MGTOW – The Willfulness Behind Chaotic Endings

MGTOW men, welcome back.

The willfulness behind chaotic endings. I honestly have no idea where these titles are going sometimes, I guess I just like the platform to be able to name things every day. That’s pretty fun. I like being able to be creative in that sense.

I said that with some jest, but I say that with some seriousness and I say this title in all sincerity. There is chaos that happens because…well, we have no idea why this chaos happened. And then we have chaos because of decisions that we continually chose to make.

We make them over and over and over again because we are probably addicted to something that we are trying to keep by continuing to make the decision and perpetuating that decision making.

It’s a pretty cursory assessment, but I would say that chaos is largely centered around these two types of paths. The one that is out of control and the one that is in our control and that we perpetuate by small decisions over and over again, often over many years, decades. Also, this can connect to one’s diet. Let’s face it, for many people that end up having heart attacks, it’s a willful entrance into the heart attack because the taste of the food is so good or that you have to have the food around to keep a wound away and to help anesthetize it.

Many people treat relationships the same way. They keep a relationship going not because they want to build but because they want to mask. The interesting thing here is that, this often creates the most opportunity for red pill wisdom to be accrued, because some of the greatest insight from men regarding MGTOW and the red pill is wisdom that has been accrued during these periods of willful blindness in relationships, and honestly, in life in general – in health, in habits, in patterns, in ways of living, in practices.

Jordan Peterson in a talk that I listened to back in January made the comment that eventually spurred this video, stating that if “you are willfully blind, you’re going to store up chaos.” Isn’t that what the blue pill is? The blue pill is choosing to be blind, willfulness, and while the wilfulness that you have may taste good, may temporarily satisfy like fast food, it eventually leads to a massive heart attack, a calamity that cannot be tamed and cannot be overcome.

The dichotomy at play here is that, this assumes that, even when you go MGTOW, you’re going to have to put out small fires along the way. When you are in a relationship that you shouldn’t be in and you are willfully blind, what is happening is that you are letting the fires just continue to burn. The house that you have built, this false facade of a relationship, is going to stand for a few years, a decade, maybe longer, but in your heart of hearts, you know that this house is going to burn down eventually. There is no way that it is going to be able to endure the raging flames that are coming its way.

This is a relationship that is built on willfulness of heart that is not clairvoyant, but rather, is blind. This goes for the bad diet that you have built into your daily routine in order to help you get through the stressful life that you’ve created for yourself. This goes for the smoke breaks that you are trying to drop but you rely on to get you through the doldrums of your work day, each and everyday. You don’t ever quit it or take care of the small fires along the way because you are afraid and you don’t want to rock the boat and ultimately, just get a little bit of sweat going to help put out the mini fires that are cropping up.

When we extend this metaphor to your life or to a marriage or another relationship, when you let the fire rage even longer, it goes from just taking out the front patio or the kitchen to instead ravaging the living room, the den, the dining room, the bedrooms and in the end, everything that you have of value. If you’re lucky, you will be able to survive, but anything that you could have salvaged has been completely destroyed, just because you didn’t want to get up, take care of the small fires, understand that they’ll happen, and then move on, preserving yourself and far more of what would otherwise be taken in the fires that you’ve let rage on in complete and utter destruction.

The scary element of this is, some men would still rather sit there and let the fires continue to rage and let chaos ensue and build up to a destructive level where everything is decked and destroyed as you see in the thumbnail. You will pay for this, even though you either think you’ll never see the day of destruction or because that which will bring you calamity is something that you can’t let go of and actually see as an addiction. That is very bad, that is very, very bad, and I say this because I’ve been there.

I’m thinking of two different relationships in my past and the biggest difference between one and the other was this willful blindness. I chose to ignore the impending doom of the relationship that I was in, a relationship in which I was building nothing but pouring into my fleshing and pouring out of my resources, my money, my time and my soul to help heal a wound a fill a void that I didn’t know that was there. The next relationship that I was in I was more aware and I understood the impending doom, and because I knew that the impending doom was going to come, and I didn’t just back up and ignore it, I was able to evade ultimate destruction. I was able to exit early enough so I didn’t have to burn so much water on putting out what would eventually be an untamable fire in the end.

Men that come to MGTOW, you know what I’m talking about. I speak with some of you guys, I email some of you guys and I receive emails back from you, and what I hear is that, even at the beginning of some of these marriages that lasted five, ten fifteen years, you kept going with this relationship even though you knew entropy was looming on the other side. That’s very bad because it means you are going to have to deal with absolute rubble, rubble that you can’t even see through. It’s going to be so thick, so tangled at the bottom of the floor that you’re just going to want to delete everything that you have and move on.

Many men that come to MGTOW are coming to MGTOW because they’ve created this past life of complete and utter bliss and ignorance and willful blindness that in the end turned into this massive entity of fire and gas that slowly got too big and eventually burst like a supernova, completely obliterating everything in the near area, including completely burning you.

So, what do we do about this? Well, we think about why we are being blind and letting chaos reign. For some men, it’s because they feel insecure about their own value and they need to find something to either give them false value or to distract them. For other men it’s straight up lust, and for some men it’s fear of what would happen if they said to the fires that were building that they had to leave and that they had to be doused.

I heard this one crazy YouTuber, absolutely bonkers, not a MGTOW guy just in case you were wondering, just a random video that I was watching, and he made up this word called reality confusion debt. What’s going on here according to this made up term, and I can’t get too critical here as I make ‘em up all the time, he basically says, that you can’t ignore things that don’t seem to be reality but continue to come up and present themselves in some pattern. It’s like, “what the heck just happened?” You get in this trance of confusion and you don’t heed anything that you’ve seen or witnessed, and all of a sudden you get this chaotic ending because you’ve built up this unpayable debt of failed opportunities to correct a problem that has been presenting itself clearly in a pattern.

Put yourself in the position of dealing with an ex-wiffe or a girlfriend here. How many times did you say, wow, that’s a bad sign, or wow, I have to cut this out, but you don’t. Before you know it you’re thousands of dollars in debt, you’ve got a kid that you can’t support and is going to be hers and you are now at the courthouse getting a divorce. When you are at the bar, and the first time you see this person that ends up being the person on the other side at the courthouse ten years down the road, don’t brush aside the glimpse of chaos. Glimpses of chaos are very, very bright and they make themselves known. Do not ignore them, or else you will have to ignore everything else and focus on repairing the damage done in the end.

Go MGTOW, walk away

If you’ve got something to add to my ramblings about these made up theories and words that I like to discuss, feel free to email me at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


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