MGTOW – Red Flags: She Cuts off Friends

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s the start of a new week, and for many men that is a bad thing. But, I’m sure that many of you are listening that are pursuing the entrepreneurial career, understanding that the end goal is to free oneself from the system and free oneself from the chains that big business forces you to be attached to.

Another thing will chain you down to being that slave is a woman, and most notably a woman that is volatile, and one of those women is a woman that has no friends. So men, I actually started my YouTube Channel with a series titled women and red flags. The purpose of the red flags series is not to help you pick up a chick, not help you understand women so that you can manipulate them – this is not a PUA guide, the purpose is so that you protect yourself from these women in your life as a whole – whether it’s someone that your friend is dating, whether it’s choosing a boss, dealing with co-workers, being there for support for a brother or cousin that is dating and looking to get married, and also as a cathartic release for you guys that have dealt with a woman that exhibits these red flags, with the red flag of focus being the woman that has no friends today.

And hey men, MGTOW is about going your own way. Not about me choosing that way, and maybe some of you guys will consider dating and marrying in the future. Me, that’s not a part of the my MGTOW path. But I’ve dated women that have either had friends that were not “good friends” so to speak or had friends that they continually cut off or had greater expectations from than what should be expected from a platonic relationship.

These are the things that we are going to look at today, and some of them are off-shoots of this idea of the girl with no girlfriends in her life. These things are:

  • She’s a volatile person and cuts people off
  • She often has no self-awareness and takes no agency
  • All her time will now be spent on you
    • The expectations for you and what you have to provide will mirror a full-time job
    • At work, this means that she will stress over work too much and have no balance
  • The Hybrid Girl: She only has guy friends
    • This woman is often a slut
    • This woman is often territorial
    • Her ability to healthily pair-bond is crushed
    • Her value of platonic relationships, outside of sexual ones, is non-existent.

She’s a Volatile Person and Cuts People Off

The woman that has no friends may not always be a completely bad thing. There are rare cases of women that are better off being alone, better off doing anime, better off reading and working on skills like this. This does happen, although there are reasons not to date this chick as well. But, most women are naturally social. The fact that she has no friends is contrary to what she is biologically built to do and has done for thousands of years.

Others, and many feminists would say the same thing about men. They would contend with the double-standard that “oh, all men are, are just man-whores!”. All they want to do is objectify us. Then, on the other end when we go MGTOW, they don’t see things as black and white and state that, “oh, MGTOW men are just suppressing what they’re biologically inclined to do!” There is a stark double-standard present in these two statements right here. The difference is that men avoiding relationships and dating is fueled by the pursuit of a positive.

The difference with a woman that doesn’t have platonic relationships and doesn’t commune with other women as they’re socially built to do and have done, being a gender that is far more based in the “hive-mind” mentality, is that they’re not foregoing something for a positive. They’re foregoing something for a negative, which is isolation and their own ego.

This is created because this woman is volatile and she cuts people off. Anything will offend this person, and this woman is fixated on how much you protect her and stand up to other people on your behalf. In order to quell this woman’s volatility and to keep her volatility away from you, you will have to put yourself in situations in which you put yourself in shame.

You cannot be an individual and you cannot stand up for another person’s opinions or beliefs when you’re in a relationship with this woman, because everything is perceived to be an attack on her. She always is in defense mode and perceives to be being attacked all the time.

I know this first hand. With one of my exes, she had a few friends before I ended up dating her that she described as really close, like extremely close…I won’t even get into the details. Like most girls do, they had a ton of photos together, shared a ton of memories, did this that and the other and would have traditions.

But, near the time that I started dating her, she started to cut these women off, for things that I don’t even know. They were like phantom issues that began to crop up, and ones that seemed really petty to me. In my eyes, based on description, it seemed like these women were conning her and that she had a real reason to act on vengeance, which she probably did not.

Immediately vendettas are created, they start to unfollow their friends on social media and that’s perceived to be the final straw. If they just cut their girlfriends off Instagram and remove all photos of them from that platform, that it will all be settled.

This girl also cuts off people in her family. While at times boundaries need to be kept and you have to remove negative people from your life, this woman will immediately jump to ghost herself from others in her life and feel justified in doing so.

This is all to say that, men, you never know with this woman. You will always have to be on call with her and you will always be having to prove your worth to her. You have to prove that you will be the hero, and this woman will create a hero complex in you.

You’re going to find yourself beginning to say things like, “I won’t let this happen…I won’t abandon her. I won’t treat her like that. She can trust me. She doesn’t have to worry about me turning my back on her.”

All of these things are things that you’re going to say, but realize that it is pointless, because this woman doesn’t operate on the same reality that you do. She operates in a different world, and she perceives what it means for you to stand up for her to be far different than what she expects. In fact, if you stand up for yourself and sacrifice your dignity, as I’ve done for her in front of my parents and made myself a simp in front of my parents for the sake of standing up for her, that’s the greatest expression of love. For her, that’s what love is, it’s not actually building both of you up, it’s you being a protector and you doing that because she is deficient in having a reliable person in her life.

She has been abandoned most likely in her past, and she is also a control freak. There are a lot of parallels between this woman and the woman that has a Jezebel spirit. They attempt to control everything and control other people in order to keep them in their court, but they actually end up producing everything that they feared would happen to them.

It’s just evidence once again guys that you can’t try to control everything and that the more that you try to, the more hectic your life becomes. This is what this woman runs into, and she’ll cut you off just as quickly and get the alimony or get this that and the other that she was hoping for.

This Woman Will Never Assess Blame to Herself – She has No Self-Awareness

One of the strongest signs of a person that remains a child is someone that has no self-awareness. It’s one thing to see things in front of you and to understand them, but to not understand how you impact them, what you did to either negatively affect it or positively influence, is a sign that you have no self-awareness and understanding of your shortcomings.

Do you want to date a woman that is still a child? Do you want to date a woman that will not be able to take blame for something that she does wrong? Because this woman doesn’t take blame and needs to dish it out on someone that should receive the blame. She will blame circumstances, she will blame things that really have no impact and she will never take agency.

This once again brings up a double-standard. She will take all the credit for things that go well, even if you’re the one that helped her get this job, helped her get in shape, helped her eat a better diet, helped her fix her car – whatever it is – she will take all the credit when it is convenient, but she will ascribe all the blame to the other person or the other circumstance when something goes poor or there is a conflict.

This comes into play with friendships and relationships. This woman doesn’t understand that there is a pattern at work when she can’t keep a friend. Doesn’t it seem concerning that you can’t keep a steady friend for longer than two months? They will argue that it is because they’re their own person and they don’t have time to put up with people that detract from their life and make them worse, or whatever other reasoning they say – which may actually be helpful to learn from in small doses – but they don’t understand that sometimes, you just have to get along with your friend even though they have different political beliefs, or God forbid date someone that you don’t like! Right, sometimes in life you make concessions because you’re willing to play the long game, you expect people to imperfect and you realize that having this platonic relationship with this person is better than not having it at all.

But, these women are often sprinters. They don’t understand the long term benefit of having positive people in their lives, women included. Instead, they burn bridges and ascribe blame. Ascribing blame is like a drug to them. They enjoy it, it gives them a jolt of dopamine as well, and being negative should never be a jolt of dopamine for someone, that expresses that this person is ill in some way. They are into put-downs, and actually, removing someone from their life in the way that they do is self-satisfying.

Avoid this woman because you can’t work with someone that doesn’t accept their faults. You can’t improve your life and you can’t work collectively when they never self-assess. Self-betterment comes after phases of self-reflection, and they have no idea how to do that.

She Will Have No Time But Time for You

This is a scary thing, but I’m sure that you’ve seen the couples out there – and that goes for both guys and girls, that are always together. They are inseparable, and they have no lives outside of the other person. They get up in the morning, get breakfast, go back, sleep, play video games, meet each other after class, after work, they watch all the same T.V. shows and they find their complete and utter security and self-worth in this other person, and never in themselves.

Subsequently, what happens is that you become all that is going in her life, and slowly you lose all connection with what you need to do, how to become a better man, the relationships with your friends, really succeeding, making a career for yourself, and generally keeping up with the flow of life as life doesn’t slow down for anyone.

You will all of a sudden find yourself in an absolute time vortex, with no time to study something or work on a skill. If you really want to learn a language or understand a new philosophy and read up on it, do you really think that you’ll be able to do that in the midst of this type of relationship? For one thing, you won’t have the mental fortitude to do so, and secondly you’re going to be labeled as neglectful for it as well.

Having girlfriends and relationships that are valuable in a woman’s life outside of your own is a sign that this woman is self-actualized in other areas beyond you, most of the time. At least, it’s a better sign that the alternative.

Many men that are merely mediocre in life are men that have sold their time, their free time and even their work time and sleep time out for a woman. If you want to be great, you have to have your time. I have a fascination with greatness. I’m obsessed with it, and the saying says that behind every good/great man is a good/great woman. This can be debated, but what can’t be debated is that no good/great man has a bad woman behind him, and one of the worst qualities is a woman that only has time for you and what you’re doing and never let’s you go out in the wilderness, unchained, and act out on your dreams.

This can also be manifested in a woman at work. Have you ever worked with a woman, or even a man for that matter, that has a non-existent social life of some sort and is only centered around work? If you have, you may have experienced this type of relationship and behavior that a man with a girlfriend that doesn’t have friends, would experience with a co-worker or boss that doesn’t have any friends.

When this happens, this person can become irascible, stressed out and unagreeable. All that matters is work, and when work for example is all that matters, any little problem at work that occurs becomes a crisis because whatever you claim to be the most important thing in your life, will often be expected to be perfect. It’s just the way it is. Have balance, and this woman in your work life, love life or in your family somehow will destroy balance.

The Hybrid Girl: But, She Has a Bunch of Guy Friends – Shouldn’t She Be Cool

Oh man, she has a ton of guy friends?! Like, I swear she gets along with all of my bros and all these other guys, and like…they’re totally platonic, there is no way that this girl has had sex with them, or at least most of them…yeah, maybe a few of them, no big deal, right? She is dating me now, so I don’t have to worry about that, I’m good.”

I almost guarantee you that this woman is fixated on power and has banged most of these guys. This is not a good sign. If she has an unending amount of guy friends, then most of the time this is based off of a sexual attraction. How many guys out there have the time of day for a woman that they’re not sexually interested in? Think about it.

It reminds me of a quote from a rap song music video at the end when the guy in the music video is freaking out when his girlfriend is upset with him for staying home and hanging out with his friends – he says something to the effect, “I’m hanging out with my friends bish, because my friends are F-ing fun!”

Socially, a man wants to hang out with his brothers, because he can often not just talk to them but also do things, go play pick-up basketball, go hunt, go to a game, whatever it is. With a woman you often can’t relate and what you do and have done as a man for thousands of years is merely have the woman for sex and for taking care of that offspring.

Some chicks are a good time and may get a little wild at the bar or wherever you are, but either there is liquor involved, rarely it’s you guys playing pick-up ultimate frisbee at the park – there is usually always sexual energy going on.

Men, be very wary of the girl that is like, yeah, all of my friends are guys. Watch out for that, that’s not a good sign for you as this woman is often very promiscuous, and of course she is gunna be a fan-favorite when she is showing what she has. Often times her ability to pair-bond has been crushed as well as her ability to form non-sexual platonic relationships loses its value and interest in her mind.


Men, I speak on all of these things for a reason because I’ve dated these types of women before that cut people off, that don’t have friends or have only male friends. I know what these things indicate and I know that it is indicative of a woman that doesn’t understand that you don’t get anywhere in life by mercilessly cutting people off. For them, it’s a hobby, for you it’s a problem because now she has all the time to vent to you, try to get you on her side and it’s foreshadowing of her inability to adapt to someone else, which may be you.

If you guys have dated this chick or no a girl that has no real friends, just artificial friends thanks to this artificial AI matrix that we are living in, please share your story and help save another man from falling prey to the woman that always has the C4 planted on that bridge, ready to detonate and not just burn that bridge, but burn that mofo down.

If you want to share even more in-depth, please share your stories with me at or on Twitter at @sunrisehoodie. I want to get a directory going of men that have had these issues and have had similar stories and offer up this directory much like a phone book, and the only way to do this is to hear from you.

Thanks as always for listening men. If you’ve made it to the end, I’m amazed and so appreciative. Until we meet again, enjoy every minute of your Monday night or whenever you hear this, and surround yourself with people that build up, not tear down.

Hoodies up, not down, hoodie is out.


MGTOW – She’s as Sweet as Honey and as Bitter as Gall | 3 Proverbs to Make you MGTOW

“For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey…” Keep that on your mind men as my introductory MGTOW line for today’s Sunday Sermon on the “Five Proverbs that will make you MGTOW or are MGTOW”, the first volume on what may be a very long series within our MGTOW Sunday Sermon series.

Welcome back MGTOW men to my favorite series of all of my MGTOW videos, the MGTOW Sunday Sermon series. There is an unending amount of content when it comes to these videos for this sermon series, but as always, I want your guy’s recommendations.

