MGTOW – Blanket Apologies

MGTOW men, welcome back.

Collective apologies, c’mon. We live in a world of grey, not black and white. That’s a fact if anything is a fact. We need strength up front not false humility. Humility comes from strength, which is the other thing that has essentially been reversed.

Women aren’t looking for humility in men in these moments. They are looking for strength in them in the majority of moments, in life moments. If they don’t act out on it, what is ushered in is a need for an apology. It’s a microcosm of the Everybody Loves Raymond dynamic. A man is always teetering on a line, and either side of that line is an apology. But, why? It’s because a man’s life is a merit-based life. In a merit-based life.

The article that I alluded to last week is a Beth Moore article. Beth Moore is a well-known author, church founder and overall Christian influencer over the past couple of decades. She has a national influence, there is no doubt about that. Quick interlude, for those that don’t know, each week I take a look at either a red pill passage from the Bible or something that is being discussed right now.

I am on about edition 56 or 57 at this point, so plenty to watch if you’re looking in getting into what I have to say on this. Here’s the article:

Apologize, Now

“Beth Moore Has Man Get on His Knees, Apologize on Behalf of All Men”

Beth Moore…recently had her band’s drummer get on his knees before an audience of women and apologize to them on behalf of all men. Moore started her career as a teacher for women, but now preaches to both genders.

Kevin Jones, drummer for Moore’s worship band knelt before the crowd in a clearly choreographed moment and apologized to the crowd of women on behalf of all men. Moore tweeted the above photo earlier today. [Picture of Jones kneeling in front of the community of people that he was talking to].

Tweet: Humility can usher in tremendous healing. The more powerful moment at our event for Native American women: this is Kevin Jones on his knees, our drummer and as Christlike as a man as you’ll ever meet, asking their forgiveness for all hurts and harms they’ve ever received at the hands of men…

Tweet 2: I don’t know a man who’s more of a gentleman than Kevin Jones. But he humbly and gladly stood before those women and on behalf of all men who had hurt them, voiced words like these: “I am so sorry. Would you forgive us?” He told them of their worth and prayed on his knees for them.”

Another caveat to mention, this apology was delivered at a reparative event for Native American women specifically. So, that adds another wrinkle into this general apology.

What’s the deal?

  • Nobody can make an apology that addresses a group
  • This is what is occurring in churches in relation to masculinity. Innate masculinity is desired – the masculinity that produces, that creates order, that protects, that enforces, that accomplishes, that builds, that is motivated by the fire that is imparted in all men. Whether this is artistic ability, craftsmanship, intellect, brawn, mathematical prowess…all of these things have to do with what I said earlier: whether or not society admits it, men live in a merit-based realm. Their world and their value is based on merit. If they don’t meet that as men, then they don’t pursue it, and then they ushered to the wayside.
  • Their merit also includes character. That is expected, but it isn’t applauded when it is enacted upon — especially in today’s world, and particularly now in the age of the bad boy. These lines become even more blurred in churches like this.
  • Toxic masculinity – it’s a result of victimhood and society’s impatience. When a society becomes impatient and scrambles for solutions, what happens is that you get scapegoating. Not saying that there aren’t men that have slipped up, but the vast majority have not. And this culture breeds a victim mindset, while putting a guilt-complex in the minds of men.
  • If these men that now have a guilt complex, which is largely amplified in Christian churches, don’t know what they are walking into, they become cucked.
  • MGTOW is here to remedy this. We ain’t here to fight anything. We are here to point out what is going on, just like what is going on in this article right here.

Am I against apologizing? Being humble? Not at all. I am against not recognizing the individual for the individual. I am against convincing all men that when they are born that they have to shoulder a boulder of merit in all facets of life, and even if they do all that they need to and accomplish all that they need to through it, still have to apologize and live with a guilt complex.

This is not a Christian practice right here. When collective blame is ushered, individual paths are taken. That is the MGTOW rebound as well. Part of the reason why MGTOW is proliferating so much. | @sunrisehoodie

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


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