipping away and losing interest. She would have likely rather seen you take a job immediately, even if it meant less time with her and wasn’t something that she knew that you enjoyed doing. Just my two cents.

Now, mid/late July we go on a weekend getaway to a town nearby, and midway through the trip she’s acting kinda funny and a little distant. This goes on for the next week until we talk again the weekend after and she asks me when I’d be ready to move in with her (I guess thats what she had been thinking about). I told her a time frame (probably around a year or so) and she seemed good with that answer and said I was worth waiting for. So I take this as a not so subtle hint that she wants to live with me, so I start looking for work in August. Early August I land a volunteer gig which would help boost my resume, all the while networking with profs and acquaintances and starting to look for work so I can find a job and be able to move in with her to make her happy.

All throughout August though she keeps seeming distant, not texting me as much and not seeming as enthusiastic and so on. In person she’s fine so it threw me off and made me think I’m being paranoid. Finally I have enough of this and at the end of August I just ask why she’s being distant. Then she proceeds to break up with me saying she feels something is missing between us and that we’re in two different places in our lives and she thinks it would be a good time now to step back and see what else is out there and explore other options before we commit too much. This is all over text.

Second time I’m interjecting here – trust your gut instinct. Many women will not be direct here, taking after a more innate passive route than men will, expecting you to be decisive and understand that her “distance” means something.

So I insist on driving to her place to talk this through, maybe find a solution to this. In person I explain that I am really 100% serious about her and doing my best to move the relationship forward and I absolutely see a future with her. She goes on to say she doesn’t know if I’m “the One” because she doesn’t have any other experience to compare to as I’m her first relationship so she doesn’t want to commit to me and then resent me later or regret it when we’ve moved in or are engaged, and that lots of her friends who were getting more serious or were engaged either regretted it or had multiple boyfriends to figure out what they want and she didn’t want to regret not trying something else. She said it doesn’t have to be forever and that if we’re right for each other we will get back together someday. She said she hopes she realizes she was wrong and that she will probably regret this but she feels like its something she has to do now or she will never do later when things are more serious between us and we are more committed etc. and she can’t break it off as easily. She also said she hopes she realizes that we’re meant to be together someday.

Now I pretty much just said okay, I don’t agree with you but I understand and walked away and haven’t spoken to her in like 4 months now, but I’m still pretty torn up about it cause I built this girl up in my mind and really saw a future with her to the point where I was ready to do whatever it took to be with her and make her happy. It brought me to a point of depression and I haven’t been able to recover. I feel like she left me at a time where I was pretty vulnerable as a recent college grad with no job and it really makes me feel insecure about my current place in life due to that rejection and that’s contributing to my depression. I also feel like she was trying to push fast forward on my life and put a lot of pressure on me to the point where I was scared to fail, like If i didn’t find work right away or find a good enough job fast enough she’d leave me (which she did anyways).

I was feeling pretty good about my 20s, in the sense that I was comfortable with being uncomfortable and with my current place in life, knowing that it would be only temporary, and that my life would just naturally evolve with this girl after college to a normal stereotypical life and marriage situation. But now since this breakup I feel totally insecure and inadequate, like I’m not good enough and I’m not where I should be to keep a girl. I know this is a completely stupid way of thinking now but I still feel that way and it’s contributing to my depression. Also seeing this seemingly good relationship fail so suddenly and swiftly has almost entirely put me off relationships and marriage in general.

Either way big lessons learned and big wake up call regarding relationships these days so I guess that’s a positive to take away from all this. Still hard to get past the idea that I’m not with the girl I thought I was gonna marry, but I guess I just have to remove that concept from my brain all together. And speaking of double-mindedness, even though she’s gone now I still have it in my mind that I have to prove myself to her in some way even though she’s gone. I still have the same goals I had when I was with her even though logically I should be following my own agenda now.

