MGTOW – My Best Friend Got Dumped at His Lowest

“I think the whole thing God not giving you anything you can’t handle is BS man…my ex-girlfriend now called to break up with me as my Dad is laying in the hospital as I was going to go see him.”

Today’s message is going to be about another real-life experience, a MGTOW message and lesson for us all that I actually had enter into my life today. It’s fresh off the chew-em-up spit-em-out conveyor belt that we call dating.

Welcome back MGTOW men, thanks for joining me today as we begin another red pill popping session. I hope you guys are hanging in there this Wednesday evening – and I hope this article finds you well as you’re winding down from work, gaming on Steam or as you try and drown out the sound of your nagging but soon to be ex girlfriend, as that’s what happened to one of my best friends today, who’s girlfriend of nearly four years dumped him over the phone as he was driving to go see his dad who is in the hospital with a broken hip, a UTI and has dropped what seems to be about 70 to 80 pounds.

My friend is relatively secretive and I think there is some shame regarding his family situation, so I don’t know all the details, but based on the UTI and the fact that he has lost so much weight, isn’t eating and has been on the colon cleansing solution that’s given to people as prep for colonoscopies, it’s believed that he may have some alcohol abuse problems going on right now.

His parents are divorced and have been divorced long before I met him in 2012. I never once met either of his parents, siblings or any other family members. This dude has been through it, having to pay his way through school and keep food on the table by going to donate plasma each week, joining focus groups each week for market research – all the while strategizing all the ways to save money, from finessing his way into gyms, using public wifi and never his own data or personal wifi at home and eating a dumpy diet that no way sustains this dude who is like 6-3 225.

If there is a loyal friend, this guy is it. After going college with him for one year he transferred from my school. We’ve seen each other for five days over the past five years but have kept in touch, texting everyday since then. I say some wacky ish to him and call him out all the time, but he’s never backed down or expected anything from me. He’s loyal.

But, his loyalty and sacrifice for his girlfriend – simply wasn’t enough. She couldn’t even stick it out long enough for his dad to get out of the hospital where he has been laid up for over a week with no other support than his own son, my friend. My friend’s’ dad’s ex-wife lives over five hours away and they never have contact with one another. The burden is on my friend to be there with his dad each day in addition to working a full-time job, as his siblings are nowhere to be found and actually didn’t even act when they found out that their dad broke his hip and needed to be rushed to the emergency room.

I could go into more family specifics, but I don’t need to divulge that information. The point of the matter is, as much as women are spoken of and regarded throughout society as being the empathetic gender, the coldness, vileness and heartless nature of many women today is rampant and outweighs that which I’ve seen from men.

My friend transferred from the school I was at with him in order to be back at college with his now ex-girlfriend. Taking out loans to pay for school, he has been paying $1,000 dollars per month in order to pay off his loans this year, working a job that he can’t stand in order to have enough money for them to move to a new part of the country after she graduates from grad school this spring.

Not only would he not have the loans if she wasn’t in the picture, he wouldn’t have gone to the dumpy school in BFE that he chose to go to and he wouldn’t have driven four hours each weekend in order to see her at grad school. And now, she dumps him – not when things are going well for him, but when things have hit their absolute worst.

He’s straddled with school debt, he’s in a dead end job that isn’t related to what he wants to do, he doesn’t want to live in the city he is currently at because of the lack of opportunity and the stress from his divided family and he even texted me two days ago asking for my opinion on what type of Cricket phone plan he should get. I don’t want to knock on those with Cricket or Boost Mobile out there, but this dude has to pinch every penny as she has had the opposite experience in life.

I’m not going to knock her style of life and the fact that she has had everything provided for her. I believe that if you work hard enough as parents and can afford that for your kids, then so be it. Let that happen and let that type of life exist. But the defining thing about this is that she never empathized with him. He never had the leg up in life and was always running, but he was still expected to spend the money and to provide for her, not the other way around.

Lessons learned my friends, what are they. Well, I think they’re pretty obvious. Don’t put yourself out there and don’t change your plans in life that sacrifice convenience and put you at risk of financial walls. The words directly from his mouth today were, “I know, right. I took this job because of her and I’m in this situation because of her.” Honestly, lucky this happened to him now as a 24-year old instead of ending up just like his parents, divorced and ailing because of the fallout.

