MGTOW men. We are back today, and I hope that you are doing well as we continually move into more hoodie wearing weather. I know that I’m looking forward to it. Thus, if you guys have those ideas for a Sunrise Hoodie, whether it’s the type of hoodie, color, design or lettering on the hoodie, I want to hear it.

Obviously, I have the purple and yellow as my logo colors for Sunrise Hoodie, but I’m open to branching out to other sunrise related colors, including light blues, reds and oranges – all of which reflect the colors of the sunset. I’ll get into how I came across this name in a future video – I know that I’ve explained it briefly, but maybe the background story will help explain it more for you guys.

I put my hoodie up because of many things, and one of them is emotional cheating. Today’s video is going to be focused on cheating – and it’s not the cheating that the media talks about, Cosmopolitan talks about, or your ex-girlfriend talks about. It’s emotional cheating. Cheating that doesn’t involve a one-night stand with someone that you meet on a road trip, business trip or at a party when your relationship isn’t going so well with your man. It’s a different type of cheating, and it’s just as damaging.

That form of cheating is emotional cheating.

I’ve been on both ends of emotional cheating. I’ve been on the side of the guy being cheated on and I’ve been the guy that is helping the girl cheat on her boyfriend through an emotional affair.

The Emotional Affair

Many relationships are broken down today, not because of the new opportunities for physical cheating, but now with the opportunities for emotional cheating. It’s actually defined in a Wikipedia article as “a relationship between a person and someone other than (their) spouse (or lover) that affects the level of intimacy, emotional distance and overall dynamic balance in the marriage. The role of an affair is to create emotional distance in the marriage.”

If you delve into the deep and dark abyss that is the gynocentric mainstream media, emotional affairs won’t be defined as serious and it won’t be associated with the breakdown of relationships. This is a lie.

Studies have shown that men’s extramarital relationships were more sexual and women’s more emotional. This same Wikipedia article cites a book titled “Casanova’s Chinese Restaurant”, stating that an emotional affair is always associated with passion, and that the two cannot be separate. The composer in the book, as it is stated, says that “an unlikely couple experiencing love at first sight, denies that they are having an affair:

“You can have a passion for someone without having an affair. That is one of the things no one seems able to understand these days…one of those fascinating mutual attractions between improbably people that take place from time to time. I should like to write a ballet around it.”

This is a lie guys, and I am making this video today to warn you guys that relationships shouldn’t just be avoided with women today because of a fear for being cheated on sexually, but because of emotional cheating. It can happen anytime and any place.

In the age of dating sites, Tinder, social media and even text messaging, in which you can reach out and contact thousands if not millions of people at anytime. And often times it can begin in a seemingly harmless way like “Unlike my spouse, this person really understands me…you really get me. When I speak, you actually listen.”

This can begin when you guys are passing each other in line at the supermarket, in between sets at the gym – maybe it is someone at work that you occasionally see in the breakroom. It can happen anywhere, and of course it seems like that person can listen and really understand you, because you have to realize that when someone has seen the same things, heard the same things and dealt with the same issues for years. Everyone has a certain cap when it comes to how much they can listen, and it’s not unlimited. And when this point is reached it is often reached because there isn’t reciprocation between the emotional sharing in the relationship.

Often, the female dominates it and the man is emotionally fried. Thus, ushers in the emotional cheating and emotional affairs. There are three points that I want to bring up today because of this, all underneath the notion that emotional cheating is rife today and that all fall underneath my continual argument  – you’re always at the gallows. You never know when the eject button is going to be hit and relationships are too much of a risk today. You can’t forecast the future because of the impact of social media, technology and feminism.


  • Destroys emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Increases fighting. There is now a barrier created between you and the person
  • Lastly, this has never been easier. Just a simple text a day.


Destroys Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

So, with my first ex-girlfriend, she became extremely close to a certain friend that she worked with at the YMCA and that we had classes with. He would always be third-wheeling and I thought he was a great guy. He was very military like and he was respectful, although she grew closer to him through her time working with him each day and slowly, since I didn’t always show up at parties that they were hosting and I was working crazy hours as a journalist student and journalist, he began to supplant me.

Not that I care about things like making it “social media” official, or “Facebook Official” as they say, but she had a picture of him and her on her Facebook page for about two-thirds of our relationship. They stayed close friends after I broke up with her and she quickly moved on to a new guy, whom she broke up with me for. But, that whole time they stayed tight and they would be going out together. Whenever I was gone on weekend trips for baseball for example, she would be there with him, taking snaps to pass the time.

Tragedy struck and he passed away. I can’t believe it, and I’m still in shock that it happened. It was awful, although the impact that he had made in her life was evidence of the power of even a friendship with another male in a female’s life when she is supposedly in a dating relationship. The guy that she is currently dating was a football player in college, not very there intellectually and likely isn’t very communicative at an emotional level. Our friend that passed away was all of those things, and for the next year it would be impossible for her to move on from him based on the conversations that we had about his passing.

Her pair-bonding abilities with her current boyfriend have been obliterated from the emotional bond that she created with him, and I don’t know if she will ever be able to move on from that. I know that our emotional connection began to be fried as things went on, and if you don’t have an emotional connection, in a relationship that is sexual, you can’t have a sexual relationship.

–When I was the one participating in the cheating–

I was on the other end of things in my next relationship. She was burnt out of her current man who literally did everything and more for her, broke his back, quite literally in construction for her, but he was overbearing. He was too involved, and that’s the tightrope that you end up walking in these relationships. You don’t know if you’re being overbearing or if you’re not being there enough, you truly can’t know, but from what she said, he was there too much – he was too involved. Thus, comes me. The love bombing phase.

I remember distinctly the first weekend that we started talking he had purchased tickets for a concert as well as a hotel room and I was on the other end of the line as she was in the hotel room. He was sleeping. Looking back, I shouldn’t have been there. I shouldn’t have been talking, because if she is willing to be talking on the phone with me while he paid for these things, then it wouldn’t be a relationship that would work as this represents emotional cheating. Pair-bonding is destroyed as your interests and your mind’s energy is distracted. Too often we believe that we can chase two rabbits and that we can have two masters. Our minds are based on one thing, and this severity of emotional affairs is strong and they can happen anywhere, at any time. There is an invisible barrier that is now created. Soon, this person, this woman, begins to resent you – and you have no idea why.

Increased fighting – there is now an invisible entity between you and her

One of the major symptoms of emotional cheating is increased fighting. The article from Wikipedia, again don’t knock me, I’m still in school and Wikipedia is a real bro, states:

“When a person becomes emotionally involved with a third party, they may begin to discount their primary partner, or to view the new person as all good and their committed partner, which will lead to increased fighting and strain on the relationship.”

Low and behold, with my ex, after beginning to have an emotional affair with me, shortly thereafter she began to fight and eventually breakup with her boyfriend. What begins to happen is the counseling app effect. The person that is the emotional confidant and becomes the counseling app so to speak. She sees that person as her counselor and the purpose that you have is her counselor.

If that’s how she perceives you prior to the relationship, there is no way that your relationship with this person is going to work either. As more and more men become available and the idea of scarcity becomes more and more prevalent in men’s minds today thanks to social programming, social media and our general lack of control of our environment and situation, more men are going to be willing to sell out as the counseling app today. More men are willing to take that second-class citizen role as they don’t deem that it is really sacrificing anything in their lives.

When you begin to reveal secrets and very sensitive information to another person, you begin to value that other person in a way that you’re not valuing your current spouse and that would normally be reserved, just for that current spouse. This creates a natural divide between you and that spouse. More and more you begin to devalue anything important that you once possessed with that person. It’s destructive and manipulative.

Lastly, emotional cheating is rampant

Men, if women are becoming more sexually available today with the tools of Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube even and definitely Tinder and Snapchat – if this is happening and you’re becoming less valuable and you have less stake in their lives because they are able to get the type of satisfaction they’re looking for, it doesn’t matter what it is, then what level or percentage of emotional cheating in relationships do you think that we are at now? An awfully high level. Men and women alike.

When sex is given the almighty label and that’s the only valuable and sacred thing in a relationship, and now that is being destroyed by our own licentious minds and relationships, emotional cheating is going to be viewed as harmless men. Even posting images to Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook that are of yourself, food you’re getting, her after a makeover, getting her hair done, going to the gym in her yoga pants – all of these things are posted in the effort to elicit a response from someone – an emotional response that will get her up and get her stimulated. Because, as a man, you can only provide that so long in the digital media age when some random strangers following her on Instagram will be able to provide the emotional needs on many levels, replacing you.

It can start with one text, and it can end with sex, but regardless of what ends up coming of it, it usually acts as a death sentence for a relationship. Just like we spoke about cohabiting yesterday, this is just another example of a death sentence that dating in the modern age with bring. Emotional cheating is not treated seriously and if that’s the case and that’s how we have framed this, then there is yet another land mine for you MGTOW men to lookout for and to reason with in making your decision about going for a relationship or not. For me, in the boyfriend-app culture, I’d rather opt out.


So, ponder this guys. Share your stories of when you’ve either been the one she is confiding in, you’re the emotional cheater or you’ve had it happen to you. I’m sure that if you’ve been in one relationship, you’ve had this happen to you at a certain extent.

This MGTOW movement is certainly ramped up by the powers of social media. Never discredit that in MGTOW, it’s a pillar behind the reasons for this development.

So men, as always, I encourage you to reach out to me, share your ideas, share your requests or just to send your story my way. These videos are fueled by your input and I take it seriously. is the place to go, or on Twitter at @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


MGTOW Mailbag – The Dangers of Cohabitation

Say goodbye to your in sleep schedule and all of the intricacies of it.

Say goodbye to the protein shakes that you have each morning.

Say goodbye to your reading time, YouTube time.

Say goodbye to that extra income that you kept for yourself and saved.

Say goodbye to your independence.

Such is cohabitation, and often times, this even happens when you’re not dating a girl and she’s living in the same building as you. You don’t have to be dating her as more and more people are cohabitating to help pay for expenses, and often times this is in cities across America, large urbanized centers of feminism.

Today’s topic, if you can’t tell is going to be about cohabitating. If you’re watching this, you know what the dangers are. You know not to do it, although I suppose some of you that are watching it are still considering the ways of dating and you’re trying to red pill up before getting back into it. So, if that’s you, I suppose this is partly for you, to help provide a reminder as to what you need to consider before you fall for the trap that you need to cohabitate with her. Otherwise, for the men that are looking to go all out red pill and never want to consider this, today is just some daily red pilling as to why we are going back to our apartment, home or even mobile vehicle after work, the gym or wherever you are, and get to do whatever you want, wear whatever you want and eat whatever you want.

Welcome back MGTOW men. I hope that you enjoyed last night’s edition of my MGTOW stories, one that happened during my college years. So, today, since I’m feeling that train of thought, let’s get back into them. While I do have red pill stories from high school and before, I’m feeling these stories right now. This is when I was just straight up snorting blue pills. I knew the red pill ways, but I was entranced by sex, the feeling it gave me and the confidence it passed on to me.

The email that I received that prompted this came from someone in early October, so I’m finally getting to it. Sorry about that, so here it is:

Please make a video on why female psychology changes after she moves in. Everything she did and all the work it took for her to move in just stops. Which you would think goes against her security imperative. By not continuing to put in the work into sex, cleaning, hobbies, the relationship, etc… she reduces her chances of the relationship working out and her getting what she wants, stability, a nest and offspring.



So, thanks for your email – and all of these things are true and they manifest themselves in all of these ways. Let’s get into it.

Things were okay, I was dating this girl throughout the summer – and as the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. This is absolutely accurate, it does make the heart grow fonder, and that’s why you see relationships, especially in the dating phase, completely crash after you move in with that person. When you are at home your guard breaks down. You can’t be always on. You can’t always put the best image up for that person, that person that you’re trying to court. It’s impossible to do, you’re not at the bar anymore. You’re not just seeing each other every Tuesday and Thursday at work, or whenever you go to the gym

Your guard has been broken down and you’re no longer perfect, you are no longer special, and that goes for both sides, and you realize the inconvenient truth that the person that you were once so enamored with isn’t the person that you made them out to be. This goes into a whole other level of problems in how you’re viewing that person. You’ve created the Messiah complex in that person’s eyes. If you ever do that with a person, the relationship is bound to fail. Take that red pill now, even it involves a platonic relationship between “friends”. Never make a person out to be a savior.

And that’s what happens in the age of cohabitation that we know today. So, let’s take a look at my experience with this, and then let’s look at the seven reasons why you should never do this.

My Story

So, my girlfriend was living on campus my junior year, as was I. She had three bedrooms with six beds, a living room, a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a washer and a dryer, while I had just my apartment on campus with my two baseball bros. She was there, while the other stuff was fine, I slept on a futon for two years as we had to sleep in a different room than one of her roommates. I was willing to sacrifice that for being with her. Scoff at this guys, as it was pathetic.

I soon brought more and more of my clothes over, and I would be bouncing around from the three different jobs that I was working, classes, going to baseball practice and any other meetings in between for the school paper that I was on at the time. I didn’t know where my life was, and I treated her house like a halfway house, sleeping with her almost every night, bringing more and more of my stuff over, cooking food there, storing my food there.

Things got even worse senior year when the one roommate who she was the closest with ended up studying abroad. She was gone in Tahiti for an entire semester, and next thing you know I’m basically fully moved in.

