MGTOW – Marital Outsourcing

Welcome back MGTOW men. Infidelity amongst women in marriages has increased by 40 percent over the past 26 years. And you know what the increase is for men? 0 percent.

Hold that thought.

So, per suggestion from my man, Oslo MGTOW, a stellar what we call straight up, upper echelon commenter in the MGTOW community, who gets pub from the likes of TFM and a slew of other MGTOW content producers, we are doing things as the Sunrise Hoodie moniker would suggest, and we are uploading videos en lieu of the sun.

So, expect uploads to now come each morning. I want to be able to reach you guys before the day gets going. They say a breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have the greatest need for calories in the morning because of the hours ahead of you, and no better than to open up that red pill capsule and sprinkle it throughout your oatmeal instead of that sugar or honey, or instead of that salt and pepper on your eggs.

Men, what’s your MGTOW breakfast? Is it Ben & Jerry’s as ImmortalMindz puts out there? Is it protein packed and you’re putting away a few eggs and a protein shake? Or are you going the all-popular intermittent fasting route these days?

I don’t know, hit me up. I’d like to get more content on my MGTOW health playlist, so hit me up!

Men, have you ever made breakfast for a chick and brought it to her in bed? Even if the breakfast sucks, in your mind that is a ticket to getting some morning action. Men, I’ve done it. And I cringe thinking about it. She tells me no eating in bed and it leads to crumbs, but she wants french toast and strawberries in bed? Men, I tought myself how to make good french toast only because of a chick. I don’t give two wooden nickels about french toast otherwise.

But, if you’re married to a western women today. A woman of the west that has been modernized and duped into believing the myth that marriage is the end all and be all. It’s the cure-all. It’s the magic bullet. It’s the silver bullet to the Warewolf. It’s the elixir. It’s perceived to be this way by many. Good luck.

You know who we have to blame, we have Hollywood, Shakespeare, prince charming and your friendly blue pill white knight at the corner bar downtown to blame for this.

Thus, the expectations for marriage are blown so far out of proportion and they are failing. The men, while I’m sure there are listless men that check out once they get married, and that’s their own fault, are left out to dry against this era of shame-free, no-fault divorces and the expectations for marriage to be hot, passion-filled sex every night.

Marriage is for three things:

  1. Children
  2. Raising those children in a safe and secure setting to give the best crop for the perpetuation of functioning and positive society
  3. For the dismissal of old ways and building new character and long term benefits.

Sex is just a by-product of it. If there was no sex, we would not have what we call marriage.

And while I didn’t want to get into another rant about marriage, sex and woman, and instead wanted to give an ode to Tom Petty, one of my favorite rock ‘n roll artists of all-time, I won’t be doing so because CNN had to blow up my notifications with this headline:

“More women than ever are cheating in their marriages — or are willing to admit that they are cheating? Why are they doing it?”

Also, this is somewhat of a video response to TrueGritProductions. Patrick, if you’re watching this, thanks for your analysis of this article. Check it out in the description below and I hope to also offer a card above so that you can check out the video.

So today, I want to bring up to those MGTOW men that aren’t married or those current MGTOW men that are considering marriage, what you are up against if you want to marry in the western world, including North America, Australia, South Africa and Europe. This is not to put down those that are married. It is not to say that we are better than you. This is to serve as an analysis of our social ills and distorted senses of entitlement that make going through a marriage almost impossible to accomplish.

Here are some of the most garish statements from the article, written by the far-left CNN and a female writer as well:


  • “Another friend told me she was 100 percent faithful to her husband, except when she was out of town for work each month.”
  • “She’d had so many emotional affairs and inappropriate email correspondences over the years that she had to buy a separate hard drive to store them all.”
  • “Often, they loved their husbands, but felt in some fundamental way that their needs were not being met inside their marriage. Some even wondered if their husbands knew about their infidelity”
  • “Felt like he was another child to clean up after.”
  • “Valuing their marriages for the things it could offer and outsourcing the rest, accepting the distance between the idealization and the actual thing.”


1) Marital Outsourcing

That brings me into my first point about the failure of marriages today and once again, men are just an extension of the Ken Doll, and it’s called marital outsourcing, a wife filling the missing operations in a marriage through the use of another person in her life, whether this is a sexual fling or someone that is there for an emotional undercarriage throughout their days.

It’s either too hard to work at making the current employee, the husband, the man that will be the emotional support or take care of the relationships management and the “calendar” as the article says, thus why not just get that from another guy that I know is that way. He may be awful at sex and not that attractive, whereas my husband is, but he has these assets in an office in Delhi, thus I will utilize him to take care of this business need.

This is what the idea of martial outsourcing is. The article states that women are valuing their marriages for the things it could offer and outsourcing the rest, accepting the distance between the idealization and the actual thing.”

Marital outsourcing.

You know what this used to be called? Cheating.

You know what it used to lead to? Divorce.

You know what it leads to know, justification through articles like this.

Once again, this goes for men to, you can’t just make a light decision when you marry someone. If they are not there to help you with a certain task, they don’t do the best at discussing finances or managing money, they don’t have nice style, they don’t do well with kids, they’re not good in bed, then what the heck are you doing marrying them? And if you do marry them, you better accept that you can live with those flaws.


Because, at the end of the day, flaws are a part of who we are. But you know where we aren’t allowed to have flaws these days? Marriage. Once you hit marriage, you have to be perfect in the eyes of women, and because it is in the eyes of women, the men begin to believe that too. You know what happens, cold, disconnected marriages that end up in divorce, bouts of cheating and even suicide.

2) Married Life is Exceedingly Dull and Constraining

The author the article, Kim Brooks, writes for The Cut which is essentially a magazine for women that I suppose is more high brow that magazines for women that literally make them insane, such as Cosmopolitan. She is married though, and while I do believe that her feminist slant in this article is apparent, Patrick I don’t quite think she was as bad of a gynocratic dictator as we could have had.

But, she alludes to the quintessential complaint about marriages today, one that has led to no-fault divorces and the idea that it is justified. That’s entertainment. What the heck are we as adults, and no less adults in marriage? Do we just exist to entertain people? I’ve found in both of my relationships that I had to be the entertainer. I was always prompting and leading the text message conversations, even when I was distant and not texting them often. When we were spending time together, it had to be something new, and they’re always waiting expectantly for that excitement.

She makes this fanciful statement:

“At the time I married, marriage had felt like a panacea; it was a bond that would provide security, love, friendship, stability, and romance — the chance to have children and nice dishes, to be introduced as someone’s wife. It promised to expand my circle of family and improve my credit score, to tether me to something wholesome and give my life meaning.”


”They found married life incredibly dull and constraining.”

The issue behind so many marriages today, and my mom as a marriage counselor has corroborated with me today is, that marriages once again are not viewed as a sacrifice. Because, you know why, when you’re prepping for the engagement and going through that early honeymoon phase, even if you’ve been dating for five years and the guy hasn’t popped the question and you haven’t gotten married yet – because you know that there is the potential for something new on the horizon, i.e. marriage, that newness continues to instill excitement. That goes for anything in life. That’s why they say put a new activity or something exciting towards the end of your weekend or as the last thing that you do on the weekend, thus it will keep your weekend exciting, prolong it and prevent you from thinking about the beginning of the work week at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Marriage is not that. Maybe these are people that are having a lot of sex with different partners before they’re married. They’re sleeping around, things are exciting – I don’t care what you do, the law of 100 as we’ve mentioned before, that sex hits an unexciting decline after you’ve done it with a person a certain amount of times. If you plan on being married for 40 years, you’re going to be bored. In fact, the majority of your time together is going to be filled with boredom, and sex will probably get boring after three years maximum. And I’m saying maximum.

As reiterated. Nothing is perfect. Marriages fail because the expectation is perfection. You should expect pain, you should expect to be disappointed, you should not treat it like a gold medal as either a man or a woman and you should expect to feel like you’re sacrificing yourself and much of your life. You should expect all of these things – but instead women do what Hollywood says, what Shakespeare says and what the Disney princess narrative says – you will be satisfied and swept away. It will not fulfill your life’s meaning either as the writer says she expected.

Men, this is being preached because it is a warning that you will likely never be good enough. This is why the Christian church has emphasized looking for a godly woman, because they’re expecting God to be good enough. Instead, women of today’s world expect you to be good enough and to be perfect. Subconsciously you’re replacing God in their minds. Thus, where are you going to go? What are you going to do? You’re probably going to be divorced, okay. That’s just the way it is. My warning.

And the really scary things is that you used to be able to say that a marriage rooted in faith would save a marriage. Not so any more. The world is rife with weeds. Weeds envelope good things. Weeds are enveloping these good things today. The garden is getting smaller and smaller.

My advice. Either don’t do it, or treat it like you’re choosing between the red and green wire before the explosion of 500 pounds of nitroglycerin, Fight Club style.

3) The women now in the work world – applying power and responsibility to her that either overwhelms her, makes her resent the man or gives her status that puts her in the position that she can believe she can safely jettison the man.

So, in this article the author brings up that many women are simply overwhelmed and cannot handle the large amount of stress and responsibility that is thrown upon them between being married, being a mother, being a wife, working and living whatever other lifestyle they have designed for themselves.

The thing is, the man has always been expected to do that, and today, the man is also expected to be beyond involved with the kid. Almost to an alien-esque level of ability and commitment, and anything short of that is perceived to be neglectful today.

The responsibilities have also never been higher for women. But, this extra responsibility of working is not something that men have demanded or created. The article says two things:

“Husbands of female breadwinners are most at risk for cheating, says study.”

“We now tell women that they can have it all, that they can work and have a family and deserve to be sexuall satisfied. And then when having it all is miserable and overwhelming or they realize marriage isn’t all it’s cracked it up to be, maybe having affairs is the new Plan B.”

