MGTOW – The Sephora Trip

MGTOW men, welcome back. So, as you know we are passing through the Christmas season right now. The holiday season if you want to be politically correct. These are trying times for a lot of relationships, and a lot of tests are thrown at men in relationships around the holidays. Tests to see if they... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – Soul Suck of a Michal

MGTOW men, welcome back. Today I want to talk about narcissism and the joy that they want to take from people that are experiencing joy and in their lives. David and Michal are two that I’ve talked about in the past. If you know the story of David and Michal, Michal was a very jealous... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Blanket Apologies

MGTOW men, welcome back. Collective apologies, c’mon. We live in a world of grey, not black and white. That’s a fact if anything is a fact. We need strength up front not false humility. Humility comes from strength, which is the other thing that has essentially been reversed. Women aren’t looking for humility in men... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Branding? Nah.

MGTOW men, welcome back. This is my short message to those that are new to MGTOW and aren’t sure about what they are hearing and why what they might hear on my channel doesn’t completely line up with what Sandman says, with that Stardusk says, with what huMAN says and the many other content producers... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Burden of Performance

MGTOW men, welcome back. There are two articles that I want to talk about over the next two weeks. Fittingly, they are both pretty recent. They have to do with complementarianism and the metoo movement. For those that are new, each Sunday I take a look at MGTOW and its relationship to the red pills... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Graceful Ghosting

MGTOW men, welcome back. Humility has a bad image. Humility is snubbed because humility is associated with being a nice guy. Whether or not society communicates this, the case is that being a nice guy is considered being less than a man. Because, it is. Nice guys have emerged with the advent of greater technology... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Pew Ghoster

MGTOW men, welcome back. Hope all is well. Today is a Sunday, and as you guys that are returning know that it’s a Sunday Sermon day. For those that are new I touch on a passage in the Bible or a topic related to Christianity that is brought up by another viewer or that comes... Continue Reading →

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