MGTOW – You’ll Find a Girlfriend One Day :) | MGTOW Shaming Lines

Welcome back MGTOW men. How the heck is it freedom Friday already. I really have no concept of time right now, and I hope that my reasoning is staying on track despite all of the distractions  and energy diversions in my days lately. That’s a blessing, and it’s a blessing that tonight when I’m done... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – She’s Hard to Live With

Welcome back MGTOW men. I’m honestly pretty worn out today. So, just bear with me as I aim to keep this message simple for you guys. It’s a Monday and we just need to ease into the week and get our red pills slowly pumping through our bloodstream. When I think of taking the red... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Lot’s Wife

Pop up those hoodies, and don’t look back men. Nobody is turning to salt today. Pop up those hoodies and go, let her turn to salt if she wants to. Welcome back MGTOW men. It’s a Sunday, and you know what that means. Whether or not you have read the Bible or whether or not... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – David and Bathsheba

Welcome back MGTOW men. This is a really late MGTOW sermon Sunday I realize, but I had some other stuff to do today including having a great conversation with one of my favorite YouTube content creators, please check him out, JerryLiu. I’ll link the video in the description for your guys to check out, and... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Why My Mom Hates MGTOW

Welcome back MGTOW men. Another freedom Friday brothers. Soak it in. Before I delve into the article today, I just want to plug that I will be doing an interview with JerryLiu on his YouTube channel this Sunday. I believe that we will be doing a pre-recorded interview instead of a live chat, but that... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – Teens are Turning to MGTOW

YouTube: Sunrise Hoodie Twitter: @sunrisehoodie Welcome back MGTOW men. Another day of freedom about to be in the books. You realize that those two hours collectively that you would have wasted texting your girlfriend, calling your girlfriend or tidying up your living room before she got home was two extra hours that allowed you to... Continue Reading →

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