MGTOW – Ghosting is Not Paranoia

MGTOW men, welcome back.

If you can’t tell, lately I’ve been getting more to what I really have an interest for within MGTOW, which is “Freedom To” and the philosophy as it relates to my own path, which is largely a path that is centered around the three personal pillars that I relate MGTOW to:

  • Spiritual path
  • Minimalism
  • Self-actualization (conquering fear, reaching my goals)

I think I’m going to stick here, and probably for quite some time. That’s where my interest is in, and also — I got your comment in the last video, haha. Good call, you caught me. Hoodie got a little lazy. Combined the laziness with the fact that my scratch disks were full, needed a hard drive, stopped doing it. But you know, I think that was a nice touch, and while a lot of people comment on my videos, which amazes me, haha, I think that it might encourage some more comments, so I’ll probably start doing that again when I get back from my travels in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, today is going to continue along this discussion of how I get to these three pillars. I think that there are a number of ways for the MGTOW man to get to whatever their MGTOW pillars are — as this is the thing, the number of men going their own way is increasing, but in that the reasons for men to go their own way are changing all of the time, and the pillars that men are trying to reach by going their own way are largely different.

How we get there is also different, but ghosting is a pillar in making that route easier. The purpose of ghosting for a MGTOW man is to augment the chances that a man will reach the pillars of purpose that he has set out in front of himself. Ghosting is protection for the purpose of reaching the goals that you’ve set out, the pillars.

So, let’s talk about ghosting today — one of the many times that I will be talking about ghosting. Ghosting is often viewed as the following:

  • Socially deviant
  • Threatening
  • An indication that you’re either inept, trying to hide something dangerous or that you have very little confidence in yourself
  • Paranoia
  • Strangeness and even mental illness
  • Downright fear

You’re probably thinking to yourself, wow, that sounds like MGTOW shaming lines right there! You’re right. This is because ghosting and MGTOW are brothers. Almost one in the same.

I got an email loosely regarding ghosting the other day following my, “Deleting My Old Ego” video that I made, and while it touches on a lot of things, what it says about ghosting and social media is particularly pertinent and useful. Let’s give it a read:

It seems that when you’re on the right path…

Hey Man,

I seems when on the right path, you’ll find small intricacies in life that resonate, reflect and give you the “Ah, hah!” moment. A micro version of a deja vu. Well, tonight I found the video all too familiar to not send an email.


I recently deleted my online social media websites. 1,500+ Facebook and 570+ Instagram.

I’m currently reading the book “Privacy in the Age of Big Data”, which I encourage you to read. After the last ex was ousted for cheating via her social media, I wanted to up my security – because with the Zuckerberg talk-backs to Congress, I realized I wasn’t me and the person I send to weren’t the only ones who could read my personal messages.

So, with that being said – I’ve refrained from social media and the first initial weeks were interesting. People considered me paranoid, strange or an outsider. A few respected and I found others going through the same situation. I kept my Instagram set heavily to private mode and left the last photo with an “Intermission picture” and a message saying I’m taking a hiatus. The only reason I hold onto it, is when looking for roommates in X city or X city they ask for social media to get a quick idea of who you are and what you’re into.

Plato’s allegory of the cave is a good analogy to this dynamic in our society. In a nutshell, if you haven’t read it, the cave = comfort, addiction and no growth, outside the cave = risk, freedom and growth. People in the comfort-bubble cave are afraid to leave and cast out outsiders. Eventually the outsider has to compromise to survive within society.

Currently, I’m accessible by text or phone (mainly due to work related notices) – secret Facebook checked once a day for 5 minutes (30 family and close friends) and Instagram once a month (450 followers/250 following).

This change has greatly affected my removal of “Ego.” What a stupid world I was trapped in – the need to impress people I have no current connection with. It perpetuated mindless self indulgence – fulfilling a false sense of pride, and showed me people were putting merit, honor and status into things that didn’t exist or have any close contact to their reality. It robbed others of potential opportunity. Pure disillusion.

