MGTOW – Strung Out…

MGTOW men, welcome back. I’ve missed the past couple of MGTOW Sunday Sermons. Not happy about that, but sometimes life comes at you in seasons and this is the season that I’m in and other things and opportunities arise. But, I will have one for you today. The passage that I’m going to be looking... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – The Sephora Trip

MGTOW men, welcome back. So, as you know we are passing through the Christmas season right now. The holiday season if you want to be politically correct. These are trying times for a lot of relationships, and a lot of tests are thrown at men in relationships around the holidays. Tests to see if they... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Soul Suck of a Michal

MGTOW men, welcome back. Today I want to talk about narcissism and the joy that they want to take from people that are experiencing joy and in their lives. David and Michal are two that I’ve talked about in the past. If you know the story of David and Michal, Michal was a very jealous... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Tread Carefully

MGTOW men, welcome back.  Thank you for being patient with me over the past few weeks and months to be frank. Like I said, life goes in seasons. During certain seasons you can devote time to certain things, and during other seasons you devote time to other things. But, then, you come back to where... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Idolizing the Luster

MGTOW men, welcome back. Idolatry is image-worship. Putting something that is created above that which created that thing that you are worshiping that is created. What do men admire more than anything in this world? The female figure, usually. If men admire the female figure more than anything then if you can resist admiring that,... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Stoic Gratitude

MGTOW men, welcome back. For those that don’t know, last weekend “This is Life With Lisa Ling” featured divorced fathers and the struggles that they go through in earning custody, not getting custody, working through divorces and dealing with the financial determinants that are associated with it. In that episode, Lisa interviewed Big John from... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Your Good is Their Bad

MGTOW men, welcome back. You lose that, you actually gain this. How are we to ever know that by losing something, we actually lost something. Because, that losing something might actually prevent us from losing something even greater. Always have that perspective. Gratefulness and gratitude. One of the keys to embracing that is to remove... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Blanket Apologies

MGTOW men, welcome back. Collective apologies, c’mon. We live in a world of grey, not black and white. That’s a fact if anything is a fact. We need strength up front not false humility. Humility comes from strength, which is the other thing that has essentially been reversed. Women aren’t looking for humility in men... Continue Reading →

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