MGTOW – Soul Mates Don’t Exist

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Welcome back MGTOW men. Before I get going on my rant about why soul mates are a lie and don’t exist, I want to plug the interview that I will be having with Darius from Darius – MGTOW Knowledge. He’s the man, check out his content, hit him up. We will be chatting it up tomorrow night at about 7 p.m. eastern if you’re down to listen in here on YouTube. I’ll link him in the description so you can give him some love. But, here we go.

Soul mates do not exist. They simply do not exist and are a mere fabrication of a world in which we are so fixated on signs and astrology – especially amongst women. And also guys, if you date a chick and either she or her mother is even halfway interested in what your sign is and other irrelevant stuff, you need to cut that off. But, that’s for another video, because today I want to toss out the idea of a soul mate and completely destroy this modern, westernized view of what it means to have a soul mate.

Just look at the movie industry in addition to the tabloid magazines and cesspool catalogs called Cosmopolitan. All of these movies are centered around the idea of a soul mate:

  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • You’ve got Mail – sorry Tom Hanks
  • 500 Days of Summer
  • Even in an obtuse way you have Romeo and Juliet and the Titanic speaking in favor of the idea of a soul mate and fostering the idea that our lives are disposable as long as we have a lover to die for. Which is the most nihilistic and corruptly romanticized notion that I’ve ever come across.

You wonder why Leo Dicaprio is surmised to be a red pill today. These roles maybe played a role, just a thought. Soul mates and the idea of a soul mate is the product of our culture in which our culture has no personal identity and satisfaction towards our lives. Thus, in order to give us a sign – which we are always asking for – men and women are always pleading for a sign to give us the faith that we are on the right path – we can always fall back on the crutch that a soul mate exists.

Just so that we can feel some self assurance about our lives and our failed relationships, this idea of the soul mate has been created. How many times have you heard it mentioned, oh that was relationship wasn’t meant to be – go and hookup with someone else until you find that person. For it to only happen again, and again and again. This is especially reiterated by women as in their minds so much more is riding on this perfect union between them and their husband, whereas the husband merely wants to provide for whoever that woman is, regardless if he deems her to be the only one in the world that deserves his love based on how the stars aligned in the sky.

Here’s what I’ve found to be proof that the soul mate is an asinine idea and why it’s further evidence that going MGTOW is the best route that one can take.

1) It creates unsustainable expectations

Think about this guys. If you’re at the top, if you’re her one guy – for life – you’re going to have to continually have to prove this. We as humans are very doubtful people. Our default position is to worry and doubt. If you don’t keep up that six-pack to the level of Joe Smith at the gym who she sees. If you develop some habits she doesn’t like or didn’t know about, if you don’t raise kids quite the way she had in mind, doubt creeps in her mind that you might not have been the one. Because, if you were the one, everything would be flawless. This is a product of egoism and self-centered thought. Men and women alike, the world wasn’t built with you at the center. It’s not Jon or Jane centric. This world was not made for us.

This is an example of egoism if anyone is to believe that the smallest glimmer of imperfection in a relationship is proof that the marriage wasn’t breathed into existence at the beginning of time. The most perfect things in life were never perfect. They were the things that you let go, let become imperfect for a while and continually improved because you weren’t afraid of failure.

This is also how fear is created. We are afraid to see an imperfection and to not measure up. As a result, we are not living and acting we are reacting. Both the man and the women in the relationship. No matter what, you’re going to let people down. The most important people in your life you’re going to let down. But, because of the programming of women today thanks to the mainstream, gynocentric media, when women do pursue a spouse they are programmed to believe that the spouse is the soul mate. Good luck living up to that, you’re better off not playing the game.

2) This means that you’re defined by a relationship

Whatever is your idol in your life is the thing that you’re going to wonder about regarding whether or not it was written in the stars when you were born. Thus, for many women, it’s a soul mate. Women naturally idolize marriage, having kids and being with a man. If this is what living comes down to you’re going to do everything to make this happen, whether that means acting superficially in order to appease a person and get their affection because you want to make them your soul mate.

As MGTOW men we are centered around the idea that we are nobody’s slave. We owe nobody anything and we are not bound to another person. We can be there to help family and friends, but our lives are not the disposable lives that the praying mantis analogy has painted for modern society, in which the man is eating after copulation.

3) There are seven billion people in the world, what you think bro?

Seriously. There are seven billion people in the world and you will meet far less than even 1/100 of a percent of them. What about those people in New Zealand? What about in southern Argentina? Or Vladivostok? You know who cares, I think my high school sweetheart I met in my high school of 200 students has to be my soul mate, because clearly 200 people out of 7 billion is a very large ratio.

There is likely no other women like that out there, I was blessed to just go to one of the 100,000 high schools in the nation and find her.

If there is reasoning that is oblique and asinine, this is it. This is one that I’ve not only used to refute the concept of a soul mate but also of marriage. You marry based on temporal circumstance and convenience, almost nothing else. You marry out of random circumstance occasionally because you vacationed in Spain once and met a beautiful Spanish woman, not because you were destined to meet her and she is clearly the best option for you.

4) My experience with my brother-in-law’s parents

So, to finish this rant off guys, I’m going to look at the example of my brother-in-law’s parents. First off, they’re both awesome people, stellar character and are very loving. They were both missionaries for almost their whole professional lives thus far. Working together and working in the church, a place where marriage is even more consecrated and anti-divorce – with good reason – they still got divorced after I believe 30 years of marriage.

Things happen guys. Regardless of all that you’ve been through, if there is one constant in this universe, it’s change. If change is the only constant, why do are you to think that your soul mate at age 25 is going to be the same at age 35, 45 and so forth.

Let’s look at the culture of marriage before the Industrial Revolution. It was either you married whoever was around you because you needed to pass on the family name, reproduce and had no other options of travel or social media to make your marriage market the size of the freaking earth.

And guess what, marriages were better. Marriages weren’t failing at the 50 percent rate that they’re now. And you know why, because our own egos and desires weren’t in the way. We just did them, we lived with ourselves and were content. But because we are all little snowflakes in today’s world, we must divorce not once, not twice but thrice in order to make ourselves believe that our yearning for a soul mate was justified.

Where does it even say in ancient texts, in classical literature and in the Bible that marriage is something that is based on connection and romance. Nowhere. It was merely based on physical characteristics, the convenience of being in your tribe or small city or it was arranged. And once more, these marriages succeeded. They weren’t divorcing and committing adultery and living with the bending of the rules.

You also know why, because people had personal convictions and people also had to deal with shame. Shame is actually a good thing socially. Shame is the one thing that keeps people from crime. You remove the shame element in being a convict or having a kid out of wedlock or cheating and you’re free to do whatever else. Research has shown that shame is the biggest deterrent to morally averse behavior. But, it has been removed and relationships, morals and marriages are destroyed.

So, my advice is to not play the game.

But why?

But guys, please remember why. Remember why we are here and why I’m even talking about this. Because at the end of the day we don’t want to waste our time, our money, our energy, our peace and our freedom. This isn’t to bash something else and say it’s stupid. I’m saying it’s stupid and flawed in order to make these beliefs and societal norms less appealing in order to save you from the loss of all of these important things. This is why.

The soul mate doesn’t exist. You know who your soul mate is, the soul God gave you. No other soul. You are born to yourself, you die to yourself and then you are taken from this place of the flesh. You are never bound to someone else such as the soul mate, because that means being a slave to another soul, the exact antithesis of MGTOW. This is why brothers, we think.

So men, thanks again. If you’ve made it to the end of the article I’m amazed, haha. Please put hoodies up in the comments below to let me know you’ve made it to the end. Like, comment, subscribe and share to your brothers and pass on what you’re learning and proud of learning – which is MGTOW we are proud of what we are doing and learning because it satisfies us.

If you want to reach out directly to me, please hit me up at as that will assure that I will get your message and get back to you. Otherwise, leave a comment and I will get back to it and read it ASAP.

Be good MGTOW men and enjoy freedom. Hoodies up, hoodie out.


MGTOW – Her Power is in Sex

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Welcome back MGTOW men. Truly great to hear from each and every one of you. I’m sorry for the lack of a video yesterday. I’m sure you found some other red pill source to help you make it through your day.

In today’s video I’m going to talk about the power of having sex with a woman and the effects that it can not only have on a red pilled man, but a man that is in a relationship currently and is trying to get out of it.

Guys, I want you to realize that these videos are not just for those currently on a red pill binge. This is also to help men who are learning of MGTOW, men who maybe were MGTOW but fell back into a relationship and men who are currently in a dating relationship and are trying to get out. The division occurs when we label men who have went back to women and exile them from the community.

Christ said I came to heal the sick. The thing is, we are all the sick. And men, we are especially the sick when we have sex with a woman that we should not be having sex with. All that sex does when you’re in a relationship and are trying to leave it, or even in a relationship and you’re not making the effort to leave but are simply seeing glimpses of the need to take the red pill, is that you hit what I call the red pill bill reset button.

It can also be the blue pill rewind. Whatever you like. I don’t know if you’re watching VHS or playing N64, haha. But, sex does nothing more than bring you back to stage one.

Here are three things that it does and the power that it has, regardless if you’re agree with what I’m saying. Many PUA, pump n’ dump and purple pill endorsers are probably going to refute me on these points, but when you venture down this road of giving a woman your power over to her through the truly one and only thing that she possesses that you don’t have on your own, you hit a dangerous reset button.

1) She carries a piece of you away

This is also for men that have had many sexual partners in the past. This goes for me and the relationships that I had in the past as well. In sex you are joining with the woman, and in Greek join also means glued to.

