MGTOW – “I Cannot Fight in Another Man’s Armor” | David and Saul

Introduction Welcome back MGTOW men. First off, before I get going, I want to thank all of you guys for the support, for commenting, for emailing me, for subscribing and sharing your ideas and insights with me. It’s humbling and I get joy out of hearing from each and everyone of you. But in regards... Continue Reading →


MGTOW Shaming Lines Vol. 3 – “You’d Better Be Married Before It’s Too Late!”

MGTOW men, it’s Freedom Friday. Throw the hoodies up and embrace the fact that once again, when you check out of work on Friday, that you don’t have to go home and complete your second full-time job, which is having a relationship. Maybe you do and hopefully you’re managing yourself well, your time and your... Continue Reading →

Hunny, can we please get these cookies? Hunny, is it alright if we eat ice cream for dinner tonight? Oh wait, only until we get sushi first for dinner. Hunny, let’s start to eat a vegan diet! You don’t need all of that meat and protein! You don’t need that protein powder that you are... Continue Reading →

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