This text later this afternoon said, “yeah, she never really understood the struggle I have had. It’s not her fault, we just come from different lifestyles. She’s had everything paid for and everything I’ve done is two steps forward and five steps backwards.”

The steps backwards have largely been caused by her, and based on my assumptions, his dad is in the same situation because of the divorce that he went through. Totally estranged from all of his kids, not able to support anyone despite being a lawyer – all of this likely due to the wife, my friend’s mom, who he calls crazy and never spends time with.

The risk is too high men. It’s just too high. My bro told me he planned on marrying this girl. I warned him and discussed MGTOW and the dangers of selling out. I’ll ease him into it more now, I’ll just let the scar heal.

2) Do not re-date the your ex

This is what happened, he rebounded with this chick during a time of loneliness and misdirection during the middle of his college years in BFE middle of the United States. During this time, I actually envied him and wished to have his liberty and freedom as I was totally wrapped around the finger of my first girlfriend.

But, like I said about the acronym HALT, if you’re hungry, angry, lonely or tired – suffering from anyone of those four for a prolonged period of time can put you in these dangerous situations. The success rate of dating an ex after breaking up has to be exceedingly low. If you had to cut ties from this person after a short period of time, even when the relationship wasn’t bound by law and could theoretically be broken at anytime, it’s clear that the relationship won’t last to the stages of what we would consider a long, successful marriage.

These decisions are often fueled by our natural attraction to nostalgia and proving ourselves to ourselves almost and trying to reconcile something – even if we are not conscious of these things.

3) Her hand is always on eject

Girlfriends essentially play the role of God, or try to in a relationship. I equate dating to being on the other end of a nuclear missile or lethal injection strike. At any moment she can press eject, inject or launch and obliterate you from her life and leave you behind. A man will naturally become more invested into a girl and feel an emotional connection and satisfaction that a women will not. Statistics show that women move on from relationships far more quickly than men, and thus if you slip up or don’t give enough time to them, they can press the launch nuke button and blow you back to the stone age.

You have to realize that if you date, you are always in this peril. Her finger is always hovering over the eject or launch button, and it won’t take much to trigger the strike – and NORAD won’t be there to let you know that it is coming either. To give you further proof of this I will have to tell you how my first girlfriend broke the news of her cheating on me in a later video.

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MGTOW – The Chameleon: She Will Change Colors

Remember, she is only going to wear that Brett Favre jersey for three weeks, maybe a whole month. Then you’ll never see it again. She doesn’t have to sport the camouflage anymore, her camo is now embedded in her and you’re blind to it.

Women are naturally good at being chameleons because they are innately more of a social being than men are. By being a chameleon she can acquire more mates, gain more power and cover up her insecurities. It can also ensure her survival and advancement amongst men and women.

The MGTOW movement is a perfect example of how men are the opposite. WGTOW is not a thing, because the hive mind and natural group-think amongst women – who like to talk, socialize and convene at the well during mid day to discuss matters in the village, is their natural way of life. Thus, they learn to socialize to preserve themselves and to make their interactions more pleasant.

Men aren’t rewarded for this. The men that are rewarded in life are the individuals, the free-thinkers, the risk-takers, the ones that stand out and innovate. Michael Jordon, Einstein, Edison, Alexander the Great, Copernicus, freaking rogue, “I’m doing it myself guys” like Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry or as the Outlaw Josey Wales. Us guys are attracted to this because it’s who we want to be. We want to be known for what makes us unique. Women want to be known for what makes them better at doing what every other woman is doing…makeup, cosmetics, hair, getting the right wardrobe and constructing that perfect family. Men are individuals first, and this is this way biologically because the pressure is on us as a gender to create and be innovators. Women merely want to be liked and accepted and acknowledged, but they definitely want power as well. They can get all three things by being a chameleon.