Think of the image when you’re glueing something together and then you aim to pull it apart. Even think about licking the stick portion of an envelope and sticking it to the envelope, only to realize that you need to change something on the letter or forgot to put something inside. You try and try your best to tactfully pull it apart but no matter what you do, each end of the envelope is going to take part of that envelope with it. It’s no longer as it once was. You send that envelope to Dallas, to Denver, to Detroit, to D.C. I don’t care. Wherever it goes, both sides of that envelope crease are going to have a part of the other end on it.

You know what I’m trying to say here men. No matter the chest-beating bravado, I can pump and dump and forget about that chick that is being preached out there on many channels, what is shared sexually is shared forever – in some way. You may not see it now. You may not see it in 20 years. You may not see it until you are sitting with your feet in the sand, drinking a cold beer while you watch the clouds go by. But it will be there. You may never see it, but it will be there.

Bottom line men, this is one of the dangers of the PUA and pump and dump movement. You put yourself at risk, regardless if you know that no strings are attached. You run an unknown emotional risk when you venture down into Shelob’s lair, because Shelob wants you there – and you think you have to go through there to get to the other side. But as it happened with Frodo, you got stuck.

And that brings me into point number two.

2) Her web will keep you there

I want to link a video for you guys to help relay this point right here. It’s from ImmortalMindz, probably one of my favorite MGTOW men on the web today. But he talks about the Black Widow and not only her alluring nature but her vile nature after she immobilizes you with her venom. If you hate the Lord of the Rings, sorry for making the analogy, but we are like Frodo in Shelob’s lair.

You become stuck within her webs, and a woman’s webs are everywhere. They are not just related to having sex with her. If you are taking the red pill and you end up having sex with a woman, you may become stuck – the chemical release and union that is created in sex is regardless if society says it’s powerful or not, is a drug that is scientifically shown to resemble heroine when it comes to the rush you get at orgasm. Heroine is not looked the same as sex. Heroine is perceived, as it should, to be this drug that you will never be able to break the chains from and that will paralyze you against its power. Sex on the other hand, especially with a dime, maybe she has some magnetic energy about her, is not perceived to be like that heroine at all. Obviously they’re not identical, but it’s disregarded as almost having any power today.

Men, take heed of this before you get tied down with a woman as well. I’ll speak on behalf of my first girlfriend. She was one of those girls men that the first time I saw her I knew who she was and remembered almost all the times that I was around her going forward. She was beautiful, good athlete, mix of blonde, brunette and red hair, she was a mixed girl. Man, I was eating out of her hand. She could tell me to jump off a bridge, and guess what, I probably would do it.

Absolutely stuck in her web that she has strung for me. But, when I was trying to lash my way out of her lair, I knew that the power she had over me was the promise of sex. There was nothing outside of that that she was really adding at the point to my life. I needed to move on and too many things were crumbling in my life because of it. That was step one and then step two was being honest men. A lot of times we are in these situations when we are blue pilled and the number one thing when you’re a blue pill is not rocking the boat because your ultimate goal is to be a people pleaser and to keep the status quo.

You also can hit a million other reset buttons or start buttons even with a woman when you’re in the red pill phase but you come across a woman. Things like this include anything you do that you normally wouldn’t do for a guy friend when she asks you to do something. This could be helping her with some project, moving out, or at work. If you normally wouldn’t do this for your family or a guy friend, the blue pill is trying to jam itself down your esophagus.

Secondly, buying her something that you know she likes and has liked throughout the relationship. This goes for the guys in a relationship that are trying to get out, okay guys. If you do something like this the only reason you’re doing it is to once again reestablish status quo, which is what many blue pill, whipped men need to feel before they go to work each day in order to be almost “alright” with themselves.

There are many more, but the blue pill reset button is dangerous and your finger is always closer to it than you realize.

3) She will expect companionship at this point

There are a few exceptions to this rule. The main female exception to this concept of companionship in relation to sex, is from many women in their 20s still in that – I will find a good guy one day, but now I’m going to wear crop tops, dance on tables and blame everything on tequila.

The other exception is maybe the woman that is bored in her marriage and just wants a fling because she knows her marriage is failing, feels defeated about that and is upset about raising her three kids as a divorced mother. Single mothers can be included in this, but from my personal experience, single mothers latch on to men as companions. My sister was actually a single mother for 11 years. I would love to get her on this channel if I could to have her talk about this stuff.

Number three is the woman with PTSD whether it’s relating to a trauma sexually, a trauma in abandonment or a trauma in social ostracization. In order to numb these things and replace the feeling of worthlessness with being needed, we will go to whatever is quickest. It’s like being starving and being able to choose what food you want to eat to break the fast – you will go with whatever is the quickest caloric rush in your body, which is a high fatty food or a very sugary food. Hence why you should stay away from the fridge late at night!

But, she will treat sex much like that, and you will likely not expect companionship from any of those women. I experienced that with both of my exes. They had two forms of traumas in their lives that I will get into.

But, for the women that don’t, they are going to expect companionship because it’s in female nature to associate the man she is having sex with to be a man that at least sticks around until the proverbial baby is born. It goes back to our primal instinct once again. And this goes for regardless if you have a kid or not. Whether it’s you in a relationship or you’re trying to leave a relationship, this is the type of reset button that will be set and you put yourself in danger of.

Women often operate in a vengeful lens. Eye for an eye, tit for a tit as Hammurabi’s Code details. So if you take sex from her, she is going to want x, y and z from you and who knows for how long. The Sex to obligations ratio on your part varies from woman to woman. It could be you have sex with her once you have to serve her in these ways in her mind for another week. It could be a 3 days to one sexual encounter ratio. I don’t know. But the point is, this could very well happen.

The Blue Pill Is Sneaky

Men, I make this video today as an extension sort of the of Delilah video. Do you see how Samson was never able to break the spell of sex. Sex is the one asset that a woman possesses that can’t be attained in the same way when a man is not around a woman. Women know their personelle. They have the scouting report on you and they know their assets. They know what they can do well.

And I make this warning video because just as Sandman has said in many videos, I stay completely from women because if I know I set myself up in these situations where I have sex with her – or even if that’s not believed to be in the picture – your mind as a man thinks it is if you start going on walks and going for coffee, believing it’s just something you’re doing as friends.

I become immobilized by the blue pill, fly past the purple pill stage, and become as she wants me to be, not as I want myself to be. And for men that are leaving a relationship to go blue pill, sex is the most powerful and most detrimental reset button that there is.

So men, thanks again for the continued support and backing. All of you that have outstanding comments that I haven’t responded to on my most recent video or have sent me emails that I haven’t responded to, I keep a 24-hour email policy and will get back to you within that time frame with my thoughts! Everyone’s message and opinion not only helps me discover myself but it helps me see what needs to be talked about and how I can not only help MGTOW men these days but all men.

I also want to notify you that I’m going to have a live interview with Darius from Darius – MGTOW Knowledge at around 6 or 7 p.m. eastern standard time on Friday, Sept. 8. Please check in, leave comments during the interview and enjoy the content. He’s a 29-year old MGTOW brother I believe and has a lot of good thoughts.

As usual my men. Choose to have a great day. Hoodies up, hoodie’s out.

MGTOW – Advice for Men in College

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MGTOW men, welcome back. For all you guys doing your due diligence as workers in the United States, I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor in some way and not laboring today other than laboring to enjoy your personal freedom more and more each day – which is a labor I will gladly partake in every single day.

But, with Labor Day also comes another thing. For many, it’s students returning to college or those moving from their communities in which they grew up and heading to college for the first time. I am currently at a college right now and these past two days were move in day for both the returning students and the new students.

And let me tell you, it’s the same every year. There is this stir of emotions. A buzz that’s underlying a group of up to 50,000 people usually ages 17-22 moving into one confined space. It’s a vortex of energy unlike many places in the worlds. You wonder why colleges are places where people either become themselves, take the next step forward or many times even crumble – in any way. Health wise, losing their personal values, losing contact with valuable people in their lives, and for many man sinking into depression.

College is a battleground. It’s also, right now, maybe your last chance to step out of a decision that could lead you to financial handcuffs for the next 10-20 years of your life thanks to student loan debt and actually decreasing your earning potential thanks to the degree that you chose, or based on some bad dating decisions that led to financially parasitic relationships or other poor choices.

If you’re not going to college you may know someone in your life that is. This video is also for you then to share these takes with them. If neither applies to you I still think there are valuable lessons for you as a MGTOW man and even some women, as the truly valuable lessons men aren’t lessons that fade when you move to a new situation in life. The truly valuable lessons don’t know boundaries and they don’t know the individual boundaries known as our minds.

1) Pheromones buzzing

So as I alluded to, the second that you enter on campus a new world perspective and a new energy, good or bad, is exuded by your new environment. At some schools, namely large state schools like Arizona State, maybe University of Texas, South Florida, Ohio States for example – there is a frenzy, a buzz. Thousands of men and women are at the stages in their life in which they’re most hormonally charged to reproduce, attract a mate and also prove themselves as a mate whether this is through a career, doing well in school or just trying to ball out at parties and social settings.

You will have people flocking to these new “meet and greats” and beginning of the year parties and bashes. People believe these times are new beginnings. New starts. They are feeling good about themselves and aren’t caught up in the doldrums of everyday college life yet. There is always that energy, and thus it’s like releasing a pack of hormonally charged dogs out into an arena to find a sexual mate. The pheromones are flying and they are almost overwhelming. Even if you’re not a guy that is usually this way, as I wasn’t, you will catch yourself trying to fit in and thrive immediately and stand out against other men for the sake of females. There will never be this level of sexual inflation in the rest of your life, with sexual options at your fingertips and on call 24/7. Choose wisely my men and surround yourself with good examples.

