MGTOW – She’s Not Worth It | Amar’e Stoudemire’s Baby Momma

First off, I want to apologize for any echo that is going on in this video. I just headed out to graduate school and I’m not in a room that is conducive to recording audio. Maybe I’ll aim to get some egg carton shells going to help insulate this room, although I’m obviously not bringing in any money from this YouTube channel or a related Patreon account to make professional audio adjustments. So I’ll just make do with what I can right now.

I speak her not to condemn, that’s not my job to do. I speak as a reminder of the strength we have as men and how to avoid relinquishing it.

In today’s video I want to look at this question raised by Amar’e Stoudemire, six-time NBA all-star and 14-year veteran in the NBA. Is having sex really worth $4,333 a month in child support? Is it ever? Because this is a question that not just Amar’e but countless athletes and entertainers are just blowing right past every single day.

I just found out through a random string of tweets that Amar’e is now being sued by a 36-year old woman, Quynn Lovett, who according to, contends that “he fathered a little girl last year when playing for the Heat”.

Apparently Lovett tried to sue him in Massachusetts courts, where she was previously a resident, and now she is taking it to the Florida courts, where she got Stoudemire to fess up that he could be the father of Zoe Renee. Based on what I see, I’m 99 percent sure that he is the father as he is paying $4,333 per month in child support and has coughed up over $22,000 to handle her legal fees already.

This is not enough for Lovett as she wants permanent child support and complete custody of the child. Stoudemire will likely give her complete custody, and the Floridian courts will most likely grant her the permanent child support she desires.

Let me do some quick math $4,333×12 for lets say 46 years = $2.3 million dollars. For a man that has made over $160, that’s small potatoes. But that’s not what we are getting at here.

Stoudemire is currently the father of four children with the woman he has been dating since 2002 and has been married to since 2012. He is at risk of not just losing $2.3 million dollars from this but his marriage and his children.

Life is as much about the decisions that you don’t make as the ones that you do. No sexual encounter with a woman is worth that money, that amount of time that you lose and most importantly, the reputation that you lose.

This brings up the first of the points that I’m making from this:

1) Women have the potential to lead you to terrible decisions

Like Odysseus telling his men to tie him to the mast to avoid the sirens, a man’s urge for women is one of the strongest urges he can experience, cutting deep into the strands of his DNA to spread his seed. If you don’t understand that this is simply a biological urge, you could end up caught up with a mid-30s chick who has no job and has children, and eventually a lawsuit and child support payments.

A woman will consider a man’s prospects and status, even if they plan to have a one-night stand together. It is apart of her DNA and her urge to be with a man that will provide for her and the child that she bears, even if that’s not her intention at all. A man won’t. Amar’e won’t consider Lovett’s lack of a job, direction and current single-mother status. He just wants to make sure that she is healthy, which is evident through his attraction for her.

This makes the woman even more dangerous to you as men. Be aware of this, as cravings come on even more expediently for men than women.

Lovett’s mom said, “all you need to know about my daughter is that she’s smart as a whip”. She was drawn to Amar’e from his 6-10 stature, but rooted in this comment was her plan to get pregnant to draw income from him to support herself and her kid. This is a personified example of the praying mantis devouring her prey. It could be any of us.

2) A man will always bear the shame, the blame and she will get the fame

Obviously the article is going to be centered around Amar’e as that’s who the public knows. He will bear the shame, much like Bill Clinton bore the shame, not Monica Lewinsky, who was equally as culpable. In the Bible you look at David and his shame, not Bathsheba. We don’t consider the temptress, just the temptee. Men have a far greater public image, regardless of their status in life. They are the target and will be targeted in their shame.

As men you have far more to lose amongst society. Women risk losing respect amongst their social groups, which is based in how tribes and villages were designed at the beginning of civilization, where women spent the majority of their time conversing with the other women in their largely domesticated life.

In this situation the female is framed as being smart. Not exploitative or conniving, but smart and resourceful rather. Men, we have a target on our backs.

3) We are weak when it comes to women

If you know your weaknesses, suddenly your weaknesses lose half of the power that they once possessed on you. Being aware is half the battle in overcoming something. Thinking in my life for example, the more time that I spend away from family and alone, the more susceptible I become to falling for a women or looking for their attention. I’m hungry for some affirmation and value. In these moments I need to call a friend, talk to a family member, or doing something social that doesn’t put you in peril for the throngs of a women.

The risk vs. reward in this situation is almost comical to look at. Amar’e had almost nothing to gain other than an orgasm, which is a pitiful reason to put your family, career and reputation at risk. But in the moment sex seems far more important and great than those things which you already possess. It’s scary, but it’s our biology as men.

I think that there is a lot of egoism in the MGTOW community, claiming that women are undeniably weaker than men. I think that in many areas, and definitely physically, this is true. But when it comes to our biology and the urge to procreate, we become weak kneed. Don’t put yourself in these situations. We need community beyond the screen and in the flesh as well with other MGTOW men.

I hope you enjoyed this red pill dosage today. If you have any comments, topic requests or suggestions, please leave a message below or email me at Also, don’t forget to subscribe, as the more support I receive, the more the red pill prescription will be filled.

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