Before I get going on today’s topic, I want you guys to hit the comments section. Maybe you don’t care about this series and would rather hear me talk about MGTOW in music or more of my personal stories about MGTOW, but I know many have expressed interest in different Biblical topics. To let you know for sure these are the three MGTOW sermons that I have on the docket:

  • John the Baptist and Herodias
  • Adam and Eve
  • Paul’s teachings specifically in 1 Corinthians

Beyond that, it’s all yours guys.

Let’s rewind to about age 11 or 12. I would read my Bible each night before bed, but I never really read anything from the New Testament surprisingly. I never really read the books of the Pentateuch in the Old Testament. You know where I always gravitated to, I always gravitated to Proverbs.

The words hit my heart unlike anything else in the Bible, apart from maybe The Beatitudes from Jesus. The immediate wisdom injected an understanding that was empowering, and to this day I can’t get enough of the wisdom literature. Any proverb from any literature has immense value, but for me, my first introduction to MGTOW was Proverbs from the Bible. Having a mother that is a marriage counselor and three other families in social work, I had a natural fixation on wisdom, advice and most notably – the warnings about women. I still have Proverbs 5:1-6, “Warning Against Adultery” underlined from the Bible I got when I was 13.

It’s been 11 years and that underlined content couldn’t ring any truer. In fact, after going through two relationships in which I threw out all wisdom and understanding for the taste of honey that dripped off the dead lion carcass which was the beautiful girl that was even more beautifully lost in her own lack of a sense of self. Soon that carcass wouldn’t be the lion, it would be me. Soon I would be that dead carcass, filled with honey that didn’t nourish, but filled with honey that once tasted good but took from me the wisdom from my father that I thought I bound around my neck.

But, I didn’t. I didn’t bind that around my neck. I had lost it. Lost that necklace. Enough of me, let’s get going with this Sunday Sermon.

1) Proverbs 2:12-17

12 Wisdom will save you from the ways of wicked men,

   from men whose words are perverse,

13 who have left the straight paths

   to walk in dark ways,

14 who delight in doing wrong

   and rejoice in the perverseness of evil,

15 whose paths are crooked

   and who are devious in their ways.

16 Wisdom will save you also from the adulterous woman,

   from the wayward woman with her seductive words,

17 who has left the partner of her youth

   and ignored the covenant she made before God.

Wisdom in this passage represents something else for us MGTOW men that are looking at the world through the red-hued lenses caused by the red pill injections that are coursing through our veins. Wisdom is red pill knowledge. I could extend this excerpt another two verses but I want to touch on what that would cover in Proverbs 5.

The red pill will save you from the adulterous woman, from her words that are seductive but you know will lead to a loss of a sense of self, that are full of double-standards, that lead to false rape accusations, that lead to simpery, that lead to a loss of direction. Because, this line is prefaced by the power that wisdom, or red pill realizations has on the mind of a man. It keeps us on a straight path.

A straight path is a rare path. Are there many paths in life that are actually straight? Most of the roads that we travel on, even if they’re on a main road in a heavily trafficked town or major city have a slight bend to them.  But, not many are straight. But, in this passage, the straight path is the desired path. The straight path is unlike the path that is tainted with the allure of the adulteress and is full of the crooked ways of men that have sold out for her.

Darkness and confusion belie themselves as clarity in the world today. You literally have to sift through constant messaging that the answers you need are in front of you, only to find the answers in the book that has been discarded. It’s like throwing something valuable in the garbage and not realizing that you have thrown it out and you are rushing to retrieve it from the side of the road as the garbage truck approaches early in the morning on garbage pickup day.

As a MGTOW man, you are not just influenced by the women around you. That’s something that we often forget. We are heavily influence and even more so influenced by the men around us. I know that during times that I surrounded myself with men that were fixated on simpery, making money for the sake of attaining material status and recognition amongst women, then all of a sudden I started to want to bump Migos and get head.

A man’s greatest influence are the closest men to him in his life. There is no such thing as a male and a female apprentice. A man looks to his father, to his closest male influence unlike a man looks up to anyone else in his life. He is looking for that wisdom to bind on his heart and to engrave on his hands.

If that’s not there and you surround yourself with wickedness, then you put yourself in harm’s way. Not only are her ways crooked, but his ways are crooked. Her words are seductive as this passage says, but his words are convincing. His words replace guidance. They are your roadmap.

Choose wisely.

2) Proverbs 4:7

7 The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom.

   Though it cost all you have, get understanding.

The MGTOW movement is rife with wisdom. I think of men like Stardusk or Thinking Ape. I think of huMan. I think of Coterie. I think of Sandman. I think of TFM. Forgive me for missing anyone, but this is what I think of MGTOW, and what I want to think of it. I think of it as red pill understanding that a lot of people can’t grasp.

At times, I almost think it is esoteric. It’s knowledge that can’t be understood unless it’s made aware to you, unless it’s made known. Who is going to make it known? It has to be a collective effort, this is true. Because, here is takes and order – the writer is saying, “Get”. Get wisdom, as if “you have to go and get it!” It can’t just be attained by you sitting there, but the second part of this verse implies that you have to sacrifice.

Men, the thing that I also think about when I think about Sandman, Coterie, Stardusk and huMan is, where are these men to go in modern society? Where are these values also valued. You know where it is, in this small niche that is spreading its capillaries throughout the Internet and slowly through the subconscious of men largely in the Western world, and it is known as MGTOW.

Whatever your definition is of MGTOW, it’s red pill laced. It’s filled with notions about how things truly are and that the path that modern society had laid out of for us, that if we just studied and worked hard we would get a good job and get a faithful wife and happy life. None of this is promised, none of this is guaranteed, and we are waking up to it sharing it to others. We are letting go of all that we once held dear.

There are men, men, I’m talking to you that have lost family members over MGTOW. You’ve gained MGTOW in place of losses of loved ones in your life that have turned from you, producing MGTOW as a response. Men, there is really not much room for a MGTOW man to lay his head today, and not only are you giving up your place amongst those you care about by going MGTOW, often times you are also sacrificing all that you held dear in your heart. MGTOW doesn’t come without sacrifice, but only what is valuable deserves sacrifice, and only what is valuable comes with sacrifice.

Proverbs 5:1-6

1 My son, pay attention to my wisdom,

   turn your ear to my words of insight,

2 that you may maintain discretion

   and your lips may preserve knowledge.

3 For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey,

   and her speech is smoother than oil;

4 but in the end she is bitter as gall,

   sharp as a double-edged sword.

5 Her feet go down to death;

   her steps lead straight to the grave.

6 She gives no thought to the way of life;

   her paths wander aimlessly, but she does not know it.

Once again we have this theme of wisdom, which is expected for a book named Proverbs, but once more, as a MGTOW man, we see this wisdom as red pill knowledge, and the thing that is so stark to me about this is that there is this continual one-way communication between what appears to be a father and his son that he is trying to teach. The father knows the secrets of the adulteress that the son doesn’t know. This harkens back perfectly to my video from the other day. The father’s impact in warning the son of the pitfalls ahead with women is essential, otherwise he will have no understanding but the carnal understanding within him and his shrinking big head and ever-increasing small head.

He will have nothing to base his decision off of but his hormones. It’s essential men. My son…there is a calling, and the son learns from the father. We are all a collective groups of not just brothers but fathers and sons throughout MGTOW, sharing stories and insights about what we know more of and heading what we know less of. Wisdom can’t just be something that you have, it has to be something embedded in your mind, so much so that it is one with the saliva on your lips. It is ready to be spoken at any minute, at any moment. It’s always ready.

But, moving on to the rest of the passage…things of importance, things of value and things of strength are always given analogies. Comparison is one of the best ways for us to explain something, as the other thing has already been conceptualized and explained, all you have to do is connect it. “Faster than a speeding bullet” for example.

But here the woman is compared to things on both ends of the spectrum. She is compared to honey, one of the sweetest things to taste in this age and at this time. There may not be anything sweeter than honey. It is so satisfying, it is good. It’s the best. She is smoother than oil. Back then oil also had significance, far more than it did today, and especially so since the Bible was based in the Mediterranean region where olives and olive oil were rife.

Oil was used to anoint, bless, wash, purify and obviously to consume. Oil was used 192 in the form as “shemen”, which is Hebrew for oil. It’s pervasive throughout the Old and New Testament, and it would be used for ceremonial purposes. It was so commonplace, but it was so highly regarded and the oil quality then was likely unlike anything we’ve tasted. So smooth, so rich, so satisfying, so flawless.

That’s what a woman’s look appears to be. It looks like that cheat meal in front of you that is full of Crispy Creme’s, stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut and a sundae from Baskin Robin’s. That’s what she appears to be. It appears as if nothing is wrong.

But, she is also compared to death. She is compared to gall, which is the antithesis of honey. Honey is sweet, but gall is explained to be anything bitter in the Bible. Gall is also referenced as excrement made by the body’s internal organs, toxins. As much as the women can give to you in the moments that she is sweeter than honey, she is also as bitter as what is viewed to be poison. The contrast that we see in so many women that we date. The dichotomy between the highs and lows. The contrast between the honey and the gall.

That is the woman of not just today, but that is the women of thousands of years ago. That is the same woman being spoken of then as we are living with end enduring today. What does she do? She does as your enemies do. You could be in your home, you could be in your place of work. You are theoretically in places of physical safety, and you’re not in the front lines as Uriah was, getting assailed by arrows and stabbed by these double-edged swords. But, even though you’re not in those places, guess where you are? You are still in arm’s length away from being disemboweled by her.

You are always on the battlefield. Not only is she leading you to death, she is literally walking there, and based on my interpretation of this verse, she seems to be okay with it. She seems to have this in her plans the entire time and doesn’t fear walking to death and taking you to the slaughter. Her feet have paved this path many times, but she still doesn’t even know it.

This is the proof that a woman will lead you there if you let her. She will take you not just by the hand, but she will grab you by the tie and rip you into the bathroom and not bang you in the stall, but she will flush you down the toilet straight to death, because she has no many stopping her.

Men, especially when women are becoming increasingly more distant from themselves, impure because of the tainting messaging of the world and a lack of moral direction, women in relationships want to be removed from the light. Anytime that I brought up spirituality in the past or God, it was shot down. I had a piece of paper that I had kept from a student that lived on the same floor of the dorm that I lived on, who wrote a disparaging letter about how I shouldn’t have any Christian music on the radio in the bathroom. I kept it, as a reminder of what he said and as an example. What did she do when she saw my wallet, she took it and said, “you don’t need this anymore.”

Women feel threatened by this light and they want to take you on the aimless path with them that doesn’t just lead to a dead-end job that is not successful. You know where you go, you go to death. You’re removed from any opportunity to heal yourself and you end up in the grave.

Men, that’s what we are avoiding in MGTOW. While she may not literally kill us, we lose many years of our lives and many days of productivity that could be utilizing all the skills that we were blessed with to help improve this world, but she doesn’t know life. She knows destruction men, and the fact that this was spoken of in Proverbs and that I’ve lived this out just a few years ago as an early-20s cuckhold, is proof that once again, there is nothing new under the sun. Men have the same demands and commands, and women have the same nature.

Don’t let it fool you. Don’t let the media tell you that we’ve made progress. We’ve regressed, and as always, even if you don’t subscribe to the teachings of the Bible, please leave a comment and chime in about your takes on the verses, because it truly illustrates how there is nothing new to behold, just different stories and different ways of saying so.

So, if you’d like to add to my list of MGTOW Proverbs from the Bible, as there will plenty more editions, please let me know at or @sunrisehoodie. I can’t wait to hear from you guys and to hear the stories about how you evaded the girl that was walking you to the slaughter, down the dark path to the guillotine.

You guys are always welcomed here, and I want to hear your suggestions for future videos and how to better reach everyone as we go about our days and enter into another week tomorrow. I hope this week is blessed and I hope some of this message rings true to you the rest of the day.

As always brothers, hoodies up. Hoodie is out.

Hunny, can we please get these cookies?

Hunny, is it alright if we eat ice cream for dinner tonight? Oh wait, only until we get sushi first for dinner.

Hunny, let’s start to eat a vegan diet! You don’t need all of that meat and protein! You don’t need that protein powder that you are always using in your shakes!

Hunny, why don’t just eat kale salads for all of our meals? I saw this on Snapchat. I saw this on Pinterest, blah, blah, blah.

Before you know it, you either see the shopping cart full all of a sudden, while all the guy has bought is some chicken, eggs, some spinach and a case of beer or two.

On the other hand we are seeing the woman fill the cart with food that doesn’t stick, that costs a lot and is inefficient.

Sometimes this isn’t the case, that’s for sure. This is not a one-size fits all situation here. But it is certainly a common occurrence in grocery stores all across the Western world. And if it isn’t the guy that it pushing the cart around in the grocery store, it’s been you. Because, I know it is has been me.

So, considering it is Saturday, let’s talk about what couples all across the United States are doing this weekend, the next weekend and weekends for as long as we don’t get to the point that food is automatically created through our iPhones or appears at our doorstep, fresh and ready to eat thanks to the help of a drone.

First off, the grocery store represents what the male hunter used to represent for the female. The reason that many women go there today, and many used to go there more often than the man, is obviously they had the time to do so during the afternoons and they were ascribed the responsibility of being the ones to take care of the kids and look after their dietary needs, while the father was labeled as the one that couldn’t cook and would give the kids Banquet Dinners or Kid’s Cuisine meals everyday, with the penguin included.