That being said, the push to be blue pill as a man will be stronger than ever. You will never be surrounded by a larger amount and greater density of PUAs or pick-up-artists in your life. There is no other more densely packed space for that type of person. It’s a challenge to not only not conform to that but also not get angry. Be yourself, improve yourself, improve your mind when the other guys are not. What I call the “bro culture” will also be very pervasive. It’s the culture in which you see guys that are just there to spit game, they are basically focused on the wrongs things and the short game. Spending too much time with a Budweiser or a chick in their hand and not enough time with dollar bills in their hands and books, podcasts and videos resounding through their minds.

Choose one. Which path?

2) You will be outnumbered both physically and in thought

Before I get too far into this point, I am not against women and having women get their education. There are plenty of women that are smarter than me in a variety of ways that actually know how to do calculus and balance a chemical equation. My mom has a master’s and has her own business. My oldest sister has two master’s and has a myriad of different professional experiences.

But, you will be outnumbered by women in many many ways, and this can be difficult for a number of reasons. The Boston Globe has an article that notes the average college is comprised of 55 percent women and 45 percent men. The college I went to for undergrad was about 70 percent women vs. 30 percent for men. This number will only increase and continue to separate as men opt out for technical schools or start their own businesses.

Women are naturally made out for the structure of school. Women are better rule followers than men. They want to work on things that have clear-cut guidelines and objectives and that result in reward. Men do not. This is one of the reasons men are opting out of college, in addition to the fact that colleges are censoring much of what is being said, especially from people like Ben Shapiro of the DailyWire that vouches for free speech and men’s ability to learn and think for themselves. The dude is a brilliant guy, but you know, he just isn’t allowed to speak at Berkeley. And if he is, he better have armed escorts next to him.

As a journalism student I was overwhelmed by feminist influence in my classes, namely my gender, race and the media course. Talk about liberal indoctrination. So, if you’re going into a highly feminized degree program, watch out guys. These include the majority of classes in the humanities, arts or social work. Find yourself a mentor or two and find yourself reading material to keep yourself grounded and remind yourself of your worth as a male.

3) This your chance to implode or explode

The highest rate of suicide in western society is males around my age. 20s or 30s. We are getting displaced by the most extreme levels of “diversity”. I’m all for acceptance of all ideas and people. I’m a libertarian and believe in free speech, but when a male speaks on something it’s immediately going to have less credence than if another demographic is to speak out. Affirmative action has been taken to a dangerous level.

As a result, depression in college men is severe. I went through a number of bouts of isolation and depression in college. Sleep, homework, practice, work, class, sleep. Isolation. Repetition. Being in a small isolate bubble called the college campus. A study from the National College Health Assessment Study found that more than 55 percent of male college students reported feeling an acute level of sadness in the past year. Men are also four to six as likely to commit suicide due to depression than women.

My first year in grad school I knew nobody outside of a few people at work and my classmates, most of which lived off campus. As a result, I was alone on campus with my thoughts. Most students thought I was a freshman or sophomore. I was far away from even the region of the country I grew up in. Isolation is a silent killer.

But, men. It doesn’t have to be like this. All people can suffer from depression but it’s assaulting men in colleges. This is your time to implode or explode. You always have the choice and you know what you need to do. Don’t undervalue just going to the nearby dorm room, going to a club meeting, talking to the person making you coffee in the morning. These things seem small but they carry a strong impact in which direction you go.

4) Other dudes will tempt you with bad habits

As a college athlete playing a very stereotypical “bro culture” like atmosphere and in a rural part of the United States, I was surrounded by some really awful health habits and work, school and life habits. One of my best friends in college, not the one I spoke about in one of my previous videos, was originally from Los Angeles and retained some more broad and well rounded thoughts and ideas. He was not liberalized at all and is one of the most sound guys intellectually I’ve met. That being said, you will be living with men that are eating ramen all day, sleeping late, not studying, taking risks on girls that they shouldn’t be, wasting hours and hours away on video games and doing things that are simply – accepted.

One guy in particular, I love him to death and have some great paparazzi photos of him doing questionable things – I actually made a fake myspace to troll him with old photos during his “ghetto” phase. He would eat what are called war horses. It was two pieces of bread, four hot dogs, chili and peanut butter slathered on the sandwich. Okay, you do it once in a while, that’s okay. But this defined his diet. I lived with like five guys that year that were of similar minds. They looked down on studying. I would find myself falling asleep in another room in the dorm or in the lobby just trying to read and get away from it.

Subsequently, place yourself in environments where you can succeed. Find a study location, find a routine, find a time that works for you to workout, eat right, drink enough water, practice good hygiene, get all your work done early so you can socialize on the weekend without wasting away a full Sunday. You’re going to have to adapt some tunnel vision, but this is the time in your life in which habits begin and habits stick with you for the rest of your life.

You’re not living at home anymore for many of you. I can drink gallons of coca-cola and eat all the free pizza at the buffet every single meal?!?! This is amazing. Soon, this will get old – I remember writing notes in my phone to mark that I would not eat anymore pizza. Just to create accountability for myself on something simple. This is a four-year span. Habits can be molded into your mind as you are still capable of learning things with greater plasticity. Or these habits can destroy you and set you back in your health and career.

5) What’s your one thing?

This is sort of an allusion to the book written by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. What is your one thing men. You have potentially four years of your life that have more free time and liberty than ever. If you saved growing up, went to community college, took some AP courses, are going to a cheaper state school, you may even be able to get by just working a part-time job. It depends for sure, but you will likely not only never have the schedule flexibility or the resources available all day long that you will when you’re in college.

That being said, jump all over this. This is a time that you can propel yourself far ahead and springboard yourself into a life that is debt free, has financial security and has valuable skills and resume assets that separate you from the rest of the competition.

And guys, this isn’t about reading every page recommended to you to read for your lecture next week. Or trying to get that 4.0. Get a 2.9 GPA okay guys, and instead spend at least an hour a day building an online brand, business, learning a skill or mastering an idea or a concept. This is what will make you marketable and make you money.

The average GPA of millionaires is 2.9 okay. And the most wealthy people from Harvard were dropouts. Thank you for showing us the way Zuckerberg. Stand out. Nobody cares that you got a 4.0 in your degree classes. People only care that you can do x. What can you do.

Wake up at at least 7 a.m. each day. Eat healthy, workout. Find a mentor at school or online that can help you with this. This also goes with finding your group of guys. This group of guys if you establish a strong enough bond with will not only help you and your mental and physical health by having social interaction for the time that you’re in college. But having men that you know have your back is a biological need as we go and try to “compete with the lions” in society afterwards. Many times these friends end up in fields that you could work in. They also serve as networking outlets. You will never have the opportunity to find solid friends like you do in colleg,e take advantage. My healthiest and most satisfied year is when I shared two dorms with six other dudes. The tribal, clan, you help me out and it’s okay that we have a rubbermaid container as our coffee table, life was precious. Take advantage of it now and for the future.

6) Freedom is now. Seize It.

You’ll look back and also hear older men say college was the greatest time. You won’t realize just the breadth of the resources that you have until you leave college. Don’t let this get by. It’s the stuff that you do between your 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. classes that can add up to the successes that you have when you’re 50.

And oh, guys. Don’t date, it screwed me. It nearly burned friendships, it burned money and it my resume to some extent. After college you should be able to look at the world and say, where do I want to go. If you’re dating, you can’t do that and I nearly got stuck in the small town that my school was in because of my relationship.


Also, I’m looking to interview many MGTOW YouTubers and many of those who listen to my videos. If you have a story to tell and would like to be on my channel as an interview, anonymous or not, please email me at

I am looking to get a master database of all the video requests and topic ideas that you guys have. If anyone has a suggestion on how best to do that, also email me at the same address.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading and for the support once more. It’s truly a gift. Big shoutout to Bryan Adams as well. What a generous donation my man. That means so much to me and I will get back to you with an email response shortly after this video is posted.

Please peace out with the term, hoodies up in the comment section if you’ve made it this far. As usual, enjoy your MGTOW freedom men. Hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW Sermons – Samson & Delilah

Welcome back MGTOW men. Today I’m starting kind of what I’m going to call a sermon series for each Sunday. The Bible has a staggering amount of content that has to do with MGTOW philosophy and there are warnings all throughout the Bible about marriage, the adulteress woman, and one of my favorite passages in the Bible, from Paul, saying that he wishes all men were as he is – unmarried.

I’ve looked at the Bible since becoming MGTOW and there is what I call I MGTOW lense that I see the passages through. There are passages that I’ve not only seen but heard played out in my life when it relates to women. Thus, today we are going to look at the story of Samson and Delilah.

This is a very commonly referred to story and many people, whether or not they’re familiar with the Bible, have heard of this story. But, I’ll give a quick layout of the story. This story can be found in Judges chapters 13-16 to if you want a more comprehensive look at the story.

Samson is an Israelite and from birth, since God blessed his infertile mother with a child, who was Samson, God commanded that he take what was called the Nazirite vow as an homage to God for giving his mother a son. Part of this entailed never having his hair cut among other things. Additionally, Samson was the strongest man in the entire Bible. In fact, if any of you guys have Samsonite luggage cases, your luggage got its name from this Biblical character.

He would tear door frames out of walls, killed a lion with his bare hands and even killed 1,000 Philistine men – which was the main enemy of Israel at the time. But, he was an immoral man according to the Bible, and despite his brute he was susceptible to one thing – women. He married a Philistine women because of sexual attraction, which his parents did not approve of. She later died and the Bible states that he enjoyed prostitutes as well and eventually, which appears during the times he would go spend a night with a prostitute, he came across a woman who the Bible says he “fell in love with”. She was once again not an Israelite, and seeing this, the Philistines began to use Delilah as a tool to kill Samson. According to the Bible they offered her 11 hundred shekels of silver, which in today’s world is equivalent to about $15 million dollars. Delilah sucked the information from Samson she needed and he was thrown into captivity, losing his strength and having his eyes gouged out. This is his demise, brothers. Let’s learn from this story. Follow along today.