What’s going on here is that women are feeling overwhelmed by these additional responsibilities, and when these responsibilities are often socially constructed and not innately natural, as is the case for women working certain jobs, you know what happens – women resent men for making them work these jobs, feeling over-stressed or unappreciated because it is obtuse in relation to what is natural.

This is not to say that many women do a really good job in a number of occupations today. I’ve worked with a lot of females that do good work, work hard, have developed skills and so forth. But when you combine it with a marriage? That marriage is going to be far more difficult.

And the other thing is that, men have ego problems in regard to this. There are obviously guys that would be okay with being the stay-at-home dad and not raising the kids in the family. There surely are guys. Am I one of those guys? No, and I can never imagine being that guy. As a result, we are seeing so much male suicide today because not only are the jobs being given to women and taken away from men, when they’re in a relationship and this happens, the female breadwinner takes truly the most important value that a man has innately and as ascribed by our biological push, which is to work and make the money.

No wonder the man is trying to cheat. Should he cheat? No, he should address the problem at hand. Always address the problem. Nobody is condoning cheating here, he should not be married in the first place and that’s why I made the “You Can Lose Your Job” video. Because you can lose your job and you don’t have to suffer these same monetary and emotional consequences if you’re single.

Lastly, no man is making a woman work. No man in a relationship is thinking about how good of a career she is going to have. Sure, a man would like it if she contributed to the bottom line, but no man is going to base his attraction and marital decision on her career prospects. Nobody. But that’s the image in many people’s minds today, that the man is forcing the woman to work. My sister is married to a guy that is very successful in a major tech company in the United States, probably making $150K a year. She was unemployed at the time of dating him. She always felt like she didn’t measure up and had to have a great job, yet, he asked her to be his wife.

I would always tell her, he doesn’t want you for the money or to have a good job. He wants you for the company. He wants you for the support. He wants you to be an ego-boost, it’s true, when he comes home after being berated at work all day.

Those are the things that he wants and that he desires. Not that you’re a CEO. Nobody is putting this on you, it’s a product of the feminist movement and the women empowerment culture of today, it’s not a product of men pushing for it.

Instead, we are pushing for MGTOW. And while you’re hopefully never going to see a MGTOW scribe getting on CNN, as that’s not necessarily the platform that would instill the most pride in me as a man, I hope that more men share these messages to the younger generation before they get into the pitfalls of marriage. Because marriage does not mean what it was meant to mean. It’s tainted by the world, it’s as if you’re walking through a bullet-ridden street of France during the heat of a WWII skirmish. The bullets are everywhere.

But, today men, it is not this day. It’s Saturday and I want you guys to think about these things. Ponder these things as you fix up stuff around your place, do homework, watch football, whatever it is. Be at peace, take note, and understand that the lunacy around you is something that you don’t have to partake in.

If you want to hit me up guys, either just to chat, to have a correspondence, to request a topic or whatever, please do at or @sunrisehoodie through my Twitter account. Both will work wonderfully.

As always men, pop those hoodies. Hoodie is up, hoodie is out.


MGTOW – Lot’s Wife

Pop up those hoodies, and don’t look back men. Nobody is turning to salt today. Pop up those hoodies and go, let her turn to salt if she wants to.

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s a Sunday, and you know what that means. Whether or not you have read the Bible or whether or not your believe or respect any of its teachings, the Bible and MGTOW unlike many people’s initial thoughts, are strong partners in what they teach about how you spend your time on earth, how to handle things financially, a man’s role on the planet and how a man should interact with women based on female nature.

I’ve made videos regarding Samson and Delilah, Potiphar’s Wife and David & Bathsheba and today we will be looking at the story of Sodom & Gomorrah and Lot’s wife, who is unnamed. Men, I hope that you notice that all of these stories, and likely the first 10 of my MGTOW sermons that I will make will all be derived from the Old Testament, which contains stories from thousands of years ago.

If female nature is as it was over a few thousand years ago and we see connections to female nature and how a man should live his life today, why should we expect anything different? Okay, so that’s why we will be looking at it. Age and the continuation of something over a long period of time adds to its efficacy.

The story of Sodom & Gomorrah can be found in Genesis 18-19 if you want to follow along. You may have heard of it and I’ll put a picture in the video to show you where some people believe that Lot’s wife, who became a pillar of salt, can be found today – just outside of where Sodom & Gomorrah was.

Abraham, who is a main individual in the Bible and is the father of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Islam and Christianity, had a nephew named Lot. Lot is relatively insignificant compared to people like Abraham, but his story is well known. Lot lived in Sodom, and if you’re familiar with the word sodomy, that’s what it comes from. Sodomy overall refers to sexual intercourse anally or orally, but it can also refer to bestiality and in a Christian context typically refers to homoerotic sex.

While Sodom and Gomorrah itself could be its own video, Lot’s wife is the focus.

There is a lot of screwed up stuff in this story, so I’ll try to break it down as best as I can. Through two messengers, angels, God spoke to Abraham stating that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah because of the debauchery and wickedness of the cities. Lot was warned as well, and the angels stated that he should leave or else he too and his family would die in the destruction.

There is a scene in which Lot is nearly raped by a horde of men, the only example of the homoerotic or otherwise sexually perverse actions that the city has been historically known for.

Lot even offered his two daughters to be raped by the horde of men instead of having himself raped. Lot isn’t the most honorable man by any means, but he does this to protect the two messengers, further showing the value of men over women in many instances in the Old Testament.

So, Lot, his wife and his two daughters ran from the city and were ordered to not look back at the city, or even stop in the plains as they traveled to the nearest town, named Zoar. If they did they would die.

And you know who died, and who lingered, Lot’s wife. All it says in Genesis 19:26 is “But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.” That’s it. Just one glance over her shoulder as Lot whisked the women away, was transformed into a pillar of salt.

She was erased from the earth, for not letting go of her fixation and connection to the debauchery of the city, which many people compare modern day Las Vegas or Amsterdam to.

Thus, bringing me up on the first takeaway from the story here:

1) Women are heavily influenced by their society

Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing to offer her other than a debaucherous life. She was likely sleeping around or engaging in other activities, for she too, just like Potiphar’s wife, didn’t even have a name in the Bible.

Her body was leaving the city but she thought that her soul was still in it. Not once does it show that Lot wanted to stay in the city. He hoped that it would be spared out of mercy, but he ran from the city, not wanting to leave it behind.

A lot of women of the world today can’t leave their soulless selves behind and want to continue this way of debauchery. The devil’s in the white dress linger everywhere. Men, we have to realize that women will go as men go. Women will go as the more powerful entities will go, as the larger groups go, and that’s society. Men are partly at fault here, especially the baller-holler-shot caller, 20-inch rims on the Impala society.

If women see that’s where their value is because men are placing value in women in that way, then they will linger around and want to see Sodom and Gomorrah even as it is destroyed.

Women have a fragile mind and when directed in the right way, they still may stray because of a more powerful pull that is their flesh. Just as Eve was told not to eat of the apple, knowing it was bad, she still wanted more. She wanted that thrill. Lot too, she was uncertain about her life ahead. But, Lot’s wife only had status because she was the wife of the one “righteous man” in Sodom and Gomorrah that deserved to be saved, yet she wanted to be with the “bad boys” so to speak, or walking down the strip in Las Vegas, lurking. She had two kids, but she still didn’t want that. She didn’t have faith in the leadership of Lot, and turned back to go back to thrills of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Her life was Sodom and Gomorrah. There was nothing in her, how many women are like that still today men? There are many.

2) Don’t settle for a woman that is hanging on

Lot’s wife was half-committed. Lot was fully committed. Do you think he knew what was next? Do you think he knew where he was going? No, but he knew it was the only way to save his family.

Despite the sacrifice that Lot was making, she was not willing to commit to what he was. Men, women like this can hold you back. You don’t have to wait for a woman that will stand behind. She was the last of the group, behind Lot and the two daughters. She was tarrying.

Many of us men, I’m sure there are some of you watching this video that are in relationships right now that are keeping you from moving on. That would rather look back at their exes, the excitement of their past days, their flinging, partying and so forth, and would rather not stand for you. This goes both ways for women and men, but it’s becoming even more prevalent with women today that hit the wall earlier and look back on their days in their early 20s when they said, soon I will find a good man, but for now I want the bad boy.

I’ve been in those relationships myself, where I was slowed down by their tarrying. Their continual search to stay as a child in mind and not make the sacrifices needed to move on to the next step in life, even if it is one that is scary and uncertain to take.

She’s got one command to follow. “Don’t look or stop,” But, she rather choose the opposite of that one command and suffer the consequences. Often us men make that same concession to women. Just be there and show that you care. That’s all we want at the end of a work day or week, to know that after my day is stressful that I can come home and see you and rest with you and recharge. That you will have my back, but not look back.

Because men, besides your thoughts, the only thing that you own is your time. You don’t any of your time, regardless if you have a woman in your life or not. Every man is working on a loan. We are working on loaned time, and will always be working on loaned time.

Having a woman that is tarrying is a woman that you need to let turn into a pillar of salt okay. Let her turn to salt, and keep going to your next town. This may be metaphorical, or this could be literal. But you don’t have time for a woman like this, and it’s another reason why going MGTOW allows you to set your pace.

3) When you’re MGTOW, you define your pace

I talk about this all of the time. Set a pace. You can set your own pace in MGTOW.

I also talk all the time about the difference between external and internal pressures and motivators. It’s like being in a group at cross country practice. Some coaches emphasize staying in a group and not wavering from it because it is about being on a team and so forth. When you’re married, you have to accommodate the speed of another person.