That’s just how it was.

But, the grocery store, and rightfully so due to its convenience, has replaced the male as a provider of sustenance, just as the government has begun to replace the male as a husband and as a father. There are larger, generic, franchised entities that are making this world even more impersonal and less reliant on males, and thus women are given another reason in their eyes to push males away and claim that they are dominating the spheres of society. Thus, the grocery store is now the new hunter. And thus, the grocery store and the culture that it creates, is the new husband and social group in some sense for many women.

With that background, as the grocery store is like a gym in many respects, it’s where the woman goes to pick up guys in many cases and get compliments from men as she toils through a marriage that she is dissatisfied with. It’s more common than you think.

So, today, I’m going to talk about six different observations that I’ve made from being in a grocery store with women, around women or based on my personal experiences with ex-girlfriends and how we can learn from this peculiar sociological fish bowl generated in the 20th century.

The Grocery Store Queen – A Story of my Ex-Girlfriend

I’ll be the first to admit it. There have been times that I’ve been up really late studying or just hanging out with my ex-girlfriends, and all of a sudden they get that insatiable craving for some ice cream or some oreos – this is obviously especially true after they’ve had a little too much to drink.

And, in my college town as an undergrad, the grocery stores were 24-hours a day operating. I would go from grocery store to grocery store, just looking for that one flavor of Ben and Jerry’s because she wanted it. In my eyes, it was like hunting down that nearby deer and not letting go of it, even if the only source of light was the moonlight above me.

That was my mission, and I surely did that more than a dozen times throughout my deplorable dating experience.

But, with one my of ex-girlfriends, she used to tell me how she would be able to just roam the grocery store however she pleased and pick out whatever she wanted and put it into the cart, with no restrictions. It became a game and it became a sense of feeling like a little kid is essentially what it offered her.

It recreates the feeling of going to the grocery store with your parents and maybe they said, “okay, you get to pick out two things, but that’s it.” I don’t know what that psychology is, but the thing that I don’t get in these situations is that there is a sense of honor that was given to this, that if I didn’t do this, then I didn’t truly love her.

The grocery store is often used as a playing ground. As a field that women will use to prove that she is worthy, based on what you spend for her and how you accommodate her during the experience. That’s what this was here, because she would often bring this up during the trip itself, and knowing me as a cheapskate as I’m sure she would contend, it wasn’t going to fly with me.

Girl being pushed in the shopping cart late at night

This dovetails into another story regarding my ex, and one that I’m sure you’ve seen on Snapchat for all of you younger guys that have spent time on Snapchat. While Snapchat can be pretty deplorable, at least it isn’t full of labels and icons known as Instagram Models. Instead it’s just a modern-form of selling yourself on the digital hookup line with the ability to send text, image and video all to solicit your sexual goods.

But what it also is such a fan of doing is showing off girlfriends to the world, and one of the most common and overdone late-night Snapchat shots of the day, between about 11 p.m. and 2 a.m., is the shot of the girl being pushed around the in shopping cart by her man as she drinks a bottle of beer out of the alcohol section, before actually making the purchase.

Once again, that’s been me. Shame me all you want, I was that idiot that thought it would be fun to tailor the grocery experience once again the cutesy, juvenile experience that many women that are dating these days, want it to be. It’s not cute. It’s immature, and bring this up as a parallel to my story about my ex wanting to have her experience be treated as if it brought her back to her childhood or experiences with her father when they went to the store.

Being in the cart makes her feel small. It makes her feel neotenous. It makes her feel safe. But, in reality, it does none of these things. It’s nothing more than a childish thing to do, and often this is viewed as the paragon of just being fun-loving and chill in a relationship. These types of dating actions rarely end in success, I’ll guarantee you. Most of the time these couples are high when this is happening.

The Girl that Fills up the Cart

The grocery store where a blue pill man goes to die. He doesn’t know how to say no, and even worse, if the couple has reached cohabitation stage, the monetary expenditures that he will incur going to the grocery store could be through the roof. If you don’t have a hold on a girl at the store that isn’t frugal, and I’m not saying that all women will just spend every last dime, but if you’re not careful, then you’ll end up with a fish tank full of beta fish just like you as a beta male.

Because, that’s what happened to me with my first ex. You go to Wal-Mart to pick up some food late at night and I was basically living with my ex-girlfriend at this point, and sooner than later you realize that you are buying a fish tank full of fish, only to buy the fish food, rocks and cleaning materials for months to come.

The bottom line of this story is, you will see who is blue pilled when you go to the store. You will see if a man is in control of the relationship just by looking at his visage as he pushes the cart or she pushes the cart throughout the grocery store. It sounds petty, but it’s true.

I can’t tell you how many guys I’ve seen pushing around a grocery cart and engaged in some contrived argument with their girlfriend over the type of detergent that they buy. This sounds petty, but if she is always saying Tide but you want the Great Value store brand, and she is always winning and she isn’t alright with getting the store brand because it’s cheaper, then things aren’t looking up for you. But, this is just another reason why you should not cohabitate with your girlfriend. There goes you tastes and there goes your money very quickly, and sooner than later you realize that you start making concessions for things and accept your fate and become docile, about to be lead to the slaughter called engagement.

Stealth Trips to the Store

This is when the idea of the stealth trip to the store comes into play. I used to work in a nearby city to the college town that I lived in when I was dating my ex. I would work late nights and not get home till between 11 p.m. and 12 a.m. on many occasions. I was living with my ex in her on campus house at the time, the first mistake, and I remember going to Wal-Mart on the way back and never telling her because I knew that if I told her and I didn’t get something for her she would take offense to it. Sure, she probably would start kicking and screaming, but this is a small sign of a relationship that is not healthy and where you are following as I was. It sounds petty, but I’m sure plenty of you guys have gone to the store for a stealth trip, even if it meant getting something small and meager.

Lastly, The Grocery Store Nightclub

The grocery store has turned into another place for men and women to find a new date, especially men and women between around the ages of 25-40 I would say, that are either looking to freshen up a relationship or starting one.

Everyone has to shop, and thus, you always know that there is a chance to pick someone up at the grocery store. It’s become like the gym, and I’ve seen many men and women hitting on each at the grocery store because they decided to buy the same lunch meat that was on sale.

I’m sorry to say that finding the same lunch meat and eating isn’t much of a commonality, but when you’re going to the grocery to pick up another person, not your food for the week, it doesn’t matter. This isn’t always the case, but you have to watch out for this, especially if you’re going to the Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s of the world I’ve found.


I say all of this stuff first and foremost for you guys to get a laugh and to get a kick out of hearing what you’ve probably long thought about the grocery store and grocery store dynamics. I’ve pointed it out about the gym before, and thus why can’t it apply to the grocery store, because there are certainly a lot of carryover qualities between the two.

Also, just to remind you guys of the small things that you won’t miss when you take the red pill and go MGTOW. You won’t have to worry about hiding your diet or even sacrificing your diet for the sake of money or someone else’s opinion. It’s the simple things like this, and I want your antennas to be up the next time that you go to a grocery store and see a couple interacting. Are they arguing? Are they working together? Is he dragging behind? What is it? Because most of the time, this is where blue pill men go to crumble. I’ve seen it in my time as a grocery store observer, and I want to hear yours. Maybe some of you guys have worked in grocery retail and would like to share a story or two!

If so, let me know and hit it up in the comments section and throw down a hoodies up for me brother as we head into Sunday. If you want to reach out to me, I will respond if you email me at It’s great to hear from you, or hit me up really quickly and I’ll get back to you @sunrisehoodie on Twitter.

Tomorrow’s Sunday. Let’s get some rest, and let’s get a MGTOW Sunday Sermon in. Enjoy your night, enjoy your day guys. You know what’s up, hoodies up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW – Shaming Lines Vol. 2: “Are You Sure You’re Straight?”

Welcome back MGTOW men. MGTOW shaming lines are back, you know them. You listed about 150 different shaming lines in the comments section below in part one, so what does that mean to me? That you want me to make more of them? I don’t know, maybe. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been called gay by my ex girlfriends before and told by other random females that the ones that I had in the past just weren’t the right ones and that I’d find the right one because I deserve it.

Well, thank you anyway for the encouragement, that’s really nice and kind of you to think so, but why do I deserve it anymore than the next guy. Why can’t we understand that the world is not just. If it’s not just, then what makes us think that it will be just when it comes to dating, marriage and all that comes with “love”, notice that I put this in air quotes. What makes us think that? What makes us think that is our disproportionate amount of value that we have ascribed to relationships and love.

Thus, when women, and men alike hear about our push to go MGTOW and embrace the freedom that we have granted ourselves by not ascribing our self-value to the Hallmark cards, TLC channels and Nicholas Sparks books around us that bombard us with gynocentric language, we get some mad shaming lines.

I have many more. Men, let’s make this part two of an ongoing series. The content ain’t gunna end anytime soon, and that’s pure gold. You know the drill. If I didn’t list your shaming line in this video, please hit me up in the comment section right next to the #hoodiesup that you send me.

So bros, here is what we have today – five shaming lines that I’m sure you’ve received:


  • You’ll end up in a nursing home!


I answered this one in a MGTOW mailbag last week I believe. My response to this one is simple guys. We are all going to leave this earth alone in one way or another. Your life should not be about risk aversion. It should be about creation in the present moment. I know I’m going back to Fight Club once again, but think of the moment in the move when Tyler Durden is speaking to the narrator, Edward Norton. They are sitting in the car together and Tyler is slowly letting go of the steering wheel as they drift into oncoming traffic before rolling off the side of the road and nearly killing everyone in the car. Upon getting out of the completely busted car Tyler says to the narrator, congratulations, you’ve just had a near-life experience.

You know why he had to drive off the side of the road, because the narrator never lived in the moment. He never did anything that he wanted to. Tyler repeatedly asked him if there was one thing in life that he wished he had done before he was to die. The narrator said nothing, over and over until Tyler was forced by his drive to prove a point to drive off the road and create this experience that would replicate “life” unlike anything the narrator had experienced.

Don’t let this be you. Don’t let yourself live for tomorrow by working that stable job solely out of the pursuit of security, or getting a family, a wife, some kids all to provide yourself the security that you won’t have to find yourself playing bingo in the nursing home day-in-and-day-out. Because, even if you do get married and have a family, why do you think that you have any better of a chance of having your kids and wife around to take care of you.

For the most part, women are outliving men these days. Secondly, with the divorce rates so high, custody in favor of the woman and the absence of strong relationships between fathers and their children becoming more and more of the norm, where are you deriving this confidence from that you will be provided for and given a stable home and someone to look after you once you come of age?

You shouldn’t. Plus, the next generation is becoming increasingly less likely to live a domesticated life that has a consistent place for you to lay your head. Homes and apartments are getting smaller and transience is the norm. You run just as much risk in choosing a family as you do going it on your own.

Plus, never choose a life of security over one of uncertainty filled with the potential of outstanding accomplishment as well. Because, it could be there, and nothing fills a man with more sadness than continually asking a what if question. Don’t be that man, don’t fall to this petty shaming line.


  • Are you sure you’re not gay?


Haha, oh man. I don’t even know what to say to this one. Have you had a chick of yours make the claim that you’re gay? Well, I’ve had my ex girlfriend call me gay in private, sometimes out of a jest of course, but also out of actual conviction. Sometimes they will drop this in front of a group of females as well as a quasi-jest, just to keep you away from the other girls and out of their interest. But, the scary thing is that the more androgynous that society is becoming, gay is becoming more attractive to women.

But, going off the claim that I’ve been called gay by a girlfriend before that I’ve had sex with well over a couple hundred of times, what the heck do I have to do to prove that I’m not gay. The immediate response is to act all carnal and do them doggy style or something, right? No, the best response is to do nothing. Don’t even honor it, because this statement is serving as a strategic statement most of the time.

They are already doubting your level of masculinity, and to further test it, they want to see how you exhibit or don’t exhibit internal strength and control when they test. My ex spoke to me about how her boyfriend after me was so easily triggered. She would comment about how much bigger he was and all of this nonsense to belittle me in what are perceived to be the true markers of masculinity, but we often don’t think that these things and tests that they throw at us, like “you’re gay” are just as much of a meter of our masculinity as your physical size, strength, sexual performance and leadership qualities. Exhibiting internal strength and constraint is vital, and if you don’t, as my ex’s boyfriend didn’t, being bothered – you will be labeled as sensitive.

And even worse for them, if you don’t say anything back and just keep typing away on your keyboard, watching that YouTube video or cooking up some sunnyside up eggs on the skillet, you’ll be the one to bother them, prove them wrong and heap the burning coals on their head that they can’t manage.

Meekness is the goal men. These tests should just provide opportunities for you to work on yourself and exhibit that stoic strength that exemplifies MGTOW. That should be our goal, that should be our exhibition of fervor, of strength.

I’m not really even going to address the notion that you’re gay. If a woman actually believes that you’re gay, and first of all how do they know, then she is someone that makes really informed statements clearly and should be one that you dish immediately to the side. I don’t care if you’re just meeting this woman randomly at the grocery store in between sets at the gym. Move along. Energy vampirism going on right now.