1) No man is immune

One thing that MGTOW has bred, especially on the Internet between Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, is bravado. Chest-beating bravado that calls out any blue pill behavior and condemns anything less than a Bruce Lee, monk like meditative strength and peace.

I don’t care what you say sir, to those out there that are of that nature – and thankfully most of you guys reading aren’t those guys – but to you, you’re not immune. No man is free from his flesh and all men are at risk of stumbling. We are mortal. Samson killed a lion, 1,000 men and crushed a temple by breaking its pillars. Can you do that? No, neither can I. But he fell to an adulteress. All it took was one woman that he could tear like a wet paper bag. That is all it took. All.

So, so can you. Guard yourself and learn. A man that doesn’t not defend himself and does not surround himself with support is a vulnerable man, not just to the alluring glance of a Delilah, but to anything that will take you from your path.

One of my favorite verses in this passage is a simple one, but a powerful one. “The woman gave birth to a boy and named him Samson…and the Spirit of the Lord began to stir him.” Remember this verse.

2) And He Fell in Love With Her

Samson is the epitome of male physical strength. If there is an alpha physically, this is him. I want to know Samson’s bench. But, like they say, if there is one thing to tame a male heart it’s a woman. It mellows him out and makes him vulnerable, and as the Bible says, “some time later he fell in love with a woman in the Valley of Sorek whose name was Delilah.”

Men are biologically inclined to fall in love quicker. When I first dated my ex I said I loved her only weeks after getting to know her. Not only did she think I was crazy then, she thought I was crazy after we stopped dating, and likely does today.

But, the Bible does not say that Delilah fell in love with Samson. If you break down the word fall it is connoted as something that is involuntary. You can’t really fall on purpose, that’s known in the NBA as a flop. It’s outside of our control, not necessarily unwished, but hardly something that is in your control.

You notice here that Delilah kept her wits about her this entire time. She did not waver but kept her eyes set solely on the prize – the money that came with being with Samson. Men, we are at increased danger of becoming vulnerable. Sure, women can fall in love and express eventual hurt as well, but as soon as an unhinged man such as Samson submits to a women, he becomes as docile as that woman is. It’s like becoming only as strong as your weakest body part, the man becomes as docile as the woman – putting aside the barriers he once had prior to dating.

I find myself to be far more aggressive, far more full of testosterone, rogue thinking and independent when I am not dating or not around women very much. Men, we become exposed while the Delilah stays fixated on her intent in associating with you.

3) Deceitful Ultimatums

I talked in previous blogs about the red flags associated with anyone that makes ultimatums towards you that you’re expected to fulfill. Creating an ultimatum is an example of ownership, and we are never property. If you really loved me you would have stood up for me

Three times Delilah asked of Samson what the secret of his strength is. Three times Samson deceived her, thinking that his lies to her were only playful, and that even if he revealed the truth about his strength he still would not be harmed. If this wasn’t a red flag to Samson that she was trying to pry this from him for no good, nothing would be. The pursuit to keep things status quo and as they are in a relationship without being fully honest is a devilish danger men.

While Samson was wrong in lying – his true fault was being here. But Delilah makes a statement that is a true sign of deceit and one that we have likely all heard.

“Then she said to him, “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me? This is the third time you have made a fool of me and haven’t told me the secret of your great strength.” With such nagging she prodded him day after day until he was sick to death of it. So, he told her everything.”

After falling asleep, Samson woke up realizing the Philistines were at his door attempting to seize him. He rose and as the Bible reads, “he awoke from his sleep and thought, I’ll go out as before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.”

Many things here. For one, Delilah was the one lying about her love yet she is stating that Samson is the one who doesn’t love. Clearly, because she says “how can you say, ‘I love you’”, Samson repeated this many times. But this ultimatum was made in deceit and was actually based on her untruthfulness. Men, these ultimatums should make you bolt the other way, like a gazelle spotting the barrel of a shotgun, vault away.

Secondly, these same ultimatums are still being made in the bedrooms of modern day. Clearly, if these were how things were over 2,000 years ago, these are actions and behaviors ingrained in us. Thus, it’s a pattern. Patterns are recognizable, which is good for us because we can identify them and hopefully strike down this behavior of danger.

Thirdly, he only divulged after nagging. Men, will power is not something infinite. Will power is like a gas tank. It can only continue if it is replenished. If you’re continually tested you will fail. It’s like trying to stay up each and every night and study or work, while maintaining a good diet. Eventually your will power has to fail in order for you energy to be regained. You binge, Samson binged, Samson died. Remember this.

Fourthly, these types of relationships and these Delilahs will not only strip you of your physical power through many things – affect on your diet, working out and sleep, they will disconnect you from the most important relationships. Your family and for me, God. By involving myself with these type of people in my past I became a monster. I broke off my love with my parents temporarily and turned my face from God. I left myself and replaced it with a soulless carcass.

He was born with the spirit in him. He died as it fled from him.

Samson eventually succumbed and became a labor slave for the Philistines, being bound, shackled and set to grind grain. Imagine the bitterness, the rage pure hate boiling in the brain that was no longer behind nothing but empty sockets for eyes.

Samson was then sent to be mocked in front of thousands of Philistines, being bound to two pillars in this giant temple.

“Then Samson prayed to the Lord, “sovereign Lord, remember me. Please, God, strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes. Samson said, “Let me die with the Philistines!” Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while we lived.”

Men, use this is a warming. If you get entangled with a Delilah and let yourself slip and let your values slip, you can turn into an unrecognizable monster capable of sweeping destruction to not just your life but those you love around you. Cutting them off and hurting them.

4) This isn’t just about women

So today, I’m not talking about your 80-year old, deceased NAWALT grandmother. I’m talking about the women modern society knows as the Delilah. I’m also going to be speaking about us men, about us as brothers and about us and despite the strength that we possess how we can fall into the clutches of a woman, regardless if we can kill 1,000 men.

But, I’m also talking about us as men. It takes two to tango. Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods. The list goes on and on. Your own personal edifice known as your mind and soul are at stake. Your reputation is at stake and your life is at stake.

Guard your mind, guard you life. Whatever that means or that entails, do those things. For me, I know that if I don’t find time for myself, I don’t find something to work on that I’m proud of, if I don’t talk to my family, if I don’t pray, I will become weak. Both times I fell for the Delilah as Samson did this is what happened.

A fall from grace is always around the corner, but that’s why we are here as MGTOW men to convene and share our failures all in the hopes of building our strength.

I know I took a different approach today but I hope that you guys have received this blog well today. Your support and encouragement is amazing men. I will do my best to reply to all the comments I receive, but if you want to ensure that I get your comment please e-mail me and I will be more than willing to talk to you. Hit me up at for that.

As usual men, see you tomorrow – hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – Be an Example

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The best way for someone to believe the words that you say is not actually to speak them. It’s to act on those words and let the actions voice the words that you didn’t have to speak. While MGTOW in a way follows the principles of Fight Club, “you shall not talk about Fight Club”, I believe that there is an undercurrent within MGTOW that wants to spread and wants to influence. I remember first learning of MGTOW and wanting to tell everyone around me.

Ideas only exist with the will to survive and the will to reproduce. Ideas that are strong are like humans. Coded in strong ideas is the will to survive. It’s default behavior. As a MGTOW, I don’t just want to help current MGTOW men, I want to help everyone – and to do that I have to spread the impact of MGTOW.

Number one is speaking on MGTOW as I am. If I were to reveal my identity, that would be step number two. People manifest things and ideas. Ideas and commentaries from people like me that don’t have a face or a name associated with them are harder to process and do not make as large of an emotional impact.

Then, if I were to go film interactions with women, interview them on the street and voice MGTOW openly in those situations – or even counsel men, then these same videos would have the verity and validity that is needed to make an astronomical change. A great example of this is xpalldoc. Albeit his interview skills leave a lot to be desired, the fact that he hosts live interviews not only shows that what he talks about is true to him, it becomes true to the viewer. You Xpall, I was a journalism major – I’ll be happy to conduct those interviews for you. And hey, anyone out there that is interested in being interviewed by me for a video – whether it’s about MGTOW or your particular stories around MGTOW – Please hit me up.

This is especially true in fitness. You can talk about the paleo diet, high intensity cardio training, deadlift and front squat splits till you’re blue in the face but until you begin to do those things and reap the benefits of your labor, those words don’t have the impact.

We are genetically bred to emulate and to follow behaviors of those around us and those we admire. If we admire something that means we think what that person is doing is effective and productive, enjoyable, interesting. All of these things are positive. They enrich our lives and as I always state, lead to survival.

I have huge reverence for my brother-in-law. As a result, I begin to act as he does based on the example that he has set for me. I see that particular practices of his have worked in life. I see the books he reads. I see the foods he eats. I see how he saves money. I see how he handles his emotions. I want to be that.

That is how we are to be in MGTOW. We are not just beings that possess knowledge. We are to act on that knowledge to shine a light to those around us that our way of thinking and living life is productive and positive.

1)  The impact will only come when you are consistent in this behavior 

I was having a conversation with my sister the other day about MGTOW and my beliefs on MGTOW. My parents have known that I’m interested in this for over a year now and it’s interesting to see my parents reactions to MGTOW, especially considering one works in the judicial system and my mom has been a family and marital therapist for over 40 years. They are learning the theories and points behind MGTOW, but because it’s only been about a year that I’ve been interested in MGTOW and either completely red pill or purple pill, the words that I say to them don’t hold as true yet.

Fast forward 10 years from now God willing. Let’s say that I am not married, I have some equity, I am working a consistent job, I’m living low stress and I have money saved up. I do not seem discontented with life – I’m passionate and continuing to grow and continuing to help others grow and do the same. Now MGTOW means something. MGTOW has passed through the test and they are able to see my points with clarity because there is an example to prove its effectiveness.

