MGTOW – Sleep Interrogation and Deprivation

When you start dating you begin to drop the need for other things such as food and sleep. I’m going to focus today on losing sleep, although food does play a role because it’s another energy source that gets supplanted by the excitement  I found that in my first relationship I was head over heels for this girl. I wouldn’t go to sleep without texting her and everything I did during that day was centered around my enjoyment from her and in keeping her.

I remember being about 170 pounds when I started dating her and in good cardiovascular shape but I had pretty poor body definition, nothing to attract a girl. When I started courting her all of that changed, my diet changed and my workout purpose changed. I wanted to workout for aesthetics, not for mental and physical health per say. I also dropped all sugar and simple carbs and went to a high protein, low calorie diet. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t need to sleep. I fed off of her energy night and day. I woke up energized, I woke up not wanting that immediate breakfast only after about 5-6 hours of sleep.

I get why this is happening. Acquiring this mate becomes so biologically important. It has to do with survival and passing on your genes, so you brain goes in overdrive to accomplish this. Everything else gets pushed to the wayside because it’s not as high on the priority list. You can go without as much food, you can drop the sleep but you know if you lose the girl then you lose a chance to spread your seed and in a way survive for another generation through as many offspring as you have with that mate. This was my response to my girlfriend, and I will definitely make a video detailing my first dating experience, from beginning to end – it’s quick shocking and a big source of shame for me.

As far as how this relates to what I’m talking about today, is that you begin to ditch practices and habits that are necessary for your health and well being. Regardless of how great a relationship is for you, if you lose your own health, you lose everything and thus it should be the number one priority. One of the things that you can lose and sometimes the women will take from you, is sleep. It’s a way that you can become an impulsive, anxious and overall unhealthy person and also a person controlled by her, and that’s what I want to address today.

I want to look at the three different dangers that can result of women that deprive you of sleep and what can happen if you find yourself in a relationship where sleep does not persist as a priority. I know this is not a mainstream MGTOW topic idea although it’s something where I failed in both of my relationships and it’s something that can be applied to everyone’s life, whether or not you’re MGTOW, whether or not you’re currently dating or whether or not you want to date in the future.

Number 1: Increased Aggression

There is a study that I found on the Internet in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma which looks specifically at “Sleep Deprivation and Dating Aggression Perpetration in Female College Students: The Moderating Roles of Trait Aggression, Victimization by Partner and Alcohol Use”. The study took note of 108 different women and their sleep quality was measured subjectively and objectively – self reports of dating and trait aggression were also made as well. The study found that indicators of sleep deprivation were associated with greater frequency of dating aggression perpetration.

Long story short, if you’re in a dating relationship in which you’re not getting enough sleep, she is not letting you get sleep, it’s long distance and you’re falling asleep on the phone each night or she has an expectation that you stay up with her if she has to pull an all-nighter during college for whatever reason…that is not a good thing. Lack of sleep is known to cause a brain chemical collapse, leading to aggression for one thing and behavior that does not reflect your normal self.

This puts you at risk of lashing out aggressively. It also puts her in a situation where she is more prone to behave as such. These are both bad things, as aggressive behavior is a one-way ticket to getting an abuse charge made against you. You don’t even need to be the aggressor in a situation in which your partner or the neighbors call the cops on you for loud noises and yelling just an apartment or home away. Cops are obligated to arrest someone if they’re called to the scene, and in a video that I watched today by Mkrafts, who I referenced in a recent video, the cops will have to arrest the person that is capable of doing the most damage. In all cases, unless there are two women present, that is going to be the man. Very rarely is it going to be the woman, unless she is built like Serena Williams and you’re built like a horse race jockey.

Number 2: They will deprive you of sleep to gain control and learn information

I’ve been deprived of sleep in both of my dating relationships, and especially in the first relationship that I had. I remember one night in particular her waking me up late at night to ask me a question, which was often something that she did. I’m not a responsive person when woken up. I’m very groggy and my one-track mindedness of sleeping is overwhelming. She asked me if I talked to any girls at this party that we were at. Mind you this is around a month into our relationship. Looking back I could see this as a ploy to some how leverage a breakup between us two. I’m assuming she probably saw me as too clingy at the time and was beginning to get bored of me after we had started spending our days together after being separated during summer break between my sophomore and junior year of college. Apparently she had been watching me throughout the night at the party and I hugged one of her teammates on the school swimming team as a form of introduction to seeing each other that night, completely normal and casual. That clearly counted as talking to a chick in her mind, unfaithfully. Mind you I’m barely conscious after having been sleeping, and she is storming around the house talking about how I’m going to have to make this up to her and how she is not going to be able to trust me.