My ex girlfriend had some kind of field day calling me gay! She would call me gay when I denied sex, even though for the first 80 percent of the relationship I’d pretty much do anything to get sex from her. Towards the end I wanted to distance myself from her, and naturally I didn’t want to have sex. She was not kidding when I would make these statements as she’d be laying there on the bed. Looking back, it’s just a reflex mechanism that many women use in response to this level of rejection, but from this story, realize that once again, if the man truly wants to be assertive in a positive way, he’s always going to control the pace and have the upperhand.

I even got a “Sunrise Hoodie sounds gay” comment during my JerryLiu interview that I did on his channel. I love how we get these one liners that are just tossed around from time to time. It truly cracks me up. Oh, and just go and check out the “Identify a Gym Thot” video please as well and press CTRL F and click the word gay or maybe even misogynistic, and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of results.

I just love how there is no in between either.


  • You are so depressed…and/or depressing!


It’s all in the eye of the beholder, right? To a person onlooking to MGTOW what they often see is a life that seems so deprived, so spartan, so bland and so depressing. You know why? You find that our society is often hedonistic. Based solely on attaining and enjoying the pleasures of the greatest kind, whether this is sex, drugs, alcohol, pursuing money, picking up the next chick, or getting the next car just to get a broad riding shotgun.

This is the goal of mainstream society, whether or not it is explicitly recognized, because it’s not going to be recognized as such. Thus, when they see you living that way, when they see you deriving joy in life from things that last not things that are fleeting, including indulging in the only asset that many women of all ages are carrying around with them in life, of course they’re not going to understand and they’re going to see it as depressing.

A Spartan lifestyle so to speak is based on function and it’s based on playing the long game. We are in the business of playing the long game, and we live in a society that is based on an “on demand” culture towards everything, expecting it to be there when we want it and how we want it, or else. What’s depressing is kowtowing before another woman or another man at work or proverbially in the government. What’s depressing is losing your autonomy, not going your own way.

This is why it is also so important to be an example. Don’t go out there proselytizing, but when I go to work for example, I am upbeat and positive about life because I want to express that despite the fact that I may not be rolling in the dough and courting chicks left and right in the eyes of my co-workers that are largely the same age, a man that is exhibiting a MGTOW life brings that energy and liberation that many men in marriage are in chains to.


  • You need to stop masturbating!


The default identity and picture of a MGTOW man is inherently an overweight neck-beard wearing man that has a continual stream of opened lotion bottles sitting askew on his basement desktop computer desk while he is surrounded by a slew of mountain dew bottles and Domino’s pizza boxes.

This man is viewed as a sexually insatiable being and he is lumped into the TFL group that has begun to be characterized as the mainstream identity for many MGTOW men. Society has a notion that men are these sexual beings that cannot be satisfied. While this is often true thanks to the booming porn industry, the media misrepresents it and actually positions it as a reason as to why many women aren’t able to get a good man, because he is too busy masturbating.

They have never thought about the notion that if a man is choosing himself over her, there must be a valid reason and there must be something that she is lacking or that she is putting at risk for the man. There is never self-reflection.

There is also no positive image of a man that doesn’t masturbate, and if he does say that he doesn’t masturbate, they will say that he is like an amoeba, highly asexual and impotent. He is not normal and something is wrong with him. They don’t grasp the positive benefits of no-fap, of rewiring your brain to overcome this desire that is perceived to be necessary for survival – which is sex. Sex replicates you but it doesn’t make you any less capable of surviving on your own right.

On the contrary, women in this situation will act like they know and claim that prostate cancer will come upon you if you don’t clean your pipes. Once again, the amazing forces of nature take care of us, hence we have what are called nocturnal emissions. If you’re needing to clean yourself out, just like the urge to clean yourself out in any other way, a sneeze, going to the bathroom, even a pimple, your body will take care of it.

Once again, many of these statements require pure intuitive thought, and all you can say is nothing. Don’t even entertain them.


  • But you want kids though, right?


Having a kid is one of the easiest things to do in the world. The most out of shape, incapable and idiotic human beings of the world can produce an orgasm and help popped out a kid. It takes no talent and not even any luck to do it. It just happens.

Us MGTOW men have no issues with having kids or getting into the situation to have kids. In fact, as MGTOW men, we are often more capable and prepared for having children, although the decision not to have kids is all that we are making. It’s not an inability and it’s not necessarily a knock against kids in it of itself.

The argument that you’re being selfish and not wanting kids is an argument that is based in the notion of tradition. It’s also the continuation of enslavement language that is used against men. Frankly, return to them by saying, there are plenty of men out there to make sure the next generation is passed on. In fact, there are many men out there that shouldn’t be having kids and are having kids that they probably don’t even know they’ve helped give birth to that are making up for me.

The world will go on. There are 3 billion men out there that are living a life that is being replicated by everyone. There are far more blue pilled men that are looking to get married, even though there seems to be some signs of men waking up – that will take up that cross and have the kids that you’re not going to have.

Tell them about all the other things that you could pour yourself into. All the time and money that you’d save to benefit the lives of many more people. Tell them about the world that you will keep your kids from as well, because the state of things is getting worse and worse by the day.

The reasons are many, and once again, your response isn’t going to be received. And who cares if it is going to be received, because at the end of the day it’s not even about that. It’s about living the life you want, and if someone wants to pick a thing or two up from it after you’re an example, then let them do just that.

Otherwise don’t have kids. Nobody is forcing you and women will often use this line as they understand that is the one thing that a woman can absolutely do that a man cannot. And societal value is generated when people are capable of doing things that other people aren’t. Adding salience to yourself is the differentiating factor here, and when you remove the need for someone to bear your child, then a woman of course will lash out.

All of these crack me up, and if you missed the first five that I spoke on last time, I’ll be sure to link you to that one in a card or in the description below. Please check it out. You won’t regret it, we even get a shoutout from the one and only TFM in the comment section of that video.

Speaking of TFM, I just reached out to him last night and I’m getting booked to appear on his podcast in the near future. Also, a pre-recorded interview with MGTOW is Freedom is in the works as well.

Can’t wait for it all, but in the meantime, I’m waiting for your emails guys. I usually designate two different days a week that I devote sending emails and responding to emails, so if I have an email of yours pending, it’ll be answered soon.

Please hit me up at or at Twitter, @sunrisehoodie.

Keep your eyes up, head up and hoodies up today. Hoodies up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW | The Psyche of a Vengeful Girlfriend

Welcome back MGTOW men. You know what time that it is when I’m making this video? I’m not even sure what time it is, I don’t know if things are real right now, because it is 4:19 a.m. and I’ve been up all day and night, I toss and turn just can’t sleep at night.

You know what used to keep me up at night though that doesn’t anymore, is a vengeful girlfriend. So, while today’s video is inspired by an article that my Singaporean suitemate made me aware of, involving a Russian model that drove her boyfriend’s Mercedes Benz into his swimming pool after he refused to invest $50,000 into her startup business, I want today’s video to look at my life and look back on my experience with a vengeful, or more appropriately, bitter ex-girlfriend.

Today’s video’s goal men is not to bash women, it is to illustrate how many women have become indoctrinated by the mainstream media, by blue pill white knights and by their Instagram feeds, to believe that they deserve everything and that a man’s world revolves around them. This is what happened to me, and this is what happened to Guy Gentile, the 41-year wealthy investor who found his $60,000 ride in a watery residence.

So, I had this ex-girlfriend. We were only dating for a couple of months before we broke up. As a lot of idiotic short-term relationships transpire, we developed I guess what would be a symbol for our relationship. You see a lot of people getting tattoos of a certain item, figure, bug – whatever it is, to represent their relationship and their connection. This is a red flag in itself, as objectifying a relationship through an image that leads to a tattoo for example, is a sign of a over-committed person and dangerous, potentially BPD behavior.

Our image emerged to be a puzzle piece. She bought us matching small-puzzle piece keychains that we could both use and it was fine and dandy. This fits perfectly into the red flag regarding women that believe in signs or providential relationships. This is a way for them to keep you in the relationship and to provide themselves with the belief that there is security and fate behind the relationship, bolstering their confidence for what would otherwise be a relationship that they deem would fail.

So, guess what happens, we break up after about four months. What a surprise, right? No big deal, we have a few classes together the rest of the semester and I overhear her one day talking really loudly to another classmate within earshot of me. The classmate had a really rough day and was explaining how he went from job to job and now is at class. She on the other hand said something to the effect of, “at least you didn’t have what happened to me occur! I was getting out of my car this morning and one of my thongs flew out of my bag that I had at my boyfriends’ house that I had in my trunk and was rolling around the parking lot for everyone to see.” I don’t remember exactly what the story entailed, but why in the world is that comparable to this guys’ long day. All you have to do is pick up the thong and move on. The likelihood that someone even saw this is small.

Sure, this is a small example of things. But it has even a bigger example looming just a few weeks later. So, I haven’t talked to this girl for about two to three weeks at this point. I’m about to fall asleep and I get a text from her. All it is is a tattoo of a puzzle piece on her forearm. I kid you not. She freaking got a red puzzle piece tattoo on her forearm that apparently matched up with another person. I don’t know who that person is, but whoever got that tattoo with her, I hope that they don’t regret it.

I wonder if it was even her forearm that she sent the picture in, I’m not sure, but I bet it was. So, I don’t even care about what is going on in her life at this point, I’m about to go home for three months and be at least 13 hours away from her, but apparently I wanted to see this?

Men, this is an example of narcissistic and vengeful behavior – both of which go hand-in-hand. There is a lack of appropriate understand of the value that they have in your life and that you have in theirs, and thus the make decisions that may even cost them future jobs just to prove an emotional point.

Revenge is rooted in anger, and it is very seldom rooted in justice. Very seldom is it applied appropriately.

That dovetails perfectly into the article that I’m referencing today. You can see it all throughout the Internet, but it first came to me through a Singaporean online outlet with the title, “Jilted girlfriend of prominent U.S. banker dumps his Mercedes into swimming pool”. The connection between these stories, the ones that I told you about an ex of mine and the one involving this investment banker that is 17 years the elder of his 24-year old Russian-born model ex-girlfriend Kristina Kuchma, is that they are both fueled by women that are toxic and women that have placed more value on the relationship with you than anything else in their life.

There is no ground that they are standing on other than the affirmation, sacrifice and relationship that you once had with her, and when that’s gone, it’s an energy vacuum. What is to be done? Revenge.

Why did she do this? Because he said no to her. When asked for $50K to start a marketing business, which was probably a faulty and disorganized attempt at starting an Instagram business knowing her background as a model, he said, “You know what? You got the wrong guy. If you want a guy who’s going to hand you money for nothing, you got the wrong guy,” he reportedly said.

At that point she threw hot green tea into his face and called him disrespectful, taking the car keys to the Benz in the process – mind you, all of this occurred after he graced her with a Gucci bag, iPhone and Dre Beats headphones for her birthday. But, for women like this, narcissistic women, enough is never enough. She claims that he once stated that he would help her start a business and instead switched his mind and only wanted to be an investor. Yes, but only a smart investor, and investing into the business of a chick that has likely never ran any sort of business in her life is not a decision that a smart investor makes.

Gentile saw the next morning that his car was in his pool and he was actually concerned that she was still in it. He realized that she wasn’t and he brushed it off. The fact that he actually had compassion still shows you the difference between men and women in many of these situations. Men are now the empaths. They are the ones that are feeling and are offering emotions when women like Kristina are parasites that only reciprocate emotions during the phases that you’re exhibiting sacrificial behavior that benefits them.

What Can be Learned from This Men?

Men, what Gentile did is what many of us never did. Should he have been dating this chick in the first place if she ended up lashing out like she did, probably not. Because there will always be red flags and warning signs leading up to behavior that is this severe. This is never a one-time thing.

But, he cut off the head of the snake when it was time and when he had the opportunity. Imagine if he had invested in her business and it flopped? Not only would he be out $50K that he would never get back, she probably would have left him as narcissistic women not only expect you to be their boyfriend, they expect you to supplant the bank and be their business manager. They expect you to be everything, and thus, they expect you to be accountable for their failures.

He could now be dealing with debts that she incurred, and she will only keep him around long enough for those debts to be paid off as she plans an escape route, because he clearly isn’t as smart and all-powerful as I once thought as she thinks. Your margin for error is minuscule when you date a woman like this, and the revenge that sits on the other end of failure is vile and oppressive in its energy.

But, I want to emphasize that every man has the decision to make about what they do in this situation. Many men forfeit themselves over to women in relationships like this and play the scarcity card, even if you possess as much social and economic capital as Gentile does. This prevents you from cutting a woman like this off when you have the chance, because your survivalistic mind is playing the card against the scarcity card, arguing that you have to go through with this terrible decision because you don’t have any other options for women and you have to keep her happy enough to spread her legs and then produce offspring – appealing survivalistically. Realize that this is a societal lie and this fear should not exist in men anymore because of the sheer number of human beings on the planet for one but also because there isn’t a societal need and value in producing offspring that there once was. Thus, you should not feel this way and should feel far less, almost completely devoid of the feeling that you owe a woman something.