Both of my girlfriends spoke of their exes as if they were renaissance men. All of their interests, even the bad ones, became their own. All of their exes favorite restaurants turned out to be the ones that we went together and that she suggested. All of her favorite songs, actually came from them. Even one verbally expressed their interest for hockey after dating her ex, a hockey player, even though every other characteristic about her would point the other way as she slandered sports and the purpose of playing them. This is what it means for a woman to be a chameleon. They will not only select what they like from you and move on, they will adapt, shift and appear as if they’re the leaf in the tree, but instead they’re there waiting for you and observing you and testing you.

If you take two anecdotes from my life, my first girlfriend professed how my perceived “innocence” was what made me attractive to her. She knew that I valued virtue and being a good guy. Once she had me, all she wanted me to be was the bad boy that didn’t care, worked less in school and at work, drank more, got in a bit of trouble and overall abandoned the direction that my life and my faith led me to have.

Example number two, my most recent ex-girlfriend. She advertised her interest and attraction to me off the bat as being intellect based. We shared three courses together in our master’s program and my level of attraction in accordance to what she said, rose the more I spoke in class, the better grades I got, how I edited a group paper and the overall presence I had in the classroom. But once I fell for her, she too wanted me to abandon that desire and that side of me that wanted to achieve academic excellence. The more I spoke in class the more she rolled her eyes. The more hours I spent on an essay, the less she thought I would value her and value her image of what I should be now that she possessed control.

Western women today understand this strategy and their recognize their power. It’s up to you as a man as you go MGTOW to remind yourself what you value each day and what you want to achieve. A woman will want you to alter these goals for her if she wants to date you and you agree to dating her. She knows that you will only come with your interests and values as a man, but once you have came, pun intended, the tides will change and what you thought she valued was merely an ambush waiting behind the camouflage that she had prepared. Thing of it as a prostitution sting operation. She will lure you in as a prostitute would, then once she realizes that you have given yourself over to her and trust her that she is being genuine, she will then test the waters and see how much further she can take you and lure you – beyond just duping you into believing she likes your hobby.

My advice to you as MGTOW men this evening. I’ll be amazed if you made it this far to the end of my video. If you did, in order to let me know how far along you were so I know how short or long to make these videos, please type in “hoodies up”. Thanks for all the support, commenting, interest, discussion and encouragement over the past few months. Like, comment, subscribe and please leave a suggestion for future videos below as I will consider them, read them and craft a response in due time.

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MGTOW – The Bad Boy Will Win | The Jeremy Meeks Divorce

Don’t even try it. Do not even lift a finger and try to compete with it. There are things in life that you cannot compete with. Behind death and taxes, trying to compete for a woman’s fidelity when a bad boy, #thughottie, is looming in the near distance.

Look no further than Jeremy Meeks. Jeremey Meeks ain’t meek, or mild but wild. Hot sauce, habanero. Thug material. That type that the early 20s woman will fawn over. And apparently the type that mid-30s women with children from a previous relationship, I think marriage, will fawn over.

Let me give you the leek on Meeks. Meeks got a longer rap sheet that Kanye, Kudi or Travis to name my favorites. Somebody drop Astroworld please. As a member of the Notorious Northside Ganger Crips in Northern California, I think in Stockton, Calif. (which is the scene for the popular TV series a couple of years ago – “Sons of Anarchy”.), he strung together a series of offenses, with one of them landing him in jail for two years, revealing this most popular mugshot that you have probably seen in Dailymail articles, accidentally or with intention, since 2014.

The bad boy will win. I’m telling you right now. He will win. Resistance is futile. But, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a good thing. A liberating thing if you realize it and embrace it. And if she has let the bad boy lose and is coming for you, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Because it’s usually not for the reasons you think that she’s coming for you.

Today’s video was inspired by a headline that came up in July and I am now just getting to it. Jeremy Meeks, who if you don’t know by name you certainly know by mugshot, how flattering, has just filed for divorce from his wife Melissa Meeks of eight years. Funny how this is the second Melissa that I’ve referenced in my videos and has been on the other end of a divorce. Melissa’s, you better learn.

The world renowned #thughottie mr. #milliondollarmugshot was caught making out with Chloe Green during one of his photoshoot trips overseas recently for his modeling career and word got back to Melissa, thus ending their relationship. Jeremy sites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup. When you look at something like this, you never know if that’s the case or not. You will never know the whole story. You just can’t. But you know what you need to know. And this is what we need to know.