Whether conscious or subconscious of her, she knew she could take advantage of my impaired mental faculties at this time of night. I was not sharp and for whatever reason, she was very sharp and attune to what I was saying to her. This is when women will try to take advantage of men, especially after they’ve been at work all day, are tired, their will power reserves are weaker and more often times is the case for the woman than the man – they have more energy. Maybe they haven’t been working or they’ve been in a low stress environment more hours of the day, thus their energy is slightly higher and the mental processing power is greater at the moment.

Sleep deprivation is a major concern in relationships and it’s yet another stand alone reason to go MGTOW in the first place. You don’t have to worry about what time you go to bed. You can simply go to bed when you want, whether this is immediately after work or right when you get back to your hotel after a long day at work.

Often times you will receive criticism for being tired, for not engaging with her during your fatigue and for choosing sleep over her – all of which are interpreted as a lack of appreciation for her and an overall lack of interest. If any of these things are the case, you need to ditch that chick because she is so far gone in insecurity that it is irreparable and not worth your time.

Number 3: Don’t Talk About Anything Important After 11 p.m.

Funny enough, my mom is a marital counselor and she always talked about the rule that you should never talk about anything important or significant after 11 p.m. or whatever your bedtime is that you have established for yourself based on your genetic circadian rhythms – which is what you should be basing your sleeping patterns off of, not the sleeping patterns that are outlined by the world around you. Those won’t lead to anything other than fatigue and suboptimal performance.

Anyway, I’ve failed that rule. I used to spend each night during the courting phase of my two dating relationships with 2-3 hour conversations that would end around 2 a.m. If I wasn’t doing that I was falling asleep with her at her house and then driving back to my dorm or apartment three times a week at 3 or 4 a.m. An absolutely terrible practice that screwed up my brain patterns, and I think I am still recovering from this.

But the reason beyond personal health for me saying this is that it protects you from saying harmful or damaging information. You could look at this from the standpoint that if you say it is likely honest and could lead to an early breakup. From a MGTOW’s perspective, that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes these things aren’t true but a combination of a dream state or a weakened mind and it could even lead to charges of emotional abuse or verbal abuse with the gynocentric judicial system that we now have in place.

Regardless, talking to someone like this – other than close friend or blood relative that needs your support at this time of night, is really dangerous and I’d stray away from it.

Ultimately, this message should just be another reason why going MGTOW is a healthier way of life. How many married men do you see get burned out and subsequently create the “dad bod” look? It’s because they are too tired from the stressors of work, family and marriage that they don’t have the testosterone and will power to stay in good physical condition. The same goes for sleep. With the vastly larger amount of free time that you have in MGTOW, the more time that you will have to sleep throughout the week and on the weekend. You won’t have to sacrifice your hobbies or personal goals either, which is one of the fears that comes when you talk about upping you sleep numbers.


What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

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What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

What’s up MGTOW men. The next couple of days are looking good. We hit the weekend and barring anything not on the radar, I’ll be able to make a few more videos than normal and hopefully will have one up each day this weekend. So, pop this video through your headphones as you’re getting a lift in, going on a walk, grilling up some food, gaming or just relaxing after whatever this work has thrown at you.

Today I’m going to rant a little bit. I’ve written out a lot of what I’m going to say going forward, just because it’s a very tangential topic and video today with a lot of content and I want to make sure I get it in coherently. I hope that works with you guys and you get something out of it that you can take with you ahead.

Today I’m going to talk about MGTOW’s greatest purpose and what this purpose does for us as men and MGTOW men.  

I would say that I have been MGTOW for a little over a year now, having came across it on YouTube in July of 2016 after watching some Sandman videos, this guy named MKrafts (who I wish made more videos). He had a really interesting experience that was fundamental in creating my belief in MGTOW. He is from the United States and his dating experiences in the western world had failed. After serving in the U.S. Military he decided to date overseas and shortly after ended up getting married to a girl in Russia or Eastern Europe.