Bros, I want to tell you to never do this and to save yourself, because you may either be castrated or killed, but I basically lived amongst my girlfriend and three of her roommates for two straight years. This was freaking blue pill and red pill boot camp all in one. While I was acting totally blue pilled, living amongst them, living amongst their conversations on a daily basis, their habits in the kitchen, cleaning tendencies, various personalities – this taught me nearly everything that I know about women today. There is a double-edged sword to this story. It’s deplorable for me to have lived this for two years and abandon my baseball buds other than for an occasional lift, dinner or baseball practice. But, it’s red pill bootcamp. It’s the domesticization process practiced. It’s a scrimmage, a dry run – living amongst the guys that they bring home and learning about female nature from within. So, with that said, let’s deliver the red pill warnings that are present, and you best believe that I have a slew of stories lined up for you guys – some that I should share and some that may be a little too…personal, I’m not sure.

Loss of Finances

The first thing, and this may be the most important thing for a guy, is that he’s going to lose his finances. It’s like a trickle effect. It’s like water boarding. You have no idea where you are losing this money, but slowly and surely you do. The money slowly disappears. She asks for laundry detergent, you go get it. She asks for milk, you go get it. She needs windshield wiper fluid in her car, you go get it.

You have to realize that she now has the resources at her fingertips. Freaky fast, freaky good. It’s not just a tagline that applies to Jimmy John’s okay, it applies to you when you cohabitate with her. She doesn’t have to go to the store herself, and with you programmed as the provider, she is going to respond in that way. You have to fulfill your duty, just as you have to fulfill that duty of killing all of the spiders. And the thing is, since I was living at her place basically, and it was better than my dorm, then it was a better alternative, I should have done my part. But this is going to occur even if there isn’t this disparity and you shouldn’t necessarily have this donned off on you.

This will occur on both ends, whether she has moved into your place or you have moved into hers. The money gets blended, and I guarantee it’s going to be like a parasite that has snuck into your intestines, slowly removing the nutrients. I know that I would have left college with a couple thousand more in my bank account if I was living at my own apartment, with my buddies that could have survived off of peanut butter sandwiches and water for months. Instead, when you’re coming home from work after a long day, you have to stop for sushi. The key is you can’t let them know you’re coming home, just appear. Eat the ribs that you pick up on the way home too, or else she is eating two bones of that five bone slab.

Blurred understanding of the relationship and a false sense of commitment

Those that were dating weren’t meant to cohabitate. These things that we are doing in society, such as cohabiting even if you’re just dating, sharing bank accounts, sharing cars – these things reflect marriages and all they do is reflect problems in our society. They reflect hookup culture and they reflect nasty breakups, poor marriages and children out of wedlock. All of these things may not necessarily be a by-product of the cohabitation culture of today’s world, but they are in a direct positive relationship with it.

As those things are going up, so is cohabitation. When you move in with your girlfriend, you confuse things in your mind. This is not how we have done things for over thousands of years. It used to be that the man built the house and then got the women to come and join, living there. This has been abandoned, and the idea of not living together until married has been abandoned as well.

The only people that are typically winning in these situations are the women because they have all the benefits that they once had to get married to earn. A man is naturally made for more prolonged stretches of independence. This is also reflected in his longevity physically when compared to women, being able to reproduce much later into his lifespan. He is biologically made to be the “worker” and thus will be able to support himself, spouse/partner or no spouse/partner. Thus, the difference in this type of situation provides a more stark benefit for the woman when compared to a man.

The relationship is ultimately confused though. And you know what happens when this confusion is created? According to the, researchers concluded that “couples who lived together before they tied the knot saw a 33 percent higher rate of divorce than those who waited to live together until after they were married.”

Yet again, another lie that society tells us. That it makes sense, that it is more casual and all of this nonsense. It’s just a continuation of the no-strings attached culture that has bred itself into mainstream media and mainstream living. Now, families that are created end up being destroyed because of decisions made before marriages. Then, societies crumble, marriage has less and less value, and now we are partially at the point we are at right now, with liberation theology nonsense, feminism and our natural response as men, MGTOW, because of these lies. So, men, if you’re still in a relationship out there and you’re listening, or you’re a red piller and you still think you may want to get back into this game – or even if you are never going to get back into it and want to go MGTOW monk, realize that the people around you that are trying to pull these things off are pulling off societal lies in which nothing is valued and everything is arbitrary and subjective.

Generated in this is a false sense of commitment. Men listening, I know that you’ve gotten burned by this. I’ve been in it, I’ve experienced it, I’ve seen it in my own life, my sister’s life and you’ve probably experienced it in yours. The man thinks that this girl is who is going to invest his life into. They’ve moved in together, he helps set up things in their room, they start designing and redesigning, she helps him out with a few things, they get their mail setup, all the while she isn’t emotionally there. Boom, in three months you’re separated, she’s left, you’re left with the lease and you’re broke.

All the while she was testing the waters. It’s what is called testing the relationship. This is because the women views this as an opportunity for her. While you’re committing, you’re being evaluated. You’re being tested. Your cleanliness is being tested, your habits, your routines. And you never know when the eject button is going to be hit, especially if you’ve been duped into her ways enough to be the one signing off on the lease.

Your routine and sleep habits are destroyed, disrupted

One of the most valuable things that a man has in his arsenal when he is a MGTOW is that he has his routine down. He was the time he needs each day to get things done down to a science. You often see so many MGTOW men have their lives in order, organized, they’re clean, tidy, directed, straight-edges that don’t have clutter in their lives.

They get to bed when they need to get to bed, they have money to spend and plenty that is being saved, their stuff is clean, they’re never scrambling. All of this is a result of just having a few more hours per day that the man in a relationship, especially the man that is cohabitating, doesn’t have. You have the hours to focus on your work with undivided attention, to get the quality and type of sleep that you need, and to take care of all of the hygienes that are often overlooked, not just dental hygiene – these include sleep hygiene and emotional hygiene. Everyone has a cap for mental energy and emotional energy, and sleep is elemental in ensuring that you revive each of their coffers every day. Often times relationships that break down are fueled by the disruption of someone’s needs, whether their dietary needs or sleep needs.

When you’re MGTOW you ensure that you get exactly what you need, everyday. You don’t have to comprise an inch on how long you sleep, how you sleep, what your routine has to be, how long you have to read before bed prior to turning off the light, when you can get up in the morning, when you can start the coffee, or any other fake, rigid rule that is implanted into the reality of a man that is cohabiting, you have minor things that play a major role in impacting your success and creating the future and the life that you want.

This can even come down to what food you eat. With the grocery bill now being split and your dietary habits being influenced and changed, throw in the SOY!, you are not going to have your physical hygiene and even mental game at the level of acuity that it needs to be. I know that I would get questioned all the time for my choices to make casein protein shakes at night or to eat as many egg whites as I did each morning. Instead, she would want me to eat kale chips and zucchini steaks with cheese instead of actual sirloin steaks. Screw all that, I need my protein, you need your carbs, you can have em. Whatever, done deal.

MGTOW – The Red Pill: You’re Not You if You’re in a Relationship

Eat a Red Pill, You’re not You When You’re Dating

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Monday, so I figure, we’ve got a lot going on. There is a lot on our plates and so forth, what better then to just go back in time and not get too intellectually strenuous and instead look at a story from the past illustrating one of the most profoundly simple concepts of dating in this world and in relationships. It goes like the Snickers’ tagline, “Snickers: You’re not you when you’re hungry.”

“Dating: You’re not you when you’re in a relationship.” It could also apply to “Sex: you’re not you when you’re horny”. I’m sure that we can all relate to this and relate to the notion of being emotionally and intellectually compromised because of being in a relationship. This is often what dating, marriage and even friends with benefits relationships do. They generate a new hierarchical understanding of the world. Relationships that you once had with friends are no more because you have a woman in your life now. That woman can provide the one thing that your friend can’t, which is a child. Which is sex. You don’t often consciously recognize this, but that’s what’s going on. You put that before anything else, giving that precedent.

I was listening to a talk recently about relationships and one of the lines that was stated that resonated with me in particular was the speaker’s statement that when you are in a relationship, and most often during the honeymoon phase of the relationship when the love is being bombed on to you and if you’re having sex with this person as well, the sex is better than it would ever be throughout the rest of the relationship. You are sexually compromised is what he said. You are no longer the same person that you once were.

I know this for a fact. I know that this applied to me when I first started talking to my ex-girlfriend. My sisters and parents would ask me what I liked about this girl. Sometimes I couldn’t come up with anything, because most likely, all I could think about was that – cumming. That’s all that my mind was on. I would say stupid things like, “oh, I like her personality”….“I have fun with her”…”we have a good time together”…”she enjoys being around me and I like that.” All of this bs, and we all know that anyone on the outside of those emotions looking into my relationship would be rolling their eyes at em.

The point of me bringing this up is to have it segway into the life story that I have for you guys. A story of two of my best friends that I still have today, but they themselves have been separated through a fight that was instigated over a girlfriend that one of them had. I like to deliver these on Mondays or early in the week as a way to reflect on the past as I look forward into a lot of new things and new interactions with people. So, I hope this one resonates with you as an example of these things:


  • A cordial man can be made irascible through a girlfriend or wife



  • It truly is impossible to chase two rabbits and get both of them. Your spouse or girlfriend better be independently satisfied in their life



  • You’re not you in a relationship and you have to check yourself at the door


The Story

So, the two individuals in my story today were both on my baseball team. They came together freshman year at the same dorm that I lived in and they had no choice but to get along. Their dorm was about eight feet wide and 15 feet long, they had no room to move, all of their stuff was jammed together and they were living the bunk bed life. That’s just how it was.

I lived down the hall, but I was always working on homework or working out in between practices as a freshman, so I didn’t hang out with them a lot. We would go play racquetball all of the time though, play catch, get dinner together and things like that, but those two were inseparable.

But, at that time one of them, let’s call him Kevin for the sake of the video, and the other we will call Steve. Kevin didn’t date, and since I’ve met him and to this day he’s one of my closest friends, and I believe part of the reason for this is because he’s never dated. He’s the same friend that I talked about as being the one that I was with all of the time on the bus going to games, doing work – all the while he was warning me about the current girlfriend that I had at the time. This dude says it how it is. He leaves it all on the table and drops some real red pill knowledge on me and many of our friends.

But, during this time the other guy, Steve, was in the middle of I think a 2-3 year relationship carrying over from high school at that point. He was joined to the hip with this girl and now they are married. The most recent wedding that I went to was this guy’s wedding, and he’s the guy that I mentioned in a previous video as sending me a snapchat with a Uhaul that was too full and help all of his wife’s stuff. All of his time was going to his girlfriend at this time, and he had her named in his phone as “My Future Wife”. He had a picture of her in his dashboard. He was a country guy from Missouri, great dude, I love him to death, but this relationship that he had with his girlfriend ended up dividing this friendship between Kevin and Steve.

His girlfriend would come in from another university ever other weekend, as she was also a freshman at a college two hours away. He would often travel to see her as well, so while the room was empty and he didn’t have to worry about walking in on them having sex, sometimes Kevin wanted to hang out with Steve and have a dude around to do whatever, and he wouldn’t be there.

So, this was sophomore year, a whole year had gone by and Kevin would sometimes say certain things like, “man, we are never going to see you anymore, all you’re doing is spending time with her.’…”you’re wrapped around her finger”…”when are you going to pop the question?”…”You better start saving for that ring, it’s going to cost a lot”. Okay, microaggressions, whatever you want to say, but the breaking point came one day when we were eating dinner at a Sonic fast food restaurant following a road game.

It was me, Steve, two of my coaches, one of which was that red pill coach that always called guys out for having girlfriends and didn’t want his players to have one, and then a few of the other players on the team – not Kevin though. But, before that dinner that we had, and we were just eating outside of the Sonic really casually, so they had servers coming out to deliver our food and we had to tip them.

Kevin had talked to my coach one day at practice and somehow the topic of Steve came up. Kevin told my coach that he was probably too busy traveling to see his girlfriend this weekend at the college that was nearby. My head coach made a snide comment that some big football player was probably railing her as we speak and he probably shouldn’t be investing into her. He then said that he’s really serious with her and he never sees him because Kevin is going to make her his wife one day.

So, with the word out in the open now, my coach had some ammunition. Steve gets his food at Sonic and he doesn’t tip the server, the waitress that had brought the food out to everyone. Steve doesn’t understand that he had to tip the girl because usually he just goes to Sonic and gets the food through drive thru and he doesn’t worry about tipping anyone. So, this is a new concept to him and it leads actually to the division between two great friends.

He states, “oh he probably didn’t tip her because he has to save up for the ring that he’s going to buy his girlfriend”. My coach doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but he also couldn’t care less. He hated the notion of love and all that went with it. My friend, Steve, is stewing inside.

We reconvene on the bus before heading back to the school, and Kevin, who was at another fast food restaurant gets on the bus…next thing I know my friend Steve gets on the bus and knocks the hat off my friend Kevin, the one that made the comment to the coach that he was in this serious relationship.

All of a sudden they get in a texting feud, and I wish I had this information saved and could talk to one of them about it right now, but it was messy. For the next two months, which was the last two months of the season and school year, they never spoke to each other. There was a huge shouting match and blow-up in front of all of us in our room, and our suitemates one day.

We were roommates, me Kevin, Steve and another guy, and they never spoke to each other once. Insane, and anytime they knew that I was in the room, Kevin or Steve would text me to see if the other one was in the room before entering, so they could either brace themselves for the clash or to avoid them entirely.

It was insane man, and I ended up being in between these two guys for the rest of our time at this college, junior and senior year. I maintained relationships with both, and I ended up going to the wedding this past June between Steve and his now wife, although Kevin was not invited. The guy that was once the closest to Steve was now not invited, despite the fact that about 10 other baseball teammates were invited.

Men, this is not worth it. While the amount of time that you spend has to be vastly increased if you think that you’re pursuing a marriage, you still can’t cut people off like this. Being defensive of another person that you’re dating, and especially a girlfriend, is something that many girls demand as an expression of your loyalty.