Lot had to hang on to his two daughters even here, despite running ahead of his wife. He couldn’t set his own pace, and when he did set his own pace, he lost his wife.

So, often men, you have two paths to choose from. You can choose to go at your own pace and go MGTOW, or go at your own pace that satisfies you but you may lose your wife or girlfriend. Or you can accommodate that person and go at a slower pace than you would desire to keep your wife or girlfriend, and maybe not make the trip to the next town or the next job at the speed that you would want.

That’s what is going on here men in this story. Nothing has changed once again, just no cities are being destroyed by fire and brimstone yet.

So men, enjoy this Sunday. Sunday is a great day. Recharge this Sunday night, let me know what you’re doing. What you’re reading. Grad school is coming on and work is really busy, but good right now, so I haven’t been able to get to emails, but I will ASAP if you’re still waiting on a response.

You know what to do men. Pop up those hoodies and don’t look back. If you’ve gotta let her turn to salt, do it.

Hoodies up, hoodie is long gone.

MGTOW – Travis Scott Knocks up Kylie Jenner | Giving into the “Goddess”

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Saturday at 7:30 a.m. and I’m recording this right now, and I can say with the utmost peace in my heart that I do not have a baby on the way. If I want to wake up and eat eggo waffles and watch Ed, Edd and Eddy then I can. I don’t have to get up, go to Babies-R-Us and stress about how I’m going to find money to pay for the $300,000 responsibility that will be coming my way.

But you know who will, Travis Scott. Not many of you guys know who this is I’m sure, and probably with good reason. Being a 23-year old, while I’m a huge Pink Floyd, Jackson Browne, Rush, Pearl Jam and Guns ‘N Roses fan, I do love some rap occasionally when I work out out.

For those of you youngins, I love Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, as both of their styles are very echoey, expansive and sometimes depressing. I listen to them all the time and it inspires me just with pure rhythm. Do I subscribe to the “I had to pop another xan just to reset philosophy?” No. But I do listen, and unfortunately I don’t know if I will be doing much more listening because he just impregnated 20-year old Kylie Jenner just as his career was skyrocketing.

I’m not here to talk rap mumbo jumbo guys, I’m here to point out why having a kid could be the worst career decision in your life. It could be actually worse than losing your job. In Travis’ case, it could be worse than not releasing the album that he’s been intending to drop for the last few months.

1) Your Career Declines

You know why guys like Kris Humphries, an NBA player, had their career decline immediately upon beginning to date Kardashians. In fact, there are 12 well-known men that have had this happen – it’s because it produces a debased mind and a debased set of thinking.

You begin to kowtow to their standards. A woman like this, especially with an entire gynocentric culture behind them, will be able to leverage themselves against you in any way possible. Not only do they have the fact that they’re the female in a relationship, and use that to position themselves against you, they have the media against you. They have their family against you. They have millions of dollars, lawyers and entire beauty industries against you. They have hordes of 13-24 year-old girls waiting to tear your eye balls out.

Almost nothing you do will suffice and will be able to top the next thing that one of their lovers could do, regardless of who it is. In their mind, they know that they can do no wrong and they know that they will receive the backing to divorce you or whatever they desire to do.

You can’t marry a goddess. Do you think there will be an ounce of submission or respect? No. Kanye West even.

2) A woman cuts into your savageness

The supposed most savage man in all of entertainment or Hip-Hop. The one that interrupted Taylor Swift and told her to get off the stage, will even succumb to the lure of a Kardashian. If you look at Kanye West’s Twitter page, he has millions of followers. But you know who he is following, the one person that he is following, it’s Kim Kardashian. Some men may say, wow that’s really commendable and shows amazing individual commitment.

You know how I see it as a man. No matter the backing you have as a man. You could be General Patton, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry, I don’t know. The most masculine figure.

Regardless of how many followers you have, you will always be following a woman if you have a woman in your life. If you don’t, any effort that you did put into her will be for naught and she will make a more concerted effort to.

Just like the video I made regarding sex is her power and is what gives her that power, having a child with a woman is the ultimate element of giving your power over to her. A man’s power rests in his money and his status, but the ultimate form – the Pokemon final evolution of a woman in her eyes is having a child. When this happens you give over yourself and make the statement that you are committing to her to take care of this baby. While you can say, no I’m not and just pay child support from afar, if you are any sort of self-respecting man you will realize that a child raised without a father is just going to be subdued by the gynocentric culture and family that he is raised in and further perpetuate the widening gap between how we are living and how we should be living, which is the MGTOW way.

3) Your risk-taking ability and creativity are gone

While Travis Scott is a multi-millionaire, and so is Kylie, and regardless of how steep the future alimony and child support payments become, he will be able to pay them.

But that doesn’t apply to you and me. Your career path has to be defined, rigid and rife with benefits. This is much like the video I made titled, “you can lose your job”. Because if you don’t have a child to support, a woman to support, you can lose your job with about 80 percent less consequence as I would estimate.

Travis Scott has depended on risk to have his career shine.

At the beginning of his career he was in college at the University of Texas – San Antonio. Instead of using tuition money and money for books and food that his parents thought they were sending him, Travis was actually using it to buy studio time and plane tickets.

His parents eventually found out, he dropped out and ended up being so broke that he didn’t even own a phone and was couch surfing back and forth throughout those two cities.

The epitome of risk.

Today, his artistic ventures in music are completely based in risk as well. He does not produce the catchy music, he doesn’t focus on the club hopping type of track, he focuses on the obscure, datamoshing, obtuse, dark synths and echoey noises that were ingrained in him by Kid Cudi as a fan growing up.

Bottom line, he takes artistic risks and depends on taking artistic risks. If that’s what you want to be known by, if you want to be known by the artistic risks and the adventurousness of you career, you likely won’t be able to.

You see many people in the media, on social media and so forth that are fans of Travis Scott and are expressing their concern about this. Not only do they want him to be apart of the debased family that is the Kardashians, they understand the severity of this.

Even white knight manginas will make the statement like, oh man, now he is going to become soft, or no wonder it’s taking him forever to release this album – it sounds like a half-hearted joke, but I believe these comments are rooted in media representations of men as they become overcome with gynocentrism through marriage or after having a kid.

For example, I saw on my snapchat story from one of my teammates in college that one of his friends was getting married in eight days. Despite living with this guy, my friend said, “I will never see this man again.” It sounds funny and tongue in cheek, but it’s actually accurate.

Regardless of how well Travis handles this, his energy is going to be pulled into different directions. Even if you’re negligent of the child and maybe he never sees Kylie or the kid again, I believe that a biological energy pulls you back to that kid and takes from the clarity that you could otherwise have if you didn’t have a kid.

This definitely reflects the arguments that I’ve made about having sexual partners and how even if you go pump and dump, you’re liable of carrying the energy that they possessed and holding on to their DNA and influence over your days. It’s a bond that is not meant to be numbed.

Is this sustainable?

While the mind and the dick might be satisfied by a 20-year old at the moment, if you go by the rule of 100 – which is a rule that many men use. It states that by the time that you have sex with a person 100 times, it doesn’t become special anymore and they want to move on to a new person. He’s with a 20-year old. Even if they only have sex 20 times a year for the next five years, she hits the rule of 100 by 25, when she is still sexually viable, and thanks to millions and millions of dollars, will be able to get any facial reconstruction or implant operation that she wants.

This is not sustainable. He’s traveling constantly, always on the road, constantly near girls that will literally perform any sexual favor for him at any moment, you think that this can last in today’s world? Especially with the queen of Insta on the other side?

Man…I can’t believe this news.

While I’m sure most of you guys don’t care about this news, and I ultimately don’t care what path he takes in his life – other than I don’t want him to stop making music – but there is much to be had about MGTOW here.

I think it’s possible that even hypergamy played a role in Travis’ decision to have a kid with her as well, if it was intentional that is. But, in three years he may be a on a new girl – Considering he was getting it in with Rihanna for a while.

Do whatever the heck you wanna do today! If you can cut yourself off from social media and the Internet, of course watch my videos, haha, enjoy your time outside. Get grounded. Just take time to think, as I haven’t done that in a bit. Relax and breath. All of those things are things I need to do as well.

It’s still hot out here in September, but keep that lighter hoodie on! Pretty soon it’s gunna be parka hoodie time my men, and I want you to be ready for those months! Never bring that hoodie down. Hold your razor, and enjoy this stress free, solitude Saturday!

As always, hit me up with a hoodies up in the comments below and do not forget to email me! If there is one thing I enjoy doing and enjoy the most from making these videos, it’s getting emails from you guys. Make that happen and hit me up at!


Hoodies up my men. Hoodie is out.

MGTOW – We Can’t Get Laid

Welcome back MGTOW Men! You know what today is, it’s freedom Friday. What a day to be alive. I have to work this weekend, but my weekend is still intact after that because you know why, I don’t have to spend all Sunday making up for my long work day by spending it with her. I can do as I please, and men – us MGTOW men are leaving the crazy circus known as the sexual marketplace because we want to leave as well.

Today’s article is inspired by a question from a viewer and it is in regards to my take on simply abandoning the SMP and going MGTOW. A lot of critics of MGTOW merely claim that men are leaving the sexual marketplace, and that they are not fully going MGTOW as a result. They are simply venturing down a road of avoidance and fear of getting hurt or continually being denied.

How sad.

Here’s the email:

If clarifying this distinction might be helpful to your listeners, feel free to do a video on this instead of replying to my comment:


From your perspective, Is there a difference between simply abandoning the SMP and MGTOW? I get it. You’re an athlete. You’re not a fat slob. You are focused on self Development. But I’ve heard you mention having *2 dating relationships* – unless you’ve slept with a lot of women outside those 2… Then you’ve never really experienced abundance mentality.