Hypergamy, Unrealistic Expectations in Dating and Age

I don’t know all the details obviously about her, but whether or not you were sniffing it or whether or not she was actually thinking about it consciously, subconsciously I’m almost 100 percent sure that hypergamy was at play in her mind and was moving her towards a mental state in which she believed that you needed to be making more expedient progress. Part of this is not even your fault, and even though you were doing all that you needed to, whether or not women want to admit it, when they are dating a guy that is younger than them, that adds another notch of expected performance that wouldn’t even exist or be thrown on a man that is older than her. That is because she is trying to account for a psychological shortcoming that relates to a greater feeling of innate insecurity created by the difference in age. I’ve had girls say to me that they would make their dating cut off line about 15 years older than them, communicating once again that the wall comes that much sooner for women. Whereas on my end, when I was in the dating world, I could never see myself dating a woman older than me at all.  

For some women this is created out of their drive to replace what they felt was lacking in their life (a father figure), while some it is just that natural biological response – a man of greater age naturally (not always) means a greater net worth, greater experience and ultimately greater likelihood of being their to provide and create for her. This is just speculation of mine, but it might even be at play in your situation. Also, women always have conversations with other women that we don’t even know that they’re carrying on with. Especially since you were about 45 minutes away, she was probably conversing more heavily with other female friends, and with the state of the hypergamous and over-confident woman today, these friends may very well have been endorsing the, “you need to try out a few more men first” mentality before you settled on a boyfriend and life partner ultimately. Also, you were her first boyfriend, and even though a the relationship may have been great, the danger is that the cultural belief is that a person can only find that partner after umpteen dating relationships. That’s really not the case, but it’s another lie of modern culture.

Also, dating in the early 20s is played up to be exciting and full of thrills, but honestly it’s one of the most difficult times for a man to date in these days. This is because you are figuring out finances, some of the maturation process has been delayed because of new social expectations and a shift in our life timeline as men. Back 60 years ago, you would likely have not even gone to college, would have your career, may have been at war for a few years, and now you were back, with some cash, no debt, ready to date and now you could pop out a kid or two and keep her happy! Not now though, because she is doing everything that the man is doing, going to school, working (coffee shop and acting classes). This poses some issues for a man, because not only does he have to prove himself as normal, he has to account for the steps that the woman has already made in society that she would normally not have made even 40 years ago.

Another thing that I want to relay right here is that, as women are continually maturing at faster and faster rates, they’re accruing social value earlier and earlier in their lives. This is believed to be created by less natural living practices, increased hormones in food, and even technology and the masculinization of women while men are slipping into a middleground of androgyny. As a result of this, society creates a princess culture for many women that can do no wrong when they develop physically. If you notice, the people most respected in culture are not the rich and attractive men. They are the rich and attractive women. Attractive women will often be placed a rung higher than than the rich man. What I’m getting at here is that, women today with new opportunities in job markers (and affirmative action extending to females), more women than men graduating college and so forth, they are having a psyche that is created that leads them to believe that men are not needed as providers, and if they do have a man, that he has to produce even more than he would have been expected to do with his coal mining or factory job in the 1950s. That’s the difference, and when you throw just one-age difference in there, even if you come out with a high-paying computer science job, that will raise the expectations even more.

Ultimately, unrealistic expectations exist across all levels of dating relationships and they fall on men. The structures that were once in place to ensure that men could do their jobs and provide for families are failing, and there is more unexpectedness lurking around each corner. College is not ensuring employment, cost of living is rising while income and job opportunities are shrinking. To account for that, men have to perform better, have more jobs and even develop expertise in areas that they’re not naturally inclined to. Many experience burn out if they’re even lucky, as many don’t even get those jobs as outsourcing has taken them away. What is left are men that don’t look as qualified, don’t have as much money, don’t have options and thus are disposable in the dating market. This is not exactly what was illustrated in the story that you outlined brother, but it is where my mind drifted to.

I paint this picture, this overarching picture not because I want doom and gloom. I paint it once again because MGTOW offers hope. You don’t have to live with this unexpectedness, and you can set your own pace in life. If your pace is slower because you’re content with just running that Starbucks nearby or the Office Depot, do so. If it’s not and you want to become a business owner and run those financial risks, then you can do it. And on the other end you don’t have to deal with free radicals known as dating and the feminist mind infiltrating and impeding. Peace.