The reason this consistency as apologetics on behalf of MGTOW is because MGTOW and following MGTOW is not based on the short game. MGTOW is based on the long game. People perceive you to be losing by opting out on many things in society, mainly women, attention from women, maybe a nice car or a nice home. But, behind the scenes you’re building your business. You have maybe 10-12 hours of extra time per week because you’re MGTOW and you’re not either spending it on raising kids, dealing with a spouse or girlfriend or just stressed out because of those things. You have the energy to invest into things that have long term benefits.

Many MGTOW men, this is derived from some videos I’ve listened to from Sandman, are investing in bonds and secure investments. They’re looking into bitcoin, and overall, they’re just saving money. When you save money you also are less prone to want to spend money and have the flashy accessories that state you have money, furthering the thought in people’s minds that you don’t have money – but in turn, you actually have more capital and more passive income than them.

Being an example for MGTOW means playing the long game. Once you begin to hit the marriage tipping point, which has loosely been established between the ages of 28-32 for men, people begin to ask you if you’re getting married. They no longer say are you dating someone? You say no and they assume, okay, he’s just probably playing the field. Now, once you hit this age, which for me will not be for another four years, people may also ask you a deeper question – why aren’t you married? These are the opportunities for you to speak about MGTOW and to testify on behalf of the good its done in your life and why you’re not married.

There are two guys where I work that are in their mid-40s. They’re awesome. Some of the best people I’ve worked with. But, they may be the only guys in the department over the age of 30 that aren’t married. This raises people’s curiosity. You begin to wonder why this is the case, but now – if their life is in order and they seem well – you see the fruits of being MGTOW. So men, don’t get discouraged, you’ll not only reap the benefits of MGTOW further down the line, but by continuing you’re a better example each and everyday.

2) You are a role model for other men

Have you ever noticed a group of guys that are close? Maybe it’s just two guys. Maybe it has been you and one other dude that you may spend a lot of time with, maybe you’re roommates, maybe you’re even co-workers. Whether spoken or not, in many cases the guy or guys that are  in relationships are very envious of the guys that aren’t in relationships. Being outspoken about MGTOW is not necessary in these situations, just being able to capitalize on your freedom – go out and stay out when you’d like. Maybe go on a road trip when you’d like. Be able to sleep more consistent hours, and just generally be able to be more well rounded and energized for the things that really matter in life.

Based on what I’ve spoken on YouTube, I’ve definitely been labeled as a guy that probably failed with women or couldn’t get a woman – thus, I went MGTOW. This is rarely the case in MGTOW, and I think that most people that linger in the red pill rage stage and bounce back into blue pill or at the very least, purple pill stages, are the ones that have frequent failures in courting a woman when they’ve wanted to.

The only way to refute this condemning speech against you as a MGTOW or against MGTOW as a whole is to work on yourself and do something that you’re proud of and that those same people would deem as valuable and not achievable without the time afforded to you because of MGTOW.

You’ll see me reference the Bible a lot and I think that this passage summarizes how we are to act and to act in mind of the impact our actions have: “You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket. Instead, everyone who lights a lamp puts it on a lamp stand. Then its light shines on everyone in the house. In the same way let your light shine in front of people.” – Matthew 5:13-16

3) You are representing not only yourself but Men

Part of the reason that many men in MGTOW have to keep their personal information or face undisclosed is because of the opinions of some MGTOW men. The really popular MGTOW commentators on YouTube handle themselves well and are mindful of their statements and use logic and reasoning to make their arguments.

But, there are some videos and some message boards that feed leftist coverage of MGTOW that can tarnish MGTOW as a bunch of hateful, bitter, misogynistic men that only have negative things to say about women that are substantiated by evidence and truth.

You cannot convince a liberal feminist in a comment section that you’re right, that you’re intelligent, that you’re not a sex-crazed maniac like the men she came across in life. You will not be able to do that in one paragraph, one essay, one thesis. You have to live a lifetime of it, okay. That’s what we are called to do. We don’t fight the small battles, that’s what words will do for us. We want to win the long game, and that’s done by being an example.

MGTOW – You Never Spend the Right Amount of Time on Her

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Welcome back MGTOW men. You’re support and encouragement over the past week has been incredible. The comments sections are rambling and I’m seeing some entertaining banter, so let’s keep it up. I got done with work late tonight so I’m recording this video at midnight on a Friday night. Nothing better than being alone, with your thoughts about to speak to your MGTOW brothers on an evening that used to be spent throwing money into the wind at bars or various dates as you attempted to keep up with the invisible prototype of a man that society has crafted for us.

But you are here with me, and I’m with you. Enjoy.

In today’s video we are going to explore one of the phenomenons in many women’s arsenal. It’s called tightroping, situations and patterns she creates that put you in a position where you have to walk an invisible line of perfection between two extremes in order to avoid chastisement, breakups and maybe even the divorce courts.

The specific thing we will look at within tightroping is as the title says: “you never spend the right amount of time with her.” No matter how much time you set aside between going to work, paying bills, staying in good shape and handling the other daily obligations that everyone has, your time will never suffice. If you make that effort to spend time with her, to take her out, to take her on vacations and to just hang out with her, you may make for a happy few months ahead of you. But, at the same time your bank account is failing. It’s not sustainable. It’s also not sustainable because you spend too much time with her and begin to suffocate her or smother her.

This is a phenomenon that paralyzes men all the time. He is out with his friends or his is at his apartment, working out, working on his business, playing some video games and then she hits up his phone. You’ve been hanging out with her frequently lately but you’re not sure how she is feeling about you at the moment. If you say no, I want to stay at home and game then you could be right? You could be right that she wants a night by herself and that you can go a night without her…or you could say yes and you arrive and she is distant, on her phone and falls asleep. Only to begin the downturn towards a breakup.

This situation brings up four things that I have learned with women in these tightroping situations – they’re all in the description below, but let’s look at them one at a time.

1) Boredom is an absolute death sentence

Boredom occurs the minute that you slip off the miniscule, wire thin rope between too much and too little time with her. If you begin to bore her, i.e. spend too much time with her, then you need to leave. If you’re looking to stay with this girl for whatever reason, you need to make yourself scarce. But, better yet, you need to leave period. Don’t return. Man, are you kidding?! This chick is bored of you within a few months, one year, two years of dating? And you think it’s still possible to marry this chick for, how long? 40 years. Man, unless you morph into Bruce Wayne, James Bond or Captain Jack Spearow overnight then you’re not going anywhere with this girl.

At the beginning of a relationship, the courting phase, it’s all about earning her interest and keeping her entertained. I know you’ve walked around your house all Saturday taking snap chats of yourself from different locations in your living room trying to keep her occupied as she plays candy crush all afternoon.

You think you can do this 24/7 the rest of your life? When you’re at work? When you want to just pick up and leave and drive across the country? There is never enough to keep her entertained. Nobody is entertaining enough for that. Social media is the substitute. Netflix, anything is. And she has infinite sources. Even if the next source of entertainment is a fleeting comment on Instagam from someone she will never meet, it’s going to be more entertaining than the compliment you give her when you arrive back from work.

Either you go the other way and make yourself scarce, or you don’t go at all. Because boredom is worse than getting a beer gut. They won’t admit that, but if you keep her life interesting then she will deal with the beer gut. Just don’t get boring. You’ll have to get a few tattoos and an edgy haircut if you get that beer gut by the way.

2) The grass is always greener

My first ex-girlfriend said I spent too much time with her. She was probably right, I think relative to most relationships, I did. But only when she asked for my time. When it was too much she still told me to stay at home when I said I had to go to work or finish some work at the library. When she was at her most bored she would make allusions to her ex right before me. She would talk about how he always just left her places. Left her at parties. Left her alone. One time she talked about how they both got baked out of their minds and she remembers feeling like she was going to die after taking dabs and sitting behind a shed in some open field. He was nowhere to be found.

The fact that this story is brought up to me, her current boyfriend, shows me she has no shame in telling me things. She has no shame because I never earned her respect. She never actually felt like she was going to lose something or lose me, because she didn’t really care. For her, this story was romanticized and while she may have wanted some help and consistency during that relationship, which she also expressed to me – she only brought this up when I made the mistake of doing things like driving over to her house, late at night just to see her. The alternative is always better.

My second girlfriend, my last ex, initially chose me because I was more distant. I didn’t nag her, I didn’t text her often for the first month that we were talking. She broke up with her boyfriend of four years because they had settled into a routine of boredom every single day, doing the same thing, going over to each other’s house, wearing each other’s clothes and eating the same fast food all the time – even the frequent vacations became boring because of this constant interaction.

Thus, she went with me as I was making a concerted effort to distance myself from her after the mistakes I made with my first ex. Despite endless late nights on the phone, a vacation and the daily grind of checking in and trying to be supportive, it was established that I didn’t quite love her like her ex did. She ended up having sex with him during the time we dated, and for all I know she could be with him again.

The issue here men is that there is a crisis in personal identity and self-worth. When that collapses all that’s left is a desire for another person to be there and fill that void and provide that validation. That’s a drug just like any other drug. Drugs come into play when there is an imbalance. Don’t let yourself get imbalanced, find your own value. Find the right people that will value you.

3) Your Time is Not Yours

If you’re walking this proverbial tightrope you better not tell her that you’re even stopping at the grocery store after work because you want to pick up some extra food for the weekend. Don’t tell her that you’re going to the gym during your lunch break if you can end up meeting her for lunch instead. Because when you’re in a manipulated relationship like this you are not yourself, you don’t own yourself. She owns you. And if she owns you, she owns your time. She dictates that line you walk on, because if she can dictate your time she dictates everything else. Where you are, when you are somewhere and how you plan out your time and what activities you invest yourself in.