My question stands. Where do you draw the distinction between Simply abandoning the SMP and going mgtow?

I’ve heard this discussed in the manosphere… An obese video game jockey decides to quit the SMP (which he was never a player in)… And calls himself mgtow. THAT’S mgtow?

While your situation is different, can you honestly report that you’ve experienced abundance? Isn’t abundance Inseparable from the red pill?

So sex with two women (n# = 2) followed by abandoning the SMP… is MGTOW?

I’m being genuine when I assert this question and topic. I’m not making fun of you. I’m impressed with your content, although I have not had a chance to listen to it all yet. You are obviously intelligent and I’m not even criticizing your decision to exit the SMP. I’m trying to understand how you are using these terms and Concepts.

Great question. And it’s nice to actually receive a coherent question considering on my Gym Thot video, which according to Jerry Liu has hit the BluePill subreddit, cracking me up even more, I have been called gay, likely fat and out of shape, afraid of women, emasculated, or any version of that.

It’s a central criticism of MGTOW. It’s also common for those to perceive that men are simply leaving the SMP are doing so because of a lack of confidence. You theoretically only act in aversion to something because fear is underpinning it.

First off, MGTOW men can get laid. I find it amazingly hard to believe that a man that has never had sex or never dated a woman would go so far as to swear off both for the rest of their life by going MGTOW without actually having the experience.

I look at good and evil as a template to understand this. We do not know good if we don’t know evil. If there was no evil in the world, things that are good would have no quality as being good. They would be standard. Ultimately, we need some relative standard to compare our existence without a relationship and without a woman to our times when we do.

Men, if they can step away from things like alcohol, drugs and most importantly – vagina – will more likely be able to think rationally and think in a logical format. We will add up the positives and negatives of being with a woman and having sex vs. not being with a woman, not having sex but having other benefits, and we will determine what we want more.

Because men’s value is derived from their work, power and money, more often than not if you’ve dated and had sex and deem it not valuable or worth it, you will choose the endeavors – such as more time working or on your hobbies instead.

You don’t know one without the other, and it will take either a scarring or traumatic experience, extreme Jedi-ness (whatever that entails), or witnessing a powerful experience in another’s life to make me believe that a man could go MGTOW without actually having sex and being in a relationship.

Yes, I’ve dated two girls and have only had sex with two girls. In fact, I’ve only ever even kissed three girls throughout my life. Not  only is being a “player” not something I’m interested in but it also conflicts with my own value system. That’s my ultimate stance and reason as to why I haven’t played the field. It’s contributed to why I am exiting the SMP, because if I’m not going to be committed to this chick, which obviously I don’t want to as MGTOW, then why even linger around in the SMP.

Being a collegiate athlete and so forth, I’ve always been fixated on not only practicing but working out, running, lifting. The same goals apply to other areas of my life and I simply haven’t had the time or energy to even venture around in the SMP. Both of the girls I dated, especially the first one, had really high SMV. She was multiethnic and possessed western and eastern features, a fusion of hair color that was uncommon and a unique facial structure. She was desired at my school and was dating a senior when she was a freshman in college, who was on the football team.

I’ve had a number of other opportunities to date, three to be exact in high school, and I didn’t even have the social connections that most people have – including not having a smart phone or even bringing my phone to school, not having Facebook, Myspace or anything else to keep me on the continual train for tail – and I still received interest from girls, only to turn them down for Bulls vs. Lakers games, or cold called in the hallway after Chemistry class, stating simply that I wasn’t interested in dating.

That being said, I think the main difference between merely “opting” out of the SMP and going MGTOW is what is your end game? What are the intentions. If the intentions are fear based and doubt based – i.e. “I don’t want rejection, I doubt I can get a girl, etc..” then you’re opting out. But, if you’re going MGTOW because you have dreams and goals that you truly don’t believe can be accomplished while playing the field, then it’s really “going MGTOW.”

Sure, there is some gray area, but if I were to make this deduction as quickly as possible, that’s what I would say. I wouldn’t say the abundance is necessary either, it’s just the norm – because look at the world we live in. Sex is constantly around us, casting its alluring glow at us. Of course many of us have been around and experienced the burns that have come of it. There isn’t a one-size fit all option, and because I don’t subscribe to a hooking up method then I simply see it a better venture to go MGTOW and save myself time, money and sanity.

The is a severe inflation in regards to sex today. Any man can get sex nearly anytime that they want it, even in a nation such as the U.S. where prostitution is legalized. Any man that wants female validation can get it. He may not be able to get his 10 that he believes he’s entitled to, but if that’s the case he’s gotta take a freaking red pill and get his head out of the clouds because he’s not helping anything by lingering in the train of thought that he can have her.

This especially applies to girls, but unless your exorbitantly wealthy or possess some other unique status within your community, your sexual rating usually correlates with the type of woman that you will receive. Get this out of your head and understand that women like attention, and go to freaking school, work, even McDonald’s, even McDonald’s and try day after to day to pick up a chick.

You’re liable to stumble on one chick that is looking for male attention and would entertain at least having sex with you. For men to go down the road of prostitution amazes me, because there are 3.5 billion women in the world and many of them understand that to entrance a man is to have sex with them. They want power, and thus many of them will offer it to them.

So, the next time that you get shamed for not dating, marrying or even going out to have sex with women, just know that Hoodie sent you. And you know what else sent you? The fact that vagina can’t help you pay your rent bill, tuition bill, insurance or invest into your 401K.


Men, freedom Friday is yours. What do you want to do with yours? To let me know you know what to do, hit me up with a Freedom Friday and then your activity of choice in the comment section that is only made possible by the freedom that MGTOW affords.

I got all caught up on emails last night! But you know what that means, I need more of them! Please hit me up with an email at I usually get back with 1-48 hours and love to chat, whether it’s just to kick it, to set up an interview, discuss a life experience or even make a video request. I look forward to your email.

Pop those hoodies. Zone out. Hoodies up, hoodie is zoning out.

MGTOW – What Career Should I Pursue?

Welcome back MGTOW men.

I get the question often, especially from young MGTOWs in college and high school, what profession do I go into? So, for all of you guys that have asked me that question, this is my take on it for today and I hope that you can find some advice from it.

Men, the number one thing right here that trumps it all, is that when you ask me what type of job I should get and you also say that you’re going MGTOW, I want to say to you this most important thing:

Your job does not mean the same thing that the job to a 33-year old recently married with two kids husband does. When you’re MGTOW your job is a tool, it’s not your existence.

Brothers, that’s one of the main reasons I go MGTOW and was the biggest fear of mine during my first relationship. She wanted to have kids at the time and she had some major debts to pay off and I said, okay – if I can remove about $500,000 or so in not having kids and avoid another $100K in extraneous expenses that come from marriage, getting possessions I don’t want and so forth, then that’s about 12 years of my income.

Men, you just gained yourself 12 years of freedom that you would have otherwise signed away at the altar. So, when you ask me what type of job you want, please first ask yourself what the heck your end game is. If you want to marry and date, this isn’t even the same question. It becomes something different.

Because, unless you get lucky and miraculously marry a coupon-clipper, who will be crazy for other reasons, your biggest expense is likely going to be your marriage and what comes of it.

So These Are Some of My Highly Recommended Jobs:

  • Engineer of some sort
  • Serve in the military
  • Computer science or information technologies, programming
  • Trade skills, welding, mechanic
  • Government research (friend with Naval Research Lab)
  • Scientific research
  • Internet marketer
  • Stock trader or broker
  • For those into sports, working in baseball or hockey is your best bet
  • Have a few side gigs
    • Blog, sell a product online, offer some online service
  • Tour guide (kayak guide)
  • Martial arts or self-defense guide or teacher


  • Many public relations or advertising jobs (my experiences)
  • Education
  • Working at a university
  • Working in social justice areas or social work of some sort
  • Psychology/counseling
  • Politics and law

Thus, I’d be recommending you the jobs with the big bucks okay, and a lot of long hours, otherwise you likely won’t keep your marriage or much of your money. You’re talking about an engineer, computer scientist, someone in the medical field, a high-level lawyer, or other risky blue collar occupations such as being an under-water welder.

So men, that’s principle number one whenever you think about asking me what type of job you should have. Your job does not mean the same as Joe from down the street that has tied the knot.

We have to retrain our thinking and grow to understand that why we work is mainly to support a family. There is value ascribed to working and more specifically a male working, because it’s genetically coded into us and because society has even a genetic, not just cultural, expectation that we be an altruistic provider.

My message in response to that is that why would I want to put undue amounts of stress on myself just to support and provide for one person and the kids. Wouldn’t I want to live without the external pressures of having to bring back venison to the camp every night, and instead if I do bring back venison to my camp, I can benefit myself and then search out whoever needs help that night. You in turn can end up benefiting a much larger scope of people, creating a much wider lens of influence with your charity and thus make stronger societal bonds with those around you, helping improve your happiness and internal and external value.

This is the underlying principle behind any MGTOW that goes his own way and is looking for work. Remember this, you’re not the same as a man that is dating or married. You’re not only not married to a female, you’re not married to a career.

2) From there, do what is going to afford you the most freedom

What affords you the most freedom? There are two paths that can be taken here. You can either bite the bullet now and take a job that you don’t like and have to slog through but brings in big bills in order to afford you flexibility and the ability to travel and live off what you’ve saved and not even work anything more than a part-time job or a small self-run enterprise once you have gained what you need to survive.

You can take this route. Maybe this is a sales job or an administrative job that requires you to be around co-workers you are not privy to spend time with, or a largely female work demographic. But, also consider that stress, even if it’s only across a five-year time span and not a 15-20 year time period, can incur a large loss in the longevity of your overall life.