For all we know he passed a test

Men, maybe this was just a test of his level of commitment and he failed, indicating that he actually passed the test at hand. Many men don’t recognize the difference, although in another article from the Telegraph, it indicates that Gentile was considering marrying this woman. If that is the case, she certainly sensed this level of commitment on the horizon as women are not unaware of sensing these things.

Thus, she wanted to test the level of commitment that he was willing to put forth. And good thing that he failed, because if she is asking for $50K now in addition to trips to the Bahamas, iPhones, bags and so forth, then things will never be enough.

I know I’m talking about narcissistic women a lot, but that is because the majority of such women that we are talking about in MGTOW and would present themselves in these situations are BPD narcissists. Enough is not just never enough long term.

Enough is never enough minute to minute. Regardless of what you did last hour, if she asks you for this investment the next hour after helping her pay for her last tuition bill in beauty school or to get her marketing degree, then you’re not the ultimate masochistic boyfriend that she expects you to be.

These women will expect you to be praying mantises for them, and men, there is no reason that you have to be. There is nothing that you will gain from being that. Women exemplified in these stories don’t understand the value of a man’s dollar and that a man will save long term to help the duo long term, whereas I’ve dated and been with women that expect life to be lived on a day-to-day basis.

Nobody ever succeeds in life and can be agile by living day-to-day. There is nobody that strives for that. But when you’re partying, asking for large investments and not cultivating a personality and attitude of character and resilience, as this chick Kristina wasn’t, then you are not going to understand the reasons that he went red pill on her.

Because men, this is so important, never let a woman get in the way of your career. Because fo this preservation of his money, sure it took four hours to get his car out of the pool, but he could have saved around $1 million before that relationship would be all said and done, and likely upwards of ten times that.

His career and pursuits could have been derailed, and there is no need to make any sacrifices.

The Anger in Women’s Hearts is Fueled by Something Darker

Revenge is fueled by hurt that someone can’t let go, or deems that they can’t let go and are justified in seeking. Women are becoming more vengeful today because of the pain and hurt that they are creating subconsciously and have been created in them by a lack of internal value and positive parental influence. Women like this are entitled because of the mainstream media’s emphasis on women as individual snowflakes that can never be replicated, poisoning the minds and hearts of women and giving them false justice that when things like this occur and a man says no, that the man doesn’t understand reality – as in her mind, reality would be that as a goddess, yes should always be said to her.

To her, that man is an ungrateful and narcissistic prick himself as she has been self-aggrandized for so long.

This unleashes an anger that sweeps in like a dark cloud. That dark cloud is the cloud that I would describe my ex. When I had sex with her it was like a level of darkness and debauchery would creep into my heart and destroy my ability to protect myself and value myself and say no.

There is a new bitterness in women and they’re wielding a vengeful sword. Men, don’t be surprised if they try to lose you your job and obviously suck you of financial resources.

That is common and that is happening. Please protect yourself. Because as we get more and more removed from our natural states of fulfillment and satisfaction as people, which is happening to entitled feminism, we see women act out like this, getting revenge tattoos and driving Mercedes Benz’s into pools.


So men, I make this video to help serve as a cathartic outlet for many of you guys that have struggled in the past with women like this. I’m sure we all have horror stories to tell and I hope that you are willing to share your revenge story with me as I would love to get a consortium of men together that have been struggling and have struggled with relationships that are toxic and have involved a BPD woman.

Men need to support and talk to each other about these things, as otherwise women will dominate the channels being used to discuss things and infiltrate the minds of young men, convincing them to kowtow.

Please comment below, and if you haven’t, please reach out to me through email. That is easily the most satisfying element of making these videos, and I would love to hear directly from you. I always get back to you guys and I’m open to chat and discuss anything and future content at, or on Twitter at @sunrisehoodie.

As always brothers, as I’m about to pass out from sleepiness, hoodies are up. Hoodie is out.

MGTOW Mailbag – I Lost a Blue Pill Friend | The Red Pill Prodigal

Men. All fear is the fear of loss. No fear is independent of loss.

Let this sink, and see where it leads you today as I delve into today’s MGTOW mailbag regarding a MGTOW friend of ours that is detailing the story of his best friend who is foregoing all of his self-worth just for his girlfriend that is posting reminiscent social media content about how she misses her ex and is having sex with other guys and blatantly telling him about it.

Only to win him back over by giving him sex and how cute, a heart-shaped brownie. Now what the heck is going on here. He off the blue pill, way off the blue pill….There’s not much hope here, but let’s read the email and I’ll provide a message that I think can be used.

It’s actually three emails but we are just going to use two parts of the email for the sake of time. I’ll post as much of it as I can in description below.


I am writing to ask for your advice on something, my best friend is in serious trouble with his girlfriend and I do not know how to snap him out of it. They have been dating for over a year now however, there has been multiple instances where she has severely betrayed his trust. On two occasions she made long posts on social media about how she missed being with a different man who she had been with in the past. On one occasion she sent nudes to that same ex despite being in a relationship with my best friend. My reaction upon hearing these things was always something like ” good lord, are you breaking up with her?”  and then he would respond something like ” oh its fine now ” or ” we worked it out”. I would always press him and ask why he was getting back with her after she did those things and he always says. ” she makes me happy” most recently earlier this week he was telling me that he forgot to use protection and and accidentally came inside of her. I was flabbergasted thinking that my friends life was over. He works at a fast food joint and goes to the same college as me so he is absolutely no position to have a child and he is not married to her obviously. Thankfully she did not end up pregnant from it at least to my knowledge. My friend is playing with fire of the worst kind and I do not know what to say to him to convey that she will keep betraying him over and over again. I think he is basing his self worth in her because he has had problems with self esteem in the past. Any advice you can give me on this I would greatly appreciate, he is playing with fire and it is only a matter of time until he gets burned.

I asked my friend the next day what happened with the woman, he was beating around the bush so I already knew the answer. I told him to come out with it and he admitted to taking her back, as you can imagine I was appalled at this news. I asked him what he was thinking and this was (roughly) the explanation that I was given. ” She realized that (insert other guys name here) was a typical dropout deadbeat who does drugs and stuff. She apologized to me and we are working it out. I know you disagree but who said relationships are easy, I hope this does not mess with our friendship.” I told him we were still cool but that I in no way respected or agreed with his decision. The next day they hung out and she baked him a brownie shaped in a heart and they had sex. I asked him if that somehow smooths over everything and he just said that it was fine and they were working on it.

MGTOW – Mailbag: My Best Friend Is Obsessed With Her & Red Pill Prodigals

1) Why Does this Happen?

No self-value. I’ve said this before. You have to take into consideration two different things. The external situation in his life, and also the internal things. You can only see the external things, you can’t see the internal happenings and how much other areas of his life are impacting his internal value and locus of control.

For example, he’s going to college and he is working at a fast food restaurant. Maybe that’s all he can do, but why isn’t he working somewhere that gives him more money or is related to his field of study? Unless you’re living in the middle of nowhere, internships are always available – even if they aren’t that relevant to your career or your long-term goals. You are more likely to reach people that will help you as references or you will learn viable information and experiences that will help you when you’re in full-career mode in their 40s.

But, he’s not doing that. So, you know what is likely going through his mind, and you can assume this because of his external circumstances – is that he doesn’t see his future. So, his external circumstances suck. If you’re just going to college and working at freaking Taco Bell making people’s Crunchwrap Supremes for all of the high as a kite college peers in the area at 2 a.m., your existence is isolating. It’s so hard to see past the current bubble. But, you know what puts all of that away, besides a blunt or besides a case of natty light on the weekend, is a woman. Having sex with a woman is biologically something that happens, or used to happen, when you proved your worth as a man. You had built a house, as it once was in many ancient civilizations, you had standing and you had earned your right to have a woman. And because women actually retained their virginity to give it up to a man that had value, this had worked. And things that came in place before this gave a man value. Thus, he stood up to her when she didn’t act she should because he was ground in who he was.

If you’re not grounded in other things in life, if you’re not taking care of work, if you’re not developing a self-identity outside of your relationships, you know what happens? You end up hanging out with the wrong people. You end up settling for temporary pleasure over long-term goals and long-term satisfaction, and thus you choose to cum inside your girl because you don’t know what’s better than that. Ask him what he thinks is better than that. Because when you have nothing going in life, sex isn’t just sex, sex replaces the emptiness at work, emptiness in valuable platonic relationships and self-improvement and learning.

They all go out the window.

He hasn’t cultivated a self-value outside of himself and as a result, he has to go inside another person to search for it. That’s where the internal value is, which you can cultivate in a number of ways, and one of them is by taking the red pill. You can create your own construct as to what value is defined as. You no longer have to subscribe to the values that society has created because society has created value towards things that enhance survival for the next generation. If you’re not interested in having kids or raising a family, then that value is not where you will place value. And the thing is, nihilism has benefits, but valuing nothing leads to hopelessness. Hopelessness for about 99 percent of things in life is worthwhile, but make sure you have hope for at least one percent of things, because if you don’t have hope, you don’t have anything. Whatever he can do to cultivate that is what he needs to do.

She is clearly lost too if she is okay with him cumming inside of her. This girl doesn’t have self-value and fits the picture of a narcissist. Quite frankly, she could be liable to get pregnant while he is still with her, and may be the type to stick around and convince you to raise her while you’re there.

I’m not going to talk about other things like she is bored, or she misses her ex, because that’s pointless. This chick used him as a distraction. The same thing happened to me and my first ex-girlfriend, and we dated for 18 months. She says that every boyfriend that she dated was embarrassing in some way to her, except for him. He was the only one deemed not embarrassing, yet he had three DUIs, a drinking problem and a drug problem. They break up, he moves onto his next destination a few hours away, things don’t work out.

I come along as the polar opposite. And you know what you are to here, a gauze pad. You’re just a band-aid until the next guy comes around. And I don’t care what you do to prove that she needs a guy that aims to take care of her, value her life and respect her, that won’t change unless she chooses that for herself.
That’s the only element that is going to have an enduring influence. Once again, everything comes from within. You can’t change this girl. If she has been acting this way from the start, this is the way she will act.

2) You Can Only Plant the Seed

I know that you don’t want to lose this guy and you want to say something that will change his mind, but no man can change a guy’s heart over a girl. Why do you think there are so many videos, blog posts, Twitter posts, whatever, titled, “Have a funeral: Your best friend just a girlfriend.” Why do we think that? Because it subconsciously represents the next stage in your life, and as a human being, you are worried about survival. But, while she may be monopolizing his time, when you do have time with him and you do sit down, remember, you can’t start dropping words like NAWALT, SMV and the “Wall” on to him. He won’t receive it. Just remind yourself of that.

You can only plant the seed. You cannot sow the seed. There are things around him, in your environment that get in the way. Much like the Parable of the Sower, seed will be cast on rocky ground, thorny ground and dead ground. This seed cannot bloom. Your friend cannot bloom because he has no roots. He is not rooted in anything other than her, therefore he is allowing her to cheat on him and push him to the side. The MGTOW message is best received when it is heard when you are on the path, and paths do not allow for rocky soil. Paths don’t allow for weeds. A man that is on a path of freedom can only accept this freedom because he does not fear what he has to lose, which is his girlfriend, even if she is toxic.

What is the saying, the most dangerous man or the most dangerous soldier is the one that has nothing to lose? The man with no conscience and most importantly, no fear, is the most deadly.

And you know why men in most relationships can’t fully attain this, because they have something that they’re afraid of losing. These relationships fail though, because the enviable relationships in life are ones that don’t require a particular action to maintain. You act as you please because you’re not in the role as the one that will lose. All fear is rooted in loss. If you don’t have a fear of death, which is losing your life, then you want have the fear that is associated with it. If you don’t fear getting fired, you aren’t connected to your job in a way that you think not having it would be characterized as losing it.

Being free of a woman gives you one less thing to fear losing. You will take risks. You will take risks you won’t regret, and you won’t work that middle-of-the-road job and get that dad body anytime soon either.

You have to remember that you need to be his mind before he went to the blue pill side. I remember totally ditching my roommate, teammate and even bus mate as we traveled from college to college and bused across the country for baseball. We probably spent over 200 hours in buses over four years, bunched into two seats next to each other, trying to talk on the phone, sleep, do classwork, etc., talking. We had a bond in all areas, interests, and you know what happened, I drifted apart and he was giving me the red pill advice I needed.

I feel awful about it now, but I was the red pill prodigal son. He was the perfect example of it. I remember when I broke up with my ex, my parents were actually in town visiting me at the time and they told him that he’s really going to need you right now. I didn’t really have anyone else, because it was a power vacuum. She had sucked it up. It’s like a king was dethroned in medieval Europe and nobody was there to take over. Nobody would have been there, there were no options.

But, he accepted me back as a red pill prodigal. And to make matters even worse, he had tried to get with my ex for about four months prior to when I dated her. It was one of the most bizarre things. And you know what he did the whole time, he didn’t bother me. He asked if I wanted to go get food, to go hit at the batting cages, to workout together. He never told me you need to spend less time with her. He never told me she is bad news, even though he told her to her face that she was going down a dark abyss in her life. That was what brought me back in, because his life was simple. His days were simple. He could sleep anytime he wanted. He had free time. He could be the man I wanted to be still, and that’s the best example. Don’t show him one of my videos. Just maybe take a sentence or two from the emails I sent you and a sentence or two from this video.

