MGTOW – Deleting My Old Ego

MGTOW men, welcome back.

To complete the MGTOW journey…

What is the ultimate MGTOW journey, what does it mean to complete that journey as well? Both are good questions. Both have a million answers I feel as well. I think that each person might have a million different answers as well, for each person that is.

For me, I would say that applies.

I needed to kill a lot of things. Surprisingly, the hope in this idyllic life was never actually one of them. I never hoped in that. I never hoped in perfection, soccer practices, a huge 401K and life insurance for my two kids and my trophy wife. I never really cared about that, and my family never really cared that I pursued it either, something that I’m really grateful for. They never pressured anyone in the family to pursue that either, which is another great thing. I maybe snook by a little bit being the youngest of all the kids born in my immediate family, so at that point it didn’t matter.

So, in these ways, I wasn’t really killing a dream. I think that upon coming to the red pill, ditching some of the blue pill perspectives that I had – mainly about relationships – I was shedding the creation of the false ego about myself. Bar Bar has his website and blog appropriately titled, For me, that is a very MGTOW thing. We are shedding of a fake ego, replacing the fake ego for actual substance.

One of the thing that the blue pill paradigm generates is a belief in self that is not matched with the amount of belief that you “should” have according to certain things, namely reality. That’s one of the biggest differences that I’ve noticed.

The blue pill world lives in falsehood. If you live in falsehood, you create a world that is built poorly. The foundation isn’t finely made, there are liabilities in the home, the structure that you’ve built. Basically, you built the world with cheap materials, and materials that are easily tattered by termites, by the conditions and climate around you. They destroy. They make your structure fade eventually, and then, you’re scurrying back to find the contractor that made your house, and you’re critical of the contractor. We have to get past being critical of the contractor that made our house. Basically, we needed to ask more questions and be more involved in the construction of our own home, our own life, which we weren’t. Rather, we were having our hands led towards a flashy but very fragile edifice, that looked the part of every six-bedroom million dollar home in suburban America, fit for the blue pill dream, but actually built for a massive amount of destruction.

A fragile home is usually egotistical, and that’s something that I really tried to teach myself growing up. From the example of my parents predominately, I learned, if you want something, you put your head down and you don’t tell anyone. You do it. And don’t brag unless asked about it. As a result, I almost had a negative humility at some points in my life, and my ego stemmed from humility. It’s a very weird duality, but I’m sure that some of you guys can relate. Sometimes, humility becomes arrogance. But this was something that I also had to shake upon learning of red pill thinking and then MGTOW philosophy.

Vote me off the island

Why did this happen? This is because, I think that you learn that those that beat their chest the loudest have the most to prove. The more that you feel that you have to prove, the more that indicates that you’re not secure in whatever role it is that you currently possess in society. That puts you in danger in the grand scheme of things and can threaten your position. Thus, you act out and you beat your chest and you carry a greater ego to account for the fact that you think that you’re going to get voted off the island. So, that means that you wanted to be on the island in the first place.

The joy of MGTOW is that, we didn’t want to be on the island at all in the first place. We didn’t care about that. Vote us off the island, that’s fine with me! The ego has already died, and if the ego has died, so has a place on the island that many people think is life, but it’s actually destruction and uncertainty.

Completing the journey

All of this, in my view of MGTOW, is created by the destruction of care for the unsteady but flashy foundation, and I think that a viewer summarizes this a bit and I want to touch on it. This is screenshotted from a video that came out about nine days ago, so I’m not quite sure which video it is, but it’s a good comment.

Reflecting on this, one of the misnomers about men that go their own way is that all men are men that wanted these things that I mentioned earlier. They wanted the dream, but actually, a lot of them didn’t want the dream at all, they just thought that they needed to pursue the dream to survive. Because, there is a difference. The thought is that the dream and survival are one in the same. In some sense, this is “selling out” and it does protect you on this planet. Selling out always protects the human on this planet because it is the act of purchasing worldly credit. Worldly credit is egotistical as well, and the non-MGTOW path requires some element of selling out.

Along this thought process, I guess that I’m deathly afraid of selling out. I’m both hate selling out and fear selling out. It’s not a love-hate, it’s a fear-hate. Why do I fear it, I don’t know. I think it’s not actually fear that I will sell out, it’s fear that I’m not going to be aware of when I’m selling out. Nothing frightens me more than not being aware that I’m selling out.

in a way, because of this, I run in the complete opposite direction. I don’t even expose myself to that which I could choose to sell out for. Men will sell out for all sorts of things, not just things that are physical. Things beyond money, women, cars, clothes, diamonds, property. Many men will also sell out for respect and security. I’d say for myself, that’s what I’m in the most vulnerable place. Selling out for respect, especially at 24. Everyday, everyday as a man going my own way I’m trying to put the molten hot fire on the chains of acquiring respect, because respect is often not even respect, it’s respect acquired for the sole purpose of attaining leverage in the way of assets – people and money.

And all along this path, I’m destroying my ego, replacing it with a real ego. MGTOW. MGTOW is a real ego because it’s the production of a man that is capable to do everything and to see everything that is needed from a man, despite the fact that he’s not flaunting it or just dishing it out for recognition or security. In many senses, it’s him just keeping it. Keeping his sword completely sheathed. For himself, only using it when needed. Meekness I guess it is. Not the old ego, the old ego that solely existed to pick up the girl after throwing the winning touchdown at the Friday night football game in any town U.S.A.

Men, let me know your thoughts on this topic and if this is the thought that comes to mind when you think of MGTOW, as I know that it is integral for me. or @sunrisehoodie on Twitter is where I’m at.

Hoodies up, hoodie is out.


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