Always important to weigh the pros and cons.

The other angle to the most freedom is choosing the job right off the bat that allows you to have a lot of freedom. This may be a couple of low-paying but low stress part-time jobs that are simple and allow you to focus almost exclusively on your hobbies, traveling and improving areas of yourself that you wouldn’t have the willpower or physical energy to pursue if you were going all out as a lawyer.

The problem with this is that you may not be able to save up with any personal investments and will potentially have low satisfaction. Many MGTOW men, and I’ve suffered from this, realize that because they won’t have the normal external pressures that force a man to reach high levels – they often settle for jobs and won’t reach the heights that they could and also reach levels of self-actualization that are attainable.

There is always the saying that a man doesn’t make his money until he is married. This is true in many cases, but being conscious of this trend is what can make us different MGTOW men. We can recognize where the external motivation comes from and see that it may be lacking, and instead compensate by recognizing the difference that we could make in whatever field we pursue because of all the other free time that going our own way gives us.

My dad has worked at the same job for 40+ years and while he has enjoyed it at times, it’s beating him down. I always said to him and to others that he would be living in a cardboard box if he didn’t get married and have three kids. The dude doesn’t ever buy anything new for himself and doesn’t give two wooden nickels other than coming home, eating dinner, watching the Cubs and listening to talk radio before he falls asleep.

He would be living in a freaking box, no doubt. But, being married likely gave him an additional fire. Just be aware of the differences in motivation between a man that just has his mouth to feed, vs. a man that has his mouth and other person’s mouth to feed.

Control Your Environment

Don’t understress the importance of who your boss is. By all means, make it a prime priority to only accept a job and interview where you know that you will have a male boss.

Also, always determine and control the environment that you’re choosing to interact with people. Often times the battleground that you’re in determines whether or not you’ll run into a manipulator in the first place.

This also goes with searching for a job. During an interview for example, make sure to be proactive when you are interviewed. When they give you an opportunity to speak and ask questions, ask many questions and speak on behalf of yourself. Ask them how much autonomy that you will have in the position, how much power to make decisions, what the work culture is like, etc. An employer that you want to work for is honest, doesn’t put you down for that question and is open to you changing how things are done if indeed you offer a better alternative to them. That’s my advice. Employers that aren’t open to change will stifle your own growth and progress. This is especially important because you will be at the start of your career and likely won’t want to work at this location for the rest of your life. Also, it’s important because you want to be able to improve certain skills, try out new responsibilities, and build your resume. Working for men is a far better option in my opinion as well, because they won’t feel threatened by supervising a man when compared against having a woman be your supervisor. Naturally, women are not used to being in control and having the power in a relationship. If they are in control and a man is who they’re controlling, oftentimes they will try to overcompensate for the biological confusion that they’re feeling. Men on the other hand are often more open to suggestions, your will to advance in the company and cohesion – especially as gender warfare continues to rage its way through the world.

Obviously this topic could be discussed in much further length, but that’s up for you guys to continue. Hit me up in the comment section, like, subscribe and send an email my way at I will get back to you and many times your emails spawn ideas for me!

But, get through this hump day today. Kick back and catch up on your hobbies tonight, and as you guys know, hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – My MGTOW Mutton Chops

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Tuesday, hope the week is starting well for you. I’m a bit busy right now, my last year of grad school is speeding up and work is getting busier, but they’re blessings.

You know what was also a blessing? The fact that I had mutton chops for six months of my sophomore year of college. Looking back, there was nothing stronger as a chick repellant than having mutton chops, a facial hairstyle that may have gotten me laid during the Civil War, but when you bring it into 2013 and 2014, all it does is make the chicks run the other way.

And, it was great.

The reason that I got mutton chops is because I was a pitcher and more specifically, the closer on my baseball team. It fit the persona that I wanted to have and my six suitemates, all of which were athletes, encouraged me to pursue this. I basically did it for them, more or less, it was for bro culture.

The key here is that besides one of them, all of them had girlfriends, some of which were long term, and two of them are married right now. Would they have ever been able to do that and have scruffy, un trimmed mutton chops for even a month, let alone six months? Not a chance.

I didn’t even trim these things for six months straight, or groom them. I let them grow as they did, obviously trimming near my chin to help separate each side. They got so long and scraggly it looked like a giant bush protruding from both sides of my face. This is the same time that sunrise had just started to pop up his hoodie, going his own way each morning to get a workout in, take care of work and basically get everything done early before anyone else had even eaten breakfast.

This was the peak of my MGTOW moves before I knew what MGTOW was, and it was personified by these mutton chops, and it sure did repel the females, particularly this one girl named Lauren. She wasn’t a dime but she was good looking. She ran cross country at my college and her sister is a Division I softball player.

So, Lauren had had classes with me as a freshman, just a year before that. I’d see her at class, around at the gym or even at parties as she was a bit lit. She would always be talking to me, macking on me and during my sophomore year we had another class with me, which was actually an Intro to New Testament class.

Many times she asked to hang out and study, and she was in a sorority so I would go over to the sorority house and help her study as it wasn’t a topic that she was familiar with as she was a physics major, and I was on the other end of the academic spectrum. I still remember during class period the professor asked her opinion about something regarding a question and she answered, “whatever sunrise thinks is best.”

Basically, if I said let’s smash in the bathroom after class, she would be down. But, as I was going my own I didn’t even give her the time of day and after the semester ended my chops growing kicked up and really go into high gear.

In fact, as I picked up my sister from the airport over Christmas break that year, she hadn’t seen my chops and actually wouldn’t hug me, and I hadn’t seen her in about six months at that point! Women have their opinions and if you stray from them all of a sudden you’re disgusting I suppose.

But, as Lauren saw me less and less we would only run into each other on occasion at the gym or on the way to class. Each time my chops got longer and each time she asked me, “hoodie when are you going to get rid of those chops?!” She never said why or anything, but always asked with some displeasure.

I would say, hey it’s for baseball, I’m keeping them until the season starts. I’d see her more and more, and still, the same question, and the same answer. And after the about the third time, I never spoke to her again. She was in school one more year during my time in college, and during that whole year even when I went by her, she didn’t bat an eyelash, and looking back on this situation now as a MGTOW, it’s so hilarious. I didn’t really know what was going on to the full extent that I know now as MGTOW, but there is a lot to be gleaned from this simple situation.

1) These are tests to see if a girl can control you

This was clearly a test that she was giving me to see if I would alter my appearance based on her preferences. Many girls when you begin to date them will look to alter your wardrobe, alter your hairstyles or even make an effort to get you to conform to the style that they have in mind. I’ve even had a girlfriend that wanted me to change my hairstyle and get as many tattoos as I could conjure up. Yes, I think some tattoos are cool, and I expressed this, but not at the expense of a check.

Nothing says I want to live off welfare more than getting a neck tattoo.

These were tests that I had to evade, even before we actually started having serious conversations. We weren’t far, far away from even dating or hooking up, but these tests were already at work as she was testing the waters and running her own trial balloon to see if I was malleable.

The thing her though, is that for some girls, this stubbornness from a guy, if he persists on it for long enough, turns into an attraction for them. They see that he isn’t going to back down and is going to have a backbone, which depending on the girl, can either deter them or it can attract you. You have to watch out for both.

2) Girls want conformity

I was the only student in our entire college with mutton chops. Do girls like conformity, yes! And it even applies to something as trivial as a hairstyle.

The reason for this is that conformity means acceptance. When you are in a tribe and you conform to the standards, you chip in and follow the leader, you are accepted. You then are not perceived to be a threat and you’re not perceived to be a hinderance to the tribe as well.

Women follow group think and are ultimately more of a follower gender than males, who are the leaders and think more independently because the demands of work, invention, finances and so forth, require it in order to make life more efficient and easy.

But having mutton chops, while trivial, it’s an example that I may not provide this security of conformity. I may not get the latest haircut style and clothes that would express my elitism amongst other men, and ultimately make her feel more protected.

Don’t look past these simple examples. There is a lot of truth behind them.

3) You Can Do Whatever the Heck You Want Without a Chick

Just like ImmortalMindz said in his video, “Ice cream for breakfast”, if you don’t have a woman telling you that have to have eggs, pancakes and sausage for breakfast, then why can’t you have Ben & Jerry’s if you want it.

There is a reason that I was the only one of my baseball friends and suitemates that I had chops. Do you think their girls would want to make out with a dude as they were getting scratched by my scraggly chops, heck no, and I don’t blame them.

But what matters to you more, pursuing something like a new hairstyle that you can steadily enjoy all day long and each day, or just making sure you cut that hair in order that you can get from first base and all the way home.

I’ll take the daily satisfaction in going my own way, even when it comes to my facial hair, instead of not going my own way so I can walk the tightrope that leads back to sex. Because that’s what men are doing when they’re in relationships, walking that tightrope to do whatever it takes to get them to the point of having sex. You best believe I had to either maintain a shaven face or get that five o’clock shadow always going when I dated.

Maybe it’s time to not just pop the hoodie guys. Hold the razor, grow the chops. Go Ambrose Burnside on these broads!

So, brothers, as usual, it’s hoodies up in the comment section. But today, let’s go hold the razor to let me know that you made it to the end and could relate to this story of mine from college, which was an unexpected MGTOW message that was being created at the time!

Hold them razors boys, let it grow.

Once again, thanks for reading and continue to grow, learn and improve yourself today. Please contact me at I will always get back to your emails, and often feature them in videos.

As always guys, you know the drill – hoodies up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW – David and Bathsheba

Welcome back MGTOW men. This is a really late MGTOW sermon Sunday I realize, but I had some other stuff to do today including having a great conversation with one of my favorite YouTube content creators, please check him out, JerryLiu.