So, hopefully this helps provide a little bit of counsel for you. I want to reemphasize that you are not alone here, and likely, this is probably a good thing for you. I know that for me, my two breakups in my early 20s (22 and 23) were some of the biggest blessings. It gave me more time, more clarity, taught me more than I could ever learn in school and it gave me more patience and also made me value money and time more.

I hope that you are able to translate this life change positively and that MGTOW offers some hope. Let me know how it goes.

If you’ve got another topic to share, another story – please let me know at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – I Can’t Red Pill My Feminist Dad | Some Will Hear, Many Will Reject MGTOW

MGTOW men, welcome back. I’ve been receiving some amazing emails lately, truly amazing to see the range of men that reach out and have experiences and insight to share. Just yesterday I was responding to a 13-year old, Super MGTOW I believe, and later that night I was responding to a 50-year old father that has a couple of children.

MGTOW is impacting men that are in all situations in life. These men are single, they’re considering dating – maybe wary of it though – recently divorced, divorced a couple of times, recovering from a breakup, or just stumbling upon MGTOW through social media, YouTube searches as you’re in the middle of a dating relationship. Maybe she’s in the room with you and you come across a MGTOW video, and little does she know that the wheels are turning. Maybe you don’t realize that the truth is coming to your mind and the perspective is shifting, but I guarantee you, that whether or not you act on it, the seed has been thrown onto the soil. Whether or not it blooms, whether or not the wind sweeps it away, whether or not the birds come, that’s not for you to decide. And that brings in the parable of the sower from Matthew 13.

For those of you that are new, each Sunday a take a passage from the Bible and look at the red pill message that it carries. Sometimes it carries a message about female nature, sometimes it’s a warning about relationships, sometimes it’s a message about living today as a man, sometimes it’s just wisdom and today it has to do with living the red pill, MGTOW life and the fact that as you grow into MGTOW, sometimes, there is an urge to share it. At the very least, there is an urge to live the life and maybe have others notice and aim to improve their lives for themselves.

For those of you that are returning, thank you again – and regardless of how you view the Bible, there is nothing new under the sun, and the sun rises each day, so does my hoodie – so I think that we can get a good takeaway from yet another Sunday sermon.

Today’s passage, if you want to follow along, comes from Matthew 13, so let’s read along really quickly. You can find the passage in the description FYI.

Matthew 13 – The Parable of the Sower

13 That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. 2 Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. 3 Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. 4 As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. 5 Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. 6 But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. 7 Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. 8 Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred,sixty or thirty times what was sown. 9 Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

10 The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?”

11 He replied, “Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them. 12 Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 13 This is why I speak to them in parables:

“Though seeing, they do not see;

   though hearing, they do not hear or understand.

14 In them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah:

“‘You will be ever hearing but never understanding;

   you will be ever seeing but never perceiving.

15 For this people’s heart has become calloused;

   they hardly hear with their ears,

   and they have closed their eyes.

Otherwise they might see with their eyes,

   hear with their ears,

   understand with their hearts

and turn, and I would heal them.’[a]

16 But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. 17 For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

18 “Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: 19 When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. 20 The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away. 22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. 23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

Email Correspondents – “You Can Only Sow the Seed”

To harken back to the 13-year old correspondent that I mentioned earlier, this story communicates just how the seed can be sown, whether or not it is effectively done – I don’t know – but the seed was sown, and if you know anything about delivering a message, the message is not about the message. The message is about the one that is delivering the message and how convincing they are.

And what would be more convincing than your 13-year old son calling you out for running through what he said was five or six marriages, only to bring home another woman. Let me read you this excerpt real quick:

“He does everything for her [the woman he is currently with]. My dad is a feminist. Every time we get into an argument about feminism, he gets angry at me and says he will send me to my mother’s house because he knows that sometimes, I don’t like it here [with his father]. Thanks Sunrise.”

Man, that honestly killed me to hear. A 13-year old is issuing warnings, he’s issuing the seeds, hoping they stick, grow and flourish. But, who knows what his father’s past has been and why he continually aimed to medicate through new women (which is what I’m grasping), and he comes back with anger. This is for another video, but it is proof right here, that even the best messenger to deliver a red pill – your son – and it won’t resonate. If this doesn’t nail home the sermon’s message today, I don’t know what will.

