MGTOW – The Gain From a Breakup | Let Life’s Forest Fires Burn

Life agility Losing is winning. It’s unfortunate we don’t notice that enough. Don’t embrace it, just discard it and try to find the nearest bottle of Advil or Tylenol to fix something. Lose. Be okay with losing. To those that have suffered through a forest fire, lost a home, lost a property of some sort,... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – “His Girlfriend is Pregnant…Can I Still Save Him?”

Welcome back MGTOW men. Today we have an email titled, “Blue Pill Friends”. An email that is somewhat of a call for help in reaching a friend that has slipped into a toxic relationship that he is not able to will himself out of. Especially, and here’s the kicker, now that he got his girlfriend... Continue Reading →

MGTOW is Not a Fad

Saturday was my 200th video on this channel, and I wanted to make this video in honor of that. Awesome, for me, that’s the accomplishment. It’s my diary. It’s evidence to me, enough evidence to me, that I am doing what I want to as I go my own way. Today is going to be... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – The Meek Man

Introduction - the big misunderstanding This video today is particularly pertinent to my life and to my own failings and to my own misunderstanding about how to go about being a man in today’s world, how to look out for myself and especially in regards to relationships that I’ve been in. Because I didn’t grasp... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Willingly Marring Her Canvas

Welcome back MGTOW men. Today’s video is inspired by a talk that I was listening to the other day by M Krafts titled, “Minimalism vs. Patriarchal Ownership.” The basic premise of this video that he put forth isn’t directly related to what I’m talking about today, but he brought up an important point about women... Continue Reading →

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