I’ll link the video in the description for your guys to check out, and please do! We go all over the place, including MGTOW, MGTOW in movies, hobbies and happiness as a MGTOW man!

Today, we will be looking at the most well known instance of adultery in the Bible. David and Bathsheba. Men, this story is one of the stories that resonated with me as a kid growing up in church. I remember the exact room that we studied in and the teacher that I had.

Men, this story looks at the treachery that sex can create in a man’s heart. While this is also about a woman committing adultery, this is more about our hearts as man and how David ignored his role and responsibility as a “Man after God’s own heart” and the King of an entire nation!

I didn’t have my MGTOW lenses on then, but I knew that this story looked into the human heart and more importantly, looked into the hearts of men and women individually – what we want, our desires and most importantly – how fallible and vulnerable we are.

This passage can be found in 2 Samuel Chapter 11-12 if you want to follow along. I will give a brief background on David. David was described in the Bible as a man after God’s own heart. He took down Goliath with a stone and was chosen and set aside by God from the very beginning.

Denying His Call as Man and a Leader

David was King of Israel at the time and he was home in his palace in Jerusalem during war that Israel was waging against one of their foes, the Ammonites. In the first verse in chapter 11, it states, “They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.”

Men, this is where the problem begins. We as men when we are in leadership roles, we are called to stand up in them. Whether it’s as a leader at work, on a sports team, in the military or even as a husband or father, men are meant to fulfill this role. David didn’t. The king, the warrior that took down David that ignited an Israeli revolt and comeback against the Philistines, stayed back at home instead of being with his men at war.

This is where his failure is first at.

Idle Hands Lead to Sin

Being idle is the devil’s work as it says in the Bible. The times that I have struggled the most in life, whether it’s with depression, which I had off and on struggles with during junior high and high school, and also with pornography and masturbation, was during times that I didn’t feel like I belonged amongst a group of men that were working towards something.

This is a calling within us men that can’t be shaken. Men have to have this pursuit, even if it’s not in a group setting. They have to be moving forward towards something. Our minds drift and we lose the feeling of value and thus we need to find an immediate replacement for value, which is often the lustful “value” created in having sex with a chick you shouldn’t.

Idle hands lead to these situations, and disconnecting from men can as well. David was away from the war his brothers were waging and instead his eyes drifted to Bathsheba, who was married to a man named Uriah, who happened to be fighting in the war at that very moment.

“One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to find out about her.”

And guess what happens. David in his idleness, gets Bathsheba pregnant.

And in order to cover up the fact that Bathsheba is pregnant and Uriah would certainly not be the father, David tries to cover up his sin and shame by ordering that Uriah be sent to the front lines of battle in order that he be killed.

But, before that – David sends a messenger to bring Uriah home. Uriah returns to his wife and David tells him to go spend time with Bathsheba and to lay with her in order that when Bathsheba’s pregnancy becomes public, it appears that Uriah is the father.

Uriah is the stand up guy that honors himself, his country his wife and God. And guess what, he loses. Uriah says that he will not lay with his wife as it was military rule not to lay with one’s wife while men were out away from their wives and fighting in war.

Shortly after, Uriah returns to battle and dies – freeing David from Uriah’s wraith, but bringing on God’s judgment in the process.

Sex is never enough

According to the Bible David had many wives. He had eight to be exact and for him to not have enough from this but to also call for Bathsheba, who was married and married to one of his soldiers no less, is just a testament that men – sex will never satisfy you in the long run if you perceive it to be what is going to satisfy you.

You are always going to want more if you pursue as something that must be had and is means to an end in all your actions throughout life.

When I’ve cut myself off from sex, I’ve wanted it less. I’ve been grounded in my thoughts and so forth, that’s when I was able to stay strong. Men, after masturbating one time during my sophomore year of high school, I went no fap for four straight years. I didn’t masturbate until after having sex and losing my virginity at age 20.

And guess what happened when I started having sex, I needed to masturbate. It was a dopamine wiring inside of me that I had created, and I had developed neural networks that needed to fire and couldn’t stay dormant.

Men, I don’t want to state this stuff to say that sex is inherently bad. It’s not and has many benefits when done right, but sex will never be enough if it’s something you expect to get enough from.

Sex will make you throw away everything

David was willing to throw away everything here. He was willing to throw away his personal respect as a man and as a king by committing adultery with one of his soldier’s wives. If this were to be found out, as king David, he would be protected ultimately.

But, he would lose respect amongst his men and this could potentially lead to a fissure within his command and his council.

Men, how many times have we thrown personal respect away for the sake of dating a woman. We’ve cut off friendships with people, familial ties and work ties even because we wanted a fling and fell into lust with a woman.

Regardless of what you’ve accomplished and what you have as a man, as David did as a chosen man before God – and one that is prophesied to carry the genetic line that Jesus would come out of, you are still not free from this temptation to throw everything away for sex.

We Have to Look at the Women Here As Well

Bathsheba certainly knew where King David’s palace was and she certainly knew that many men could see her bathing on the rooftop. First of all, it was night time – what was she doing bathing on the roof at night? The sun would not have been out.

Bathsheba would have likely been home alone and lonely at the time – and may have even sunken into the “abandonment” phase of having a husband away at war – even if he is doing something venerable.

But two things are at play here, and these two things apply directly to our world today – it’s hypergamy and it’s women cheating when their men are away at war – serving an entity that it larger than both of them and doing something that will benefit their lives going forward, whether it is to earn respect, money or even free education.

Bathsheba may not have had any say and may not have been able to deny David sex as David was the King, but she certainly wouldn’t have been able to forego the opportunity to be the one that carried David’s child. Her husband was a soldier, and this was the King David that killed Goliath? Of course she was going to have sex with him, all out of hypergamy.

Secondly, this is the modern application of women cheating on men when they are away at war. Whenever I went away from my girlfriends in the past, whether it’s just for a short time or for a month, I never felt fully secure. Even if I had to be away. There is always this ounce of doubt that they will stay committed, even if they know you’re away serving.

Men, these things haven’t changed, and this was well over 2,000 years ago. Just as we saw with Potiphar’s wife and Samson and Delilah, there is nothing new under the sun.

Lastly men, these things don’t leave you

While Uriah died and David was free of the shame and eventually went on to marry Bathsheba, which is even more screwed up, one of the strongest and most discouraging verses in the Bible is this one, very similar to Samson losing his strength when it says, “but he did not know the Lord had left him”. The passage says, but the thing he had done displeased the Lord.

Men, when we do things like this – when I’ve made poor choices in the past, the problems – even if there aren’t any physical ones like children or alimony, never leave you. They never go away. They will always be there.

You know what happened to this son. He died. He died just shortly after being born. He mourned for him and he wept and repented. This likely scarred David for the rest of his life. Don’t take these things lightly, even if you don’t end up getting Bathsheba pregnant men.

David and Saul

One last thing that I want to touch on is that, sexual restraint is not the same power as restrain in other areas of our moral compass. We can be honest, trustworthy and so forth – but being faced with a sexual temptation falls under a different umbrella.

David was being pursued by Saul, who was the King of Israel at one time – and Saul wanted to kill David. David was in hiding and one time, Saul actually went to take a dump in a cave that David was hiding in. Being in there and it being completely pitch black, David could have killed him – instead, he didn’t. He merely cut a piece of Saul’s cloak and let him go.

David did what was honorable to God and his own moral compass. But when it came to sex and defiling himself and murdering a man because of it, he couldn’t hold back.

Men, our decisions morally overall vs. those sexually cannot be compared. They are not the same. Please be aware of this and ground yourself. Keep yourself accountable some way, because once again, there is nothing new under the sun. Temptation will come and a chance to lose it all will come your way.

Don’t gaze over your palace walls on to a bathing woman. Let it go and go to war.

Thanks once again for watching guys. Please hit me up with a hoodies up in the comments, like, share and subscribe and please watch the interview with Jerry. I love hearing from you guys as well and get back to every email that I can in as timely a fashion that I can as well. Email me at before you go to work tomorrow on Monday, and know that I will get back to you when I can.

Pop those hoodies for this week. Improve yourself, learn and take advantage of freedom. Hoodies up brothers, hoodie out.

MGTOW – Why My Ex Dated Me | Red Pill Revelation

Welcome back MGTOW men. Thanks for joining me today. 

You know how I like talking about my blue pill days and my total blindness to women and what they’re interested and so forth. Well, today felt like that day. I will be talking about my first taste of hypergamy, and how realizing it propelled me straight into MGTOW.

So, during my sophomore year of college I took a May Term class is what it is called. It’s a three-week block in which you focus solely on one course. You have to take two of these to graduate, some people travel abroad, but because I played baseball I couldn’t do this. I was in this class with who would be my future ex-girlfriend whom I’ve talked about before.

She was beautiful, she was a mixed girl, stellar swimmer in college. Man, I played baseball but I was nothing to behold. I would be that guy that would go out and run 3-5 miles everyday and maybe do some abs, but I never lifted much weights and just went to practice. Never developed any size at a 5-11, 165 frame. Totally average.

I knew who this girl was even before she got introduced into my friend group. I spotted her a few times freshman year, knew her name and even had a class with her during the second semester of my freshman year, but she was totally unaware of this when I later asked her.

During her freshman year she dated a senior football player that was not just a player on the field, but a player with women. Member of a fraternity, always slamming alcohol, smoking pot, exciting, but treated her poorly based on the descriptions after the fact. But she was entranced with him, just as I would be with her.

She knowingly knew about him cheating on her during spring break. It didn’t matter though, and she stuck with him. He would graduate and they stayed together for much of the next year, which would be my sophomore and he sophomore year, until breaking up in April just before our May Term course.