That’s the best response that you can give, because remember how the prodigal son story went? His son went off and squandered his life in wild living, which most likely included squandering time and money with women.

His father did nothing. He didn’t convince him to return. A man will be burnt out by what is bad. It’s his choice to return obviously, but a man will return to what is familiar in times of crisis. That’s what happened to me, and I pray that happens to you friend before he ends up with a child support payment.

All you can do is work on yourself right now. Too many hours can go to the wayside otherwise, and you are at a critical time in your life as a young 20s dude. This is when you can be the example for yourself, for your friend and men behind you. Don’t waste it.

Pop that hoodie up.

If you have a story to share men, your prodigal story or the prodigal story of a friend coming from the blue pill back to reality, then please share below with a hoodies up.

I’d love to hear from you guys, to hear your take on what I have to say and to encourage growth. I don’t want this community to solely be based on the messages that I’m delivering, I want your messages to be heard as there are too many walls up in our way. I’m thinking of making a slack community that we can all join and chat amongst ourselves on whatever time of the day.

Let me know what would work for you, and let me know how your hoodie is helping today with an email to or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up men. Hoodie is rolling out.

MGTOW Music – “Honey, I’d Love to Stick Around but I’m Running Behind” | Jackson Browne Analysis

Welcome back MGTOW men. Today I am going to talk about my favorite song all throughout high school, and a song from one of my favorite artists of all-time, Jackson Browne and two of his songs that resonated with me as my favorite. For you younger MGTOW that join me, you may not know any of his music, but if you like classic rock, blues influenced classic rock or just solid lyricism, please check out Jackson Browne.

Today, we are going to be looking at two different songs that Browne wrote, “Running on Empty” and “You Love the Thunder”.

Just to give you some background, Jackson Browne has been married twice, divorced twice and his first wife committed suicide only shortly into their marriage, crushing him and leading to write many songs.

He suffered much through this, and often through the suffering is where red pill diamonds are pressured and born. The red pill tastes less and less bitter when you go through suffering, whether it’s at the hands of a woman, the hands of the state, the hands of your own naivety or about any of the truths about the world that you aren’t willing to accept but end up burning you.

Running on Empty – “I’d love to stick around but I’m running behind”

That was Jackson Browne, burned by a female with bi-personality disorder and with severe depression, and in “Running on Empty” he deplores how he essentially should have gone his own way earlier.

Honey you really tempt me

You know the way you look so kind

I’d love to stick around but I’m running behind

You know I don’t even know what I’m hoping to find

Running into the sun but I’m running behind”

I first heard this song when I was 17 I believe and during my unknowingly red pill days when I saw dating not really as a danger but a waste of time. Something that doesn’t lead to an end goal as the only thing left for me is a breakup post high school and leading into college, and that fit in seamlessly with his line, “I’d love to stick around but I’m running behind”.

Let’s break this down really quickly.

The Flesh Keeps You Where You Are

I’d love to stick around but I’m running behind. Men, how many times in live have you stuck around for a woman and have put plans on hold because that woman either wants to live in the town she is in, she doesn’t want you to take that business risk or won’t allow you to go try a new experiment or do that bike trip down the west coast or that hike up the Cumberland Pass.

Men, women are naturally the ones that expect the man to orbit. They will expect you to be the one to linger and pursue them and put your plans, you movement on hold. Let me tell you a story of my first girlfriend, that I did set up for myself in failure, but it does relate to this line.

So, we were going to school in the same state that she grew up in since the age of 13 and she was just 20 miles away from home. We had been dating all through junior and senior year, and come graduation time, I was moving 13 hours away for work and for graduate school. There was no stopping it, and I had to do so. She wanted to stay there and I couldn’t, not only for my own personal sanity because I could never live here, but also because I was running somewhere else.

So, we breakup. She didn’t want to come with and couldn’t come with, and although she looked fine physically, what wouldn’t look fine physically is being stuck in a location where your heart isn’t at, where you have to take a worse job and you end up breaking up shortly after with your career on stall.

That high school quarterback that receives scholarship offers from colleges around the United States, yeah, he wants to jump around and utilize that opportunity to bless his life, to improve – it’s an opportunity that could save him tuition money and also set up his future career.

It’s something that cannot be passed up, but the high school sweetheart of his wants him to stay back in smalltown Texas, or in their nice suburban town just outside of Los Angeles. She either gets him pregnant, gets him to accept a worse offer at a close school, or puts him through long distance stress at the school that he decides to go to.

Men, these women will look so kind. They will deserve to be called honey in our eyes. They will warrant this out of us, and we are willing to become stagnant and stay in the same place – this can even mean not going to the gym one day when you’re hanging out at home, because she is there with you as well. Just as Lot had to do and his wife couldn’t, sometimes you just have to move on, and I’ve found that women are more closely tied to a geographic location, their social group and often their hometowns in general.

Men, if you have a future in front of you that you are putting in danger because you need to stay in one place for your woman, or even if you are just sacrificing time and mental energy to continue to possess her physical beauty and just get a chance to have sex with her whenever you want, then you are in a relationship that won’t lead to anything but a mediocre life for you. It’s a road of mediocrity men.

This is especially true when many of us men in a world that has made it harder to find a path to take because of a paradox of choice. “You know I don’t even know what I’m hoping to find.” Men, Jackson Browne didn’t even know what he wanted to find, but he knew finding just this woman that looked alluring was not better than the sake of not actually knowing what he wanted. How much more will you not want to linger behind when you have goals, let alone when you’re lost and don’t have direction in life. Choosing not to stay around because you don’t have things set up in your life is a risk averse decision, a good one, but choosing to go your own way when you have those goals in sight is even easier, and in both instances he would have been choosing the path of a MGTOW man.

This may anger a woman, and the minute that you even offer misgivings about sticking around and having greater plans such as moving to a new place, spending 80 hours per week on work to help each of you survive in your mind, but is perceived as neglect in hers, then you are going to be emotionally disconnected from her. She will shut off the connection that was there between you and her. It’s her response in the female-centric relationship culture of today, and anger will rise.

Some women though just apply anger to relationships because it generates excitement. Everyone has an emotional threshold and we all have a cap on the amount of willpower that we possess.

Anger Is Her Hobby – You are Just a Bystander

When you look over your shoulder

And you see the life that you’ve left behind

When you think it over do you ever wonder?

What it is that holds your life so close to mine

You love the thunder and you love the rain

What you see revealed within the anger is worth the pain

And before the lightning fades and you surrender

You’ve got a second to look at the dark side of the man

In these two stanzas here men we see the relationship of a man and a woman, and the woman has clearly destroyed a relationship, “and you see the life that you’ve left behind” as a result of the “thunder and the rain” that she loves. My interpretation of what is going on here is that the woman is willing to sacrifice the stability of the relationship for the sake of fireworks, for the sake of shaky ground and uncertain waters due to emotional roller coasters personified by the stormy weather depicted in this song.

This may bring out the dark side of a man, Jackson Browne, as he is trying to think linearly. If I do “A”, then “B” will result and then “C” will occur, mending our relationship. If you’re thinking in a linear script, she is thinking on a non-linear script men. You can’t always reason with that, and I was having a conversation the other day about that with a MGTOW brother. While men certainly have anger issues at times in relationships, I’m not whitewashing over this, the anger that is fueled in many relationships today from the women, and in the 70s when Jackson Browne wrote this, is fueled out of a decision.

She doesn’t want to move on from the “thunder and rain”. She wants to embrace that “thunder and rain” because she loves it. She loves it more than the relationship. It provides her that rush and provides her that dopamine and excitement that women will often create through their treating of the relationship as a hobby.

And hey guys, if a woman treats your relationship like a hobby, do you want to make a commitment to something that is just viewed as a hobby in the eyes of your partner. That’s one expensive hobby! Instead, just get on your bike, get in your car, get on that road away from the corners in Winslow, Arizona and jet like an eagle far, far, far away Marshall Tucker Band style and climb a mountain so high ain’t nobody gunna know.

Better to live on the corner of a roof than with a quarrelsome wife.

Jackson Browne…ah, how some of your songs make me cringe. “Somebody’s Baby”, “Tender is the Night” and the like, but in this particular album Jackson Browne was strumming that guitar and hitting the notes with a red pill rhythm.

Men, if you have a chance to do something great with you life or want to be able to take that risk to maybe get there, do it. Don’t stop for the perceived joy and promise that a woman will offer joy that will far surpass the accomplishment of your goals, because it won’t. Often, she doesn’t have the motivation for other things in life and sees the relationship as a hobby, nothing more. Your hobby could be your career eventually, her hobby could be getting that alimony in the end.

So, men, if you have any other MGTOW music examples, please let me know. To do so, reach out at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie. Man, it’s amazing to hear from so many of you guys and to have this outpouring of support and shared experience. This is something big, men you are coming to your senses, and little do you know that each day you are writing a new book for your life that will help the men behind you as well.

As always brothers, hoodies up. Hoodies up as we hit Monday, hard. Hoodie is out.

MGTOW – Job’s Wife: “Curse God and Die!”

So, the story of Job appears in the Old Testament and it is a story that focuses on one man, Job, for those of who aren’t familiar. Job had everything. He was described to be one of the wealthiest men, and maybe the wealthiest. Let’s call him the Jeff Bezos of the Bible. He had 10 children, and what sounds insane, seven thousand sheep, three thousand camels, five hundred oxen and five hundred donkeys.

I’ll give a brief background as to what Job encountered and the narrative of the story, but here is the one verse that we are going to focus on today. Job had everything, and out of a test that God and Satan had arranged, in which Satan wanted to test Job to see how righteous he was and if he would turn from God, Satan destroyed everything he owned. He killed his children, he destroyed all that he owns, and he eventually cursed Job’s body, giving him boils and sores.

Then, in Job 2:9 he receives the fateful words from his wife:

“His wife said to him, “Are you still holding on to your integrity?” Curse God and die!”

His wife didn’t just make the statement lightly. She made it as a forceful command. She made it with a blazing exclamation point at the end of it. Albeit, she would have been beyond distressed, I want to make sure we all know this before I start talking about the text. She would have been crushed and feeling a sense of despair that none of us probably have ever felt. I don’t know, it’s a relative thing. I’m just saying, losing all of your children and all that you own is difficult.

But, this video isn’t just about Job’s wife men. This is about Job himself. Do you know what he proceeds to say in verse 2:10, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble? In all this, Job did not sin in what he said.”

How many of us would hold on to our integrity in moments like this? I know I probably wouldn’t. So, today’s MGTOW sermon not only looks at Job’s wife. It looks at Job’s response.

And before I get too far along, I want to draw the parallel to the modern-day woman that leaves the man when things are down. When he is Kid Cudi “down and out” she will leave him and question him. Look at what happened with Job, he lost everything except his life. While we don’t know if the wife stayed with Job or not, even though he had kids later in life – maybe it was a different woman, how much more quickly will that woman leave you today. You may have only lost a job, not gotten the newest car, lost that cut body for a softer, still athletic build, that you once had in college. How much more quickly are they to jump ship today. Just remind yourselves of that.

1) The Negative Woman

“I can’t believe, can’t you just say things suck for once. You can’t always be so positive!”

Men, how many of us have had a woman that is not supportive of us, and is not only not supportive of us but has a view of the world that is shrouded in a tainted hue that we know as pure pessimism.

I’ve found that many women, especially women in relationships, don’t want their man to be positive in moments of distress. When the distress comes, they either leave physically, or they leave emotionally.

I’m going to expound upon a moment from my life and my dating experience. Both of my ex-girlfriends carried a lot of baggage into their lives that I won’t get into out of respect for confidentiality over those sensitive matters. As a result, yes, they were exceedingly more negative about many things.

So, one day, I think that my ex and I had just got done pulling an all-nighter. We were up all night taking care of things for our final exams. She is not only fretting about that experience, but things in the future and some of the things that had just happened in her recent life that were massively affecting her. In her mind, she felt as Job, and often in these moments of defeat, all we want to hear from somebody is a comforting word, or for some, the statement that life sucks and I hope that it gets better.

I tried to be consoling and as I always do with people, I tried to emphasize that things are going to be okay. You will be okay and you will soon forget about these moments. This is when she says as I stated before, “I can’t believe you, can’t you just say things suck for once. You can’t always be so positive!”

While studies have shown that women’s brains are more sensitive to negative emotions than men and they inherently respond differently to negativity, as according to a study from the Medical Daily that I’ll link below, this goes into one of the elements of energy vampirism from women that I have come across. They want you to be at their level.

Men, when you come home from work and things are going well, you’re excited, you want to get a beer, some wings and watch the game that night with her and just enjoy her company, you are not able to. Because, your joy can’t be you joy if she has been defeated elsewhere. There always has to be an equity. You almost have to hide your joy.

This comes down to an imbalance of power in a woman’s mind. If an emotion or an action, and even an interest, is independently fueled apart from something that she has generated, then she doesn’t want you to own it. It expresses independence. Normally, in Job’s time, a man would not care, and that’s what we have to learn from part two here, as men, if you’re in a relationship, your emotional output and mood will be tested. Women will often find it more attractive if you’re negative, if you have a bit of anger in you. Anger, testosterone, that represents a man in their mind, not meekness as I emphasized. We don’t want passivity men, we don’t want raging lunacy either. As emphasized last week, we want meekness.