It’s childish, and it creates warring. Men are naturally territorial. Men will be territorial for survival and women are grouped into that. So, what can we learn from this fallout between two friends?

And before I get into my quick summary, I just want to let you guys know that this story that I have is just one example a situation that occurs everyday. Two friends, guy friends that is in particular, are driven apart from a girlfriend or a wive on so many occasions these days, especially when men that lack a sense of resolve and a spine in their own life. I’ve received a handful of emails about how a red pill friend can get a guy friend back in their life as his buddy is drifting away from him after spending more and more time with this girl on a daily basis.

1) A man can be transformed – he can be made irascible through a relationship

A man is no longer himself when he is dating. He has a paradigm shift. His values change, his schedule changes and more and more time is set aside in his life because of this new job, this new occupation, which we call a girlfriend or a wife. When something else in your life comes in the way of something that you deem valuable, maybe this is working out, doing homework, building a home, fixing your car, and a distraction comes into your life, you’re going to resent that.

You’re going to resent what keeps you from what you want to spend time on, and as we saw in the excerpt from the movie “Whiplash”, what keeps you from your goal will generate resent. It will generate anger and make you irascible. That’s what happened here. The trigger is very touchy, and you have to recognize from the perspective of both Kevin and Steve.

2) It’s impossible to chase two rabbits at the same time

Men will lose relationships to girlfriends and wives throughout their life. The idea of the bachelor pad is only destroyed by a long-term relationship. Even if that guy is still a resident at the bachelor pad, if he has a serious girlfriend, that girl is going to have the place of residence where you find him. He won’t be at that bachelor pad, and if you’re pursuing other things in your life and are driven by your career or certain goals, you will lose something. You will lose sleep, you will lose your health to some extent, you will lose a hobby, you will lose guy friends and you may even lose that chick to.

But the thing to realize is that you can’t catch two rabbits. This applies in a relationship sense right now, but you can’t chase two rabbits at all in any area of life. The book “The One Thing” and even what Malcolm Gladwell says in Outliers outlines this all – if you want to be able to make the most out of a relationship or the most out of a hobby, or just to be able to master the planche or playing the saxophone, you have to make a full commitment, and I guess that’s what happened here with Kevin and Steve. When you don’t have a girlfriend you have the opportunity to chose any rabbit. You can choose one rabbit and switch to the next rabbit, until you find that one rabbit that you want to continue with. But, if you’re in a serious relationship, you can’t just jump around to different rabbits. Doing so will make that significant other question you, doubt you and even lose you.

You have more money to fork out and you have to be “responsible”. It’s not a good place to be in if you want to take risk and you want to feel out the best path in life, the most fulfilling one. My coach is right because of this, he wasn’t going to get any triple crown performing hitters if you have this girlfriend in your life.

Listen to these red pill nudgings men.

Just like Snickers – You’re Not You if You’re in a Relationship

You’re sexually compromised. Your interest in survival kicks in. Nothing else matters. The lion starts to chase you, the adrenal glands kick in. You begin to be defensive of this person. And as a guy, the minute that you begin to be defensive of a girl or to feel responsible in doing this is the minute that you’re cooked. You’re done. You begin to snap on people that you respect and have never snapped on before.

It’s like you’re tired and grumpy or hungry and grumpy. It’s the same concept, and you have to check yourself at the door. And if you see a friend in this type of relationship, you have to realize this or else you’re going to lose friends, work partners or even family members. Maybe you’re on the other side of it, but being sexually compromised creates this.

The minute that you begin to make that commitment, and this is something that has to be considered when people chose to have sex with other people, is the instant that this guise of commitment is created. It’s dangerous, threatening to you and you may lose friendships that will benefit you more than even your spouse.


At the root of all of this is identity. One of the pillars of MGTOW and the reasons for going MGTOW is identity. We are going our own way because we want freedom, and one of the outputs of freedom is identity. Clearly here, identity was compromised through the compromising powers of sex and, this can’t be forgotten either, a lack of identity elsewhere in your life.

Take note of this story men as the the power of a strong brotherly relationship far surpasses the power of female companionship, even if that’s the woman that you’re having sex with, the bond that you create with a man in war, a man in battle or even in a simple task such as playing baseball, can’t be underestimated, and that’s where a man builds his character the most and finds long-lasting satisfaction the most men.

Don’t let it go. Eat a Snickers, actually, take a red pill.

Hit me up with your own stories in the comment section below regarding friends that were divided over a woman. And also, I wanna hear more of those hoodie ideas!

Hoodie up, hoodie out!

MGTOW – Herodias & John the Baptist | Her Lust for Power


One man was beheaded and the other man, a king was left to spend his final days in exile and shame. What was once perceived to be a notch on a man’s belt. His right hand women. The pride and joy of his life, turned out to be a murderer, a manipulator, an adulterer and most importantly – the enemy of righteousness. Remember those things for today’s message men.

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Sunday, once again, and at the request of many MGTOW men out there. It’s time for a MGTOW Sunday Sermon that has been on my radar – the sermon on the Jezebel of the New Testament, Herodias. The woman that asked for John the Baptists’ head on a platter as the one thing that she desired when was granted the opportunity to have a wish fulfilled by Herod Antipas. She used her daughter, Salome, which was the vessel used to please Herod, get him in a weak moment and then eventually execute John the Baptist.

To let you guys know just how bad this woman was, I was even aware of her vileness before I became MGTOW. Before my lenses, my contact lenses, my glasses were hued with red. Funny story as I actually had red Nike contacts for one season during my baseball career. I do not see the world the same anymore. Stories, such as the story of Daniel standing up in King Nebuchadnezzar’s rule and the divisiveness of Rebekah in the story of Esau and Jacob. If this is the case, you know this woman is vile. She lusts for power. She lusts for status, she doesn’t lust for Herod. That’s not something that she wants, and the only way in her eyes to maintain that was by killing a man. Killing an honorable man.

So, I always preface my Sunday Sermons with this disclaimer men. Regardless of how you view the Bible, whether you view it as the Word of God or as having no content based in fact, there truly is nothing new under the sun. Nothing new is out there. Women still view power and view status as the holy grail of existence. Women still use the power of other men to attain what they want. Women still use sexual graces to fell men and get what they want out of them. There is nothing new here. An guess what, men are still putting aside their own values and their own brotherly relationships because of the demands of a woman. Nothing new, once again. Just the same thing and in a different era. A couple thousand years ago.

If these things haven’t changed, why will they change in your life. Why will things be any different. They won’t be, and believing that is cognitive dissonance. So, let’s get going with it before I get too long winded.

Quick Background and Story: Matthew 14:3-12

I don’t know with of the synoptic gospels is your favorite, but this story appears in Matthew 14:3-12, Mark 6: 14-24 and Luke 3: 19, 20. Let’s give a quick background on it. We are just going to look at it from Matthew 14:3-12 at this moment. You also have to understand that Herodias had another husband first and divorced him. Such did Herod Antipas as well, which was the name of this Herod that was in the story of John the Baptist. Herod is a title, it’s not a name just so you guys know, and it means heroic. She was now the queen essentially through her affiliation with Herod who was the subking of Galilee and Perea, two regions that were under control of the Roman Empire. I’m just going to use Matthew today for those of you that want to follow along.

Herod Antipas knew that this relationship with her wasn’t lawful, so did Herod Antipas. And guess what John the Baptist does, even though he knows that they could kill him, he calls them out. He calls them out in cold blood. But, this was after Herod expressed that he liked the teachings of John the Baptist. He believed it was beautiful music, and John the Baptist didn’t fear losing this. Often times when we are delivering a message, and I know that I’ve been guilty of it, we fear losing the people that have now sided with us for the knowledge that we are preaching. Thus, we don’t speak in honesty, not because we fear that we won’t get them on our side, but because we don’t want to lose their affection.

Now, John was bound, thrown into prison. Both Herodias and Herod saw him as a threat. When darkness is exposed to light, it views the light as a threat. Even if that light is coming to them with the intent of redirecting and improving their life.

John the Baptist is now imprisoned as he is preaching, “it is not lawful for you to have her.” Now, Herod wanted to kill John the Baptist for truth. That’s another thing. Darkness and sin views the truth as a threat. And now comes the birthday sex. As it says in verse six in Matthew, “On Herod’s birthday the daughter of Herodias danced for the guests and pleased Herod so much that he promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked.”

Birthday sex is not a new thing either apparently, and it even occurred in the Bible, wow! And you know what the weakest moment is for a man. The moment right after he has sex with a crazy woman. Not only is he lost in the oxytocin and the chemical connection that is manufactured in the brain in order to ensure that this man has some sort of emotional connection with this women to carry him through her childbirth and on throughout the time that she is going to raise the kid. It happens chemically. Also, when you have sex with a crazy woman, often times a woman that is a narcissist and over values her sexual abilities or believes herself to have a higher SMV than she actually does, you create an inferiority complex. An imbalance, and I don’t care if it’s his birthday. She still can’t perform a sexual favor for her husband and not respect anything back from it. Obviously she used her daughter in this instance, but I believe these notions could apply to her as well.

She obviously had the intent of getting something out of him at this juncture, because she felt her position and title as queen of the king to be threatened. It was in danger, so she pleased him “so” much.

Now, Herod, a king, was a in position of weakness. He was vulnerable, more vulnerable than he would have ever been if he didn’t have sex with her. And now she wasn’t just behind it, her mother was there. He mother was a co-conspirator, such a red flag. A woman that clings to her mother when in a relationship is often a woman that is mirroring her mother and views her words, which are often times wayward, to be the holy grail. She wants her to get John the Baptists’ head as well – she says “Give me here on a platter the head of John the Baptist.”

Herod most definitely had a sinking feeling. His orgasm was over, the fleeting joy was gone. It was no longer, but guess what, he was subdued and gave in to the order. It states that the “king was distressed, but because of his oaths and his dinner guests, he ordered that her request be granted and had John beheaded in the prison.”

This sickening family. This man, the Ahab of the New Testament that was ruled over by the sexual power of a licentious women is willing to give the head of man, the epitome of righteousness, on a platter just because of the demands of two women that he could have killed at any moment. This is one of the most debased ways to treat a person. To dishonor their body. To behead it and serve it up on a platter. But, he had no shame. Not that Herod was a great guy or anything, but he was brought to a level that he would have never been brought to if he wasn’t surrounded by a parasite.

So, what can we learn about this edition of, “there is nothing new under the sun.” Not much in addition to what you guys already know and what I’ve delivered in this talk thus far, but there is more to see in the New Testament version of Jezebel.

A woman’s lust for power far outweighs the wishes she has to respect a man

Herodias wasn’t there for a righteous life. She wasn’t there to build a relationship with Herod. There was no building involved in this. This was purely fueled out of her own lust for power and her own fixation maintaining her role next to the throne. If it is wasn’t Herod Antipas, it would be another man nearby. If it wasn’t him it would have been another, as that’s how these women operate. It’s whatever is nearest to them at the time. That’s their resource extraction agent.

Herodias knew that Herod valued John the Baptist and was impressed with his message. A man’s pursuit of holiness and a man’s interest in wisdom is perceived to be vile and a mark against that man in the eyes of a woman that is fixated on unrighteousness. She didn’t want this and she wanted to erase this from Herod. Once again, Herod Antipas wasn’t a saint, he was no man that should be revered, but the moment that he shows signs of interest in a threat to Herodias, she not only orders for the beheading of righteousness, but she prostitutes her own daughter to do so. Her own daughter. She understands that Salome probably had the sexual marketplace value that she now lacked and so she leveraged sex to get what she wanted. Not just by doing it herself, but by objectifying her own daughter. It’s like two people, and you here stories of this all the time in the news, mothers and daughters teaming up as prostitutes. The mother still gets a cut of the profits that the daughter gets, but the daughter is used as a leverage piece with her high sexual marketplace value.

This woman has this planned out for a long time. Women that have a personality disorder, are narcissists, and this woman also probably was beyond sexuall active, are women that plan out the destruction of men that they’re in relationships, or just things that are in the way of what they want. There planning doesn’t go day-by-day. It’s mapped out over months, and over years. This is what was in play here, and her daughter was just along for the ride.

And essentially, her hatred for a man was greater than the love that she had for another

Behind all of this was power, and her hate was not fueled necessarily out of hate for this man because he wronged her or anything of that nature. The hatred was fueled out of fear. Her hatred for this fear and for this threat was greater than the love that she had for another man, which was supposedly Herod Antipas. Just as Jezebel hated Elijah and sought to have have him killed, this same storyline played out with Herodias. She had a hatred for a man that was far greater than any love that she could have for a man. Do you think that either Ahab or Herod would have ever recognized this and saw that they were incapable of actually giving up themselves and receiving companionship and support from these women? No, they are the type of women that won’t even thank you for anything you do, even if that’s providing for them and their family, as Herod was doing for Herodias and Salome.

Cold-Bloodedness. No Remorse. Of all things she wanted to murder

I have dated two different girls that both acted as such. They acted out of cold-bloodedness, and they also branded themselves to me that way, stating that they didn’t really care for people anymore. Either they would state that they were justified in having these feelings because they had been scarred and damaged by so many people, or because it was a product of the liberation theology and culture that they’ve succumbed to in this world, this Sasha Fierce, Beyonce in Lemonade, you should have put a ring on it nonsense that women are duped into believing, turning them into Taylor Swift in “Bad Blood”, thinking that the best way to resolve something and to prove their feminine worth is by bringing out an AK and the divorce papers.

Herodias had no remorse. She had no remorse in using her daughter. She had no remorse in killing a man. A man is just an object and an obstacle to her. When they talk to men around them in their lives, maybe these are men that they work with or they go to school with or they just meet on the street for a minute. These aren’t actually souls that they are talking to. They are lifeless bodies that are uttering words. They are not actually entities. They are just books, sources of information and resources that they can spring upon and use.

