MGTOW – Freedom’s Problems are Small in Comparison

MGTOW men, welcome back.

I made a video the other day titled, “Traversing Freedom’s Chasm”. If you think about freedom and a life after MGTOW, that can potentially be a staggering amount of time in front of the MGTOW man. More and more men are coming to MGTOW realizations and red pill awareness earlier in their lives. As a result, what does the rest of the life that they live look like?

This can cause anxiety. Anxiety because of space and anxiety because of a paradox of choice. Many men thare coming to MGTOW may not have a career path that they are passionate about, it’s not as if they’re all small business owners and have work days that are consuming all hours of the day, every day of the week. Some men don’t really have any passion yet that will sustain them for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70 years, who knows how long. Because of this, some men are simply, lost. Some men simply have no idea where to turn and what to do.

So, they turn away from MGTOW as I said because they can’t wrap their brains around freedom. What I would say is that every man is going to deal with this question, “what now”, when he comes to MGTOW to some extent. It’s a path, like many paths, like many philosophies and religions, that removes 98 percent of options in life and gives you two percent to use. The interesting thing is, that two percent is actually like 1,000 percent, as the world opens up from your subdivision that you would have lived in during your whole life as a man raising a family behind corporate America’s dollar, and now you can live in Guam, you can live in Iceland, you can live in anytown America, you can live in almost any continent in the world – at least for a while. The world absolutely opens up and it tells you, okay, make a decision and stick to the decision, even though you could have a million other decisions to choose from along the way.

MGTOW will bring men to this crossroads in life, which fork do I take, as there are not just two or three options in the fork, there are hundreds of options in this fork. This is one of the reasons why when we look at happiness scales of residents in developed countries and compare it to what we see in developing countries, there isn’t a big difference. More options doesn’t always mean more happiness, but usually, more options means less problems, and that at the very least is the case for MGTOW.

MGTOW means more options for men in life, but it certainly, always, means less problems in life, and for that, regardless of the price of freedom, there is a justification in going MGTOW based on that factor.

While this is a similar topic to what I discussed a few days ago, I received a comment on the video that prompted me to continue and elaborate on this idea as best as possible.

He talks about having a thirst for knowledge, a thirst for doing, for designing, engineering, creating furniture, playing the guitar – basically anything that I’m not good at, haha. He mentions how there is always something to do, but he doesn’t have to do it when he’s not tired. There is always something to do, but there is nobody behind him, cracking the whip, telling him to go faster when he is tired and when is immobile and unable to go further.

That is the MGTOW difference. When you go your own way, everything that you do you get to do when you have the energy for it. You don’t have to still, labor through it despite being absolutely worn out and tired. You can operate accordingly, you can get the rest that you need and then go forward.

Your failures don’t have the same repercussions. When you have the energy, you can do it. When you don’t have the energy, you can rest. And, the best thing about it, is that there is no penalty either way.


The way I see it, MGTOW is like waking up at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., sleeping in, everyday, looking like you’re not working hard and not taking advantage of your time, but all the while, you are getting more done than anyone else around you, you are saving more up, you are benefiting yourself and the lives of others around you, all the while everyone is scratching their head, wondering, how?

It makes me think of the testimony that I shared recently about the guy that lost his job shortly after getting his girlfriend pregnant. He lost his job, but because of the skills that he had acquired elsewhere in previous positions, he was able to earn a decent amount through Ebay and Amazon to support himself and support them. That would have been good enough on his own, but the hypergamy vampires make you run that much faster, even when you have no Nos in the tank at all. Then, you suffer, you get picked apart and you don’t get to determine the speed limits on the roads that you are driving on.

People will shame that and have an issue with that, saying that your potential is only actualized when it is actualized out of running against time, evading the enemy. The problems of freedom are ultimately, far, far, smaller than the problems of the world, the problems of modern marriage, dating, being tied to the mortgage, the car payment.

Despite the fact that the strains of freedom may be rough, they are far more manageable. There was another good comment that was made on that video as well which said, “I don’t fear HER. I fear the chasm that you speak of. Another major and much needed revelation.”

Like I said in that video, you might need to be thinking of facing that chasm. You may need to think about that chasm for a while, ponder it, see what method that you would use to get past it before you actually venture out and try and traverse it. Maybe you’re not quite there yet and are trying to get out of a relationship with something or someone, and you’re not able to quite live out the MGTOW life that you want, you’re just on the outside looking in, think about the problems of freedom, address them, and it’ll help you never look back.

One last example to help nail down this video today is the example of money. For many people that don’t have money, they only see money as a utility to get them past the bills that hold them down. This may bring stress and this may keep them up at night, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t be happy at all and it doesn’t mean automatically that they won’t be happier than the person that has their bills paid. The issue here is that they have far more problems. For the blue pill man, he may have some happiness, but he has far more problems, and thus his peace of mind suffers.

For the person that has money, bills are not an issue, but they may still be sparring with the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. Problems of the physical matter, bills and finances are largely gone. That is where the MGTOW man is in many senses. That is where we are, and while it may still be a process in finding that which it is that you want to do in order to find actualization, at least the problems are removed. The same problems that would be faced in the modern world of chaos are removed.

The problems of freedom of smaller than the problems of chains.

So, if you have another video idea or topic that you’d like me touch on, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.



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