I’ll be the first to say that some of those girls are very attractive and I think that there is a culture of respect that is still underlying in that area of the world that makes them come across as more submissive than American women and more in line with natural female nature. Long story short he got married to her, brought her over the U.S. and after a relationship of parasitism in which she lazily hung around and milked off of his money, they ended up getting divorced.

Now, this dude is only in his late 20s, 31 or 32 at the oldest and he has some great insights and opinions about women and MGTOW. He doesn’t make any videos anymore, which you often see with some MGTOW channels – this idea of MGTOW burnout. I hope that he hasn’t fallen back to his old ways and ended up being blue pilled by western culture. But, I tell this little anecdote because this particular anecdote of his stuck with me. Why it stuck with me so much was because of the pain that was in his voice and the experience that his ex-wife put him through. It tore him apart, caused him shame and led to his own pain – all the while showing me through this example that eastern women aren’t the cure all for feminazism that has engulfed the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Without MGTOW, without the philosophy of accepting culture for the way that it is and for the way that women are within the culture I live in the United States, we have knowledge. We have the knowledge that we can harness to avoid the pain that unfortunately came to MKrafts, who was a chill, reasonable, hard working and simple guy – not someone that you would wish a divorce upon or any other strife that you could wish upon a person.

I got a couple of comments in my last video, “Women Made MGTOW”, from two guys MGTOW values and mustno3. By boiling down their comments and my thoughts on them, basically I came to the conclusion that MGTOW at it’s highest form exists to maximize the enjoyment, productivity and purpose of a man’s life in a gynocentric world. At it’s most enlightened level, MGTOW gives you time, it gives you money but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. It’s a red pill of liberation that frees you from standards you cannot satisfy, maintain, reach or sustain. Standards that a work driven, female-centered, money centric world has created. A world that is lacking in identity that is gained from within.

If there is anything that you get from my video today, I want it to be those very facts. That MGTOW maximizes one’s life and protects that life from strife, pain and suffering that many decisions can cause and all the things that the deceitfulness of the world and our own brokenness can cause.

MGTOW is liberation, and that’s part of why you see so much overlap in MGTOW with libertarianism and entrepreneurship in particular. MGTOW puts you in a place where you begin to work to be satisfied in yourself and to build yourself up. At the end of the day, you own nothing other than your thoughts. Everything you do comes from your thoughts in your mind, all of your actions and thus where you go in life. You own nothing in life other than that, permanently that is. You did not create this world, you’re not in command of other people’s actions and most important to know – you will never be able to tame the thoughts of a woman. Thus, don’t try to. Just aim to control your own thoughts and create the best you that you can, because that’s what you owe to yourself and to God.

I think of one of my favorite MGTOW media makers on YouTube, ImmortalMindz when I think about the simplification and liberation process that goes on when you accept MGTOW. He talks about how he has lost any interest in television, owning a television, mainstream entertainment and even watching sports to some extent – all of these outlets were once elemental in his happiness and daily life before his MGTOW realization. When you go MGTOW you don’t care about the thoughts around you, other than to be aware of them so that you can vet what’s bad and speak to other people with educated thought. You don’t want that television anymore, you don’t want to be passive in anything you do. You may play video games, listen to music, read, lift – all of these things stimulate the brain and improve you – even video games. Consumption of mindless messaging is destroyed, because it doesn’t relate to you and it doesn’t improve you. We are all entrusted with the minas and the talents. How you use it is our challenge, and MGTOW ensures that you use it effectively and efficiently.

I was never up to date in my television watching, haven’t consistently watched a show (other than sports, which is related to a lot of the work and jobs that I’ve had in the past) since Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Shows that don’t appear in the mainstream media and aren’t apart of the mainstream lexicon. I have no television that I use, I have no video game system other than an old N64, Game Boy Advance and Color and the occasional indie games and RTS games that I will pop in from time to time for mental hygiene and mind sharpening. I have no Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go or anything streaming subscription of any kind. I believe that Sandman has commented on this many times, discussing the erosion of the interest in these things when you go MGTOW. This is because MGTOW centers you on spending your time rightly and in focusing on making yourself the best man you can be in the world today.

