Women Made MGTOW

YouTube Video: “Women Made MGTOW”

The first rule of MGTOW is, don’t talk about MGTOW. The second rule is, DO NOT TALK ABOUT MGTOW.

Before I begin, if you don’t know the reference that I am making here, I am really sad and surprised for you. I’ve found that a lot of Fight Club fans are also MGTOW devotees. There is a lot to be extrapolated from both, and I think that Chuck Palahniuk and Tyler Durden’s character in particular are closet MGTOWs, but that is for another day and another video.

If you haven’t read the book or seen the movie, I’ll personally send you my copy of the book and offer you one day of access to my iTunes account so that you can watch the movie. It’s the only movie that I have on iTunes, only one that I own digitally. Just kidding, I’m not going to do that. Just go watch it, now.

But, this brings up a serious question about MGTOW and spreading the message of MGTOW. How do you share the news that we know, where is it appropriate and is it even a functional part of MGTOW.

While the MGTOW community is growing and has been increasing at a rapid pace over the last year that I have been exposed to its philosophies, it’s nowhere near the Anna Sarkesian, Oprah-esque levels that feminism has garnered.

Frankly, it’s never going to be like that. MGTOW will never reach the levels of notoriety and popularity that feminism has. For one thing, society wouldn’t accept it. And number two, because of the male default to side with women and protect them, men will continually lobby on behalf of feminists and make room for them. Women will never support a MGTOW philosophy because it doesn’t advance their agenda. Male support of feminism creates social acceptance for females and males and advances the biological leaning for men to gain the graces of females in order to procreate. Biologically, men think it is to their advantage to jon feminism.

Secondly, women have the in-group mentality programmed in them. I haven’t looked at any statistical data or studies to support this, but based on communities like MGTOW, my gut tells me that men are more likely to go “rogue”, not ask for help and not team up under ideas prompted by a group when given the choice.

I think that this is why MGTOW is so popular, libertarianism is growing and subsequently more men are opting out of both college and the work world and are trying their hand at being an entrepreneur.

And if you look at things, there is no one single MGTOW voice that stands above all others. The majority of social movements have one or two icons that you can point to as the leaders, although MGTOW isn’t at that size yet. It won’t be for a while either, and because of the individualistic and secretive nature of MGTOW, I don’t think that it will ever be. I believe that most MGTOW will be okay with that as well, because the majority of men that go into MGTOW don’t have an interest in creating their MGTOW kingdom and are generally men who don’t want attention drawn to them.

This brings me to the point of this video and the point that I think should be applied to how you approach MGTOW and think about spreading it.

MGTOW is a product of women, not a product of men, and thus men don’t need to be evangelists on behalf of MGTOW. In fact, being a MGTOW evangelist will almost never convert a blue pill man to red pill. Red pills have to be something that blue pill men take when they realize that there is a need, when reality is realized for themselves.

There is a video on YouTube from the “Groundwork for the Metaphysics of MGTOW” titled, “Women Created MGTOW”. He leads off the description of his video stating that There is a mistaken assumption that MGTOW is some organized core of vocal men evangelizing other men to abandon marriage and relationships. This is not true. MGTOW is little but a rally flag; it is a group in the same way that those who hold a driver’s license are a group. MGTOW is a product of women.

I absolutely agree with this statement. When I go about my day I don’t think of proselytizing on behalf of MGTOW, I just enjoy the moments in which I can exhibit the amount of freedom that I have, particularly in regards to time, because I do not have a girlfriend. There is little that can be accomplished by approaching a man that has never been jaded by a financially deplorable and emotionally parasitic relationship with MGTOW teachings and philosophy. It means nothing. I never knew of MGTOW before dating for the first time at the age of 21, and I would have never thought to join MGTOW, seeing it as an extremist way of living that is followed by a group of bitter men.

Things have changed after my two experiences dating, and those experiences alone are what give me the daily fuel for being and staying a MGTOW. My motivation to pursue a MGTOW lifestyle comes from a combination of my personal experiences and my intrinsic motivation and direction that I want to take with my life.

I think that it’s important for us as men to realize that we are not here to replace the experiences that we have had with women and feminists, causing us to become MGTOW. Rather, we are here to serve as reminders, as forums, as ideators and as friends to stoke that fire that is burning.

I remember stumbling upon my first MGTOW videos ever in the summer of 2016. I was enthralled by the content and the analysis, but the biggest remembrance from this encounter was that another man had the exact same emotions and reaction from being exposed to female nature, despite dating different women. We have all been exposed to different women, but the result has been the same for us as MGTOW men.

So the next time that you are hanging with blue pill men, and the thing to advise is, don’t cut yourself off from hanging out with these guys. By doing this you can make them curious, but more importantly it freshens up by contrast the life that you could tangibly be living in spending frivolously the time that you have on women. Bring up your opinions on women, give them your hot takes, and I would bet you that they have similar opinions, but the biological lure created by the physical attraction is clouding their vision.

As with everything, give it time and continue to cultivate the life that you want, not the life that society wants for you. Because, at the end of the day, that’s the point of MGTOW.


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