MGTOW – The Inertia of indifference

The Inertia of indifference

Like those cartoon representations of the snowball gaining speed, gaining traction, taking flight down the side of a mountain, gathering more and more snow, more rubble, more dirt, more ice until it becomes strong enough to demolish anything that stands in its way. Anything.

With each day it’s not only getting faster but it’s getting heavier, and with that combination, changing course is less and less likely to be an option. Inertia. A tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged.

I changed by not changing a thing. People change for the wrong reasons, and they want to go back to the original state, being like the MGTOW man that never changed. Like fine wine and cheese, wait MGTOW men, the unraveling power of the inertia of indifference is like that snowball racing down the mountain, taking out all that’s in its way.

But, along the nature of indifference, the snowball doesn’t care what happens as a result of the increasing indifference. It doesn’t care, doesn’t mind if it takes out the trees alongside the mountain. It doesn’t care where it ends up. It’s just going to go, and it’s going to get stronger, faster and bigger.

Indifference is arguably a MGTOW man’s greatest asset. It’s his greatest weapon because it warns him, keeps him from unnecessary scuffles, diffuses an interest in situations and ventures that are not worth his time and it keeps his sanity. Indifference is the pinnacle, arguably.

I tweeted this the other day:

“MGTOW…the inertia of indifference. It’s powerful.” replied mentioning a meme that he was going to post on “perfect indifference”.

Indifference is the word that describes a motivation for many MGTOW men, and I don’t think that it can be mentioned enough within MGTOW content. When you go your own way, you have to have an element of indifference carrying you forward. It’s essential. Because, you’re leaving all or most of the things that the world is telling you that you need to care about. If you don’t care about these things, we can’t care about you!

That’s what will be uttered in your face, screamed in your face, bullhorned in your face. But, if you don’t care, you’ve just deleted millions of enemies. Your enemy is a simple enemy, it’s contained, it’s understandable — or at least it’s consistent, it’s yourself.

If you can reach this point of indifference, you can win. Because now, you’re only competing against yourself, the only person that is worth competing against.


Using this as a historical reference, there was a line of warrior in the Ottoman Empire — the Janissary. The Janissary is so unique, and for those of you that are aware of the Janissary, I’m not here to liken MGTOW to service to the “sultan” as being a Janissary was. I’m not likening MGTOW to being enslaved to an entity of the world. No, I’m using the Janissary as an example for this video because the Janissary lived a life of indifference. Albeit, the Janissary’s indifference was indifference created by life circumstances, external factors, a decision made outside of the Janissary itself, the Janissary still was able to wield unbelievable power, hinging on the indifference created by their status in life.

This indifference was primarily fueled by the fact that they had nothing to lose. A person in a place of freedom is a person that is free of fear. Freedom is rooted in a release from the strain of fear. This is the case because a life in fear always has fear somewhere in the heart, it’s always knocking at the door, at least a little bit. It’s not always a, “here’s Johnny!” knocking, but sometimes just a tap.

The Janissary had literally nowhere to roam and no fear to have, because anything of value that it could have was taken away by the Ottoman Empire. Janissaries were largely young-Christian boys that members of the Ottoman Empire, officials, scouted out and took from their homes and essentially treated as paid slaves. Janissaries were taken care of financially, clothed and fed well, but they had nothing else. Many of them were orphans as well, never having any parents.

Many Janissaries didn’t know their parents, didn’t have any family and they were monitored by eunuchs 24 hours a day during their early training and they were banned from marrying. This was an element of their life of discipline. Their life consisted of training for war, and as a result, this singularly of purpose fueled them forth to being one of the most powerful forces in the Ottoman Empire. They lasted for over six centuries I believe.

I was always fascinated by this after hearing about the Janissary for the first time since about age 10. I thought at that age upon hearing them, these men are fighting without fear. They are the most threatening force on the battlefield. They are the most dangerous because they are fighting in indifference. They are indifferent about anything they can gain as they have had the opportunity for artificial gain taken away. Conversely, they likely don’t even care about the result of the Ottoman Empire and the success of the Empire in battle. The only thing that they care about is mastery, the only job that they can have and earning respect within battle. If you still value your life at this point, you as a man will pursue mastery in some element of your work. May have this been the case for all Janissaries, I don’t know, but I imagine that many of them felt as such.

A life in the military, as I’m sure that many of you listeners can corroborate on, is a life that doesn’t tailor itself towards having a family and building up physical treasures and a comfy, domestic life. This is obvious the case with Janissaries, but, I’d imagine that in many military pursuits throughout history, in tribal warring, in many armies of Europe (not so much the Mongols, Huns, other nomadic armies and the Roman Empire) had families to provide for and ultimately – a society or culture that they were fighting for. They hold an advantage on their enemies because they are fighting for mastery, not to even stay alive or for the state. They can only gain from what they are doing, and they can never lose. This duality is an indifferent duality, and it’s a freeing duality that allows you to work, to operate, to succeed, to be creative and to take massive amount of risk while deleting the amount of consequence, because consequences only exist when you have something to lose. A consequence can’t exist when there is no loss attached to it.

Fascinated with the Janissary, I looked up what made the Janissary so powerful, so unique. On the web, an individual asked, “But what the heck gave them so much power? And what on earth  made them stand out so much on the battlefield? On all pictures that I’ve ever see on Janissaries they look like any European grenadier to me.

One of the fitting responses was:

“They had nothing to lose, no family to leave behind if they died in combat. All of this made them a formidable force.”

I’d rather be a force that is free than to be flesh that can always lose, that lives in fear of that losing. I’d rather be that, more so than the other, and the ticket to that is indifference. So, sorry love, sorry romance, sorry. You can’t be involved. That’s MGTOW. MGTOW is walking away from all the things that can leave, be taken away and that you have no control over within this world. Within that are romantic relationships, and that’s why we talk about them, but once again, it’s far more than that. It transcends that, and I’m willing to stand by that.

How do you get to indifference? Isn’t that too much to give up?

Maybe you were never taught to not value. Maybe you were never taught to destroy, to delete.

Maybe the ego hasn’t been shed enough. Maybe you think you’re too permanent, I don’t know. If you think that you’re impermanent, you can give up all the things that are permanent. If you think you’re permanent you end up buying things that look like you, which is permanence, but in actuality, you’ve just added more impermanence to your permanence.

Chuck it, I don’t care. The principle of least interest. Maybe I’ll elaborate on this in the future, in the next video, in another video.

Anyway — indifference, its inertia, is powerful. Grasp on to that. Wow, that’s interesting. Grabbing on to indifference, clinging to nothing, throwing away everything.

You got another thing to add to this, another MGTOW testimony to share about how you came to MGTOW or your thoughts on MGTOW philosophy, hit me up at or on Twitter @sunrisehoodie.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


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