Sundays were rest days for me when I dated my first girlfriend. I was spent from the week due to work and school, and because I was a collegiate athlete this was often my only off day from practice or competition. As we know, this is the honey-do-list day but for me it was the day to do whatever was on her slate. I guarantee if you’re in a quasi-long distance relationship in this situation and you choose to stay at home one weekend given the option and she doesn’t see you, you’re going to get pegged as dismissive.

4) Women Don’t Like Men That Need Them

This goes back to the concept of boredom, but the truth of the matter is that women don’t like men that make them their main priority. If you’re clearly voicing it and showing it to her that she is your main priority then she will be immediately turned off.

Women often enjoy being mistreated, abused and dismissed today as a result of this state of abject morality and lack of self worth it creates in people and women today – often times because it reflects dismissive parental influences that they have had and it’s giving a disfigured guise of the parents that they had but wish were different. Yeah, this will keep a woman around longer, but it will create a shell of a woman.

The bottom line is, the reason she is turned off if you are her main priority, if you forego relationships with your friends, lose interest in anything other than going to work and coming home, it’s because it’s interpreted as being needy and as being weak and dependent on her. She is biologically wired to be the dependent and to depend on you, not the other way around. She doesn’t even recognize this and she will never tell you, you have to understand this. She wants you to be independent, do your own thing because this gives the perception that you are strong and would be there to protect her.

End of Story

The conclusion here men, the thesis is that we are going MGTOW because going MGTOW saves us time. If we have time we have one of the only things that you can have but if you lose you cannot get back – time can equal money, health and satisfaction. If a woman is in control of your time you have none of this, and you have none of this then what the heck are you even doing with your life anyway. You have one life to live, don’t let an invisible tightrope make your road wobbly and uncertain and dangerous.

So, if you made it to the end of the article, you are awesome and should hit me up with “hoodies up” in the description below. You guys are inspiring with your comments and if you want to reach out for an interview, to share a MGTOW story or to request a topic, please hit me up at and I will get back to you.

Stay tuned MGTOW men and make yourselves better in this liberated weekend. As usual, hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – Identify a Gym Thot

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Welcome back MGTOW men. Have you guys ever ran into a gym thot before? Often times these types of women are known as Instagram thots as well, and I’m certain that you have encountered one of those either proactively or on a late-night scroll through Instagram. They’re everywhere now, and they’re gyms all around the world.

For those that don’t know what a thot is, or a gym thot to be specific, let me define that for you really quick: It’s not Websters, but the number two definition of a thot on Urban Dictionary is “She’s like the neighborhood bicycle, everyone gets a ride.”

Thot is actually an acronym and it’s an even more current way of saying slut or legal prostitute – and it has been urbanized and popularized by a fusion of urban lexicon, hip-hop culture and the transforming and language altering power of social media.

The thot has one goal. It’s too make her sexual marketplace value as high as possible. Everything she does throughout her day is built around making herself more sexually attractive and available. It’s the physical manifestation of a personal manufacturing and marketing plan that operates 24/7.

There are two overall types of thots in my mind and sometimes a fusion between the two. There is the lifestyle thot and then there is the exercise thot or the gym thot. We will be focusing on the latter today, identifying the variations of the gym thot and why you should stay away from them.

So sit back, pop this in your ear and enjoy my take on the lululemon, sports bra, beats wearing, contour before the gym – gym thot.

1) The tag-team thot

I call this girl the tag team thot because she always comes in with another girl to the gym. There are always too of them, and the Halo Effect is multiplied by their decision to come in twos. With two of them their chances of being spotted go up dramatically. Also, when there are two around, a guy that isn’t attracted to one of the girls still may be attracted to the other girl. This gives both girls the opportunity to at least get a conversation going as he will approach the one girl he is attracted to and subsequently talk to the other one in the process. Out of this he gets two contacts and they both get a surge of attention and enjoyment out of attracting him. Depending on who these girls are, they may even agree to sleep with him as a threesome, or separately.

These girls often have lower confidence then the girls that are independent in the gym, thus they go together. It’s like my experiences lifting weights for the first time in high school for the baseball team. It was almost like culture shock going in there. You didn’t feel ownership over any machine and the only way you made it through the lift was by being in there with one of your friends. Albeit, I wasn’t hitting on the guys…or maybe I was, just kidding.

These girls are accepted in the gym, even if they can’t squat their own body weight though. Because they often have high SMV, there is always a machine or a bench that is not occupied, even though the simp was just using it five minutes ago.

This type of girl will often come up to a guy, interrupt him in the middle of a set and ask for advice on the lift he is doing – acting like she wants to try, he lets her join or gets her a weight more suitable for her. Now she has him.

This girl will also occasionally run on the treadmill for like 5 minutes maximum before losing all motivation.

Thus, these girls are actually in the least good shape of the variations of the gym thots that I will bring up. They are not in there to gain muscle, get in better cardiovascular shape or improve a skill. They are in there for social reasons first and foremost. Thus, when they get what they want they will stop going to the gym because they’re sick of doing the workouts recommended to them on Cosmopolitan. When they get the guys they want and maybe if they even end up dating, they will not go to the gym and they’re likely going to get out of shape and lose their sexual marketplace appeal.

Stay away from this one, they lose their sexual appeal and they have no interest in working out, even though they might act like they do.

2) The 10 a.m. Regular

Okay, so I have worked out at a really nice fitness club that is a chain throughout the entire United States for about seven years now. It has amazing facilities, it’s usually in well off locations of the country and subsequently it has some people with a lot of money that have a lot of time to spend at the gym working out. Just like the married housewives that are also spending much of their time and money at the salon, spa and coffee shops that are inside the fitness center.

Because she has the money to take care of herself and the time to do so – plus she probably is somewhat attractive to have courted a guy that has a good amount of money to allow her to be a stay-at-home wife or at least one that doesn’t have a full-time job – she is in pretty good shape. She might be strong, svelt, wear nice workout tights and have a good tan – because that comes in the package at the gym.

Thus, I named this chick the 10 a.m. regular. You will see her at the gym after her husband heads off to his 9-5. She slowly pulls herself out of bed in the morning and because her SMV is her greatest asset, the first thing she likely hits in the morning is the gym. That is where she earns her keep, and she knows it.

Naturally, all of the same women flock to the gym at that same time. This 10 a.m. regular is still at an age where I wouldn’t call them cougars, but this group extends to the cougar that may be on steroids, hits the tanning bed daily and wears sports bras that are far too tight for her.

These women meet up here, workout a little bit, sometimes quite a bit but they also conspire and begin to complain about their lives at home. Because of this continued routine and practice of meeting up at the gym, much like women who used to convene at the well, they may feel that their life is getting boring. They need something to spice it up as their husband is always working. That’s when you see these women begin to hit on the guys from about age 26-40, who are alphas typically in regards to physique and often are personal trainers or entrepreneurs, working different hours of the day. You will see this 10 a.m. regular flock around the gym talking to a series of different guys of this prototype all throughout their workout. They will ask to work in on sets, to ask for advice on a particular lift, or just begin to create small talk – day over day, over day until the run-ins become more than a run-in and often a divorce will occur – which is what I thought I overhead being discussed a couple of months ago.

3) The Belfie Expert

This last gym thot variation that I will be looking at today is the standard, if you will, gym thot. She has created this particular image and identity for women thanks to her constant pursuit of the right angle, right lululemons and right big butt workout to support her belfie account on Instagram.

She has invented the exact pose that everyone knows of the Belfie Expert. The photo is being taken from the side in front of a large mirror from about six feet away and she is up on the toes of her front foot. Maybe she also has her lips puckered to give her cheekbones a little bit of a contour as well, because why not?! She is only in the gym to pick up guys at the gym, but because it is her life’s goal to accrue as many Instagram followers as possible from her gym belfies to the belfies that she takes at home after a shower and the ones she takes during girls night out on the weekend in the suburbs.

This girl has a particular workout style – it consists of back squats, weighted and body-weight lunges, smith machine back squats, leg kickbacks with a cable, bridges on her back, sumo squats to accentuate her butt in her lululemons, dumbbell deadlifts (very light), a short session on the yoga mat doing some very light ab workout routine (although she relies on the belly-button high leggings to do most of the work), dumbbell or plate side bends to work on the obliques and most importantly that machine exercise that is only meant for girls trying to have sex later that day – the sex exercise hip abductor machine that helps your inner thigh and groin grow. The only time you care about these muscles is during sex, let’s be honest.

You will never see this girl, or likely any of these girls – apart from maybe the 10 a.m. regular, doing and bench press, and power cleans, and sort of crossfit movement, any pull-ups, and heavy deadlifts, military press, back row or push-ups. You may occasionally see her on the stairmaster as well doing kickbacks, believing the kool-aid from the Snapchat discover app about how Jen Selter got her big butt.

Why Stay Away?

Sorry hun, we know all your tricks. The reason we know all your tricks is because we have to. And if you spend enough time in a gym you will realize this.

The reason you want to stay away from this type of girl is because she is treating the gym like we used to treat the bar. The bar and nightclub is now no longer, or at least to a far lesser extent. The bar or the night club is now Instagram, Snapchat and Tinder. Even YouTube at times. It is also the gym. It’s the millennial thing to do.

These girls are going to the gym with the intention to get attention from guys, which they do, and maybe pick up a guy. My policy is that you never want to take a girl out or date a chick that you meet somewhere that they chose to be in order to pick up another dude. The only commendable connections come from circumstance in my opinion, and very rarely is that happening in gyms throughout the United States today.

This girl is not often committed to her health long term, as displayed by the tagteam thot, she is often not loyal, as seen by the 10 a.m. regular, and she is very often narcissistic and is using the gym as a platform to get her likes up and her belfie perfected.

The gym is a mire nowadays. I have spend many, many hours of my free time in gyms, working out and observing these sociological phenomenons and have much more to comment on regarding women in gyms, gym bros and the issue for MGTOW and the exercises that these gym thots are and aren’t doing – and how you can navigate around this cesspool in the future.