2) The backbone to value your integrity more than pleasing a woman

Let’s harken back to Job’s response in 2:10 again. He says, “You are talking like a foolish woman. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?”

Do we ever hear from Job’s wife again in the rest of the book, which goes on for 30 plus chapters, from my knowledge, no. We don’t even know her name, just as we didn’t know the name of Potiphar’s wife.

His marriage could have been on the line now. She in her mind may be on her way out. Look at what’s around me, all that I’ve helped build with my husband has been decimated. Not only did Job not care about this, he valued his personal integrity more than the mood of his wife and her demands.

Looking back on my relationships, how many times out of ten would I have said what Job said in so many words, “you’re talking like a foolish woman.” It’s often the hardest to say this, especially when your wife is the last remaining thing that you have. You may be fearful of saying this out of doubt that she will stick around if you utter it to her.

But, in MGTOW, we value our personal integrity above not only the demands and commands of women, but the demands and commands of men. If you go on to read the next 30 chapters in Job, he is met by three men that try to counsel him, and largely emphasize negativity and preach that Job has been cursed for wrongdoing.

Job does not believe them. He goes his own way not only from his wife, he goes his own way from poor counsel from men. Because, while in MGTOW we primarily focus on the misleading nature of female influence in relationships, you have to remove the male parasites as well. Because, those male parasites exist. They could exist as a friend of yours. They could be that blue-pill white knight that shames you. They could be someone that leeches off your money or apartment as well. They could just be a bad influence for you college guys, endorsing day drinking and blunt blazing during a Wednesday afternoon or evening when you should be out studying, reading, working out or going to work.

Troubles will come, and troubles will go. Are you going to create more trouble by adding and not removing people from you life that you need to jettison? Don’t do it. Speak as Job did, call out the parasites, because what androgyny and false domestic and verbal abuse claims have created, is the notion that we can’t call a woman foolish. When do you hear this? Is there a single Western sitcom in which Ray Romano or Kevin James is calling out the wife and saying, snap out of your foolishness? No, it’s the other way around. Just because society is skewing how we should respond to women, doesn’t mean we have to take that approach.

Men, go your own way, call out that women. Snap her back into it.

3) They’ll leave you when you’re down

Snapping her back into it is needed because the moral backbone on many women, not all, but many, is a weaker, more flexible backbone than the man.

The man is bent to be based on personal integrity. That’s where his value rests, and the Bible emphasizes the man as the male leader. Job held the authority of the household, yet still she thought she held the emotional authority in the relationship.

This connects to the transience and inherent waywardness of the woman, in which personal integrity is only something that is convenient. Obviously there are representatives in the Bible of steadfast women, but a commitment to something difficult and long term for the sake of being prudent, persevering and the like, is rare.

Both of my girlfriends didn’t want me to go to church until they lost interest in me and started shaming me for how I acted because I didn’t go to church anymore. But, in the beginning of the relationships they viewed my faith as a barrier between me and her as there was a buffer zone between us. They didn’t have complete control and I wasn’t sold out to please her every whim. I was owned by something else.

Job’s wife doesn’t care for her husband’s integrity. Thus, she doesn’t care for her own.

And men, this relates to the modern woman that has helped create the idea of no-fault divorce in the United States today. What have you done for me lately mentality? And how much more quickly are women to leave men today because of it. Who knows when you will come home after work one day and she will have been bored or fed up with some small, negative change in the lives that you guys have, and she wants to be on her way out.

How much more quickly.

Look at this dichotomy. She was still around when Job lost his money, health and their children. Look at today. A man is solely valued as a business transaction. What makes you think she is even going to stick around when you don’t get that job.

I’ve had exes say, I’m going to leave you if you don’t get that internship, not just job, internship. I’m going to leave you if you lose this or that. Ultimatums are instead made today, and the transiency of the woman’s heart is a frightening thing men, and you most likely won’t even reach the point of Job.

Job played the long game though men, and ended up being blessed in double after he made it through the strife and the trials. But, you know who was never mentioned, his wife. He had to go to men, his brothers for the emotional support that he needs, as the coldness and disconnection that has been built into the socially engineered feminist today has no time to console the man because her view of a man is that of an egotistical, over-powered man that doesn’t need support or comfort. Both of which are wrong, but all of this is to say, don’t expect for the marriage vows connoting support through thick and thin to reign true. As Job did, your personal integrity has to be your own, and that personal integrity is what gets you through.

So, regardless if you view the Bible from a Christian or non-Christian perspective, everyone is welcome to comment, to share, to take part in this forum that you have all created. Regardless of your opinion, there is so much to be gleaned from the book, and I want to emphasize that for everyone.

Take these red pills into the rest of your day. I know that I have a lot of work to get done, things to attend to, but one thing we can always choose to do is to hold on to our integrity. And we don’t need another woman’s voice telling us that we should discard the one truth thing that we can control in life.

So brothers, take advantage of today. Learn something new. If you have some freetime, slow down please. Life’s busy. Our minds are hectic. I’d love to hear from you and do my best to get back to everyone that I can. Please reach out directly to me at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie as well. I want this channel to be one that you can approach me through, I’m not a distant voice.

It’s gloomy today, perfect for a hoodie. Hoodies up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW – Marital Outsourcing

Welcome back MGTOW men. Infidelity amongst women in marriages has increased by 40 percent over the past 26 years. And you know what the increase is for men? 0 percent.

Hold that thought.

So, per suggestion from my man, Oslo MGTOW, a stellar what we call straight up, upper echelon commenter in the MGTOW community, who gets pub from the likes of TFM and a slew of other MGTOW content producers, we are doing things as the Sunrise Hoodie moniker would suggest, and we are uploading videos en lieu of the sun.

So, expect uploads to now come each morning. I want to be able to reach you guys before the day gets going. They say a breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have the greatest need for calories in the morning because of the hours ahead of you, and no better than to open up that red pill capsule and sprinkle it throughout your oatmeal instead of that sugar or honey, or instead of that salt and pepper on your eggs.

Men, what’s your MGTOW breakfast? Is it Ben & Jerry’s as ImmortalMindz puts out there? Is it protein packed and you’re putting away a few eggs and a protein shake? Or are you going the all-popular intermittent fasting route these days?

I don’t know, hit me up. I’d like to get more content on my MGTOW health playlist, so hit me up!

Men, have you ever made breakfast for a chick and brought it to her in bed? Even if the breakfast sucks, in your mind that is a ticket to getting some morning action. Men, I’ve done it. And I cringe thinking about it. She tells me no eating in bed and it leads to crumbs, but she wants french toast and strawberries in bed? Men, I tought myself how to make good french toast only because of a chick. I don’t give two wooden nickels about french toast otherwise.

But, if you’re married to a western women today. A woman of the west that has been modernized and duped into believing the myth that marriage is the end all and be all. It’s the cure-all. It’s the magic bullet. It’s the silver bullet to the Warewolf. It’s the elixir. It’s perceived to be this way by many. Good luck.

You know who we have to blame, we have Hollywood, Shakespeare, prince charming and your friendly blue pill white knight at the corner bar downtown to blame for this.

Thus, the expectations for marriage are blown so far out of proportion and they are failing. The men, while I’m sure there are listless men that check out once they get married, and that’s their own fault, are left out to dry against this era of shame-free, no-fault divorces and the expectations for marriage to be hot, passion-filled sex every night.

Marriage is for three things:

  1. Children
  2. Raising those children in a safe and secure setting to give the best crop for the perpetuation of functioning and positive society
  3. For the dismissal of old ways and building new character and long term benefits.

Sex is just a by-product of it. If there was no sex, we would not have what we call marriage.

And while I didn’t want to get into another rant about marriage, sex and woman, and instead wanted to give an ode to Tom Petty, one of my favorite rock ‘n roll artists of all-time, I won’t be doing so because CNN had to blow up my notifications with this headline:

“More women than ever are cheating in their marriages — or are willing to admit that they are cheating? Why are they doing it?”

Also, this is somewhat of a video response to TrueGritProductions. Patrick, if you’re watching this, thanks for your analysis of this article. Check it out in the description below and I hope to also offer a card above so that you can check out the video.

So today, I want to bring up to those MGTOW men that aren’t married or those current MGTOW men that are considering marriage, what you are up against if you want to marry in the western world, including North America, Australia, South Africa and Europe. This is not to put down those that are married. It is not to say that we are better than you. This is to serve as an analysis of our social ills and distorted senses of entitlement that make going through a marriage almost impossible to accomplish.

Here are some of the most garish statements from the article, written by the far-left CNN and a female writer as well:


  • “Another friend told me she was 100 percent faithful to her husband, except when she was out of town for work each month.”
  • “She’d had so many emotional affairs and inappropriate email correspondences over the years that she had to buy a separate hard drive to store them all.”
  • “Often, they loved their husbands, but felt in some fundamental way that their needs were not being met inside their marriage. Some even wondered if their husbands knew about their infidelity”
  • “Felt like he was another child to clean up after.”
  • “Valuing their marriages for the things it could offer and outsourcing the rest, accepting the distance between the idealization and the actual thing.”


1) Marital Outsourcing

That brings me into my first point about the failure of marriages today and once again, men are just an extension of the Ken Doll, and it’s called marital outsourcing, a wife filling the missing operations in a marriage through the use of another person in her life, whether this is a sexual fling or someone that is there for an emotional undercarriage throughout their days.

It’s either too hard to work at making the current employee, the husband, the man that will be the emotional support or take care of the relationships management and the “calendar” as the article says, thus why not just get that from another guy that I know is that way. He may be awful at sex and not that attractive, whereas my husband is, but he has these assets in an office in Delhi, thus I will utilize him to take care of this business need.

This is what the idea of martial outsourcing is. The article states that women are valuing their marriages for the things it could offer and outsourcing the rest, accepting the distance between the idealization and the actual thing.”

Marital outsourcing.

You know what this used to be called? Cheating.

You know what it used to lead to? Divorce.

You know what it leads to know, justification through articles like this.

Once again, this goes for men to, you can’t just make a light decision when you marry someone. If they are not there to help you with a certain task, they don’t do the best at discussing finances or managing money, they don’t have nice style, they don’t do well with kids, they’re not good in bed, then what the heck are you doing marrying them? And if you do marry them, you better accept that you can live with those flaws.


Because, at the end of the day, flaws are a part of who we are. But you know where we aren’t allowed to have flaws these days? Marriage. Once you hit marriage, you have to be perfect in the eyes of women, and because it is in the eyes of women, the men begin to believe that too. You know what happens, cold, disconnected marriages that end up in divorce, bouts of cheating and even suicide.

2) Married Life is Exceedingly Dull and Constraining

The author the article, Kim Brooks, writes for The Cut which is essentially a magazine for women that I suppose is more high brow that magazines for women that literally make them insane, such as Cosmopolitan. She is married though, and while I do believe that her feminist slant in this article is apparent, Patrick I don’t quite think she was as bad of a gynocratic dictator as we could have had.

But, she alludes to the quintessential complaint about marriages today, one that has led to no-fault divorces and the idea that it is justified. That’s entertainment. What the heck are we as adults, and no less adults in marriage? Do we just exist to entertain people? I’ve found in both of my relationships that I had to be the entertainer. I was always prompting and leading the text message conversations, even when I was distant and not texting them often. When we were spending time together, it had to be something new, and they’re always waiting expectantly for that excitement.

She makes this fanciful statement:

“At the time I married, marriage had felt like a panacea; it was a bond that would provide security, love, friendship, stability, and romance — the chance to have children and nice dishes, to be introduced as someone’s wife. It promised to expand my circle of family and improve my credit score, to tether me to something wholesome and give my life meaning.”


”They found married life incredibly dull and constraining.”

The issue behind so many marriages today, and my mom as a marriage counselor has corroborated with me today is, that marriages once again are not viewed as a sacrifice. Because, you know why, when you’re prepping for the engagement and going through that early honeymoon phase, even if you’ve been dating for five years and the guy hasn’t popped the question and you haven’t gotten married yet – because you know that there is the potential for something new on the horizon, i.e. marriage, that newness continues to instill excitement. That goes for anything in life. That’s why they say put a new activity or something exciting towards the end of your weekend or as the last thing that you do on the weekend, thus it will keep your weekend exciting, prolong it and prevent you from thinking about the beginning of the work week at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Marriage is not that. Maybe these are people that are having a lot of sex with different partners before they’re married. They’re sleeping around, things are exciting – I don’t care what you do, the law of 100 as we’ve mentioned before, that sex hits an unexciting decline after you’ve done it with a person a certain amount of times. If you plan on being married for 40 years, you’re going to be bored. In fact, the majority of your time together is going to be filled with boredom, and sex will probably get boring after three years maximum. And I’m saying maximum.

As reiterated. Nothing is perfect. Marriages fail because the expectation is perfection. You should expect pain, you should expect to be disappointed, you should not treat it like a gold medal as either a man or a woman and you should expect to feel like you’re sacrificing yourself and much of your life. You should expect all of these things – but instead women do what Hollywood says, what Shakespeare says and what the Disney princess narrative says – you will be satisfied and swept away. It will not fulfill your life’s meaning either as the writer says she expected.

