MGTOW – Marrying Bed Bath & Beyond

MGTOW men, welcome back. Do you want to marry the Bed Bath & Beyond Industrial Complex? Think about it, think about it, ruminate on it, deliberate on it, haha! That’s the thing, you’re not just marrying Jennifer or Tracy, you’re marrying Bed Bath & Beyond bruh. I don’t want that, simple! If you’re a telemarketer,... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – You’re Either a Loser…Or, Dangerous

MGTOW men, welcome back - what’s good? Thanks for listening in today. I got a few good comments that I want to touch on from my video “Any Day” or “It Isn’t Just for Honeymoons”. It relates to my MGTOW Shaming Lines series as well, and it probably resonates with many of you out there... Continue Reading →

Do I Sound “MGTOW” To You?

MGTOW men, what’s good! Here we are. Before I get going, I just want to preface the video by noting that during my livestream the other day, for whatever reason my condenser microphone that I use for these videos was for some reason not being recognized cleanly by Audacity or any other audio software or... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – It Isn’t Just for Honeymoons

MGTOW men, welcome back. I always like using the Googleator to assess the barometer of a certain topic out there in the world. So, I typed in, “what percentage of people don’t want to dine alone”, or you could probably just type in “dining alone” and do just as well with whatever the search results... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Is There a Remedy to My Rage?

MGTOW men, welcome back. Introduction The man that society praises the most is the man that appears the most useful. The most useful isn’t the best, and often it isn’t even the most necessary. It sounds weird, but it is true. Men are realizing this, obviously in MGTOW, but I just think overall and especially... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Toe the Line of Failure

MGTOW men, welcome back. Let’s think about the greatest performers that we know in this world. Let’s think about figure skaters, about BMX riders, about the Travis Pastrana's of the world, amazing gymnasts. The reason that these people are recognized for what they do is that they are toeing the line of destruction, something that... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Am I Right? Does it Matter?

“If I end up hurting a good girl (unicorn) so be it…” LOL Haha, wait, what. What is this line? What is this comment? Oh, wait it was from Reddit. I see now. MGTOW men, welcome back. So I received an email recently, and to keep all identities secure, personal, email, Reddit identities, I’m not... Continue Reading →

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