Being in the entertainment business, I’m sort of at a crossroads. They say when you care the least about this industry, or don’t want to be a part of it anymore, there’s this weird energy that leads to a “big break.” I think one of the keys to unlocking potential is realizing your farts probably stink. As Lao Tzu said, “To hold, one must let go.” Or Bruce Lee, “Be Water, my friend.”

I’ve found peace and comfort in the reduction of ego. I’m just a normal dude trying his best to pay bills and make ends meet. All that extra fluff is a passing phase. King for a day, peasant for a lifetime. A gracious provider grounded in reality is where I’d like to live.

Side note, makes me incredibly sad seeing, I call them “The Drones,” but people on the Subway everyday glued to their dopamine boxes, trapped in The Matrix. I can tell INSTANTLY which simps/girls are trying to play their web of guys via text or dating apps when sitting on the train commuting to or from work.


Anyways. MGTOW, just as any movement [movement to some, philosophy to me] has it’s people with altruistic intuitions that make it difficult for the people trying to make legitimate progress and development within. I’ve found it touches topics other men’s topics and discussions don’t. While I’m not going monk, and would like to one day have a family – the right man builds his house upon the rock. I’ll take the year or two commitment towards building a safety net and leverage so I won’t be stepped all over or left between a rock in a tight place.

Lastly, I also might note, removing social media encourages one to read and write. There’s a certain quota in the human psyche that requires this fulfillment. You’ll end up reading more books and taking more creative avenues.

Just like not having mp3’s and music all the time. You’ll want to sing, whistle and express oneself. I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this media bombardment is a form of creative and intellectual control – a creative vacuum.

Thank you again for the email. Good content, a lot here, I can go many ways but I want to mainly focus on the removal of the outside and the focus on what’s needed, which ghosting allows. Ghosting allows for the creation of the world that you need to have the most life leverage, all the while people don’t have any idea of that which you’re building. It’s like keeping that ace in the hole.

There are a lot of desperate people out there today. A lot of people that don’t want success and stability for themselves, but they want to cling to other people that have success. Don’t let them see it. Ghost, and that mentality will be usurped as you lose satisfaction in what you do and you want validation. But, remember, flattery lingers bout as long as beauty.

Part of this is social media. You have to realize that I’m speaking to such a wide range of men in these videos, and men that come and go, one day have an interest in the content and the next day doesn’t — from that, they may return. That’s how it goes. And that’s fine. But, also realize that there are men that are living off the grid and have no need of even a phone most days, while some of us work in industries in which social media is actually part of the job.

For me, I’ve never had a Facebook, never had an Instagram, but the social media accounts that I’ve had, Twitter and YouTube exist for the sake of information that will allow me to leverage myself in my career. Beyond that, deleting your account, I advise it. That’s obvious information.

But, the biggest reason isn’t even necessarily related to ghosting, which it can be, but I find that it’s related to the fact that you are able to delete one more thing. As I’ve said in MGTOW, mental minimalism is agility. Minimalism doesn’t end after looking at the physical contents of the world around you — that’s just often a reflection of what is going on in your mind. If you can remove greater distractions and vain thought that is paraded on social media.

People that don’t have social media today are often viewed as people that are rude, shut-ins and those that don’t have any drive. That shows you where we have come, how far we have stooped in some senses. Whistling and creating, even if a soul doesn’t see it, is not valued, because the social media world is where it’s supposedly validated.

If a MGTOW man whistles in a forest, does it make a sound? It doesn’t matter. For this man, being able to whistle whenever, wherever and for as long as he wants is the goal, so, you ghost.

Ghosting can require some tact, and some men ghost at a different level, literally not appearing before others, while some ghost in plain sight. I think for you, you have to assess how much tact that you’re willing to apply and how well you handle attention and distractions.

Lastly, as I’ve talked about, removing yourself from these platforms in many senses follows the thought of not voicing your goals. I like to keep them close to my chest, not expressing them or speaking about them, lowering the external circumstances and expectations, while aggregating the time that you can spend on the goals that nobody has expectations for.

Thanks again for the email. I’ve got 103 in my inbox right now, I’ll get to them asap, but keep sending ‘em my way!

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


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