And when this mentality is brought forth, this is when the remorselessness and cold-blooded thought comes into play. These women will send men to war. They will put others in the ring. They will put men in the coliseum. They want a gladiator, because these men are not human beings.  

Imagine that. There was an infinite number of things that she could have asked for. And what does she ask for? She asks for a beheading. Only the lowest of low would go to the wish genie and ask for that.

As always, look at the man in this situation

As always guys, just as it was in the case with Jezebel and Ahab, the man’s role in this cannot be ignored. I have been Herod Antipas before. I have almost bought into the lustful fulfillment and satisfaction that I’ve gotten from a woman, and instead given her all that she wanted, whether that was a marriage, whether that was cutting off my ties with family. And that’s another thing that I could expound upon in this sermon. These women will remove people from your life as well. They will cut people off from your life as well. Removing them. They will remove family and they will remove friends that they don’t want around you.

All this comes down to is a simple decision. You can decide to remove this woman for your life and do it with a snap of a finger, because if there are no legal claims that she is going to make against you and there are no children involved that are keeping you around, then there is no reason why you can’t just remove them from you life. You have the power over them, and they don’t. It takes the snap of a finger. You’re always just the snap of a finger away.

Don’t put yourself in situations that will blind you to the fact that you have the ability to just snap your fingers, and when it comes to women, the only thing possible that they can use to do that is when you sell yourself out to them sexually. That’s the only avenue that they can take. Realize that. Because, you know what came of Herod? You know what happened to him, just as what happened to Ahab, having his reign destroyed, his life taken away and his lineage tarnished – Herod was destroyed by the insurgent. This woman is like an amoeba that slips its way into the ear canal of the man, a giant and fells him. Just something as small as an amoeba.

According to the historian Josephus, “Herodias’ ambition was the ruin of Herod. Jealous of the power of Agrippa her brother, she prodded Herod to demand of Caligula, the emperor, the title of king. Agrippa saw to it that this demand was refused, and Herod was banished and ended his days in shame and exile.”

A king was brought low through a bomb that had slipped in on a trade cart coming into the city guised as resources. He lived out his final days in exile and slipped away, having destroyed another man’s life, removed truth from the world and given himself over to a woman that has a fraction of the power that he had just when he was born and fresh out of his mother’s womb.

So men, once again. I hope that this message can be heeded. Nobody is immune. Herod was not an honorable man, and that’s not the message of this. The message is that you guys are more honorable than Herod, but you too, regardless of your past and your goals for the future, are not immune. You are not immune to the lure of the seductress and the lure of Herodias and her servant Salome. You are never immune, and that’s why we need these daily reminders.

Iron sharpens iron men. These basic truths, these basic principles are sucked out of our minds and our lives because of the thorns of this world that try to get in the way of the path that has been paved ahead of us. Even if it seems hard to take time and take these red pills, I know that I have to take them and I know that you guys have to take them as well. It’s mandatory schooling.

So, this is not the end of the John the Baptist video series that I could make. A man that lived off nearly nothing. A man that brought no attention to himself and went his own way, known for his words and his actions before anything he wore or the ego he tried to live. There will be more, but for today, I hope this message resonated for you.

As always men, you guys are a blessing. Don’t hesitate and contact me about future videos, Sunday Sermons or suggestions for any video or way to communicate with you guys. I won’t be stopping and I hope that these messages are the ones that you guys are hoping to hear. But if not, please contact me at

Take this red pill with you into tomorrow, the start of another week. Whatever trials and stress lay ahead, I know that you guys can handle it. Everyday free of the gynocracy is a weekend anyway. Embrace that and enjoy the rest of your MGTOW Sunday. And oh, don’t forget to send me your ideas for the hoodies that I have planned on making! I want to hear them.

Hoodies up brothers. Hoodie is out.

MGTOW Shaming Lines Vol. 4 | “You’re Just a Nerd”

“I’m just so confused by you.”… “Well, what are you going to do with all of your free time then?” “You’re just a square.”

You know what these lines indicate men. You see the headline, it’s time for more. Once again, before I get going with this edition of MGTOW shaming lines, as I’ve asked in previous videos, if you guys are interested in buying a hoodie in the near future or have an idea for a hoodie design, please let me know. Don’t be shy in dishing out ideas, I’ll be taking them into consideration and want to get this hoodie line up and going.

So, welcome back MGTOW men. You keep asking for them, and I keep making them. Or maybe the gynocracy keeps asking for them and telling me to make more of them because all they can do is dish out shaming lines like John Stockton dished out assists to Karl Malone in the 90s for all you NBA fans out there.

This is now what, volume four of MGTOW shaming lines and as you guys know, this series isn’t going to hit a stopping point anytime soon. So guess what, we’ve got another edition today in which we will be looking at five more shaming lines that I’ve received or heard other people receive in their lives.

The purpose of this is to first, serve as enjoyment. These videos are ones that I typically make when I’m on a time crunch, don’t have a lot of time to do any research and want to delve into my own experiences in life and also play off experiences that you guys have probably had in dealing with women. Also, I want to also bring awareness to some of the lines that women and often times men, typically those that have sold out to the women’s graces and are there to serve as a white knight. Those are the type of people that will throw these lines at you, and even people that are well intentioned. You’re going to get shamed from family members that agree with you on many fronts. You’re going to get shamed by some of your closest friends, even some friends that have been there five, 10, 15 years. You’re going to get shamed by people that you consider to be loyal to a fault. This is the nature of choosing a philosophy and way of life that not many people agree with.

Lastly, and not to be forgotten, I hope this video will serve as an apologetics, as an argument for MGTOW. Shaming occurs out of weakness. People that feel weak or don’t have anything productive to do with their time throw these shaming lines out at us because they don’t have anything else to invest into. Realize this. Shaming is a product of insecurity, and when you receive shaming lines, not lines that are out of being educated about something or aren’t critiques that you can use to help improve yourself, then you can’t take it to heart. You have to stand firm in what you know, which is going your own way, whatever that way is.

So, without further adieu, let’s have some fun.

1) You’re just so confusing. I don’t understand you

This is the comment that you receive from the women that shows a lot of interest in you, is very forward and expresses that she may like to do more than just be friends with you. She wants to have sex with you. This woman is confident in herself in dealing with men and she has had a lot of success sexually with men in the past. She has presented herself as sexually viable for you and has made the move, but you haven’t.

Maybe you’ve grown closer to this girl as well and have created somewhat of a friendship with her. You continue to do your work and go your own way around her, not presenting yourself in an extremely open fashion, and when she makes the move and then you reject the advance sexually, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. There is a short in the system. The formula that has worked for so many years isn’t working this time. 2+2 does not equal 4 for the first time in her experience dealing with men, and you have her in an emotional gridlock.

I’ve had this happen to me, where a girl has asked me out, expressed that she doesn’t want anything serious and made a move on me sexually and I’ve said no, even though I was single at the time and hadn’t dated for nearly a year. I was telling her that I didn’t want to date at all, this is actually during my current MGTOW days, and my availability would add up to her as an automatic yes on her part, if for anything it would equal a lay for me. But, that’s not how I’m operating. Some men will subscribe to the pump and dump notion, but if you guys have listened to me for a while, you’ll know that I don’t. I don’t for a number of reasons. For my value system, for my emotional health, for my time, for my career and for my freedom. All of these things have more value to me than an easy lay. As a result, often time this person that is asking this question doesn’t understand your response, and thus you’re labeled as confusing. You may also be labeled as gay as I’ve stated, asexual or confused in your own mind, not knowing what you want out of life – but, oftentimes that’s because this person that is making this statement about you doesn’t actually know what they want and they don’t know where they want to go with things either.

This experience is one that I can’t share in full right now. Give it time men, maybe a month or two, or longer and you’ll hear this one in full. It’s definitely an interesting one. MGTOW is confusing. When you go MGTOW, the world will not understand you. When you embrace a philosophy that really hasn’t become relevant until very recently, the world will not understand you. But, I’d rather follow something people can’t understand than one that everyone does. Because, the herd is usually wrong.

2) Well, what are you going to do with all of your free time then?

Well, I’m going to do a million things. There are a freaking million things that I’m going to do with my time now. This question makes me cringe, because the people that ask this question have never been intrinsically motivated in their lives. They’ve never made any decision out of their own passion for something or out of their own intrinsic interest. It’s always been fueled out of a pursuit for another person, because they need the money, because they need something in the absolute present or because someone else told them to do it. A lot of times this comes from two particular people, maybe even three people. This comes from the party girl, the girl that is constantly getting attention from guys. Of course she is going to ask this question and not understand what you’re going to do with your free time. When your phone is blowing up like a freaking MLB general manager on the trade deadline day, what else are you going to do with your time? Nothing. Because the minute you want to start and do something, the minute you get your next snapchat.

This woman has never had time to reflect on herself. She has no self awareness because of it, and that’s one of the dangers that many women face these days, and many women that receive a lot of attention for their beauty. Because they possess these looks, they don’t have to focus on themselves inwardly. So, they don’t. They are able to attain value by what is one the outside, and when you do that, all of the activities that you’re partaking in are social and they’re often affiliated with sex. That gives you not time to actually sit down and pursue what you want to out of life and to learn a skill, a language, master something, improve your health through working out, or just really go above and beyond and succeed at work or in school. That’s what happens. This woman is often really promiscuous, and that’s another red flag men. If you’re around a woman that is never alone and doesn’t know what to do with herself since she is alone, then she is not a woman that you want to be with. She will be irascible and will leech time off of you.

In fact, the other day, I was at work and I got this question asked of me. This girl that asked it of me is not a girl that I would describe with all of the things that I just outlined, not at all. But, I would say that she is very social, and puts that before everything. She knew that I stayed up really late, hardly ever slept and drank a lot of coffee, as I usually do. I work about 40-50 hours per week right now, go to graduate school, working on a thesis and am doing this YouTube work on the side and she didn’t know what I did with all of the supposed free time that I had. Since I do spend about 40 hours per week on YouTube, many people see this huge gap in my life that I am not doing anything. I don’t tell anyone at work about this, so that’s what it appears to them. But even if I said I just read and work on my hobbies, that wouldn’t be deemed good enough. What would be deemed good enough in today’s world, and definitely for people in their late teens and early 20s like me, chasing tail and going to the bars is deemed a worthy venture. Quite shameful.

The other people that will make this claim are those that are white knights and those that are blue pills that only spend time with their significant other. I know many blue pills that I am really close with and am great friends with, but they would find it hard to understand what I do with all of my time, because honestly, when you’re dating, you forget what free time is. It’s just the way it is. There is no more time for it.

3) You’re a square

This goes hand in hand with what I just said. The world we live in honors those that go to the bars, waste money on drinks, dance it up, hit on girls and play that game, because it actually feeds into the economic system that we are all buying into in a number of ways. We are duped into thinking this is the way to go. If you’re not partying and you say no to that life and go MGTOW for example, staying at home instead to work on your craft, improve a skill, read a book series, start researching a certain topic, plan your next around the country trip, go work out all the time and just overall play the long game, then you’re a square.

The same goes for drinking and smoking. Guys, let me ask you this. What the heck is it about girls that find it more attractive once they realize that you drink and smoke. The minute that I’ve expressed what my favorite alcohol is or if I give the illusion that I might do drugs, even though I never have, these girls start to express interest in you. This is the case and what I’ve experienced. What is this? The same goes for drugs. I’ve said to girls that I’ve never done pot, and then I get the response like “he’s just a goody-two-shoes”. Nothing is less attractive to a woman that is living in this world and is of this world than a guy that says he doesn’t do drugs or turns down women because he wants more time for himself.

Nothing turns a woman around and away more than that. She immediately doesn’t see you as a resource prospect, and thus will turn her head from you. So, just keep this in your arsenal. Don’t at all play up your sexual exploits. Don’t even bring up your sexual past to women if they ask you of it. Try not to, especially if you know that this woman might have an interest in you in the future. Because, if you do, then you immediately become more attractive to you. As I always say, nothing is more attractive to a girl than a guy that a lot of girls are attracted to. Just be a square, and then one day they’ll realize that that square is there, but he’s gone and he’s got the cash she doesn’t have.

4) You just don’t know what you want out of life

I’ve received this from my ex girlfriend before. They would throw on me how they want to get married, and I’d tarry around the idea and then they would bring up about how they want kids, and I would say no. Because I was deeply entrenched in my blue pill ways at the time, I wasn’t going to say no, actually I don’t want anything of those things because I don’t want you. That’s actually the reason behind this. We don’t want these things often because we don’t want the person that we are around to begin with.

You know why this is easier for you to do? You know why this is easier for her to say? This is the case because if you don’t know what you want in your mind in her eyes, then she is able to protect herself and avoid the thought that maybe you just don’t want her. If you don’t know what you want in her eyes, then she is projecting on you that you have the problem, and if you actually knew what you wanted, then you might want her. This comes from insecurity once again men, and shaming is rooted in insecurity and it’s rooted in trying to bring other people down in the effort of bring themselves up.

Once again, the world doesn’t understand that someone might want more out of life than a relationship and a marriage. If nobody understands that there are many, many other things to pursue beyond those two things, then of course they’re going to throw this shaming line out there, because they in fact don’t know what they want.

Men, you’re never going to find what you want out of life through another person. You can only know what you want out of life through your own experiences. That’s it. People can only give a reflection of what you might want, that’s it. Find it on the road of MGTOW, the red pill road.

5) You’re afraid of growing up

Yeah, I’m afraid of growing up. Clearly.

All I want to do is work my job, pursue my hobbies, learn, take care of my body, go to the gym, run, climb mountains, spend time with my parents, travel, study with other people, pray, read, save money, invest correctly and finance my life forward so that I can donate to other people and causes that I care about one day when my time on this earth is up?

