What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

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What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

What’s up MGTOW men. The next couple of days are looking good. We hit the weekend and barring anything not on the radar, I’ll be able to make a few more videos than normal and hopefully will have one up each day this weekend. So, pop this video through your headphones as you’re getting a lift in, going on a walk, grilling up some food, gaming or just relaxing after whatever this work has thrown at you.

Today I’m going to rant a little bit. I’ve written out a lot of what I’m going to say going forward, just because it’s a very tangential topic and video today with a lot of content and I want to make sure I get it in coherently. I hope that works with you guys and you get something out of it that you can take with you ahead.

Today I’m going to talk about MGTOW’s greatest purpose and what this purpose does for us as men and MGTOW men.  

I would say that I have been MGTOW for a little over a year now, having came across it on YouTube in July of 2016 after watching some Sandman videos, this guy named MKrafts (who I wish made more videos). He had a really interesting experience that was fundamental in creating my belief in MGTOW. He is from the United States and his dating experiences in the western world had failed. After serving in the U.S. Military he decided to date overseas and shortly after ended up getting married to a girl in Russia or Eastern Europe.

I’ll be the first to say that some of those girls are very attractive and I think that there is a culture of respect that is still underlying in that area of the world that makes them come across as more submissive than American women and more in line with natural female nature. Long story short he got married to her, brought her over the U.S. and after a relationship of parasitism in which she lazily hung around and milked off of his money, they ended up getting divorced.

Now, this dude is only in his late 20s, 31 or 32 at the oldest and he has some great insights and opinions about women and MGTOW. He doesn’t make any videos anymore, which you often see with some MGTOW channels – this idea of MGTOW burnout. I hope that he hasn’t fallen back to his old ways and ended up being blue pilled by western culture. But, I tell this little anecdote because this particular anecdote of his stuck with me. Why it stuck with me so much was because of the pain that was in his voice and the experience that his ex-wife put him through. It tore him apart, caused him shame and led to his own pain – all the while showing me through this example that eastern women aren’t the cure all for feminazism that has engulfed the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Without MGTOW, without the philosophy of accepting culture for the way that it is and for the way that women are within the culture I live in the United States, we have knowledge. We have the knowledge that we can harness to avoid the pain that unfortunately came to MKrafts, who was a chill, reasonable, hard working and simple guy – not someone that you would wish a divorce upon or any other strife that you could wish upon a person.

I got a couple of comments in my last video, “Women Made MGTOW”, from two guys MGTOW values and mustno3. By boiling down their comments and my thoughts on them, basically I came to the conclusion that MGTOW at it’s highest form exists to maximize the enjoyment, productivity and purpose of a man’s life in a gynocentric world. At it’s most enlightened level, MGTOW gives you time, it gives you money but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. It’s a red pill of liberation that frees you from standards you cannot satisfy, maintain, reach or sustain. Standards that a work driven, female-centered, money centric world has created. A world that is lacking in identity that is gained from within.

If there is anything that you get from my video today, I want it to be those very facts. That MGTOW maximizes one’s life and protects that life from strife, pain and suffering that many decisions can cause and all the things that the deceitfulness of the world and our own brokenness can cause.

MGTOW is liberation, and that’s part of why you see so much overlap in MGTOW with libertarianism and entrepreneurship in particular. MGTOW puts you in a place where you begin to work to be satisfied in yourself and to build yourself up. At the end of the day, you own nothing other than your thoughts. Everything you do comes from your thoughts in your mind, all of your actions and thus where you go in life. You own nothing in life other than that, permanently that is. You did not create this world, you’re not in command of other people’s actions and most important to know – you will never be able to tame the thoughts of a woman. Thus, don’t try to. Just aim to control your own thoughts and create the best you that you can, because that’s what you owe to yourself and to God.

I think of one of my favorite MGTOW media makers on YouTube, ImmortalMindz when I think about the simplification and liberation process that goes on when you accept MGTOW. He talks about how he has lost any interest in television, owning a television, mainstream entertainment and even watching sports to some extent – all of these outlets were once elemental in his happiness and daily life before his MGTOW realization. When you go MGTOW you don’t care about the thoughts around you, other than to be aware of them so that you can vet what’s bad and speak to other people with educated thought. You don’t want that television anymore, you don’t want to be passive in anything you do. You may play video games, listen to music, read, lift – all of these things stimulate the brain and improve you – even video games. Consumption of mindless messaging is destroyed, because it doesn’t relate to you and it doesn’t improve you. We are all entrusted with the minas and the talents. How you use it is our challenge, and MGTOW ensures that you use it effectively and efficiently.

I was never up to date in my television watching, haven’t consistently watched a show (other than sports, which is related to a lot of the work and jobs that I’ve had in the past) since Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Shows that don’t appear in the mainstream media and aren’t apart of the mainstream lexicon. I have no television that I use, I have no video game system other than an old N64, Game Boy Advance and Color and the occasional indie games and RTS games that I will pop in from time to time for mental hygiene and mind sharpening. I have no Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go or anything streaming subscription of any kind. I believe that Sandman has commented on this many times, discussing the erosion of the interest in these things when you go MGTOW. This is because MGTOW centers you on spending your time rightly and in focusing on making yourself the best man you can be in the world today.

I think I’ve clearly established what MGTOW’s purpose is and why its there. The main reasons that is. I don’t want to gloss over the fact that MGTOW is an emotion and energy saver. I’ve noticed a stark difference in the amount of emotional and physical energy that I’ve had since becoming MGTOW. I am able to sleep more, I have more time in the day, I’m able to take better care of myself, my diet improves, and most importantly my view of myself changes and improves because I’m not basing my self worth on the daily evaluations of this other person. Often times people might say that it is your fault for being in a relationship that would cause you to self evaluate like that, but let’s face it – relationships naturally do that and because of social media, women are going to constantly be building that standard for you that they base you on.

Dovetailing off of an article that mentions Ayn Rand and her idea that she coins as her “sense of life”, a philosophy or own our beliefs and views are necessary because “each of us needs to understand his own convictions consciously, to be able to put his sense of life into words. Otherwise we don’t really have a clear idea of what we believe or what is motivating us to make our biggest decisions – or whether it is true. We need to know what we think on philosophical questions, because our answers can affect the course of our lives. And the sense of life that dominates nations or cultures can determine their fates.”

Wow. That is weighty. The fate of cultures and nations depends on the philosophical convictions that you possess, and people without those convictions end up going down personal paths that are completely devoid of conviction and direction. I would compare that to a man that is currently trapped in the blue pill paradox of life, believing that he has to attract a woman, date a woman, marry a woman, impregnate a woman and work for a women. He doesn’t have a philosophy and he doesn’t know why he wants these things. Not knowing why you want something, such as a mate and kids leads to unwanted children, unhappy marriages and the general erosion of the family, all of which lead to the erosion of society – which is what we see today.

MGTOW provides this philosophical conviction in regards to women, and in some ways as it relates to finance, careers, politics and religion. It saves you many things and allows many more things into your life, which I will address tomorrow in my MGTOW saves and MGTOW allows diatribe.

Thanks for watching and or listening today, guys. I hope you have a stellar weekend of freedom and relaxation. Sunrisehoodie, done.


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