I too have been on the other end of this. I’ve been the red pill denier, I’ve thrown the seed away. I remember leaving my apartment one night with my then ex-girlfriend, and one of my best friends, roommate and teammate for over two years at that point during my junior year of college. He saw that I was going with her, and this was the first week back at school at this point and he knew who she was and what path I would go down by being with her and he’s like, “Hoodie, what are you doing? You are going with her? You need to have a come to Jesus moment man.”

That moment was etched into my brain over the next 18 months of our relationship, through all the moments that I questioned what I was doing, all before I was led to MGTOW about 20 months later. Sometimes, the red pill isn’t ready to sow in you.

Timing is often everything, and I come across this in conversation everyday, so ultimately, don’t trifle. Don’t be discouraged. Continue to life your life as you would, and whether or not men agree with you, whether or not anyone that you come across respects your life and sees your perspective, that is not for you to decide or to worry about, because ultimately, you are a man going his own way, and sometimes your way, even a variation of it that could apply to Joe or John, won’t resonate.

But, why is this?

Stresses of this world will sometimes squelch your view of MGTOW and lead you not to pursue it.

This can be looked at from multiple perspectives. Whether you’re this email correspondents dad or you’re me in this situation, there are barriers that will often exist in accepting MGTOW. I narrow them down to:

  1. Doubts
  2. Lusts
  3. Failures

Because these three things are out of your control, you should not be consumed by them as you aim to deliver red pills. Part of going MGTOW is letting what you can’t control truly slide, and truly slip away. You can’t be preoccupied by what you can’t control.

This is where the connection comes into play with the Parable of the Sower. Rocky ground, the thorns or the birds that take the seed off the path – the persecution or lack of roots – are these three things. The red pill is received, it is imbibed, it is consumed, it is rejoiced upon, it gives you renewal and revival, and sometimes it fades whether it is a new doubt that creeps in your life, a new lust or a failure that you have experienced or are expecting.

I know that this was me. The first time that I heard MGTOW was about two months after my first breakup. I overdosed on red pills. I was listening to Sandman, MKrafts and JerryLiu on overdrive at the the time. Shoutout to those guys, you hooked me in. But, about four months later, I thought I was fortified, the stress of moving, a new job and severe stress that led to migraines led me into my second girlfriend, who put me through it even more than my first upon reviewing it. I was essentially purple pill if you will at the time (while I don’t necessarily believe in the purple pill, that’s something I believed I possessed and could follow). It burned me again, and I saw MGTOW’s truths emboldened. Sometimes, MGTOW needs to marinate alongside a scorching hot flame on that grill to truly make sure that it sticks with you.

But, right here these three things present in life – doubts, lusts and fears of failures due to my life transition – alongside a lack of experience and awareness at the time – made it harder for the red pill to stick with me. That brings in verse 21 again, “but since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away.”

This is why you need to continue to imbibe the red pill, and I need to continue to imbibe them, and why it is so vital to surround yourself with people that will allow the seed to grow and won’t squelch the ground that it is on and infect the soil. Because you’re are a product of those that you surround yourself with, bottom line, it’s a fact. And also because those around you – even family will often be that weed and will aim to banish you to mother’s house.


But, like all messages, MGTOW is positive – not negative, so let’s finish here with verse 23: “But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

The red pill can really make you produce the full life that you may not otherwise be able to live. That’s cashing in, figuratively with the cash in your life to do more and bless more, but also to self-actualize that much more – the payoff, is a hundred, sixty or thirty times more. Remember that.

So, once again – thank you for listening, hit me up with a hoodies up in the comment section below. If you’ve got a story to share and you want it shared, or a passage to look at, I want to hear it, because I will share it. Also, I am looking to create a MGTOW testimonial book in which men share all their MGTOW testimonies, both how they came to MGTOW and the fruits of their decision. That book is in the works, that’s in the plans, and I want to start building that, so email me at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men. Hoodies out.