Yes, I’m clearly immature and I don’t know what I want. Funny how this line won’t be uttered to the frat boy as he approaches that same girl at the party, with no future but the future that he has in his boat shoes, his cyan cargo shorts and the lacoste polo as he fine tunes his flabby, Budweiser built body and sweet talks her.

Sorry, I had to. I’ve been around colleges far too long. But this shaming line often occurs when you’re blunt about your future of course and the concerns that you’ve expressed about the divorce courts, raising a child in this society and being a citizen in a world that continually marginalizes men and condemns free speech. Why shouldn’t I be afraid of this? This is because you can’t be afraid of something that you haven’t felt and don’t know about, and that’s often the white knight and the promiscuous girl. Because those two things promote the continuation of the lies that we believe in society. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but it’s clear that there are powers in society that favor these two camps.

Finally men, MGTOW is stronger than these shaming lines

Take the high road. Always control your environment. Put yourselves in the situations you need to be in to succeed. If you’re around people that are shaming you, you’re not getting better. Sometimes you need to be around these people because they’re your family, they’re at work or they’re at school. But if it’s happening a lot, and maybe this is a person that you’re dating, married to or are trying to remove from your life – and you need to do exactly that.

Because anyone that shames and doesn’t instead criticize or constructively comment is someone that is an energy vampire, looking to get something out of you because they don’t have what they need in themselves.

MGTOW is about going your own way in order to maximize your time and save your energy. This type of shamer prevents both, so instead, pop your hoodie up and say hoodie is out (insert your name there) and ride on out.

So, I guess that’s my cue. Thanks for listening and see you guys tomorrow in the MGTOW Sunday Sermon. Hoodie out.

MGTOW – Minimalism Doesn’t Work in Marriage | Henry David Thoreau

Unless it comes to women, we are not going to spend the money. We are naturally frugal people. Women drive the monetary decisions that most men take, whether we like to admit it or not. These decisions are not just the big ones, but they are the small ones. They are behind the decision to buy the name brand cereal instead of Great Value at Wal-Mart. Remember this for the video today.

MGTOW men. It’s Freedom Friday. Great to be back. You guys are dishing out the suggestions for the new hoodie are coming in. What do you guys have? Dish it out to me! I want to get a store going and if I could that up ASAP with an assortment of hoodie, beanie, sticker and other options. Let me know. While I am talking about buying products right now, today I’m going to talk about not buying products. I’m going to talk about minimalism because MGTOW and minimalism are so closely intertwined. I need to talk about minimalism a number of times to get the full breadth of the topic and its relationship to MGTOW.

We live in a world that loves things. We are expected to buy things to fulfill the holes that we have in life. In the words of Tyler Durden, “we buy things we don’t need to impress people that we don’t like.” We as men know what a duvet is. Why the heck is it that we as men know what a useless item like that is. It’s because of feminism and it’s because of androgyny. When we don’t protect ourselves and lead as men, we get taken advantage of by consumerism. Consumerism leads our lives, it makes us spend money, take debt, get jobs we don’t like, have stress in our lives that we don’t need, sleep less, eat worse diets, have worse health, have higher medical bills, have higher mortgage payments and overall live the life that they don’t want and have the freedom that they wish they had.

Marriages Promote Consumerism

One of the biggest proponents of the consumerist lifestyle are women and are marriages. Thus, this video is a two-part response to a Snapchat that I got from a recently married friend of mine last night and the man, Henry David Thoreau. So it’s gunna be a MGTOW in history edition today and also a MGTOW story from my life. Maybe I’ll put them in both playlists, I don’t know.

Anyway, the Snapchat the he sent me last night said, “It’s full. Only been married for five months and it’s already full.” I so wanted to take a screenshot of this but I didn’t want to be a dick and take a screenshot of something that he obviously doesn’t like. I have a lot of respect for her as a woman. She’s a rare girl in the fact that she stook around with him for four years of playing college baseball, commuting long distance to see him. Hopefully this marriage goes well. She was everything to him, and he named her in his phone, “My Future Wife”, which is something worthy of being a MGTOW story for a whole other day. But, what I’m getting at here is – he knew her for over six years before they got married. They had gone places together, made it through college and he still was not prepared for the type of lifestyle that she would have verses that he would probably live if she wasn’t in his life. Maybe not. Maybe he still would have a lot of things, but I highly doubt it as he’s a super simple country guy.

Even with all of these great qualities, he still is running into a situation in which she has more stuff than him. Men are often framed as the ones that have an excessive amount of things and toys and trinkets. They may have an ATV, a nice car, or a motorcycle. I’m not going to condemn you guys if that’s you. If you’ve worked for it and deem it purposeful and it doesn’t put you in a bad situation financially, then go for it. Otherwise, it’s a stupid decision. That’s my defining statement when it comes to that.

But, we should also know men, that women drive consumerism. I always joke about my dad that if he wasn’t married, he’d be living in a cardboard box on the side of the road. In all seriousness, he would be living with just the bare essentials and his car. He would have been able to retire 20 years ago. He would have more freedom. But, I’m thankful for him. He took a sacrifice that I’m not willing to make and got rid of his minimalist tendencies to have a home, nice cars and all of what’s expected in suburban living. Men, we are naturally frugal. Unless it comes to women, we are not going to spend the money.

Women Drive Consumerism

In an article that I looked through on the University of Albany’s article of sources, it was noted that in the 1910s, marketing research knew that consumerism was a female ideal. Manufacturers and advertisers began to hasten their approach in appealing to women behind this realization. They were framed as the chief purchasing agents. Women drive markets, and they drive consumerism.They drive commercials. Most of the money spent is from women when it comes to consumer goods. Regardless if this woman that you’re with is loyal, she’s smart, she’s encouraging, she’s not promiscuous, she can have a deep conversation with you, she actually has empathy – regardless of any of these things, she still is a consumer. Maybe one of the rarest traits is to find a woman that will forego modern conveniences for the sake of saving money. The women that I’ve dated were not necessarily materialistic. That’s not the point. The point is that they’re going to need more than you. Just by you being with someone and dating them, you are making yourself out to be in the position where you have to have more things and you have to make concessions that you wouldn’t normally make.

Are you willing to do that? Are you willing to risk simplicity? My sister used to talk about this one platonic guy friend that she knew as a mutual friend through her boyfriend. They would go to his house and play cards and hang out all the time and she said that all he had in house was lawn furniture. Furthermore, he wouldn’t buy anything other than watermelon and he would eat that over and over because it was the cheapest item at the grocery store during the summer months. I’m not saying that you should do this and that’s a healthy alternative, but I’m bringing it up to say that he was able to do this when he was single. A man will do this, and a man that is driven will also be more prone to doing this. He isn’t concerned with his own curb appeal, because you realize that we know what a duvet is only because we need to know what it is when we are in the courting phase and we are going to “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. He was building his own business and it turns out that he’s probably a millionaire right now, fueled entirely by his own business ventures and watermelon.

Henry David Thoreau and Minimalism

For those of you who don’t know who Henry David Thoreau is, he is a man that revolutionized the way a minimalist lives. He was that among many things, serving also as an essayist, poet, philosopher, historian and MGTOW man for his day. He only lived for 44 years, dying in 1862. He wrote Walden and coined the phrase “simplify, simplify, simplify”. At one point he would spend two years and two months living out in the wilderness in Massachusetts I believe. While some say that he was a convenient minimalist, that’s beside the point. The point is that he delivered insight into the possibility of living, surviving and thriving outside of a paper based economy. It’s possible, and it’s often simpler and more stress free.

These men are a modern-day extension of Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau men is a MGTOW man. A man that went his own way and lived by the ways of minimalism, not because it brought him status like it can today, but because he wanted his own freedom. An article contending that Henry David Thoreau was the original hipster stated the exact reason when so many MGTOW men go on the route of minimalism and off the grid living. It states:

“For Thoreau, freedom meant everything. Valuing time over money, he tried to recalculate the cost of living, describing in detail – down to hinges and screws and nails – the price of his experiment in minimalism. The tiny house took $28.12 to make, total, and lots of personal labor. It had two windows and a door. His advice when it comes to construction (which is an approach that all of us should take to life): consider just how slight a shelter might suffice, and build no more.”

Build all that you need, and build no more. That is the way of minimalism. Have all you need and no more. Eat all that you need, and no more. And that comes to making money as well men. Once you have enough money in life, you should be free from the dollar. The only reason to work for money is if you need money to survive or to help another person survive. We have to recognize that a money-based work payoff system is a modern creation, it’s not one that was originally present. It used to be that you worked for what you ate. It was subsistence work, it wasn’t work that you did only because it translated into money. By understanding this we are able to reframe how we approach going to work and making money.

My brother-in-law encapsulates this. He understands that he is working for the sake of freedom. Work equals freedom, and buying a pointless item from the trip to the grocery store doesn’t just mean more clutter in the house. To him, to a minimalist, and definitely a MGTOW minimalist, it means less time for me and less time for what truly self-actualizes me. Thus, my brother-in-law has a retire by 40 or 45 excel spreadsheet that he updates each week, tracking his progress and what he needs. As an economics major, I’m sure that he is factoring in the projected situation of the economy going forward as well.

So, this is a real-world, economic application of the standards that Thoreau brought to building his house: build what he needs, and no more. This is not because he is lazy. This is not because he doesn’t have the ability. It’s because the most important thing that he possesses is his time. As a MGTOW man, there is no other commodity that is valued more than time. If you have time you can enjoy your freedom. If you don’t have time, it doesn’t even matter that you have freedom, because you don’t have time to act out on that freedom.

Henry David Thoreau Went His Own Way From Women

Would this have been possible if a woman was involved. If Henry David Thoreau was married to a woman, would she oblige to bring herself out in the wilderness and live out there for two years? No, she most likely wouldn’t have agreed to. She wouldn’t want to bathe in the lake like he did each morning. In the rare instances that you see off the grid couples, that woman is an anomaly. It’s rare that she is going to join in a life that is free of the grid.

Often times this is a woman that is very manly in thought and in stature. She is less interested in raising and having a family. She may also be extremely subservient to the man in the relationship, enabling him to have the ability to have that influence to bring her along and her be willing to follow his lead. It’s usually one extreme or another.

I still have a dream to before I’m 30, I’m 24 right now, to live an entire year out of my car. I hope to travel to 48 of the mainland states in the United States and prove to people that you can get buy without constant access to running water, a home, heat and air conditioning. Fending for yourself all the time in the way of using public showers, free Wi-Fi and food as you go is possible and I want people to understand this. Going MGTOW and going off the grid and living a transient lifestyle are possible, and men, it’s only really possible if you don’t have another woman in your life.

I remember at the start of one of my school years in graduate school we had to write three different words that described us both. I wrote “minimalist” as one of them. I explained that a little bit and described it to the effect that I want to live with almost nothing and would be interested in getting a tiny home. One of the girls in the class remembered this and one day as I was walking out of class with my girlfriend at the time, she asked me if I was still interested in pursuing that life. The reaction that my girlfriend made was the reaction of someone that was repulsed. She was not into that idea and she couldn’t believe the fact that I grew up without air conditioning.

Men, even if it is something as simple as that, in which you don’t want air conditioning and aren’t willing to budge from that stance, then don’t spend time with that girl. If you are wanting to live a Spartan existence, you can’t make concessions for a chick. It’s not going to work. You’re going to feel less like a man and you’re going to resent her.

Once again, don’t know inform yourself with the contents in a Bed, Bath and Beyond. Men, don’t know what a duvet is. We don’t need to know what that is.

MGTOW men go their own way. Minimalism is one of those ways. Henry David Thoreau is a great example of it. Take a look at his life. Read Walden for more insight into this before I touch on my next MGTOW minimalism talk.

The things you own, end up owning you.

If you wanna share any personal story that you’ve got about minimalism, the minimalist lifestyle that you’re living, or anything else like that, men, let me know. I’m always taking more emails, more comments and more ideas from you guys, free of charge. is the best place to reach me. @sunrisehoodie on Twitter ain’t bad either.

Have a cheap FreedomFriday evening. MGTOW minimalism doesn’t really support large tabs at the club.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out!


MGTOW Mailbag – I Saw Right Through that NAWALT & Male Virgin Shaming

MGTOW men. We are back. I received a number of great emails from you guys over the past few days and I’m grateful for that. One of these emails is the fuel for today’s video topic, and if I don’t get to yours today or in the next few days, just know that it is coming!

So, today’s video is going to be like a Sandman format, and I hope that you guys are able to deem some knowledge from it. The email comes from a 37-year old viewer of mine that recently explained his experience going through a CNA certification program.

First off, God bless you man. That sounds absolutely brutal in terms of dealing with the gynocracy. The shaming for being in that program, the constant comparisons, the groupthink is something that is inevitable in this type of program. For all of you guys that are considering going back to college to get a degree, considering the type of degree that you’re going to be going into. The type of people, the demographics, because if you choose wrongly, you could be in for a hailstorm. I was in a highly feminized degree program, journalism, in which political correctness is king.