You’re gunna pick a fight. And you’re gunna lose. Tyler Durden uttered those words about fighting a total stranger. But even if you’re a 10/10 quarterback dude with the James Dean look as Taylor Swift says, you will lose.

You think you got the resume to get the girl? You went to college, got your bachelor’s degree, was a first-team all-american football player, did a few internships, graduated with your M.D. Your resume is spotless, just like consumer economics said, your high school counselor and your mother said. But when it comes to attaining a women against the resume of Jeremy Meeks, you have no shot.

Conversely, Let’s take a look at this guy’s resume:

  • 2002: Grand theft auto
  • 2005: Identity theft
  • 2005-2007: Detained on five occasions
  • And in 2014 he rose to prominence when he was arrested during an operation ran by the Stockton, Calif. police called “Operation Ceasefire”.

What can we take away from this situation. There are five things that I’ve pinpointed from both a male and female perspective, that we can look at.

Number 1: This is freedom

There will always be a bad boy in the picture. I don’t care if you live in a very gentrified part of town or in an area where the quintessential bad boy doesn’t exist. There are enough of us throughout each area of culture, that they will lurk around. Give 95/100 girls the option to be with a bad boy, regardless of their morals and background in dating, they will go with him. That will taint them. The difference between what we see between the bad girls and the girls that may not have had a partner such as a Meeks, is that these girls often haven’t been given the prospect of dating a dude like this.

And like I said in my video regarding social media addicts, you’re not just competing against the tribe anymore. You’re competing against billions of people thanks to social media. For every attractive thing you do there are 100,000 more bad boys that she can fantasize over on Instagram when you’re gone at work.

Number 2: Women want the thing or (guy) that other women want

Women are not inherently competitive. At least not to the level that men are. But, if you’ve ever noticed a girl fight over another guy or a girl fight over mere superiority over another girl – bring in mean girls right now – you can see that the competition amongst girls in their search to be the one to bear the child of the guy that appears to be the alpha, is insane. Their most primal instincts to give birth and to attain status in society based on that birth pushes them to this level.

Melissa didn’t have to compete with the 100,000 likes, 12,000 shares and 26,000 comments, some of which included marriage proposals and love emoticons, when they got married in 2008 – unlike the time that he got his mugshot taken in 2014 for the umpteenth time. You think that would have been a red flag in 2014 for her to dump him and take her one biological kid from him and the two from her previous marriage. No, it was actually fuel for her to stay with him. Seeing all those women fawn over him at that time would be the largest aphrodisiac that she could take. She saw she was at the top of the female totem pole. It didn’t hurt either that he signed two modeling contracts, while he was in jail.

Number 3: The Halo Effect in Relationships and Dating

Let’s look at Meeks’ picture. His facial resume, because that’s the only resume that he needed. The dude dropped out of high school at age 15, likely never held a career-oriented job, likely did a huge amount of drugs and alcohol and probably has killed a guy based on that tear-drop tattoo below his eye. But all he had to do to get the dream job was get arrested and be in somewhat good physical shape, which looks to be 99 percent genetic based on what I saw after scrolling through the Internet.

But, just like the DUI chick that got out on bail thanks to crowdfunding and later received a modeling contract because of her good looks, Meeks got a new lease on life that you, me and anyone else we meet on the street, wouldn’t. He was known as the #HotFelon, and this brings into account the Halo Effect.

Essentially, with the Halo Effect which you might have learned in your high school or college introductory psychology course, is when good-looking people are perceived as more intelligent, more successful and more popular.

When you boil this down to our biological instincts, this is because at the root of our being, we value whatever means we are more likely to survive and thrive and pass on our genes. If you have good physical traits that likely means you are well-fed, well off economically and that you can hunt deer and run away from lions if need be.

The chicks that donated to his cause and tagged their donations with the hashtag, #hotfelon, didn’t actually realize that all they were doing was being drawn to the fact that he could impregnate them and likely give them a child that would survive and pass on the genes to keep that family name in check. That’s it. When you realize that, you can move on.

