MGTOW – No Courtesy Texts, Please

MGTOW men, welcome back.

Back to you with another MGTOW testimony today. As always, your anonymity is very important here on this channel, so I will deliver this message keeping our dude anonymous.

Some gems as always, and if you want your gems read and you want a little bit of analysis, email me anytime.

Couple snippets:

  • “Broken people tend to hurt people, so forgive me for not being complete.”
  • “I was always there to try to cheer her up.”
  • “There’s really no reason for her to not trust me.”

With that last one — that’s the point. For her, there is everyone reason no to trust because there has been nobody to trust. Nothing to trust. It’s all been sand. And when all you know is sand, you wanna knock down your expectations before the sand begins to shift underneath your feet. Because, it’s better not to be surprised than to be surprised.

So, they want to not trust you. The more that you become untrustworthy, the more that you’re valued. Don’t mess with this game. Like MGTOW denotes about most, you can’t play the game by the rules that were set. There is a different set of rules, and the way to win the game is to not play the game.

Let’s read this yo.

MGTOW | Do I give up on women before ever having a really intimate?

My name is xx, I’m xx and live in xx. If you end up making a video about this please just say “Anonymous” or something similar because I feel like someone will notice me especially because I tell all my friends to watch your channel. You said I could email you my story about how I’ve come to MGTOW in a YouTube comment. I feel extremely overwhelmed as I’m trying to put my thoughts together so that I can type this out. I’ve never done this.

I guess I should start with my dating life. Growing up I was active and energetic and would always focus on things I liked instead of girls. When I got to 4th grade it was the first time I ever had a crush on a girl. I never really approached a girl, but a lot have liked me and I would just not like them back. Up until 6th grade I had that energetic and open personality, and after I repeated 6th grade I started to stick to myself and become a little “anti-social.” From this point I stuck to myself. I was blue pilled then because I always wanted my crushes to notice me as the nice guy that wouldn’t treat them bad.

Soon after that I started getting picked on so I began to workout everyday at 14. I was told I was too nice. Actually I was told that up until I found MGTOW. I think I’m under red pill rage because people are saying I’m not being myself. I haven’t told my family I’m MGTOW, but I told my brother to check out your channel.

Working out everyday, I got big and the people that bothered me just started staying away from me and not talking to me. I attracted girls, but I only cared about my own crushes and shot down any girl that wanted me. I feel like I’m going on about things that aren’t that important, so I’ll skip to high school and college. By time I got out of my shyness and anti-social self, I was in 11th grade. This was a strange time because I was confident and back to my childlike self, but it was too late. It was like too late to get close to anyone at school because they knew me as a quiet nice guy. Id often just go to school and go home. Same with college. My major didn’t have that many girls because I went for audio engineering. If I wanted to meet people I’d have to do it after class. Even in college I didn’t stick around the school after class. I’d just have class, talk with friends and acquaintances there eat and go home.

As I said above I’m xx, also a virgin, xx and I have 4 siblings. Two younger sisters 13 and 10, and two brothers 21 and 5. I still keep to myself and feel that I can call myself humble. I found MGTOW almost 2 months ago. I’ve stumbled across MGTOW videos before, but I ignored it because I was heavily blue pilled back then. I don’t think i disagreed with it about 2 years ago when I saw it, I just thought I could find the perfect girl. I was always extremely picky when it came to choosing a girlfriend because most of my family (including my parents) are single and divorced with multiple children and I didn’t want to repeat the cycle. My entire family can’t believe I’m a virgin and some girls that ask me when I get close to them think I’m lying. They even ask me if I’m gay because of this, so now I just don’t answer the question when people ask me.

I’ve gotten friend zoned about 3x for being “too nice.” I’ve even had a girl tell me if her boyfriend doesn’t workout that I should consider being with her. To this day she still says this. The most recent girl is the one that really messed with my mind and made me decide to give up on females and realtionships.When I came across your channel and other MGTOW channels like Sandman, and Happy Humble Hermit, everything started to click.

The last girl that I got really close to is 21. I haven’t talked to her in weeks now. She didn’t have a relationship with her Father and thinking back now I think was the route of all these problems. She was the oldest of her siblings and her mother always gave her a hard time. She wanted to move out, but she couldn’t. I tried to help as much as I could. I bought her a juicer about a month or two after we met and it felt like too much since it was $300. In return she bought me some larabars. I didn’t mind because I didn’t want a gift back. I got a good feeling spoiling her and seeing her happy. So right off the bat I was messing up by gifting her like this. Id buy her things because it felt like i was helping her living situation. We were both into studying the Bible and even ate the same diet. Everything was good for about 3-4 months until she found out my friends didn’t believe in the messiah. She reacted by blocking my friends and then me, and then avoiding me. She must have felt guilty because after a day or two she unblocked me, but left them blocked. I brushed it off as a nice guy would then told her no need to worry about me we can still talk and see each other. I explained to her that I still believe in the messiah and really just couldn’t understand why it was a big deal. I tried to explain to her why its not a big deal and I still don’t know if what I said made a difference because she still doesn’t talk to my friends. Its not like the influenced me in anyway. I have friends of different religions and even some atheist friends, yet she thought if I did that I was “worldly” or something. When I told my two friends (a couple that now broke up) they both said that I should stop talking to her because she’s to judgemental and they thought she was crazy.