But, without further adieu let’s look at today’s email and topic. The topics that I’m going to look at from this email if you’d rather skip ahead and just read the transcription in the description below are:

  • Having suspicions and your guard up regarding NAWALTs and AWALTs.
  • Women’s interest in success
  • Female projectioning upon men
  • Virgin and/or singleness shaming
  • The true colors come out if you give it time

I’ll just be reading parts of the email to give you guys the best synopsis possible. Here we go:

So I was the only male in class, also I was older than most, I was 36 (just turned 37 actually) most of the girls were in their early to mid 20’s. They had kids, I don’t have any. I would purposely keep to myself, I ate by myself, I didn’t engage in any conversations other than school. Of course some girls started to try to sit with me and small talk me, I immediately thought to myself “let me guess, you want help on school work”. I was consistently turning in huge assignments and doing well on test, I thought it would make sense that a nice looking girl sweet talk me into giving them answers or letting them copy. I told a coworker what I thought was going on and they said “can’t these women sit with you because you’re a great guy? does there always have to be an ulterior motive?” I decided that maybe I was too judgmental, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

There was even a girl I found myself gravitating to, she was smart, beautiful, but she was 20. She handled herself like a woman though, she wore her hair up, didn’t dress like a girl begging for attention, she was like Rachael Leigh Cook from she’s all that before the makeover. So, he went on to bomb the test and explains how she was discouraged that he did.

Meanwhile the girl I liked asked me if I was single, then it lead to “when was your last relationship?” “wait are you a virgin?!” “are you trying to be the 40 year old virgin?!” it was a weird shaming thing. I kept thinking to myself “if that were me, a male, asking girls if they were virgins, I’d be kicked out in 2 seconds”. I purposely never asked them about their love lives or kids or anything, sure enough they start doing it to me, judging me, I think it was because they couldn’t compete academically, so they had to look down on me somehow.

He ends up getting the highest score in the class by the way, so we get a MGTOW brother winning out here, it’s a glorious thing to see. Now, let’s finish:

Now that girl I use to like showed herself on Instagram showing off her ass, it just showed me she was no different than the other girls that I stay away from. It was very bittersweet. I wanted to believe she was different and it might work. Really though, just like the other ones, it was me projecting qualities I would want in a girl on the girl. She never had them. She was just using me like the other ones.

Women Love Success – It’s an Aphrodisiac

Well then, where can we start. No donation needed guys with these ideas and stories, just send em straight up. The chance to speak is worth it.

Let’s start with the chick that you thought could have potential and the girl that approached you but you assumed she was only approaching you for the sake of help on homework. Well, let me share with you some stories about that. I’ve had this happen to me in a number of instances. Maybe these girls were actually interested in me for sex as well, but definitely not a relationship. They wanted my resources and my help and also, you can’t forget when they ask you for help, they’re also seeking for attention.

Even if they don’t need the help and it isn’t time efficient for them to take time out of their day and sit down and go to where you are and do homework, the fact that they get attention out of it is worth it for them. Many women will pursue activities that are wastes of time if it guarantees that they get some attention out of it. It’s shameful, but it’s shamefully accurate.

One of my exes actually stated that she was attracted to my “knowledge”, in air quotes that is, but it turns out that as we started to date, she wanted me to study less and less, to do poorer in school and to just in general express less studious behavior. She later confessed that she just wanted to have sex with me, and that’s it.

Also, in this dovetail there was one day in which we had a department wide meeting in which one of the professors that we all knew discussed why one of the departments in our school hired me to work at the school. Her hearing that brought out the comment that I became more attractive to here.

This brings up men that success and status is not just attractive to a woman. It’s an aphrodisiac. Why do you think that so many men have been able to pull of one-night stands or even get a girl to have sex with them in some random bar that they’re at? It’s because he can play the success and status card with his words, his one best suit, all of his money on his debit card just to pay for the most expensive drink on the house so that he can impress her. These things can act as an aphrodisiac. This doesn’t mean at all that she is interested in you long term.

She is also interested in you for the sprint. Many women have what I can an app man. To many of us men, we are just applications in a woman’s phone. We are just one tool in her toolbox. When you use an app in your phone or when you use a tool in the toolbox, you’re using it for a short amount of time. It’s something that you pick up and then don’t use again until you need to. You’re just a necessity in the moment. Some women that you come across with a big sexual past are these type of women. They bounce around with men because each one serves a different purpose. One guy that they’ve dated in the past was her mechanic. Maybe she actually contacts him still. One guy is her counselor. He helps her with advice and helps her get her life straightened out. The other guy is her personal trainer. He gives her exercise tips and sometimes they meet up at the gym and have sex a few times when she is going through a dry spell.

You are just an app on her phone, just like Google Maps or freaking her Amazon app, you don’t mean anything more than those things. You are a utility for a time and a space. The reason that I bring this up is because I believe that she was going to treat you as such. She saw that she was in this CNA certification program right now. There is a lot of work ahead of her, she wants to do well, she needs good grades and also, she wants to be perceived well by her instructors and by the other women in the class. In order to do all of those things, she believes that the best thing that she can do is use you as the school app. You’re her study app. You’re her go to man for that.

Also, off this topic, women place extremely high value on how they’re perceived by their peers. If they’re perceived well and with good status by their friends, then they have confidence, status and sexual marketplace value that they know they can’t be competed with for. They possess it. Think the movie “Mean Girls”. While there are girls not as extreme as this, the reason that it was so widely popular is that all girls, whether they acted out on it or not, wanted to be perceived like this. They wanted to be perceived as the powerful, domineering one. By going with you, she has a leg up on all the other girls in this situation. They see that you’re doing well and performing well in class, and all of a sudden they know that by association, they can earn this leg up in the program. This of course doesn’t matter anymore when the year is over and you’re done with this program. You are just like an app on your phone that takes up space. When the time is right and things are through with that app and instead you want to create more space for the new photos that you’re taking with the latest boyfriend, what do you do, you delete the mechanic app. Or you delete the study app. Or you delete the transportation app.

Thus, in all of this – you were wise in holding out here. You were wise in having your suspicions up. Because, regardless if they come across like they’re harmless and they’re not like the rest, we can’t also judge our interaction with women when we are the focus of their attention as well.  We sense the pheromones and our guard goes down because it’s safe. There are not external things to compete with at the moment and she has our attention. We don’t judge it as our red pill self would. It takes a lot of strength to think cynically like this, but I guarantee you that it saved you your overall grade, it saved you your time and ultimately, it saved you a lot of wasted energy.


This is because it’s clear that there was a lot of immaturity in this situation. This was made known by the fact that they were calling you out for not having had a relationship for a long time, and making the assumption from that point on that you must be a TFLer or are immediately a virgin. I know this type of shaming first hand, having worked in largely female environments and work situations before and having predominately female class makeups as well.

Women that shame period are immature. Same with men, and the men that shame another man for being virgins are just as pointless to spend time on then the women, don’t get me wrong. It goes both ways there. They’re manipulative and they put you down because their value of sex is clearly higher than any understanding that you could have for not wanting to have sex. Frankly, as I’ve said, there shouldn’t be any praise as it’s harder not to have a lot of sexual partners today versus only having a few.

This is just another shaming line that comes about when people don’t understand where true value is placed in in life and how a person can actually improve themselves by not doing what mainstream society tells them to do. These people that shame you for not dating and for being a virgin don’t have purposeful and positive value structures in their lives. They’re absent of these things. You don’t want to spend time with this, and I’m glad that you made it out of this program. These are the type of people that you shouldn’t make long-term investments into, because these long-term investments won’t actually produce anything for you. You mentioned how they didn’t even acknowledge you at all for your birthday, not that they should, or you accomplishments. It’s because these people all likely have a limited view of the world and I bet they’re huge candy crush fans, just my assumption.

The fact that this girl was ashamed of you for not doing well on the test is also a sign to me in my eyes that she wanted to be able to gauge your status and be associated with someone that has good status. By you doing well, you have societal value to her on a microcosmic level – which is this CNA program. Also, women don’t like to see men fail at the same projects that they succeed in. I don’t care if this comes down to putting up some Ikea shelves up, if you fail at any simple task that immediately emasculates her in your mind. Even something minor, it will do this. I’m not saying that this is right or that it can’t be overruled, but it is also a sign of immaturity on the part of a woman for coming to these conclusions.

Lastly, the Chameleoning Colors Eventually Come out – AWALTs

AWALTs my men, all women are like that. Whether or not that they’re going to be posting pictures of themselves on the Gram twerking, they are going to want attention. The thing that I want to emphasize is that, we take too small of a sample size, too often. We start speeding up our world when we are around a woman that we think that we are interested in.

We don’t step back and give it time. It’s like my description of the bro-tank wearing dude at the bar that can get any chick, even if he has nothing going on in his life – it’s pretty easy to hide your flaws when all you have for the interview is a 30 minute segment, not an hour interview. If you notice here, the true colors that she possessed came out when you gave it time. You have to give these things time. You can’t make assumptions, because chameleons shift their colors immediately. You have to take time to let the color hit that green, it’s natural state. Do you like that natural state? Most likely, no. You don’t like that twerking, and rightfully so.


The thing to take away from this is not despair that there are absolutely no women out there. The thing that is really resonating with me from this email, is that he was recognized as the highest grader performer in the class. He was also recognized by the instructors that said that he was more caring, more helpful and more open to learning than any of the girls. This is a testament to the fact that as a man, you not only have the intellectual manpower to do well in situations like this, but many men are surpassing women in areas of compassion and patience these days.

Patience means more than we know. Patience allows you to play the long game. Patience allows you to stay with something when it gets difficult, and that virtue is a reason why so many relationships fail, so many women are jumping around from guy to guy and why so many people get into depression that they don’t know how to get out of – it’s because they can’t have the patience they need, just as the girls abandoned you in the class when you began to show signs that you weren’t an absolutely perfect student.

The truth, once again, is that the ball is in our court. We have the ball. Just like a wide receiver running downfield in a football game, it’s easier to go full speed when you know the direction that you’re going. That can be you men. You can control your destiny. You can get that degree, that skill, that certification and you can earn that money, save that money and live off that money. You don’t have to be the cornerback, that can’t go full speed but instead has to be reactive and respond to the moves of the wide receiver, which in this case, was all of the women in the class.

Use this to your advantage. Don’t be an app. Let the NAWALT age into an AWALT, and save that money. My message to you through this message today. I hope it resonated with you. So, if you want more stories like this and more content to come out, please email me your ideas, your requests and suggestions for improvements to I do read your emails and get back to you. Also, tweet your ideas for the Sunrise Hoodie hoodies that I plan on popping out soon. Let me know!

As always men, be strong. Enjoy tonight. Hoodies up, hoodie is out.

MGTOW – The Scarcity-Mindset Myth: Alphas vs. Betas

MGTOW men, we’ve made it to another month. I can’t believe that it is November. Today’s video is one that I’ve wanted to make for a while, and it has to with scarcity mentality vs. abundance mentality. Scarcity mentality vs. abundance mentality is a comparison that is often and most commonly used when it comes to women, dating women and finding women to marry.

Men have brought it up to me in conversation and I had it in MGTOW notes section, but what really compelled me to make this video today was a brief, impromptu experience that I had at work today in which I compare the scarcity and abundance mentality to the notion of choosing to go to the vending machine at work to get a honey bun, rather than waiting an hour or two to get back home where you can eat your steak dinner.

So, I was walking by the vending machines at work today and there was this college student that was clawing open a sticky buns wrapper. He was probably between classes or something, and I just thought to myself, who in their right mind would spend money or waste their time on items from a vending machine. A man that uses a vending machine is often a man that doesn’t care about a number of things that red pill men will care about. These things are health, as often times the food that you’re getting out of a vending machine is trash. They don’t care about money. Let’s face it, for the price of $1.50, all you’re getting is an average-sized bag of Doritos. Comparatively, if you go to Wal-Mart, that bag of Doritos you’re getting could be five times as large and only cost you $2. You’re getting about 300 percent more and you’re spending about the same price.

This guy that is buying that sticky bun out of the vending machine is living in a scarcity mentality. He’s only buying this because his mindframe is based on the notion that I must go for this nutritionally and financially poor item in order to help me make it through my next few classes or two. First off, the guy’s first mistake is not bringing food to work in the first place. I freaking bring my entire pantry to me to work everyday and bring all the coffee that I owe and my electric boiler to work so I can make coffee there and avoid having to buy a $2 cup of coffee at the school coffee shop.

He’s making this purchase because he doesn’t believe that there is anything better for him to buy right now. He’s willing to pay more for this sticky bun than he normally would, because scarcity drives the price up. It’s simple supply and demand economics. The world operates much in the same paradigm. Finding or avoiding women – it’s economics, and hence we have words like sexual marketplace value (SMV) because sex, like everything, is money – because money equals survival. And what is life without survival.

But, this made me think of the red pill, dating, saving and many things that us as MGTOW men consider on the daily basis. When blue pillers and those that hope to land themselves in a matrimonial relationship make the statement, oh, there are plenty more fish in the sea, what they’re saying is that the world truly does have an abundance. They want to comfort you with that notion because they believe that you’re living in a state of scarcity at the moment. That’s because when you date, you operate in scarcity. You believe that the world is scarce when it comes to women when you’re dating. Inferring and looking into this “comforting” statement reveals this.

Think about it. I know when I’ve dated, I would meet women, walk by them and see yeah she’s really hot, she has a great this or that, and I would be recognizing these things, but I wouldn’t think to myself, I wish I had her. Maybe this wouldn’t be the case if I stayed in the relationships longer than I did – with my longest one being about a year and a half. But part of this is that you naturally create this feeling of false contentment in association with your cognitive dissonance. This is the scarcity mentality, because scarcity mentality is blue pill in nature. It doesn’t operate in reality. It operates in the reality that you manufacture for yourself to help mask the truth of the real reality.

Recognize this men. With this anecdote, I’m going to touch on a few things that express the differences between a man that takes the approach of having an abundance mentality and the man that has a scarcity mentality.

Those that Exhibit an Abundance Mentality

I’m going to start with this first because I want you guys to understand that this is who you want to be and these are the beliefs that you want to cultivate. Not the ideas and thoughts that a person living in scarcity, or constant fear, would possess.

Abundance essentially means that there are enough resources and success available to be had for yourself and to share with other people. Obviously this is only partially true I believe. There sometimes aren’t enough resources to go around, and I don’t think that there will be enough resources to continue to support the growing population throughout the world unfortunately with the continued increases in population throughout the world.