One of my roommates was a swimmer and was always around my ex-girlfriend, so she would come over often and walk over drunk late at night and mess around. But, she had her eyes on her boyfriend at the time, and probably would struggle to remember my name if you asked her for it.

But, when she broke up with her boyfriend, something clearly switched. I distinctly remember that I was gone one Friday of my May Term class in which we were presenting on our lives and giving a social ethnography or whatever of our life. We told the class about our social background, family life, religious beliefs, goals and political beliefs. I missed that class because of baseball and would have to present the following Monday.

Nobody has the perfect life, and neither do I, but I have to give it to my parents for being phenomenal and raising me in a consistent and grounded household. We didn’t want for anything, both of them have careers that have lasted for over 40 years, we were given autonomy and freedom to make decisions and I grew up in a well-off city that had a good public school system.

This was the opposite of her life, having experienced some abandonment and other traumas throughout her childhood and teenage life. It was a perceived way out, even though I was a jobless 20-year old pursuing a journalism major.

Just from that, and that’s all it took – and she was all over me. For the next two weeks all of a sudden she decided to go on a crash course with me. I don’t even recall how we exchanged numbers or why we were communicating, but soon we were hanging out, doing homework together, going to a freaking nearby amusement park (and I hated roller coasters), texting and going to parties with one another. Out of the utter blue. My big mistake was believing that she was actually interested in me.

I was the exact opposite of the type of guy she had been interested in the past. I was known as a friendly guy, not quiet but not gregarious. I didn’t drink, do weed, was athletic but not buff by any means, not having any features that would attract a girl. But, I didn’t have any sense to me to realize that hypergamy was at work here.

I quickly altered my diet, cut all sugar out, worked out twice a day, started going to the gym like it was my job. I did notice a huge spike in my testosterone levels. I improve my bench press two-fold and reached maxes in power cleans, deadlifts and squats during this time. I felt that I needed to do this in order to keep her.

When in fact none of this mattered. She only wanted me for the supposed stability and control that she would and could have with me. The protected life that she was ready to have, which is what I call the bad boy and then long game server – servers that they can play in for a while until they get over inundated and then they opt out.

I was a virgin at the time and she wasn’t. She wanted the bad boy and I wasn’t. But the difference here is that she thought that it was time for her to remove herself from the bad boy wringer, which is the first principle that I learned from this story.

1) The Bad Boy Bounce Back

Always pay attention to the type of guy that you girlfriend most recently dated. You can look at her whole resume and find out more information about these guys, but the most important source of information is her most recent position – which in her case was as a bad boy’s fon or trophy.

She told me stories about how he had created a mafia as she put it comprised of all of his fraternity brothers, meant to always keep an eye on her throughout campus, at parties and so forth when he wasn’t around and during the year after he graduated.

He was heavily into pot and some other drugs during this time and he pulled her into it. While she expressed that it was crazy, it always came up during times in which she was bored with me.

The main message here is, a girl will choose the good guy only when it’s convenient for her and she is rebounding directly off a poor experience with a bad boy. This coincides with a lot of statements made by women who claim that they will settle down and find a good boy one day, but for now they just want to ride the carousel.

If she had been with a quote-un-quote, good guy prior to being with me, then I would have appeared just as stale as I was after we broke up.

2) She will choose a long game man – Bad Boy Server

After she decides to check out of the party and leave the server that she was playing on, known as the bad boy server, the guy that she chooses is someone that she knows she can control.

If she knows that she has sexual marketplace value she will scout someone that she believes that will be a hard-worker, be driven by his career and goals and have some morals that will keep him grounded and away from Becky down the street.

She now checks into the long game server that we know as marriage. You never know when these girls will check out of the server, because these servers are massive now men. We aren’t playing no LAN gaming. Social media and the accessibility and affordability of travel has made it possible to switch servers in a heart beat, and she thought I was a viable “marriage server” to join and play on.

This only lasts so long though, but know who you are. Know what your tendencies are, take not of how you treat them and whether or not you’re being too accommodating or giving the impression that you will be a provider and so forth.

3) Be wary of girls with scarred backgrounds

My personality test turns out to be one of an advocate. I’m the only one in my immediately family of five people that is not in social work. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a heart for it and don’t like helping people, because I really enjoy it and take pride in what I can do.

Subsequently, I won’t get into details about their backgrounds as it would be disrespectful, both had traumas in their past that wired their brains in a certain way to avoid abandonment, seek affirmation and perpetuated some promiscuity.

These women will always be chasing for the influence of a positive person, regardless of how much of a support this “new person” is. They will be chasing a ghost, whether it was a good father figure, a stable home or any type of male role model. These women will give you some of the strongest affection up front. They will be the first to give you mind-blowing sex, but they also will be the first to dispose of you.

My ex-girlfriend didn’t want me for me. She distinctly said she fell in love with my life.

We know we are not that special in most women’s eyes and if you’re currently with a girlfriend, you may not be that special in her eyes either. I know that I wasn’t.

This was my first taste of hypergamy ever, and I didn’t know that it was hypergamy until breaking up with her and seeing a Sandman video during July of 2016 when my life would be changed in light of MGTOW forever.

So men, enjoy the rest of your Saturday and take your freedom and solitude into Sunday. If you have a story to share about a girlfriend that made you pop up your hoodie or a time in which you were the bad boy server or the long game server, please let me know. I’m always looking to hear from you guys.

To ensure that I hear from you as I try to get back to every comment but often don’t see them, please email me at I am pretty busy right now, but I will always do my best to get back to you within 24 hours!

Remember, I will be having an interview tomorrow with Jerry Liu! Be sure to check out his stuff when you get the chance and see that video when it is uploaded.

Men, you know what to do. My hoodie is up. Hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – Why My Mom Hates MGTOW

Welcome back MGTOW men. Another freedom Friday brothers. Soak it in. Before I delve into the article today, I just want to plug that I will be doing an interview with JerryLiu on his YouTube channel this Sunday. I believe that we will be doing a pre-recorded interview instead of a live chat, but that means you’ll be able to check it out after the fact. He’s one of my favorite MGTOW creators on YouTube, and please check that out.

Today, we are going to look at mothers and MGTOW, a video inspired by a viewer that asked my why his mom has been quick to look down upon his increasingly MGTOW perspective:

I’ve been listening to your videos for some weeks now and find myself agreeing with much of what you say. I consider myself a red pill kind of guy but I have a girlfriend.

Recently I started talking to my mother about how im considering MGTOW. She responded by laughing at me and asking what that meant. When I explained she said that men had always done that and it was called “bachelorhood but don’t worry you’ll grow out of it”. Well I though on that a few days and came back later to get her to defend that statement. She the turned the argument around saying ” most of those men are fat , gay or twinks, you aren’t any of those are you?” (I’m not any of those by the way). When I defended my feelings on the matter she replied she was too tired and to go away. I was “raising her blood pressure”.

This shocked me. My mother is extremely tolerant and comes from a extremely liberal area. It was almost like I had flipped a switch in her and I saw the woman underneath the camouflage of her being my mother.

Where do you think this reaction comes from Sunrise?  Do you think she’s realizing that I’m considering leaving the plantation and the games behind or is it her desire for grand kids that caused her to freak out on me.

Most women will perceive there to be some flaw or mental instability within a man that makes these types of statements about going one’s own way. They will often slander you as being gay, because in their mind they believe that they possess the power over a man and always will because society has framed their vagina to be the end goal of everything. The end goal of a job, a house, a car, a new haircut, a new bench press PR.

In terms of visible response, women will respond in one of two ways when this MGTOW topic is brought up to their attention. They will either respond with vileness and accusations or they will be silenced. Most of the time the silence isn’t actually genuine silence though, but rather it is questioning, confusion and a bit of anger.

All women, I don’t care if it is your mom, operate under one giant web of group think for the most part. It’s like all women have their own network of communication that men are separate from. Have you ever noticed that women move in a hive mind way, always there to gang up and defend each other? This is because women understand that they’re not as physically and even mentally as powerful as men for the most part. This causes them to form an army and is also why most women are liberal politically. They want big government, not small government or no government like libertarians and republicans would prefer.

This is what’s happening in the mind of your mom I bet. She is feeling threatened and her defense instinct is being incited. My mom is actually a marriage counselor herself, and when I bring up MGTOW to her she has nothing to say. But, when I bring it up to my dad he is asking me questions, engaged, understanding its concepts and everything else. My mom, a great woman and very smart when it comes to these things, is shut down. I don’t even think it’s a camouflage that your mom is hiding under. I think it’s just the natural way women are when they see men opting out of the few powers that women have over us – sexual pleasure and providing children. Beyond that, they don’t hold social capital and if she realizes you’re leaving the plantation then she may become bitter for reasons that relate to loss for herself but also loss for the hive mind wifi network we know as women.

Each time a man goes red pill the female international Wifi network loses its bandwith.

She is also thinking about her life and whether or not you’re going to be there to take care of her. She anticipates you to be there for her when she is aging and needs you to help take care of her and provide that male comfort/illusion of protection that her husband provided her for so long. If you go your own way and opt you then you’re more likely to be fully engrained in your life, your freedom and masculinity. You could be in New Zealand going your own way. But, if you get married and have kids you have to stay on the plantation and be there for her in a time of need.

Also, grandkids are in a woman and specifically a mother’s, end goal. Throughout my years growing up, whenever I completed a chore, helped around the house, cleaned up after myself or just acted “respectfully” around another woman, my mom would say, “your wife is going to love you so much.” I was as young as 13 or 14 when I began to hear these things I believe, and it’s proof that it’s always in a woman’s mind that a man’s end game coincides with hers, which is having kids and electing the domesticated lifestyle as opposed to the lifestyle that is free, vagabond oriented and without kids and gynocentric influence.

