MGTOW – Your Good is Their Bad

MGTOW men, welcome back.

You lose that, you actually gain this. How are we to ever know that by losing something, we actually lost something. Because, that losing something might actually prevent us from losing something even greater. Always have that perspective. Gratefulness and gratitude.

One of the keys to embracing that is to remove your connection with the material. The more that you can do that, the more that you can keep yourself away from being brought down by the physical. It’s hard, but MGTOW helps you stay away from that, because when you go it alone, you don’t have to carry the weight of the expectation of the physical that people impart on to you.

I got an email the other day titled, “Twitch Thots, eSports Celebrities and Myself”.

Good Morning Hoodie

I want to know your assessment on the Twitch Thot’s like Alinity, Amouraths, and other girls who do similar things on the platform.  L of the day, and Pewdiepie talked about it but what’s your perspective on this.

In regard to Esports, have you heard about the Doug Faze Censor/Yanet Garcia aka Mexican weather girl break up to focus on his Call of Duty career. On this situation I seen many men calling him an idiot for breaking up with her.

I am no longer a full blue pill, still have a traditional mentality but that is probably because of my Catholic belief. So you Red Pill with a slight purple pill, but from watching so much MGTOW content from yourself and many others that I can catch every tactic I would have fell for back then like DDJ says Ghost in plain sight. The one thing I noticed with being more humble, positive, and happier it also gratitudes attention from women. I had one girl get pissed when I told her I am way to busy with school and work. I also have been slowly Red Pilling a few guys telling them about MGTOW is this a good thing or should I be careful. Last topic have you noticed a trend more MGTOW content is popping up like crazy, I  am guess more and more men are getting fed up. Anyways keep doing amazing work as always.

Key difference

One of the differences that a lot of MGTOW men realize to be true about their lives in relation to the lives of those that are around others is that, what you deem as being good is not necessarily going to be deemed as good by them.

One of the things that came to my mind when I was daydreaming on some things the other day is that, we don’t know the life rules that people are playing by, unless we get to know them or they tell us. Both of those things are a lot less likely to happen in today’s world. In fact, they don’t happen that often anymore.

So, with that, what other people don’t think is good might be great to you. What other people might think as bad might actually be great to you. The logic of the world is funny because the logic of the world actually produces strife and stress. Before I internalized MGTOW and realized that my thoughts were MGTOW thoughts, what I thought was me evading the cares and responsibilities of the world (aka being lazy and irresponsible) turned out to be me understanding that I don’t play by the same rules that other play by. Thus, I don’t have to acquiesce to those rules.

You don’t know the rules of the game that are being played by. Their rules are not your rules, and your rules are not their rules. You have to understand, that a lot of the stress in keeping status or attaining status, expectations that are put onto you, a lot of these things are being created by the fact that people are playing by a set of rules that is dependent on success or power. If you’re not interested in those things, you don’t have to play that game. You don’t have to be in that game.

Full circle

Bringing this full circle, now.

The world tied to the physical calls the breakup bad, because the physical associates being in that relationship as being unendingly negative. It can actually be unendingly positive. The blue pill world that lives in the physical sees a loss of sex, a loss of status, and ultimately, a loss of ego. The red pill world sees it as a positive because they now see it as a window to a new life. Red pill perspectives see physical deaths as spiritual and physical births.

So, realize, you don’t know the life rules that have been created in the mind of the people around you, telling you that your life is not this and your life is not that. Breakup with Yanet. Realize that their good is your bad, and your bad is their good. | @sunrisehoodie

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.



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