I think I’ve clearly established what MGTOW’s purpose is and why its there. The main reasons that is. I don’t want to gloss over the fact that MGTOW is an emotion and energy saver. I’ve noticed a stark difference in the amount of emotional and physical energy that I’ve had since becoming MGTOW. I am able to sleep more, I have more time in the day, I’m able to take better care of myself, my diet improves, and most importantly my view of myself changes and improves because I’m not basing my self worth on the daily evaluations of this other person. Often times people might say that it is your fault for being in a relationship that would cause you to self evaluate like that, but let’s face it – relationships naturally do that and because of social media, women are going to constantly be building that standard for you that they base you on.

Dovetailing off of an article that mentions Ayn Rand and her idea that she coins as her “sense of life”, a philosophy or own our beliefs and views are necessary because “each of us needs to understand his own convictions consciously, to be able to put his sense of life into words. Otherwise we don’t really have a clear idea of what we believe or what is motivating us to make our biggest decisions – or whether it is true. We need to know what we think on philosophical questions, because our answers can affect the course of our lives. And the sense of life that dominates nations or cultures can determine their fates.”

Wow. That is weighty. The fate of cultures and nations depends on the philosophical convictions that you possess, and people without those convictions end up going down personal paths that are completely devoid of conviction and direction. I would compare that to a man that is currently trapped in the blue pill paradox of life, believing that he has to attract a woman, date a woman, marry a woman, impregnate a woman and work for a women. He doesn’t have a philosophy and he doesn’t know why he wants these things. Not knowing why you want something, such as a mate and kids leads to unwanted children, unhappy marriages and the general erosion of the family, all of which lead to the erosion of society – which is what we see today.

MGTOW provides this philosophical conviction in regards to women, and in some ways as it relates to finance, careers, politics and religion. It saves you many things and allows many more things into your life, which I will address tomorrow in my MGTOW saves and MGTOW allows diatribe.

Thanks for watching and or listening today, guys. I hope you have a stellar weekend of freedom and relaxation. Sunrisehoodie, done.

Women Made MGTOW

YouTube Video: “Women Made MGTOW”

The first rule of MGTOW is, don’t talk about MGTOW. The second rule is, DO NOT TALK ABOUT MGTOW.

Before I begin, if you don’t know the reference that I am making here, I am really sad and surprised for you. I’ve found that a lot of Fight Club fans are also MGTOW devotees. There is a lot to be extrapolated from both, and I think that Chuck Palahniuk and Tyler Durden’s character in particular are closet MGTOWs, but that is for another day and another video.

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, I’ll personally send you my copy of the book and offer you one day of access to my iTunes account so that you can watch the movie. It’s the only movie that I have on iTunes, only one that I own digitally. Just kidding, I’m not going to do that. Just go watch it, now.

But, this brings up a serious question about MGTOW and spreading the message of MGTOW. How do you share the news that we know, where is it appropriate and is it even a functional part of MGTOW.

While the MGTOW community is growing and has been increasing at a rapid pace over the last year that I have been exposed to its philosophies, it’s nowhere near the Anna Sarkesian, Oprah-esque levels that feminism has garnered.

Frankly, it’s never going to be like that. MGTOW will never reach the levels of notoriety and popularity that feminism has. For one thing, society wouldn’t accept it. And number two, because of the male default to side with women and protect them, men will continually lobby on behalf of feminists and make room for them. Women will never support a MGTOW philosophy because it doesn’t advance their agenda. Male support of feminism creates social acceptance for females and males and advances the biological leaning for men to gain the graces of females in order to procreate. Biologically, men think it is to their advantage to jon feminism.

Secondly, women have the in-group mentality programmed in them. I haven’t looked at any statistical data or studies to support this, but based on communities like MGTOW, my gut tells me that men are more likely to go “rogue”, not ask for help and not team up under ideas prompted by a group when given the choice.

I think that this is why MGTOW is so popular, libertarianism is growing and subsequently more men are opting out of both college and the work world and are trying their hand at being an entrepreneur.

And if you look at things, there is no one single MGTOW voice that stands above all others. The majority of social movements have one or two icons that you can point to as the leaders, although MGTOW isn’t at that size yet. It won’t be for a while either, and because of the individualistic and secretive nature of MGTOW, I don’t think that it will ever be. I believe that most MGTOW will be okay with that as well, because the majority of men that go into MGTOW don’t have an interest in creating their MGTOW kingdom and are generally men who don’t want attention drawn to them.