So, if you made it to the end, I’m amazed. Please type in “ain’t nobody need to do kegels” in the comment section if you’ve made it to the end so I know how long to make these videos.

I hope you got a kick out of these observations, as I’ve chuckled to myself for years regarding these conclusions. Get into the gym, pump out your workout, feel good about yourself, and get out. We don’t need that energy. Find yourself a good gym and a place to get some meditation done while working out as well.

As usual, hoodies up – hoodie out.

MGTOW – My Best Friend Got Dumped at His Lowest

“I think the whole thing God not giving you anything you can’t handle is BS man…my ex-girlfriend now called to break up with me as my Dad is laying in the hospital as I was going to go see him.”

Today’s message is going to be about another real-life experience, a MGTOW message and lesson for us all that I actually had enter into my life today. It’s fresh off the chew-em-up spit-em-out conveyor belt that we call dating.

Welcome back MGTOW men, thanks for joining me today as we begin another red pill popping session. I hope you guys are hanging in there this Wednesday evening – and I hope this article finds you well as you’re winding down from work, gaming on Steam or as you try and drown out the sound of your nagging but soon to be ex girlfriend, as that’s what happened to one of my best friends today, who’s girlfriend of nearly four years dumped him over the phone as he was driving to go see his dad who is in the hospital with a broken hip, a UTI and has dropped what seems to be about 70 to 80 pounds.

My friend is relatively secretive and I think there is some shame regarding his family situation, so I don’t know all the details, but based on the UTI and the fact that he has lost so much weight, isn’t eating and has been on the colon cleansing solution that’s given to people as prep for colonoscopies, it’s believed that he may have some alcohol abuse problems going on right now.

His parents are divorced and have been divorced long before I met him in 2012. I never once met either of his parents, siblings or any other family members. This dude has been through it, having to pay his way through school and keep food on the table by going to donate plasma each week, joining focus groups each week for market research – all the while strategizing all the ways to save money, from finessing his way into gyms, using public wifi and never his own data or personal wifi at home and eating a dumpy diet that no way sustains this dude who is like 6-3 225.

If there is a loyal friend, this guy is it. After going college with him for one year he transferred from my school. We’ve seen each other for five days over the past five years but have kept in touch, texting everyday since then. I say some wacky ish to him and call him out all the time, but he’s never backed down or expected anything from me. He’s loyal.

But, his loyalty and sacrifice for his girlfriend – simply wasn’t enough. She couldn’t even stick it out long enough for his dad to get out of the hospital where he has been laid up for over a week with no other support than his own son, my friend. My friend’s’ dad’s ex-wife lives over five hours away and they never have contact with one another. The burden is on my friend to be there with his dad each day in addition to working a full-time job, as his siblings are nowhere to be found and actually didn’t even act when they found out that their dad broke his hip and needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

I could go into more family specifics, but I don’t need to divulge that information. The point of the matter is, as much as women are spoken of and regarded throughout society as being the empathetic gender, the coldness, vileness and heartless nature of many women today is rampant and outweighs that which I’ve seen from men.

My friend transferred from the school I was at with him in order to be back at college with his now ex-girlfriend. Taking out loans to pay for school, he has been paying $1,000 dollars per month in order to pay off his loans this year, working a job that he can’t stand in order to have enough money for them to move to a new part of the country after she graduates from grad school this spring.

Not only would he not have the loans if she wasn’t in the picture, he wouldn’t have gone to the dumpy school in BFE that he chose to go to and he wouldn’t have driven four hours each weekend in order to see her at grad school. And now, she dumps him – not when things are going well for him, but when things have hit their absolute worst.

He’s straddled with school debt, he’s in a dead end job that isn’t related to what he wants to do, he doesn’t want to live in the city he is currently at because of the lack of opportunity and the stress from his divided family and he even texted me two days ago asking for my opinion on what type of Cricket phone plan he should get. I don’t want to knock on those with Cricket or Boost Mobile out there, but this dude has to pinch every penny as she has had the opposite experience in life.

I’m not going to knock her style of life and the fact that she has had everything provided for her. I believe that if you work hard enough as parents and can afford that for your kids, then so be it. Let that happen and let that type of life exist. But the defining thing about this is that she never empathized with him. He never had the leg up in life and was always running, but he was still expected to spend the money and to provide for her, not the other way around.

Lessons learned my friends, what are they. Well, I think they’re pretty obvious. Don’t put yourself out there and don’t change your plans in life that sacrifice convenience and put you at risk of financial walls. The words directly from his mouth today were, “I know, right. I took this job because of her and I’m in this situation because of her.” Honestly, lucky this happened to him now as a 24-year old instead of ending up just like his parents, divorced and ailing because of the fallout.

This text later this afternoon said, “yeah, she never really understood the struggle I have had. It’s not her fault, we just come from different lifestyles. She’s had everything paid for and everything I’ve done is two steps forward and five steps backwards.”

The steps backwards have largely been caused by her, and based on my assumptions, his dad is in the same situation because of the divorce that he went through. Totally estranged from all of his kids, not able to support anyone despite being a lawyer – all of this likely due to the wife, my friend’s mom, who he calls crazy and never spends time with.

The risk is too high men. It’s just too high. My bro told me he planned on marrying this girl. I warned him and discussed MGTOW and the dangers of selling out. I’ll ease him into it more now, I’ll just let the scar heal.

2) Do not re-date the your ex

This is what happened, he rebounded with this chick during a time of loneliness and misdirection during the middle of his college years in BFE middle of the United States. During this time, I actually envied him and wished to have his liberty and freedom as I was totally wrapped around the finger of my first girlfriend.

But, like I said about the acronym HALT, if you’re hungry, angry, lonely or tired – suffering from anyone of those four for a prolonged period of time can put you in these dangerous situations. The success rate of dating an ex after breaking up has to be exceedingly low. If you had to cut ties from this person after a short period of time, even when the relationship wasn’t bound by law and could theoretically be broken at anytime, it’s clear that the relationship won’t last to the stages of what we would consider a long, successful marriage.

These decisions are often fueled by our natural attraction to nostalgia and proving ourselves to ourselves almost and trying to reconcile something – even if we are not conscious of these things.

3) Her hand is always on eject

Girlfriends essentially play the role of God, or try to in a relationship. I equate dating to being on the other end of a nuclear missile or lethal injection strike. At any moment she can press eject, inject or launch and obliterate you from her life and leave you behind. A man will naturally become more invested into a girl and feel an emotional connection and satisfaction that a women will not. Statistics show that women move on from relationships far more quickly than men, and thus if you slip up or don’t give enough time to them, they can press the launch nuke button and blow you back to the stone age.

You have to realize that if you date, you are always in this peril. Her finger is always hovering over the eject or launch button, and it won’t take much to trigger the strike – and NORAD won’t be there to let you know that it is coming either. To give you further proof of this I will have to tell you how my first girlfriend broke the news of her cheating on me in a later video.

But like always, if you’ve made it this far, I’m amazed. To let me know that you’ve reached the end of this red pill laced portion of MGTOW knowledge, please type in “hoodies up” in the comment section below so I know how long or short to make the videos going forward.

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MGTOW – The Chameleon: She Will Change Colors

Remember, she is only going to wear that Brett Favre jersey for three weeks, maybe a whole month. Then you’ll never see it again. She doesn’t have to sport the camouflage anymore, her camo is now embedded in her and you’re blind to it.

Women are naturally good at being chameleons because they are innately more of a social being than men are. By being a chameleon she can acquire more mates, gain more power and cover up her insecurities. It can also ensure her survival and advancement amongst men and women.

The MGTOW movement is a perfect example of how men are the opposite. WGTOW is not a thing, because the hive mind and natural group-think amongst women – who like to talk, socialize and convene at the well during mid day to discuss matters in the village, is their natural way of life. Thus, they learn to socialize to preserve themselves and to make their interactions more pleasant.

Men aren’t rewarded for this. The men that are rewarded in life are the individuals, the free-thinkers, the risk-takers, the ones that stand out and innovate. Michael Jordon, Einstein, Edison, Alexander the Great, Copernicus, freaking rogue, “I’m doing it myself guys” like Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry or as the Outlaw Josey Wales. Us guys are attracted to this because it’s who we want to be. We want to be known for what makes us unique. Women want to be known for what makes them better at doing what every other woman is doing…makeup, cosmetics, hair, getting the right wardrobe and constructing that perfect family. Men are individuals first, and this is this way biologically because the pressure is on us as a gender to create and be innovators. Women merely want to be liked and accepted and acknowledged, but they definitely want power as well. They can get all three things by being a chameleon.

Both of my girlfriends spoke of their exes as if they were renaissance men. All of their interests, even the bad ones, became their own. All of their exes favorite restaurants turned out to be the ones that we went together and that she suggested. All of her favorite songs, actually came from them. Even one verbally expressed their interest for hockey after dating her ex, a hockey player, even though every other characteristic about her would point the other way as she slandered sports and the purpose of playing them. This is what it means for a woman to be a chameleon. They will not only select what they like from you and move on, they will adapt, shift and appear as if they’re the leaf in the tree, but instead they’re there waiting for you and observing you and testing you.

If you take two anecdotes from my life, my first girlfriend professed how my perceived “innocence” was what made me attractive to her. She knew that I valued virtue and being a good guy. Once she had me, all she wanted me to be was the bad boy that didn’t care, worked less in school and at work, drank more, got in a bit of trouble and overall abandoned the direction that my life and my faith led me to have.

Example number two, my most recent ex-girlfriend. She advertised her interest and attraction to me off the bat as being intellect based. We shared three courses together in our master’s program and my level of attraction in accordance to what she said, rose the more I spoke in class, the better grades I got, how I edited a group paper and the overall presence I had in the classroom. But once I fell for her, she too wanted me to abandon that desire and that side of me that wanted to achieve academic excellence. The more I spoke in class the more she rolled her eyes. The more hours I spent on an essay, the less she thought I would value her and value her image of what I should be now that she possessed control.

