MGTOW – Branding? Nah.

MGTOW men, welcome back.

This is my short message to those that are new to MGTOW and aren’t sure about what they are hearing and why what they might hear on my channel doesn’t completely line up with what Sandman says, with that Stardusk says, with what huMAN says and the many other content producers say.

It’s because, it won’t. The fundamental things will. You’ll hear the same concepts and terms and ideas, but you won’t hear the same thesis all of the time. And that’s a good thing. If anything, that’s our strength, and with that we have innate branding. There isn’t forced branding, there is innate branding that is rooted in the fact that we are unique as humans and have unique personalities. If anything, I want that continually fostered.

You don’t sound like other MGTOW channels? You don’t sound like the rest of the channels that I watch. I think that you’re a little bit too soft to be considered a MGTOW channel. If you were MGTOW then you wouldn’t talk about feminism, social issues, money, relationships that you’ve been in, Christianity, religion, etc….the list goes on and on.

It’s as if it’s assumed that there is a template that you have to adhere to in order to be considered MGTOW. Or, you have to adhere to a certain set of topics in order to speak about MGTOW.

What ends up happening is that you get division in MGTOW that is not productive. There is productive division and there is dangerous division. By productive division I mean the natural dividers among people that are akin to their personality, their beliefs about the world and so forth. Those things.

Dangerous dividers are the statements that you have to do this in order to be a part of a club. Back about a year ago I was looking on to what was essentially a war of philosophy about a philosophy. Is it a lifestyle? Is it a philosophy? Are there levels? What’s going on? What do I have to follow? Well, I mean, nobody is making you do anything. I’m not making you do anything.

MGTOW is not a club. MGTOW is in your brain. MGTOW is intangible. You can’t touch it, but when you hear of it you live it because you want to live it, you just didn’t know if it was normal to live it considering that you get slandered if you do live this life out.

How I see it is not going to be how you see it though. In a trance-like period of pondering the other day, I came up with the proposition that MGTOW is the life I live to get by in a life that is becoming increasingly more difficult to just get by in. I’m not saying that I just want to get by, but like was said in a comment that I received the other day, not as many men as you’d think realize that they’re just one slip away from getting into a dangerous situation life. Whether this is becoming broke, losing a home, losing equity, a relationship, a marriage, etc.

It’s really not about relationships. And for a lot of people that view my content, they don’t think that I’m making MGTOW content if I’m not focusing on something that has to do with feminism. Because I’m not and my brand is my brand. I talk about things that make sense, and MGTOW makes sense. That’s why when some people hear what I have to say they don’t really hear what they might hear in a channel that is more visceral.


MGTOW brands

I’m not calling you out for being a father either. I’m talking to you because I’m just here to share ideas. It’s fun to share ideas, and if it lines up with my lifestyle and the way that I think one can live that enhances their life in this world, I will.

I’m not going to rebrand anything. MGTOW brings all sorts of people. I’m happy about that. Misrepresented, who cares, I’m always going to be. Let that be the case. | @sunrisehoodie


Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


3 thoughts on “MGTOW – Branding? Nah.

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  1. I love your style! You are just being rational and self-sufficient. Thats what MGTOW is at its core. It is not about anti feminism or the patriarchy. MGTOW encourages and empowers every man to actually live his ideas, his beliefs, his values, by teaching to ignore distractions and only focus energy as efficiently and effectively as possible on the things the individual values. MGTOW is the belief, the message, that every man is good at heart and is willing to work and die for his cause.

    Know your cause.
    Do not give space to temptation.

    Love your videos! Keep up the inspiration!


    1. Thank you for this comment, much appreciated.

      Yes, MGTOW is an empowering message about building control and autonomy over your life in a world that wants to take it from men today. The biggest thing with temptation…run!


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