Some of these things come from the Red Pill Handbook.

Nonchalance and indifference, sometimes they’re arrogant, typically uncaring of small matters. Replace women.

The first thing that I want to point out about this characteristic of a man that exhibits an abundance mentality is that there is a connection between “they are typically uncaring of small matters” and the fact that they “replace women”. Clearly, by being used in conjunction with one another, there must be a relationship between small matters and women.

On the surface, men replace, or in red pill MGTOW terms, move on from dating and having marital relationships with women because there are many more options out there. They understand that the likelihood that their current girl is far better than the options in front of them are slim to none. There is a small likelihood of this.

This is what got into my thinking the further that I got into my relationship with my ex girlfriend. I continued to realize that I’m only at a small college right now and I’m selling myself out at 22, thinking that who I’ve met so far is better than what could be afforded of me over the next decade at least? That’s called scarcity thinking. And while sometimes those smalltown marriages work, one of the reasons that they do is that it is the extreme form of blue pill in many situations – ignorance is bliss mentality.

But mainly, it is unimportant to you because it doesn’t define you and it doesn’t add to you as you are on the path to attain your goals. As a man with an abundance mentality, your goals aren’t the goals of getting married, having kids and setting up that life. You goals are on the things that will afford your true survival, which is improving your skillset, your career, investing, saving and fortifying yourself for potential hazards down the road. Understanding that being with a woman actually makes your decisions and your successes and failures more dire and important is reason to make you more stressed. Being with a woman will instill more fear and make tasks at work, school or wherever, seem like they have more importance because more is riding on the outcome.

Spend a lot of time living mentally in the future, only coming into the present for breaks

When you are constantly setting goals for yourself, you don’t necessarily live in the present. You are doing things in the present because it sets you best up for your success in the future. This is why us red pill men just can’t mesh with many women in relationships today. I know many men that have dated women that are unable to get out of the moment for the sake of doing something in the moment that will set up a future with exponentially more great moments than anything we could experience in the present.

I know that I was one of these guys. I was one of these guys that would always tell my girlfriends, you know, if I do all this work right now and get things set, I will be fully present with you not just in the future, but on smaller tasks and at a smaller level, later tonight. This is often why you see marriages that fail when the man is working 80+ hour weeks because he is hoping to provide for his wife and send his two kids to college with complete tuition. This doesn’t work because he is living a conflicted reality. He’s accepting this notion of abundance in the fact that he is living mentally in the future and preparing for it and isn’t dousing the stress and doubt that he has in his mind with drugs, alcohol or sex like many people will do. But, on the other end of things, he’s living in a scarcity mindset because life because scarce when you’re living in pursuit of external validation when it comes in the form of being married and supporting a family.

While you may feel a level of self-actualization for doing your work and succeeding on that level, your ultimate validation comes through providing for and maintaining acceptance from your spouse. A key element of a man living in scarcity, described as a beta male, is that he is afraid of rejection. He is not able to take the greatest amount of risk that he wants to as a result of his ties to other people and their approval of his work. He is afraid of losing something and someone. Removing the fear of losing something and someone is one of the goals of approaching life through the red pill lens and going MGTOW, at least from how I interpret the philosophy and connect it to my life.

Conversely, this man expects rejection from people and thus isn’t afraid of it.

This is a red pill understanding that is hard to achieve but it is one of the most important things that you can instill in a son or daughter, or anyone that you’re serving as a mentor for. If you can instill in them that rejection is the norm and it should be expected, then they will be less paralyzed as they go about life. Retreating into fear can be connected with fear of loss and rejection as I noted. You want this person to be free and to be released from doubt, thus you want to teach them that the norm is rejection.

The norm is that the world is cold and that the world is rigorous but at the same time that world is conquerable and that you can control the things that you want to control.

A lot of pick-up artists, PUAs, look at this too much from the perspective of what a man living in abundance would do around women. The PUA would say that a man living in scarcity will not make many moves on women because rejection lies on the other end. He is afraid of the friend zone and the negative emotions that are associated with it. On the other hand, the man in abundance will take risks and get the girl that he otherwise wouldn’t because he isn’t afraid of rejection and always knows that there is always another option out there.

I wouldn’t even dwell in this sphere and concern myself with that. Once again, this is not a PUA channel. Men, if you’re going MGTOW you aren’t concerned about strategies to get women. You get yourself, you get your life straightened out and get your own ducks in a row, people will take note. People will notice, and that’s all you have to do if you are truly interested in finding a woman.

What Does it Look Like to be a Man Living in Scarcity

A man that lives in scarcity is a man that is blue pilled. He is living in a blue pill mindset, and is also living as a beta. He will be pulled around by his woman. He will be pulled around by her demands because he believes that he cannot have another option. This man is exceedingly loyal and he is loyal to a fault.

There is No Confidence. He Doesn’t Trust His Own Abilities

He is so loyal that he may put his own health and quality of life at risk, because he doesn’t value himself. He has no confidence in himself that even if he got what he needed and got what he wanted out of life to succeed, that he still wouldn’t be able to do because he is not trusting in his own abilities to do what others can or cannot do.

Let’s take a quick excerpt from a conversation that I had with one of my dudes the other day. We were talking about this chick that he was helping out and letting her sleep in his apartment for a few days as she was trying to figure things out. She pleaded that he let her sleep in his bed and he on the couch in the living room or wherever that was.

He said no, and the reason that he said no was because he felt confident in himself. He knew that if he got what he needed, then he would succeed. She and her comfort was not what he needed. In this situation, he needed sleep. What succeeding was to him was doing well at work the next day.

If he got sleep then he would be able to maximize what he already had, a good mind and skills. If he combined those two then he would be able to succeed. He trusts in himself. A man that is living in a scarcity mindset would actually interpret this woman as an opportunity for him to find a mate and thus he would do whatever she wanted in order to appease her and communicate the false reality that he should be her partner.

You may say that I’m pushing things too far, but it’s true. In this case, this woman isn’t even expressing any value in the man because she wanted to sleep in the bed, with or without him I don’t know, but that is beside the point. She would be disrupting his natural pattern of sleep bottom line, and that’s all that matters. A man with a scarcity mindset overvalues all interactions with women as well and interprets them as dire because he associates them with survival and personal worth.

Thus, A Man With a Scarcity Mindset Sets Himself up For Abuse

Why do you think that when you hear people discuss abusive relationships with others and they receive support, one of the most common lines of support is “you are worth more than that” or, “you don’t deserve that”. The reason that this is stated is because abuse is perpetuated when a person doesn’t stand up for oneself. Sure, sometimes that person has no control over the situation and can’t reduce that level of abuse. But, when it comes to a woman abusing a man’s power and control and not respecting him emotionally or physically, that man is letting it happen. A man always has the ball in his court. He always has possession of the ball and can make a timeout happen whenever he wants.

The power is in his hand and I know that I’ve been guilty of not accepting that fact before. He sets himself up for abuse because he believes that he has to take it because the alternative is being alone, and he can in no way get another woman in his life if he loses her. Thus, you resort to white knighting and blue pilling your way through the relationship.

This person is spineless and cannot hold frame as the author in the Red Pill Handbook states. They exude desperation and they chase women, they don’t chase their dreams. And while I cringe in doing this, let’s take one from Future – “chase a check.” Don’t chase that broad men. Money gets passed around, it changes hands. There isn’t necessarily more money being born each day. There are more women being born everyday and they’re more plentiful then ever. Don’t sell out for the Cinnabon that you have in the work vending machine. Wait a minute, play the long game, once again and eat your steak dinner that you have waiting at home.

A man that is living in scarcity doubts that this is a reality. They doubt that they’ll be able to last that long and make it through the current reality, and then you end up sticking around in that same old town because you don’t think that you can do any better. Then, when you finallly move 25 years later and realize that you’re in control of painting that self portrait or building that home as Tyler Durden’s space monkeys said that they wanted to do in Fight Club, then you will be regretting it and wishing you’d lived in the red pill paradigm earlier, seeing the world in the lens of abundance.

Maybe I’m wrong, and maybe you’ve got something to refute in this edition today. If that’s the case, please let me know in the comments section below. I will look at your guys’ work and get back to you. What topic requests do you guys have and what designs do you want on the hoodies that I’m planning on getting out there for you guys to buy?

Let me know as usual at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up. Hoodie is out.

MGTOW – Halloween Debauchery & Double Standards

Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Halloween so why not discuss the MGTOW relationship with a holiday that I dreaded when I was dating. In fact, I dreaded holidays when I was dating because it was another night of going out, spending money and babysitting people that were drunk. Albeit, nobody made me do that, but my blue pill self told me that it was necessary.

The thing that we have to realize about holidays as well, is that they’re a creation of society, a creation of the government or the creation of a culture. They are not indelible, unchangeable elements of society. They’re not necessary to your survival and success in life, but rather an excuse to generate money for the government, for a certain group of people or to bring attention to a certain group of people, i.e. St. Patrick’s day and Valentine’s Day – which is made for the gynocracy, and made for feminism and made for blue pill white knights to continue to sign their life away in the way of signing a check.

But Halloween has a different identity. Halloween has transformed itself into a holiday for men to pick up women, and women that are lost and needing of instant affection and sexual action, to dress promiscuously.

While this isn’t always true. I believe that there are still some wholesome Halloween get-togethers these days, and activities and events that children enjoy. But, I’m going to be speaking on Halloween’s identity as a whole throughout Western culture these days. Halloween as it is represented in slasher films, as it is represented across colleges all throughout the world – just another day for men and women to drown out the red pill with overdoses of the blue pill.

Namely, today I’m going to respond to an article that I found in USA Today. Before I get into this, I want to make sure I clarify that I do not actively pursue articles from USA Today. This time, instead, I chose to find an article that would encapsulate a feminist perspective of Halloween and the contradictions and double-standards that are exhibited as it relates to how women dress.

If you want to follow along with this article, click the link in the description men, it’s not worth your time but it’ll help you understand this more. The opening two graphs explain it all:

“When it’s time for a woman to buy a Halloween costume, it can be difficult to find one without this particular modifier: sexy. Sexy nurse. Sexy kitten. Sexy Kardashian. Sexy poop emoji. Some say Halloween is a farce, something that tricks women into thinking they have choices, but which shamelessly pressures them into parading around as debauched nuns and doe-faced dolls for men’s enjoyment. Whatever camp you belong to, there’s no disputing that Halloween is full of contradictions for women. While the costume aisles scream “sexy”, the real-world reaction to women throwing back beers in black lingerie can range from judgmental to lewd to criminal”

1) Why are you buying a Halloween costume in the first place

The first thing that has to be brought to the light here is that this article is tailored for the adult reader. There are not going to be any juvenile, young readers looking on USA Today online to read up on the supposed double-standards against women as it relates to Halloween costumes.

This article is written for feminists, by a feminist, and the only people that are going to agree with this article are those that have sold out to the gynocracy. Sure, you can do whatever you want to do and you can decide to believe the notion that you are the age that you decide yourself to be, but if you are around or have been with a woman that wants to dress up for Halloween and that are interested in investing that much time to choosing an outfit, then that is a woman that you don’t want to date.

So much effort is spent in doing this these days, and many people sell out to the cultural excuse that you must go out on Halloween and get drunk and have a good night. If you have dated this woman before you will notice a few correlations:

  • This woman is childish
  • This woman is narcissistic
  • This woman will not evolve
  • This woman is likely promiscuous
  • This woman is seeking attention

My last two girlfriends were fond of Halloween and thought that dressing up was an effort that had to be invested in and that you had to join in on. Sure, one Halloween we dressed up as Tyler Durden and Marla Singer. Was that awesome, yes. The only thing that I cared about was would it represent me well, because she wanted to do a nonsensical “Thing one and Thing Two” couples costume idea.

But, my next girlfriend came to class just a few days before we starting dating and talking and wore bunny ears to class, representing what, the Playboy Bunny obviously. I turned a complete blind eye to something that seems so insignificant, but I had repeated flashbacks to this day when we met in class and she was wearing these bunny ears. I knew that this was a bad sign, and I knew that above all else, we would not mesh. As a man that doesn’t want any extra baggage in his life, I brought a person into my life that would be so diametrically different from me, indicated by something as seemingly minor as a Halloween costume.

2) Women want to be respected and have their sexual promiscuity “ignored” but at the same time, want attention and praise for their scantily clad dressing

So, this article references a woman, Jasmine Shea, who dressed up in a highly sexualized outfit and stated that her mantra about life and her costume is that “my body doesn’t apologize”. Of course, and how deplorable is this, that she has been touched or groped in all of them. What a surprise and what a shame.

One year she explains that she dressed up as the prototypical sexy schoolgirl and stated that men asked her if she’d “been naughty”. They asked if they could “spank [her] with a ruler.” They went on to touch her breasts without consent.

Men, they expect us to want to buy something they are not selling and women that are wearing these costumes are on a power trip. Regardless if they’re attractive or not, they know that they will get attention, good or bad, from men when they dress up as a provocative schoolgirl on Halloween.

The article goes on to state after this brief anecdote about this woman that “every year, women all over America are faced with an absurd choice and find themselves in yet another double bind: Dress sexy on Halloween and risk being judged or harassed, or forgo the fishnets and risk being ridiculed or ignored.”

The author right here uses Jasmine, the sexually promiscuous schoolgirl as a reason for why women are not truly free and how they must demand attention and praise for the fish net leggings that they are wearing, but they should also be able to wear that into work and not be reprimanded for it.