Honestly, I’m still attracted to her and feel like I can forgive her too easily for the things emotional things she put me through. How are women able to get rid of people so easily? I feel like I’m giving her power by even thinking about forgiving her. I have to often remind myself that, as the man, I’m the prize and not her. I cook and do everything for myself and am currently thinking that a woman today won’t bring much to the relationship. Your videos have made me feel like it’s pointless to go through any serious relationship especially if the women today are like chameleons.

After the whole thing about her trying to make me choose her or my friends the relationship was weird. I never chose anyone and told her to stop worrying because she’s acting crazy. Everything was good after I told her to stop worrying. Then a couple months later she’d text me random things like “what do you want from my life?” “why should i trust you?” “why did i stop talking to Imani?” (another girl i was close to.) I forgot to mention that she brought up the past, A LOT.  She had me explain a lot of things often that really didn’t need to be brought up. I’d look and sound stupid trying to defend myself over a problem that didn’t exist. She gave me the silent treatment and complained that I didn’t call her enough. This made me feel weird so when I did call it felt like it was forced and I was verbally dry and felt like I couldn’t be myself. She had trust issues, I’m guessing because her father wasn’t in her life. She’d go days avoiding me and not replying because i wouldn’t call then text me things like “hope all is well.” Id say it back and she’d just say “thanks…” followed by another day of not texting. I felt extremely needy and not after taking the red pills I’m ashamed of how i handled this.

She was always dramatic and looked for problems that weren’t there and I still stuck around. She was emotionally distant, but would ask me questions that seemed impossible to answer like “why do you like me. be honest.” I now understand these were tests girls do, but I didn’t know back then. She was passive aggressive by blocking me then unblocking me often. I never complained and would act like I felt sorry for what she was going through. After all the time, energy and money I spent on her she was able to treat me like this. I never understood why she’d expect me to call after giving me the silent treatment. She actually thought I was trying to buy her friendship when I wasn’t. I had money and she didn’t so I spent it on her instead of saving it.

A few times she even apologized to me for the way she acted sometimes. The most recent thing she said was this “Hey I don’t want to be rude. I’ve been thinking and I feel I’ve probably been manipulative towards you. I want someone as a friend that I can call and fully express myself too and I can’t keep holding this in.

I felt like you were trying to one up me or do what others do and then sometimes you go M.I.A then I go M.I.A. I feel our conversations don’t bring value and I can’t keep acting as if everything is okay. I began to neglect you because another guy would call me often and I felt you were trying to keep me around by buying me stuff. Broken people tend to hurt people so forgive me for not being complete.” She was always this dramatic and I think she still might be like this.

Honestly I didn’t know there was another guy. If I knew I would have backed off. She’d often experience depressed moods, irritability, and anxiety lasting a few hours or days.I was always there to try to cheer her up. Still, she was able to block me or use silent treatment, if I didn’t do what she wanted. Even after all this including MGTOW knowledge I still feel slightly attached to her. We never even had sex.

Tonight she texted me after weeks of not saying anything. She said “Hey Dre, hope all is well.” Now that I’m MGTOW I’m not sure if I should just ghost her or express my feelings.

She always looked for the negative things when it came to me. Almost like it was too good to be true. I don’t party, smoke, drink, or anything. I just work, go to the gym, come home, cook, watch some YouTube or play some video games, and sleep. I still do Bible / Cepher studies and read a lot of naturalistic health, philosophy, history, and self improvement books. There’s really no reason for her to not trust me, but that’s just how it was. She’s similar to me, but to me seems dramatic and emotionally unstable.

My question to you is should I ghost her or try to revive the friendship and take the purple pill route. I’m still slightly in red pill rage and holding on to the hope that maybe if I just explain how I feel and she knows that she’ll change to a Proverbs 31 woman. Other than what I went through with her we’re like twins when it comes to personality, but the communication and her past have disrupted our friendship.

Do I reply to the “I hope all is well text,” she sent? She always makes me feel like I’m the one in the wrong. She makes me feel like I’m the one falling short by not doing what she wants.

Love your videos and content and I didn’t forget to send a donation. Just waiting for the next paycheck as my family and I are moving. I most likely left things out by mistake, but I think this is good enough for you to understand the situation.  Sorry if my grammar was poor and if the story is hard to follow. I’ve never emailed anyone something this long, or even told a story like this to anyone. I usually deal with things like this myself and keep everything inside, but after watching your videos, you are one of the only people I feel like I can ask for advice. Sandman will just tell me to drop her and to stop being a beta blue pill boy. I feel like you can actually help me learn from this.

Even if you don’t reply to this, it feels nice actually telling this to someone. Still going to watch your videos because I know the answer I need can be found in one of your videos if you don’t reply. No need to make a video I really, I just wanted help finding an answer. I feel like I know you’d say just ghost her and let her go, but I would love to know your reasoning on why. I already know your hoodie is up, cap is backwards, and you’re MGTOW, but there will definitely be value in your response.

Thank You and God/Yah bless you.

This is the recipe for the migraines post-break up type of girl that I’ve talked about. You end up being Mr. Fix It. You love it, but you end up despising it because you are getting used. Drop it man. And while you may expect a more elaborate response from me regarding this, there really isn’t much to elaborate on with this.

A past of trauma is poured into the life of a stable man.

If I had a nickel for every narrative that comes out like this…


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