Western women today understand this strategy and their recognize their power. It’s up to you as a man as you go MGTOW to remind yourself what you value each day and what you want to achieve. A woman will want you to alter these goals for her if she wants to date you and you agree to dating her. She knows that you will only come with your interests and values as a man, but once you have came, pun intended, the tides will change and what you thought she valued was merely an ambush waiting behind the camouflage that she had prepared. Thing of it as a prostitution sting operation. She will lure you in as a prostitute would, then once she realizes that you have given yourself over to her and trust her that she is being genuine, she will then test the waters and see how much further she can take you and lure you – beyond just duping you into believing she likes your hobby.

My advice to you as MGTOW men this evening. I’ll be amazed if you made it this far to the end of my video. If you did, in order to let me know how far along you were so I know how short or long to make these videos, please type in “hoodies up”. Thanks for all the support, commenting, interest, discussion and encouragement over the past few months. Like, comment, subscribe and please leave a suggestion for future videos below as I will consider them, read them and craft a response in due time.

Have a great evening and a good start to your Wednesday, hump day, whatever that day may bring. Hoodies up, hoodie out.

MGTOW – The Bad Boy Will Win | The Jeremy Meeks Divorce

Don’t even try it. Do not even lift a finger and try to compete with it. There are things in life that you cannot compete with. Behind death and taxes, trying to compete for a woman’s fidelity when a bad boy, #thughottie, is looming in the near distance.

Look no further than Jeremy Meeks. Jeremey Meeks ain’t meek, or mild but wild. Hot sauce, habanero. Thug material. That type that the early 20s woman will fawn over. And apparently the type that mid-30s women with children from a previous relationship, I think marriage, will fawn over.

Let me give you the leek on Meeks. Meeks got a longer rap sheet that Kanye, Kudi or Travis to name my favorites. Somebody drop Astroworld please. As a member of the Notorious Northside Ganger Crips in Northern California, I think in Stockton, Calif. (which is the scene for the popular TV series a couple of years ago – “Sons of Anarchy”.), he strung together a series of offenses, with one of them landing him in jail for two years, revealing this most popular mugshot that you have probably seen in Dailymail articles, accidentally or with intention, since 2014.

The bad boy will win. I’m telling you right now. He will win. Resistance is futile. But, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a good thing. A liberating thing if you realize it and embrace it. And if she has let the bad boy lose and is coming for you, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because it’s usually not for the reasons you think that she’s coming for you.

Today’s video was inspired by a headline that came up in July and I am now just getting to it. Jeremy Meeks, who if you don’t know by name you certainly know by mugshot, how flattering, has just filed for divorce from his wife Melissa Meeks of eight years. Funny how this is the second Melissa that I’ve referenced in my videos and has been on the other end of a divorce. Melissa’s, you better learn.

The world renowned #thughottie mr. #milliondollarmugshot was caught making out with Chloe Green during one of his photoshoot trips overseas recently for his modeling career and word got back to Melissa, thus ending their relationship. Jeremy sites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. When you look at something like this, you never know if that’s the case or not. You will never know the whole story. You just can’t. But you know what you need to know. And this is what we need to know.

You’re gunna pick a fight. And you’re gunna lose. Tyler Durden uttered those words about fighting a total stranger. But even if you’re a 10/10 quarterback dude with the James Dean look as Taylor Swift says, you will lose.

You think you got the resume to get the girl? You went to college, got your bachelor’s degree, was a first-team all-american football player, did a few internships, graduated with your M.D. Your resume is spotless, just like consumer economics said, your high school counselor and your mother said. But when it comes to attaining a women against the resume of Jeremy Meeks, you have no shot.

Conversely, Let’s take a look at this guy’s resume:

  • 2002: Grand theft auto
  • 2005: Identity theft
  • 2005-2007: Detained on five occasions
  • And in 2014 he rose to prominence when he was arrested during an operation ran by the Stockton, Calif. police called “Operation Ceasefire”.

What can we take away from this situation. There are five things that I’ve pinpointed from both a male and female perspective, that we can look at.

Number 1: This is freedom

There will always be a bad boy in the picture. I don’t care if you live in a very gentrified part of town or in an area where the quintessential bad boy doesn’t exist. There are enough of us throughout each area of culture, that they will lurk around. Give 95/100 girls the option to be with a bad boy, regardless of their morals and background in dating, they will go with him. That will taint them. The difference between what we see between the bad girls and the girls that may not have had a partner such as a Meeks, is that these girls often haven’t been given the prospect of dating a dude like this.

And like I said in my video regarding social media addicts, you’re not just competing against the tribe anymore. You’re competing against billions of people thanks to social media. For every attractive thing you do there are 100,000 more bad boys that she can fantasize over on Instagram when you’re gone at work.

Number 2: Women want the thing or (guy) that other women want

Women are not inherently competitive. At least not to the level that men are. But, if you’ve ever noticed a girl fight over another guy or a girl fight over mere superiority over another girl – bring in mean girls right now – you can see that the competition amongst girls in their search to be the one to bear the child of the guy that appears to be the alpha, is insane. Their most primal instincts to give birth and to attain status in society based on that birth pushes them to this level.

Melissa didn’t have to compete with the 100,000 likes, 12,000 shares and 26,000 comments, some of which included marriage proposals and love emoticons, when they got married in 2008 – unlike the time that he got his mugshot taken in 2014 for the umpteenth time. You think that would have been a red flag in 2014 for her to dump him and take her one biological kid from him and the two from her previous marriage. No, it was actually fuel for her to stay with him. Seeing all those women fawn over him at that time would be the largest aphrodisiac that she could take. She saw she was at the top of the female totem pole. It didn’t hurt either that he signed two modeling contracts, while he was in jail.

Number 3: The Halo Effect in Relationships and Dating

Let’s look at Meeks’ picture. His facial resume, because that’s the only resume that he needed. The dude dropped out of high school at age 15, likely never held a career-oriented job, likely did a huge amount of drugs and alcohol and probably has killed a guy based on that tear-drop tattoo below his eye. But all he had to do to get the dream job was get arrested and be in somewhat good physical shape, which looks to be 99 percent genetic based on what I saw after scrolling through the Internet.

But, just like the DUI chick that got out on bail thanks to crowdfunding and later received a modeling contract because of her good looks, Meeks got a new lease on life that you, me and anyone else we meet on the street, wouldn’t. He was known as the #HotFelon, and this brings into account the Halo Effect.

Essentially, with the Halo Effect which you might have learned in your high school or college introductory psychology course, is when good-looking people are perceived as more intelligent, more successful and more popular.

When you boil this down to our biological instincts, this is because at the root of our being, we value whatever means we are more likely to survive and thrive and pass on our genes. If you have good physical traits that likely means you are well-fed, well off economically and that you can hunt deer and run away from lions if need be.

The chicks that donated to his cause and tagged their donations with the hashtag, #hotfelon, didn’t actually realize that all they were doing was being drawn to the fact that he could impregnate them and likely give them a child that would survive and pass on the genes to keep that family name in check. That’s it. When you realize that, you can move on.

Number 4: The Soap-Opera Effect

A lot of women aren’t leading lives that are exciting in their eyes. They also confuse exciting for “marriage quality”. That exciting guys can be married and converted into the man that they want, as long as she stays hot and sexually active with him. Just as women that were at home all day got sucked into tabloid magazines and the backwards romance stories of soap operas, women on social media get sucked into the fantasy of Jeremy Meeks as a contrast to the steady, consistent but perceived as boring and below-average husband that they currently have.

This is merely stimulus, and it’s no different than when women read romance novels, watch 50 Shades of Grey or get entranced by the dreamy underwater welder, guitarist, BMX rider that she meets that one night at the bar.

We don’t have enough internal drive in us today to find value and interest in ourselves, and thus we also settle for the spouses we choose and end up fawning over people like Meeks. Just work on yourselves men. My message for you.

Number 5: The Riot Response

This is a term that I use to refer to women when they’re responding to some form of mistreatment against one of their girlfriends within their possé – as long as that girl hasn’t cheated on her or done something slanderous to her, because there very much so is an eye-for-an-eye and then some set of politics in female circles.

When he got the mugshot photo he had marriage requests coming in at him as he was sent off to jail. Women were all over him. But, if you do the one thing that truly defies girl code rules and calls women to each other, it’s cheating on your wife or your girlfriend. The same people that were all over him in 2014 are likely the ones that are calling him the “biggest scumbag of the earth” today.

Until you as a man do something against women, at any point, you are flawless. That’s why the men that stay at a distance – the mysterious man – the one that the girls don’t know much about but think is dreamy and probably interesting and good in bed – is so interesting. It’s like the Alfred Hitchcock effect. The more that you leave to the imagination, the more scary something is going to be. In this case, the more flawless.

Meeks was in a position where he could do no wrong. He couldn’t get away with murder, and probably did.

But, after the leak of his infidelity, his wife, a registered nurse and an attractive one, but not a model – posts an Instagram picture with the hashtags: #queensareborninjuly and #itsmybirthdaymonth. She proceeds to get 4,370 likes and 1,277 comments of support from what’s probably mostly women. Men may be supportive of another dude after something like this happens and he’s cheated on, but it will likely happen in the way of a private or more enclosed discussion that’s handled from within. It’s not a public display.

The same women wishing to be his wife are now the ones ridiculing him. There is no self-reflection, only lust.

It takes two to tango my friends. She did an interview, follow-up interview, read his resume and requested a LinkedIn follow and still married the felon. People will very rarely change when they get married. It’s on her as well MGTOW community and beyond.

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