It’s a double standard, and no wonder it is creating confusion in women and it’s creating anger in men. There is no happy medium here. I suppose the happy medium that this woman is seeking is fulfillment in a man. Even if that’s not what they’re going to pursue, that desire is coded in women. When women get attention from men, their brains code it as sexual worth and sexual power – which has value because it means that they have a man that is willing to use them to pass on their genes. When a woman praises another woman for how they look, it still has to do with survival. It has to do with a projection that she will be able to procure a mate, or procure that attention from another man, leading to her value and her protection and her survival.

Women are putting things on the shelves for sale and they want us to be interested in the discount pricing but when we bring it to the register they are giving us a different price than what it says on the shelf and then they won’t ring it up. They dismiss you and they laugh at you, all for a rush and all for praise.

So, on Halloween, on Friday nights when girls are going out on the town, stay in your apartment, your home, your car, wherever you live, and be at peace. Strengthen your mind to strengthen those that truly have value in your life and that will produce good fruit. Don’t invest and pour out energy into that which will rot, which are these women that are expecting praise on this dark, Halloween night.

These women actually see an imaginary person that they’re excited to hear from, whether it is a female or a male when they buy these costumes and outfits. If there was no one to impress, if there are no white knight to allure and get a rush from, then no outfit would be purchased

3) The illusion of sexual liberation

This sickening article, yet another reason why we have to go our own way in our lives and our own way in what we consume in the media, states that “sexy Halloween isn’t going anywhere. And neither is the debate. The looming question remains. Can a woman define her own sexiness, dismissing everything she’s been taught by men, media and culture about how to move in her body through the world?”

Women actually possess the control. The shame is that these entities, the media, the education system and bar culture continues to make the claim that they don’t have the power. We are living in an age when the woman and flaunting her body has more power than it has ever had before. It’s going throughout the corners of the earth and is stalking us to claim the newest man and to assess its power over morality, over wholesomeness and over society.

The shame is that these women that are complaining over the inability to be sexually liberated fail to realize that they already have been sexually liberated. They have already been freed, and they are continually asking for something that they already have. Men are giving women jobs over their lack of clothing, women are making millions every day as models on Instagram, Flipagram and every other gram out there. The fact that their sexual marketplace value isn’t having value and isn’t being recognized as something that they own is a lie and it is creating entitlement for women and confusion and destruction for men.

This is not sexual liberation. This is not liberation at all. This is imprisonment, and if that is what society continues to want and asks for with each year’s new edition of the sexy nurse, then let them have it, get your candy bar, which I prefer a protein bar anyway, and walk far away.

This article is poison and is just another example of a lie that we have accepted in western culture. I hope that you guys were able to take something away from today’s video. Halloween and this article is just a microcosm of culture and it won’t end when the clock strikes for November 1. It will continue tomorrow and the next day.

Everyday is your holiday when you’re a MGTOW man. You don’t have to wait for Oct. 31 for a reason to celebrate. Any minute, any hour as a MGTOW man gives you that freedom, and that’s why we are MGTOW. Freedom, freedom from this senselessness.

I shared some of my MGTOW-Halloween anecdotes, why don’t you share some of your scary stories? I’m sure you’ve got them.

Thanks again to everyone that has reached out, emailed me, commented and continued to support me and support yourselves as you try and build the life that you want as a MGTOW man. If you want to reach out and share you story further, as that is my goal in building this channel, please email me at or reach out to me on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up brothers, it’ll be November tomorrow. Things will be getting cold. Hoodies out.

MGTOW – Why I Won’t Get Married in Today’s World


Would you get on a plane or in a car that you knew had at least a 50 percent chance of crashing? Think about that men.

My parents have been married for 40 years. They’ve had three kids, they paid off their home within about 20 years and they have created a stable future for themselves, being able to retire together this Spring within just a few months of each other.

Does this type of marriage exist still? Maybe. There may be a one to five percent chance that this type of marriage with this longevity will still exist. I’ll paint out three reasons for you why things have changed, and why my parents’ marriage worked and why it won’t work in the future.

Today’s topic is fueled by a commenter, I’ll get your name and try to include it in the description below and my brother out in the Seattle area, that I also did one of my first MGTOW Mailbags on.

So, welcome back MGTOW men. It’s Monday. Let’s get into this. If you didn’t watch yesterday’s Sunday Sermon, I recommend checking out that as well, it was about David and Saul and how a man cannot fight in another man’s armor, but only the armor that can be worn by yourself.

This video is about why I wouldn’t get married, not the dangers of marriage, as that’s a completely different video.

Three Reasons Why My Parents’ Marriage Succeeded

So, my parents’ marriage has been an anomaly, but it still isn’t reason for me to get married or want to consider getting married. People ask me often in emails the background of my parents’ marriage, and I’ve answered this many times – if you want to hear the complete background, I recommend checking out my response on JerryLiu’s interview with me on his channel.

My parents are a power couple. My mom is a marriage counselor and has worked in therapy for 40-plus years, has a master’s degree and paid her own way all through both her undergraduate and master’s degree. She also acted as a mother before she was even married or had kids. Both of my grandparents on that side became increasingly more absent throughout her life and as the oldest of four, she began to take care of them. She held a job ever since she turned 13 and as both of my grandparents struggled with alcoholism, she had to earn more money and make the dinners. She was primed to take care of people ever since she turned into her teenage years, taking the train into Chicago every day to go to work after school.

Background on my dad, he was a simple guy. He was the guy that went to school and came home, went to practice and came back and slept. He played three sports in high school and then come time to graduate high school. He went to college, played two sports, graduated, lived at home for a year, got a job and got married within two years of graduating college. His life was simple his path was a lot more seamless than it was for my mom. He’s worked the same job for 40-plus years for the exact same organization, while my mom has worked for three different firms across her career. He’s a simpleton. He just wants to go to work, come home, eat a good meal, take care of things around the house, watch the game, pay for things, organize the families’ life and listened to his talk radio.

They have done things together. They meet together over everything. Financial decisions are deliberated over. I don’t care how small the decision is, they always confer with each other. They are people of routine and will go to church every single Sunday, they do the same things each Saturday morning for errands and they’ve coordinated their schedules perfectly considering my mother has had weird hours for her entire career as a marriage counselor.

Why has this marriage been successful?

1) They operated as a Team: Romance wasn’t required

They operate as a team. Honestly, they don’t even seem romantic to me. While that doesn’t seem appealing to many people, this is one of the reasons that their marriage has been able to be kept afloat all of this time. Marriages are about 5 percent romance and 95 percent life, stress, health issues, career successes, career failures, fatigue, children and 500 percent sacrifice.

Marriage was meant to be a building block for the success of society. It was supposed to provide a microcosmic example of how structure and organization, two things that are inherently necessary for humans and that we automatically drift to are structure and organization. Marriage and being a husband or wife was built on helping society build itself further, it was not first and foremost about what we’ve made it to be, which is our version of romantic self-actualization. That’s where it fails, because we believe it will give us some enlightened version of romance. It’s not going to, and my parents never took marriage this way.

I could probably count on one finger in which my parents actually acted romantically towards each other – at least in front of me. Would they ever go on dates? Not really.Did he ever have to buy her new things to prove that he deserved her? No. Did they sacrifice sleep and convenience to give love to their family when it was needed or to help another person in need from our schools, at work or at the church? Yes. There were never standards

2) They didn’t operate in the world’s standards

Both of my parents believed that they answer to God first and they don’t answer to one another first. Today, when we get married, we enter into a new set of rules. We believe that the rules have changed and that we must now live according to what my wife wants and likes or what my husband likes. If you think about it and you see marriage in this way, then you’re looking at marriage very narcissistically.

So, you have these rules on how to live life and you think that your spouse has to give up all of their rules and standards to live by if it conflicts with yours, just to give you the idealized marriage? No, that’s asinine. This is how marriage is structured now. We apply an “eye for an eye” philosophy for marriages these days and we think that the only reason that we can’t cheat is because I am married and must answer to my spouse. Therefore, you know, if I’m away on business and she never hears about it, then it’s okay.

But, they believe that they answered to God. They couldn’t cheat on each other, they couldn’t lie. In fact, anything immoral and that would harm the marriage on moral grounds, they didn’t participate in because it would be a mark against God, not one another. And that is a far greater motivation not to do something than it is when the only person that you’re answering to is another human being.

3) They realized that they would not change one another

Man, my dad has so many flaws. It’s quite hilarious. He’s so oblivious to so many things and there have been hundreds of times that he has “fallen short” of the expectations of my mother, I’m sure. In fact, on one of their first dates, my dad had a kid from probation that he was on 24-hour watch with, he brought him to their date without telling her – and this was not to some random low-end restaurant, this was at a fondue restaurant. My mom always says, “my goodness and I still married this man.”

Just last night I was talking to them and my mom told me that my dad couldn’t find his glasses. He didn’t know where he had lost them, and it turned out that the next morning, my mom found his glasses in the dishwasher as his glasses fell off his head and landed in the machine and got lodged there.

They took the approach to the their marriage that is especially absent in many women and their approach to marriage today. This is because women are living and getting married in the post-Disney princess age.

Following the booming age, the 90s, in which girls were infatuated by the life of Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine and so forth. The expectations are that this man won’t drop his glasses in the dishwasher. He’s instead going to chase a dragon at all times, have his armor on and have the life-saving and giving kiss that you’ve always wanted and missed.

My parents haven’t lived in that perspective and instead have recognized, and this is key, that their lives are independent of each other. They each have their own lives and their own identities and they won’t live vicariously through the others’ life, taking an immense amount of expectations away.

But, why don’t you want to get married Sunrise Hoodie?

We are not operating with the same field of women today

This is the underlying reason behind why I would answer those who pose the question, “why don’t you get married”, with the answer, “because we are not operating with the same field of women today”.

My mom was born in the early 50s and you have to realize that she got out of the game and got married before shifts in the media and she was also too busy and too engaged in her church to waste time in the free-love movement.

Now, the free-love movement of the 60s pales in comparison to the Instagram thot movement of the present day. The free-love movement occurs every single day and is ten fold and can occur from any bedroom, office space, car or restaurant in the world with the click of a few buttons and some keystrokes on the keyboard thanks to technology and social media.

The things that we have created are feminism, beauty bloggers and vloggers and subsequently, we are increasingly more disconnected, we outsource sex and men and women alike have absolutely no pair-bonding abilities anymore.

When the majority of women have at least 5-10 sexual partners by the time they are of marital age, this woman has had her pair-bonding abilities destroyed and the value of a relationship with another man has depreciated.

My dad wasn’t dealing with this same type of woman. In fact, I just got an email today from a viewer, a mother in fact, that has been married for 40 years and has three sons that are around 35. They deplore the women of today’s world and express their reasons for not getting married. She finally understands it upon watching MGTOW videos, but the thing is, you can’t explain MGTOW to a woman of that age typically, unless she sees examples of why MGTOW men are turning from relationships.

Just the fact that is is very difficult to explain MGTOW to a Baby Boomer is proof of how we are not dealing with the same women anymore.

2) We operate in the post-Disney age

Disney has tainted the world with gynocentrism, feminism and the idea and pedastalized notion of the female princess. The Disney princess mind believes that marriage is self-actualization. The 90s were the apex of the Disney movie franchise and the princess epoch as I like to call it. The damsel in distress taken to another level, and now these same Disney fans are writing for Cosmopolitan, for BuzzFeed, for different social media sites and for mainstream media outlets, creating and establishing the rules for marriage that aren’t actually rules and facts, but are idealized notions of how a marriage should be – with the glass slipper and the carriage included.

Marriage trends man. Marriage trends are what we know now, and they don’t come from reality but they come from Cosmopolitan, but even if a woman isn’t going to read these magazines, as women become more and more educated, they are exposed to more and more feminized thought, putting a man at risk and in the proverbial corner.

3) Three marriage lies that women believe


  • Marriage is a 50/50 partnership. You don’t have to put 100 percent of yourself into it. You just need to keep score


  • Women today keep score. It’s almost like you have a marital credit score that you have to keep up. You’ve got to make your payments on time, you have to do these assignments on the weekend, we have the honey-do list. If you don’t complete these things then you don’t get sex or you don’t get respect even. This is a lie that many women have accepted and that they believe they’re entitled to. Instead, enjoy the fact that you just answer to yourself and you’re your own standard of success.



  • Marriage is just a contract


    1. Emotions are fickle yet we think that they will stay the same and stay positive behind the power of a marriage? You honestly can’t even base a marriage on commitment, and if you do, it’s still better than basing it on feelings. But, how many women are actually staying consistent and committed to things in today’s world? If they can’t maintain a diet they can’t maintain a marriage.


  • Marriage is where you just sell out for the sake of the children that you have


    1. If the only difference between you before getting married and you after you’re married is if you have kids and the marriage depends not on the two people that wedded each other but rather the offspring, then what the heck are you doing? This is a lie that many women that have had really sexually promiscuous pasts experience and believe, because for the first time they are having sex with a man that they expect a kid to come out of. So, therefore, the kids are the only difference – you are not the difference, you non-so special husband.

So, men, when you ask me about marriage, expect me to say – while I think that a great marriage can still be had, and one that lasts until your deathbed, the likelihood of that happening is like winning the lottery these days with the world laying land mines beneath our feet daily, constantly blowing up chances of a successful marriage.

Not to mention that money to me isn’t money. Money is freedom. I get married and there goes about 500K at least. Is she an asset or liability? To me and for those reasons, it’s a liability I’m taking on, and the key in life is creating situations where you can take the most amount of risk with the least amount of consequence.

So, thanks parents. Thanks for showing me the way to do it, I just don’t deem it for me. If it’s not for you, then accept that. If it isn’t and you still need to get married, accept it. I can’t tell you what to do as a MGTOW, I can just shared my advisements for you men. Be careful.

But, it’s getting cold out there where I’m at. The hoodies are up, and it’s beautiful. Hoodie is out.