My mom would also say things like, “when you have kids one day”, implying that I would want to have kids and that I should have kids if she is bringing it up far before it would be logical for me to have children. If you express a goal that is contrary to the paradigm of someone else, you’re going to meet opposition, it’s inevitable.

Now, when I mention that I don’t want to have kids and that I perceive marriage and children to be a liability, I’m sure I’m paining my mother as that would mean she would only have one grandkid out of three children of her own. I would also not be passing on my surname either, which is okay because I believe wanting to pass on something such as a surname is very simplistic and ego-oriented, rather than productive. Women want men to want what they want, and going MGTOW is not that.

This is not to say abandon your mom. This is just laid out for you so that you will understand why she is responding in this way and to inform you as you take your next step with not just your girlfriend, but all women.

MGTOW and Dating?

I will touch on your situation as a red pilled guy with a girlfriend in full in another video. It’s a topic that has stirred up a lot of controversy within the MGTOW community, and rightfully so as dating, marriage, cohabitation – things regarding commitment and women are contrary to many ideas and reasons as to why you take the red pill and go MGTOW.

In regards to dating while being red pilled, you’re in an interesting situation being someone that is a red pill but has a girlfriend. I actually know what that is like and have been in your shoes not once but twice, with two different girls. The first chick that I dated had me duped. Completely eating out of her hand as I knelt slumped over by her feet. But, I slowly woke up as the one asset that I couldn’t get myself – sex – lost its appeal with her. I was red pill I would say for the final half of that relationship and almost immediately after breaking up I found MGTOW. Such an eye opener.

But, it’s possible to live in this red pill paradigm during dating. While they seem like they have to be mutually exclusive, they do not from the perspective of the other areas of life that being red pill effects. This has an impact on your job search, career venture, education, engagement with random people and how you spend your free time. It affects everything, and women are an element in this conversation and also comprise one of the large segments of the red pill and red pill understanding.

So, if you’ve made it this far, please let me know that you’re putting your hoodie up, as I’ve got mine popped and will have mine popped all weekend as I go about work, school and continue to reach out to you guys. Once again, I will try to read everyone’s comments, but I can’t often complete that, so make sure to email me if you want to ensure that I get back to you. I keep roughly a 24-hour policy, so please share your comments and requests for videos at

As always brothers, hoodies up. Hoodie out.

MGTOW – All The Risk, None of the Consequence

Welcome back MGTOW men. I’m sitting here in my dorm. Curtains down, just my small little cubicle that is my world right now. But men, if I had a woman in my life I’d be living in a nearby apartment where the rent is high. I would be buying furniture that I don’t need, as all I have in this room is a bed and a chair provided by the school. I’d be taking her on dates and doing everything expected of me, all the while going to school and working. Would I have time for anything? No.

But also, would I be able once I’m done with school to go my own way and to become an entrepreneur, or to say to her that I want to get up and get in my car and live at national or state parks for two years, kayaking, writing, reading, growing food and living largely off the grid? Would I be able to go rent an apartment in a beautiful area of the country just for the sake of living there but not building my career?

No, I wouldn’t be able to do any of those things. I would have to settle in on that one career that is expected for me. The one that guarantees getting a job, and I would have to be doing it now. I have about eight months time right now in which I’m in the clear. I do not need to make those strides. I can focus on work and school and not worry about the career. But, with a woman around and a female to take care of you can’t do things like this because your balls, your wallet and your life is on the line.

She can take you into bankruptcy but she can’t get you out of there.

Men, today in this hoodie session I’m going to talk about why not dating and not engaging with women provides you with all of the chance for success while finding the golden equation known as = being able to take the most amount of risk with the least amount of consequence.

1) You can be nomadic and live in that place you always wanted to

Many men are nomadic. I think that this is even more evident in today’s world when transportation is becoming cheaper and business can be done remotely. But, for women who are domesticated by nature and predisposed to stay in one spot because of the need to be at home to care for a child, this is not attainable.

For example, when I dated for about four months last year I was and still am in a region of the country that I don’t plan on living in. My plan is to get in and get out in eight months when I’m done with school. But, when the female came along, she made the demand that I stay in her hometown because she didn’t want to leave it and didn’t want to leave her family.

The same exact thing could be said for my first ex. I was in school at a midwestern college at the time, a state that has a cheap cost of living and some viable career options but it doesn’t have the life or vibrancy that other places I wanted to live at did. It didn’t even have the beauty either. But, because her family was there in that state and she had her friends as well, she felt the domestic comforts at her fingertips. Thankfully I ended up breaking ties with her and one of the biggest driving factors behind my urge to leave her was my internal voice saying that you will be stuck in the confines of this state for the rest of your life.

Men, when you don’t have a woman you likely don’t have a home. Your home is your own brain, it’s wherever you want to be at the time. All the times that I have driven around the country, picked up and flew out west to see my sister on a whim, driven from the east coast all the way to freaking Kansas City, this was all done apart from a female. This is because your home has to be where your woman is in a dating relationship, and this becomes even worse for someone that ends up having kids.

Now that you have kids you’re locked down even more severely. Obviously some men will just cut themselves off entirely and not stick around, but if you’re one of the lucky ones and you end up earning alimony then you will likely be forced to stick around until they’re 18 if you want them to stay in the same school system – or if the courts force you to stay around in order for your ex to see the kids.

Your home can even be a car. I’ve considered living in a car a year after graduating this year. Man, there are almost seven billion people out there doing the same thing, what’s it going to hurt if a guy or two does something different. Why not be that guy and do something different. Maybe someone will want to hear your story as you live without a home for 10 years and break all of the notions about suburban living, home ownership and the fabled real estate market that was created by and for women.

2) You can fail and risk without 99 percent of the consequence

Another benefit is that you can be an entrepreneur as well. According to an article by, 90 percent of startups fail, with 10 percent succeeding. Okay, that’s expected, but the key here is that you can fail if you want to try the startup route when you don’t have a girl and don’t have kids to pay for.

If you fail you not only learn the monetary investment at work, you lose that monetary investment into your wife by the way of the courting phase, the engagement ring phase and then the marriage phase. You lose on all fronts and you may be stuck with either alimony and child support payments, all because you took a business risk and failed.

Do you think that most wives are going to be supportive during financially trying times? No, the majority of them won’t and instead will perceive your allegiances to be towards the money and business, unless of course it’s a business in which the couple is working together.

You will likely get threats that she is leaving you if this doesn’t work out, especially if she has advised you to get a good job or a real job. As long as she puts that statement out into existence once she will ride it out and hang on to it until you fail – just like Potiphar’s wife did in holding on to that piece of false evidence, Joseph’s cloak.

From here she could leverage your failed business as negligence or even a personified form of cheating as I’ve talked about many times as it relates to girlfriends who have deplored my habit and hobby of working out at the gym, stating that I enjoyed the gym more than here – or was cheating on her.

This also applies to the guy that isn’t making his whole income from a startup. This could be applied to any of you out there with a YouTube channel for example. Maybe you do some carpentry on the side, maybe you’re working on people’s cars on the side. You continue to do this stuff because it’s of interest to you and it earns some income, but you also know that if you continue working in it maybe one day you will be able to be able to branch off from your slave job and form a more enjoyable and self-employed career in the future.

If you aim to do this with a spouse or with a girlfriend you’re going to inevitably carry an inordinate amount of stress that will prevent you from doing as well in your potential start-up. It will also make you more risk averse, and not in a good way. It may prevent you from spending that extra money on a strategy or new product that would have allowed you to expand your business.

3) What is it you want to do

I know countless men my age that are already selling out to the slave job, and they’re not even dating anyone or married. Maybe they have student loans to pay off, but truthfully, many men who are taking this “safe” career route don’t even know why they’re doing it.

They don’t know why they’re doing it because it is a societal norm. As a supposedly upstanding citizen you’re supposed to get on that safe career track, get enough money, sell out for a ring, the mortgage and then court a girl with your money. These men are praised right. When you put them around a group of females they immediately become such a venerable and honorable man, when in actuality they’re not just a slave to females but they’re a slave to the government, they’re a slave to society.

Our subconscious is on overdrive in many of these instances and we scramble to get the nearest and most convenient job because…uh, we don’t even know why. But it turns out because our programming has said we better do so as quickly as possible in order to get that girl and save for her, because believe me, you’re going to need more than a few loans for her.

But men, let me tell you. You can not only fail, you can not only travel and do what you want without a woman – you don’t have to rush either. You can go slow. You can take your time and still make it to the destination that you want to be at.

My brother-in-law, who I have mentioned before and exhibits some MGTOW characteristics even as married, worked for a few years buying and selling couches after earning his degree. And where is he now, he’s been working for two major tech companies in the United States and has been making over six-figures at both of these jobs – and this dude took his time. He kept his freedom and got married late, doesn’t appear to be having any kids and already has an excel spreadsheet that is titled “retire at 45”. You can do what you want and take your time with your career and even in getting to a career if you don’t have a woman pushing the fast-forward button on your life, because oh she will jam her fingers all over that button.

But not here, right men. Not here.

If you guys have any business stories, personal travel anecdotes, or knowledge to share that I didn’t cover in this video, please leave a comment but also send an email my way at You guys are great and continually engage and just fill up that comment section and those like buttons, which is amazing. And while I read every comment, I don’t have time to respond to all of them! So, send me an email please and we can discuss in further, maybe strike up a conversation and inspire a topic for a future video.

So men, today enjoy your hobbies. Tomorrow, enjoying working towards a career or long term venture that you would otherwise not have the time and the risk for because dating a woman would take it from you. Pop your hoodies up, find your zone and go your own way. Hoodies up, hoodie is out.