Men, this is being preached because it is a warning that you will likely never be good enough. This is why the Christian church has emphasized looking for a godly woman, because they’re expecting God to be good enough. Instead, women of today’s world expect you to be good enough and to be perfect. Subconsciously you’re replacing God in their minds. Thus, where are you going to go? What are you going to do? You’re probably going to be divorced, okay. That’s just the way it is. My warning.

And the really scary things is that you used to be able to say that a marriage rooted in faith would save a marriage. Not so any more. The world is rife with weeds. Weeds envelope good things. Weeds are enveloping these good things today. The garden is getting smaller and smaller.

My advice. Either don’t do it, or treat it like you’re choosing between the red and green wire before the explosion of 500 pounds of nitroglycerin, Fight Club style.

3) The women now in the work world – applying power and responsibility to her that either overwhelms her, makes her resent the man or gives her status that puts her in the position that she can believe she can safely jettison the man.

So, in this article the author brings up that many women are simply overwhelmed and cannot handle the large amount of stress and responsibility that is thrown upon them between being married, being a mother, being a wife, working and living whatever other lifestyle they have designed for themselves.

The thing is, the man has always been expected to do that, and today, the man is also expected to be beyond involved with the kid. Almost to an alien-esque level of ability and commitment, and anything short of that is perceived to be neglectful today.

The responsibilities have also never been higher for women. But, this extra responsibility of working is not something that men have demanded or created. The article says two things:

“Husbands of female breadwinners are most at risk for cheating, says study.”

“We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexuall satisfied. And then when having it all is miserable and overwhelming or they realize marriage isn’t all it’s cracked it up to be, maybe having affairs is the new Plan B.”

What’s going on here is that women are feeling overwhelmed by these additional responsibilities, and when these responsibilities are often socially constructed and not innately natural, as is the case for women working certain jobs, you know what happens – women resent men for making them work these jobs, feeling over-stressed or unappreciated because it is obtuse in relation to what is natural.

This is not to say that many women do a really good job in a number of occupations today. I’ve worked with a lot of females that do good work, work hard, have developed skills and so forth. But when you combine it with a marriage? That marriage is going to be far more difficult.

And the other thing is that, men have ego problems in regard to this. There are obviously guys that would be okay with being the stay-at-home dad and not raising the kids in the family. There surely are guys. Am I one of those guys? No, and I can never imagine being that guy. As a result, we are seeing so much male suicide today because not only are the jobs being given to women and taken away from men, when they’re in a relationship and this happens, the female breadwinner takes truly the most important value that a man has innately and as ascribed by our biological push, which is to work and make the money.

No wonder the man is trying to cheat. Should he cheat? No, he should address the problem at hand. Always address the problem. Nobody is condoning cheating here, he should not be married in the first place and that’s why I made the “You Can Lose Your Job” video. Because you can lose your job and you don’t have to suffer these same monetary and emotional consequences if you’re single.

Lastly, no man is making a woman work. No man in a relationship is thinking about how good of a career she is going to have. Sure, a man would like it if she contributed to the bottom line, but no man is going to base his attraction and marital decision on her career prospects. Nobody. But that’s the image in many people’s minds today, that the man is forcing the woman to work. My sister is married to a guy that is very successful in a major tech company in the United States, probably making $150K a year. She was unemployed at the time of dating him. She always felt like she didn’t measure up and had to have a great job, yet, he asked her to be his wife.

I would always tell her, he doesn’t want you for the money or to have a good job. He wants you for the company. He wants you for the support. He wants you to be an ego-boost, it’s true, when he comes home after being berated at work all day.

Those are the things that he wants and that he desires. Not that you’re a CEO. Nobody is putting this on you, it’s a product of the feminist movement and the women empowerment culture of today, it’s not a product of men pushing for it.

Instead, we are pushing for MGTOW. And while you’re hopefully never going to see a MGTOW scribe getting on CNN, as that’s not necessarily the platform that would instill the most pride in me as a man, I hope that more men share these messages to the younger generation before they get into the pitfalls of marriage. Because marriage does not mean what it was meant to mean. It’s tainted by the world, it’s as if you’re walking through a bullet-ridden street of France during the heat of a WWII skirmish. The bullets are everywhere.

But, today men, it is not this day. It’s Saturday and I want you guys to think about these things. Ponder these things as you fix up stuff around your place, do homework, watch football, whatever it is. Be at peace, take note, and understand that the lunacy around you is something that you don’t have to partake in.

If you want to hit me up guys, either just to chat, to have a correspondence, to request a topic or whatever, please do at or @sunrisehoodie through my Twitter account. Both will work wonderfully.

As always men, pop those hoodies. Hoodie is up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW – I Told Her I Don’t Want Kids | A Story About My Ex-Girlfriend

Welcome back MGTOW men, some amazing email stories you guys have sent me over the past week. If you’re still waiting on your email response, I got through like 17 last night and have 17 more to go! I work like 11 a.m. to 10pm today, so don’t expect it this evening so to speak!

Wednesdays are good days to reflect. Things are busy, it’s the middle of the week, and sometimes we need a little bit of perspective to tame our fast-paced minds. I do need that men, so today we are going to talk about the time that I told my first ex-girlfriend I didn’t want to have kids, and her response following our breakup when she was a little bit inebriated.

I told her I don’t want kids when we were dating. We breakup, and that’s one of the main reasons in her validations why we broke up. Then, after the breakup sometime she drunk calls me and talks and this is what she said:

“I didn’t like you controlling my future in life and determining my future”.

Apparently my future doesn’t matter. My “future” had to be set aside for whatever future she wanted instead. But guess what she also said, she now doesn’t want to have kids and can’t see herself ever having kids. I’m not sure where her mind is at and why it’s fluctuating like that, but if you ever get into a relationship where you get shamed for not wanting kids because it’s your preference, and they are still stuck in the zone where you shouldn’t be allowed to have your own opinions on these matters, then you need to run away and disappear from that relationship, because it is toxic and she is going to make you paint every room in your house in polka-dots and weird colors and prevent you from drinking beer or having a steak when you want it.

Those comments are larger comments that have something to say on the microcosmic level.


So, this is the same girl that I’ve referenced in many of my videos, as the girl that I fawned over and referenced in “Why my ex-girlfriend dated me”, or something to that effect. I won’t give too much background about her life, but she had a number of scars that I don’t know that she will ever be able to fully heal from. My best friend said it best when he was talking to her one day, “you’re in a dark hole that you don’t know how to get out of”.

That’s exactly what I felt during my time with her, and unfortunately I didn’t take it and instead was fixated on her body, on her looks, her hair and the pheromones that she oozed out of her. For the new listeners, she was 5-3, Native American, African American and Caucasian and had a mix of blonde, red and brown hair. Basically I was only with her for 18 months because of my little head, proving to cause an issue down the line when I told her that I don’t want kids.

About 12 months into the relationship she asked me or somehow it got brought up what the names of our kids should be and what I think about having kids. I don’t think that she took this seriously at first, but I believe that she reached a point as a woman that things are going stable, he’s going to provide financially for me, I’m not that excited about this relationship, but my needs will be met, and so will the needs of my kids. Thus, let’s have kids with him!

But, I told her no. I told her the same reasons that I’ve told all of you guys why I don’t want to have kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condemning you if you have kids or want to have kids, this is just my personal take and how the red pill has crafted my mind and thinking.

I told her that I don’t want kids because of the financially liability and this is when I started talking about the 600K rule, applying to if you have two kids, you’re at least going to be spending 600K to finance them. This is true in many cases. I also told her about the social, political and economic climate of the world, which was in 2015 at the time. It wouldn’t be conducive to raising and having kids. The world is too volatile and unpredictable, and thus it should be something that is avoided.

I even told her that if I could I would sell my testicles for cash. Nothing makes a woman’s legs close up quicker than telling her something like that.

But, after the breakup she drunk dials me and talks about how she didn’t like that I was controlling her future by not wanting to have kids and not allowing her to have kids. An absolutely distorted comment, because if you want to get pregnant today all you have to do is basically walk down the street and catch some semen on your way across the crosswalk, as there are opportunities everywhere. You can even buy the semen if you don’t want to go through the steps of getting a man and having sex with him.

Here are my cliffnote for you men to remind yourself of as you get into relationships or potentially get stuck with women that shame you for not wanting to have kids – or even the aunt around the dining room table that is questioning you for not wanting to have kids and drops the “don’t you think it’s selfish to determine a woman’s future that way?”

1) It’s a mentally confusing thing from a woman’s perspective

I’m not saying that women don’t understand why men don’t want to have sex for the reason of creating another human. They do, they understand that it’s for pleasure, for many it’s because of the pursuit of another tally on their bed post, whatever it is.

But in my case, often times long term commitment in a dating relationship, and while we didn’t date exceedingly long, just for a year at the time when I dropped it on her that I never want to have kids, sex over a long period, financial and emotional expenditure over an extended period time does not add up in her mind to “no kids”.

In some situations, and as the world becomes continually more feminized and replaces the man in marriage, this won’t be the case. But a woman’s natural interpretation of sex with a man, especially over a long period of time, is that it equals kids. It equals fertility. You will notice that many women talk more and more about kids as relationships transpire and continue. There often is a certain hangup that ends that, but it creates an internal conflict within them that goes against the natural coding.

Part of the reason that this happens more often today is that men are able to go longer times without actually producing a kid through sex. Methods are far safer today with birth control for both men and women and other safety measures. We are not operating in the days of the menstrual timing cycle or the pulling out or Onanism method. Typically, prolonged periods of sex occurred after marriage when kids were expected, or just accidental child-bearing occurred as well, foregoing the modern-day likelihood of there being no kids expected or created from a 12-month relationship and on.

That’s what happened here, and my statement to not want to have kids with her put the frequency of us having sex on a complete hold. It hit the breaks for us and completely slowed things down. That’s because underneath the the sexual, physical cravings and primal nature is truly an underlying desire to have a kid produced out of sex. Even if that sounds so unnappealing, once again, it’s the only reason to have sex. This subconsciously shifted our collective minds, and the frequency of sex dropped drastically.

Just be aware of these things. Train your mind to think this way as you notice other relationships, your own past relationships to help understand them more and maybe even future encounters with women if part of going your own way does include dating, although you know my stance on that.

2) A man is expendable. His dreams are expendable.

I’ve talked about this metaphor many times. After a male praying mantis copulates with a female, you know what happens to him? He gets eaten. He is now the energy source for that female praying mantis.

He is a utility and his timeline has a finality to it that doesn’t exist for the praying mantis. He is expendable and any future plans that he had for himself in life, they are also expendable. That’s just the way it is. The same goes for many animals and sexual relationships between animals, bugs and so forth out in the world. I believe a black widow spider does the same thing.

And the truth today men, is many women believe that they have this right to. Many women today are praying mantises. There are modern-day life-suckers just roaming the earth today, all around us. If you don’t offer your dreams up as expendable, your time as expendable, your energy, your resources and your semen, then you are not serving what they deem to be their biological right and also the expectations that the media and the state are creating for us everyday.

Men, this is why so often it is easier to opt out and it is safer. Because you cannot reason with someone that doesn’t believe that you have a future to decide.

Feminists will often say the same thing and will harken back to the 1950s and the days of women serving up the TV dinners for the men after work each day.  Well, things were that way for thousands of years. Now they have been this way for 30, 40, 50 years, and what kind of cesspool do we have now?

Men, we are viewed as expendable. The same can be said of military men and our view of homeless men as well. Work on yourself and find environments that keep you valued and protected.

3) Chameleoning is at play here.

So, why does she need to tell me that she now doesn’t want to have kids just as I had wished during our relationship? I don’t have the definitive answer, but after making some deductions based on clues and my interpretation, I believe that some chameleoning is at play here.

She was trying to measure up either if I had changed my mind and am now open to the prospect of having kids, or if I would take her back because she reiterated that was one of the reasons for the breakup (while there were many more), and if we could reconcile them she could win me over.

Men, know your stances. Be open to change, but only change when you have valid reason to. This is not one of those times when there appears to be a valid reason to do so.

4) Understand the girl’s background.

I should have known that this buzzsaw was going to happen before I stepped on to the cutting table.

While she herself didn’t act Mormon at all, she came from a family that had Mormon values. She has some relatives with a lot of kids and it is engrained in the minds of men and females that one of your greatest responsibilities as a Mormon is to reproduce and create as many new Mormons as possible.

Thus, this was apart of her belief system, even if all of the other rules and beliefs of Mormonism didn’t matter or resonate in her mind. It was something she could do, and it involved sex, something that would definitely be open to.

I just say this because we often can’t escape our upbringing and the values instilled in us and the value that our values create in our minds as well.

She would have to disconnected her thought and mind from this familial calling, and I was viewed as a threat to that by not wanting to have kids. Just know this and understand that these things are at play before you get stuck in a relationship. Talk about this right away, and if you don’t want kids, tell them within the first week.

Save yourself time my men.


So, I hope that this story resonated with you. Maybe you have a similar story to share yourself and reflect on this Wednesday.

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Soak in each minute. Enjoy the day brothers.

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