This brings me to the point of this video and the point that I think should be applied to how you approach MGTOW and think about spreading it.

MGTOW is a product of women, not a product of men, and thus men don’t need to be evangelists on behalf of MGTOW. In fact, being a MGTOW evangelist will almost never convert a blue pill man to red pill. Red pills have to be something that blue pill men take when they realize that there is a need, when reality is realized for themselves.

There is a video on YouTube from the “Groundwork for the Metaphysics of MGTOW” titled, “Women Created MGTOW”. He leads off the description of his video stating that There is a mistaken assumption that MGTOW is some organized core of vocal men evangelizing other men to abandon marriage and relationships. This is not true. MGTOW is little but a rally flag; it is a group in the same way that those who hold a driver’s license are a group. MGTOW is a product of women.

I absolutely agree with this statement. When I go about my day I don’t think of proselytizing on behalf of MGTOW, I just enjoy the moments in which I can exhibit the amount of freedom that I have, particularly in regards to time, because I do not have a girlfriend. There is little that can be accomplished by approaching a man that has never been jaded by a financially deplorable and emotionally parasitic relationship with MGTOW teachings and philosophy. It means nothing. I never knew of MGTOW before dating for the first time at the age of 21, and I would have never thought to join MGTOW, seeing it as an extremist way of living that is followed by a group of bitter men.

Things have changed after my two experiences dating, and those experiences alone are what give me the daily fuel for being and staying a MGTOW. My motivation to pursue a MGTOW lifestyle comes from a combination of my personal experiences and my intrinsic motivation and direction that I want to take with my life.

I think that it’s important for us as men to realize that we are not here to replace the experiences that we have had with women and feminists, causing us to become MGTOW. Rather, we are here to serve as reminders, as forums, as ideators and as friends to stoke that fire that is burning.

I remember stumbling upon my first MGTOW videos ever in the summer of 2016. I was enthralled by the content and the analysis, but the biggest remembrance from this encounter was that another man had the exact same emotions and reaction from being exposed to female nature, despite dating different women. We have all been exposed to different women, but the result has been the same for us as MGTOW men.

So the next time that you are hanging with blue pill men, and the thing to advise is, don’t cut yourself off from hanging out with these guys. By doing this you can make them curious, but more importantly it freshens up by contrast the life that you could tangibly be living in spending frivolously the time that you have on women. Bring up your opinions on women, give them your hot takes, and I would bet you that they have similar opinions, but the biological lure created by the physical attraction is clouding their vision.

As with everything, give it time and continue to cultivate the life that you want, not the life that society wants for you. Because, at the end of the day, that’s the point of MGTOW.

MGTOW: The Plan B Boy – She Will Always Have a Man in the Bullpen Stats

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Half of women have a man on deck.

An article in the Medical Daily revealed that a survey done by, an online market research company, detailed that half of women who are married or in relationships have a Plan B man on standby who is “ready and waiting”. This is already a high percentage but many more women were likely being dishonest or do have a man on deck but failed to realize it. These women have an insurance policy, and the may be lingering on social media, an ex-boyfriend, an acquaintance during high school or college, the work husband, or even gym buddy. Subtle small talk over months or years add up, and she is cultivating the man on deck, or the man in the bullpen as I like to call it, in case of one small slip on behalf of her current boyfriend or husband.

“However, to avoid playing the field and going through all the bases, women have taken a shortcut to get back to the finish line with a Plan B man.”

To further intensify the very encouraging nature of this study…the man in the bullpen is far from a rookie. He is a seasoned veteran that has been loitering around for seven years. Upwards of four in 10 women said they got to know this guy as they were with their current partner, while nearly 4 of 10 women said he was “on the scene” – whether at parties, in a similar social group, at work or while working out, far before the relationship began with their current boyfriend.

Whether it’s the distance that has preserved his freshness to her, the sexual tension that has existed or because she believes she needs some insurance, this man in the bullpen has been able to preserve this freshness that the current boyfriend simply won’t be able to grasp. It’s an unfair advantage.

