MGTOW – Graceful Ghosting

MGTOW men, welcome back.

Humility has a bad image. Humility is snubbed because humility is associated with being a nice guy. Whether or not society communicates this, the case is that being a nice guy is considered being less than a man. Because, it is. Nice guys have emerged with the advent of greater technology and greater innovation around us. Effeminization is created, and that’s the standard for most men. They have to act in that way to balance out the things that technology has enabled us to do that were once only accomplished by innate masculine energy that helped up tame the environment around us.

It’s kind of a stretch, but work with me on this. Humility is bred into us as boys. The missing link is that we don’t understand and don’t appreciate the balance between taming our environment and taming our mind. The latter is perceived to be humility, but it isn’t necessarily that. It’s the balance of civility in the male mind against the vigor that drives men to accomplish things.

Weirdly, humility is defined as “a modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.” Humility is interesting because I read that I essentially think of a mind trick or a lie. We are lying to ourselves that we are not important. We say to ourselves that were not for the sake of understanding our limitations and for garnering the appreciation of other people, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have confidence. Actually, we lie to ourselves that we are low while we actually believe that we are on top and much higher than we actually are.

Humility and humbleness, externally, has a different application in MGTOW, because it’s essentially a form of ghosting. That’s one of the key things to understand about MGTOW. The strongest people are the strongest yet nobody knows it. If you are strong and other people know it, you’re not as strong as the person that is strong but nobody knows that you are. The sweespot of humility and internal power is what we are aiming for because the more that you are seen as strong, the more that you are seen as a resource that can always be extracted from. The more that you are seen as having a target on your back, and if people don’t have anything to do in their life, they want to aim for something, so they begin to aim for that target that is on your back.

The goal is to avoid inviting the interest of people that want to aim for something that appears to be fun to shoot at.

Stop with this humility stuff

Today’s video was brought forward by a comment that questioned MGTOW because it seemed to that person that MGTOW is inviting men to be far too “humble”. Humble to the point of being weak in their eyes.

In MGTOW, we are endorsing that you become the greatest. Humility to the world, arrogance to yourself is what we are going for. I’m not going for false confidence either. You need something to pour into. The outlet is what’s missing to push some people to that edge. When good outlets came into my life I could be internally arrogant and care less about what other people saw in me, or if they saw anything at all.

I got this email that made me think of this, think of the difference between suppression and expression.

We suppress us to keep us from being revealed

In regards to stoicism, I realized what I had been doing was “self suppression” rather than “self control”. There’s a key difference between the two that I am aware of now. I know that I’ve been living in fear of being taken advantage of and to combat it I had been expending energy to shove down the expression of anything I thought that would make me a target based on my life experiences. This leads me to feeling depressed, lethargic, hopeless, and resentful of the very things about myself that make me who I am. Standing divided. Furthermore, I had been treating ghosting as a sprint rather than a marathon.

I have to remind myself there is no rush. I’m always making progress, one step at a time. I will choose to be on my own team rather than against myself. I’ve come a long way from being the doormat, people-pleasing emotional tampon utility I used to be. There is no need to blame myself, the world, or hold any grudges for any thing and any reason. I just need daily perspective of the things that matter to me, else I lose sight and let the world pull me into its dark, short-sighted, and miserable frame.

Pragmatically, what I’m missing right now is an outlet. Instead of suppressing the expression of myself, I need to control it by channeling my feelings and passions into something productive. I know I’ve been afraid to be vulnerable with people in real life again because I never wanted to relapse as a “nice guy” with a target on my face again. Still, I’ll make mistakes and remind myself there is no rush. I do recognize the threats are very real out there as gynocentrism takes over more and more of western civilization and that the margin of error men are allowed to slipup with what they say out loud is very slim in regards to wrongthink opinions such as manosphere or redpill topics. I really get it, there are things to be afraid of. Self validation is important, and its a marathon not a sprint. But when I mess up, and I will, I will have to keep practicing forgiving myself and picking myself up. I am still more sensitive than I’d like to admit despite often times rationally telling myself to stop feeling fake guilty, shame, etc, I know it doesnt go away over night.

In short, suppression isnt the answer. Taking control and rediverting my energy to be proactive and productive is. Maximize control, minimize suppression.

I’ll be getting more involved online as my outlet. I need risk and vulnerability to feel alive and the internet is a place I can interact with other men intentionally and without the same fear of retaliation or shaming that is all around me in person. As one of my bluepill christian buddies said to me recently “You’ve got so much to give man, why are you holding back?” blahblahblah. Didnt care for his shame and there are very good reasons I wont visit his church, but on that he’s right. Only… Im doing it for me. Not validation (not that anyone can give it nor would I accept it anymore). I can still be me, but instead of expressing my light at work and in real life carelessly, I’ll be more discerning there and use the internet as an outlet while I continue my journey towards a better balance internally.

Thanks for your response and your inspiration. And no, I’m not going to truck drive. Haven’t figure it out yet but I know I will. Managing this balance of personal expression and prioritizing self actualization as a marathon rather than a sprint is what matters. I already feel more hopeful, calm, and steadfast in my purpose.

Suppress it to others, not to you

You know your identity. Be humble, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not arrogant. People suppress who they really are because who they really are might not fit in the box of what another person sees. But a productive humble soul is one of the most powerful entities in the world. Be that. MGTOW endorses that. | @sunrisehoodie

Hoodies up, hoodie is out



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