The survey states that for some, the feelings are stronger than they are for the current boyfriend. One in 10 women confessed their Plan B has professed their undying love to them, while two in 10 knew that they Plan B would “drop everything” for them. Furthermore, 15 percent responded with feeling more for the Plan B man than their significant other. Frightening.

“This could spark fear in men across the UK and be great news for women looking for that extra bit of love and care so that their attentions aren’t swayed.”

Half of these women take the “never say never” approach when it comes to hooking up or dating this man in the bullpen. Thus, she won’t cut off this guy and won’t destroy this relationship in the event that she needs its resources. With the accessibility of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the danger is amplified. All it takes is a bad date, a boring vacation, some minor arguments and she could jump on any one of these social media sites during some down time before bed and kindle a serious relationship with this Plan B individual.

This article in the Medical Daily is highly blue pilled and puts the responsibility on the shoulders of the man to be “attentive to their women’s needs, even when the relationship is on the rocks.” The responsibility should be on the shoulders of both people in the relationship, as the alternative would mean that the girl is always meant to be entertained and can’t generate her own ways to spend time.

A relationship shouldn’t be a game. It should be a building block for two people’s lives in order to bring success and enrichment to both of them. The game is immature; it’s indicative of high school and college dating behaviors, especially in the western world. It stems from the need to feed those entertainment seeking neurons in the mind of the girl who wants to be stimulated by a game she keeps on the table, like a long drawn out game of Risk.

I know I don’t want that. I have enough to worry about with other areas of my life.

But, this is the female’s take on the situation:

“the good news is that this [the game] isn’t a chore. On the contrary, it’s a heck of a lot of fun [if the game is prolonged].”

I’ll opt out.

A relationship should be enjoyable and at times exciting. But if you’re expecting to be married happily ever after to a person then there are going to be far more doldrums than there are peaks. It’s unsustainable and unreasonable to think that constant entertainment, games, fun and excitement is a constant in long term relationships. That’s why many of them fail today, hence bringing in the Plan B man.

Days Before Red Pill

Back during days of blue pill weakness before Morpheus snuck into my matrix, I was drowning in blue pills. I had never had a girlfriend at this point, which was at the end of my sophomore year of college. Looking back, that was a true blessing. Nearly reach 21 years of age and avoiding a relationship was a gift that I didn’t realize I possessed.

But, genetics took over and I fell for a girl that I had my eyes on for a little over a year. She was very attractive and as usual, at first I thought we had more in common that I would later realize.

There were so many red flags. My prefrontal cortex must have taken a deep sleep, as I simply avoided the signs that this wouldn’t end well.  rebounding from a breakup with a dude that treated her poorly…but was well endowed. For one thing, I had to live in the perpetual shadow of that. After the breakup she bounced around and months later we had a three-week course together.

I happened to give a speech in class about my life that caught her attention. She probably wasn’t even aware that I was in the class with her prior to that, but because of what my speech entailed she caught interest in me. I was blue in the face with blue pills to keep her. Spending money, sending her gifts, courting her with long flowery texts and staying up way too late to have phone conversations and Facetime calls with her.

We were going long distance for three months between sophomore and junior year, during which I saw the first signs of her Plan B man getting loose in the bullpen. I distinctly remember a snapchat message that included “you’ll have to love me more than Adrean.” No idea what prompted this, but I was simply a pawn in a game. Almost two years to the date passes and I wake up one morning to a call from her stating that she cheated on me with him. The writing was on the wall the entire time. There were more signs and detailed tributaries branching off of the main river here, but there is no need to get into it – because the Plan B man warming up in the bullpen pulled through at the end of the day, and the thesis is proved. As soon as our relationship dried up, the bullpen was called to as it was with me and my ex.

To this day, about a year and a half later, she is still dating the guy that was warming up in the bullpen.

Look in the Sky, Look for the Vultures

Look above you. The Plan B man is like a vulture circling in the sky for you to leave and for his prey, the girl, to be available. Vultures don’t explicitly attack if they don’t have to. They’d rather let the other person do the hard work or the other animal to do the hard work and kill their prey. That’s their intention. They want to be efficient and only enter into the picture when they know what they are there for is available, the girl.

Don’t create an opportunity for this vulture. Better yet, don’t be there at all. Better yet be so far away from any potential prey, because unless you throw a perfect game – which there have been 23 of those in all of MLB history – she is going to go to the bullpen.

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