Number 4: The Soap-Opera Effect

A lot of women aren’t leading lives that are exciting in their eyes. They also confuse exciting for “marriage quality”. That exciting guys can be married and converted into the man that they want, as long as she stays hot and sexually active with him. Just as women that were at home all day got sucked into tabloid magazines and the backwards romance stories of soap operas, women on social media get sucked into the fantasy of Jeremy Meeks as a contrast to the steady, consistent but perceived as boring and below-average husband that they currently have.

This is merely stimulus, and it’s no different than when women read romance novels, watch 50 Shades of Grey or get entranced by the dreamy underwater welder, guitarist, BMX rider that she meets that one night at the bar.

We don’t have enough internal drive in us today to find value and interest in ourselves, and thus we also settle for the spouses we choose and end up fawning over people like Meeks. Just work on yourselves men. My message for you.

Number 5: The Riot Response

This is a term that I use to refer to women when they’re responding to some form of mistreatment against one of their girlfriends within their possé – as long as that girl hasn’t cheated on her or done something slanderous to her, because there very much so is an eye-for-an-eye and then some set of politics in female circles.

When he got the mugshot photo he had marriage requests coming in at him as he was sent off to jail. Women were all over him. But, if you do the one thing that truly defies girl code rules and calls women to each other, it’s cheating on your wife or your girlfriend. The same people that were all over him in 2014 are likely the ones that are calling him the “biggest scumbag of the earth” today.

Until you as a man do something against women, at any point, you are flawless. That’s why the men that stay at a distance – the mysterious man – the one that the girls don’t know much about but think is dreamy and probably interesting and good in bed – is so interesting. It’s like the Alfred Hitchcock effect. The more that you leave to the imagination, the more scary something is going to be. In this case, the more flawless.

Meeks was in a position where he could do no wrong. He couldn’t get away with murder, and probably did.

But, after the leak of his infidelity, his wife, a registered nurse and an attractive one, but not a model – posts an Instagram picture with the hashtags: #queensareborninjuly and #itsmybirthdaymonth. She proceeds to get 4,370 likes and 1,277 comments of support from what’s probably mostly women. Men may be supportive of another dude after something like this happens and he’s cheated on, but it will likely happen in the way of a private or more enclosed discussion that’s handled from within. It’s not a public display.

The same women wishing to be his wife are now the ones ridiculing him. There is no self-reflection, only lust.

It takes two to tango my friends. She did an interview, follow-up interview, read his resume and requested a LinkedIn follow and still married the felon. People will very rarely change when they get married. It’s on her as well MGTOW community and beyond.

So, I hope you got something out of this video and the five points regarding the inevitability of the bad boy winning. If you made it to the end, I’m astounded, and to let me know that you did, please type hoodies up in the comment section below and I will respond to you and give you a thumbs up.

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MGTOW – Her Requests Will Make You Resent Her

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Welcome back MGTOW community, hoodies up as we are ready for another red pill laced video on this Sunday, Aug. 27. Thanks again for all those that have commented. Tons of comments from a variety of people, it’s awesome to see. I just checked my “What Happened When I Didn’t Pay for Dinner” and saw a bunch more comments. I will get to them individually and respond, no comments will go unread.

Looking back on that video quickly, one comment in particular really stuck with me – it’s from Robert Dore I think it was. You said, “3:30 shows how little integrity you displayed, knowing that she was still dating one guy whilst trying to “monkey branch” on to you.” Hey man, you’re right. My integrity levels were at zero. Just days before that I was binging MGTOW videos and popping the proverbial red pill and all of a sudden she comes in, says she I’ve been trying to break up with him for such a long time and being around you has shown me just how much I need to pull that trigger.

I can’t even believe myself looking back at this. No integrity, thinking I was the bigger man because another female wanted me more than her ex. Don’t get caught up on your high horse as a man, because you will get knocked off of it by a volley of arrows in due time. All you have is a short window, and you’ll be in that same situation.

Anyway – perfect example of why I like hearing from you guys. If you want to email me as well I’ll respond to you there.

But, today we are going to talk about my first experience in dating and what I am calling, “Her requests will make you resent her – A Blue Pill Monologue”. If you think I was blue pill in my last video with my most recent ex, well you were right. But I was freaking battery charged blue pill during relationship number one. You’ll get to know these chicks as time goes on and hear more stories, but my first girlfriend had me all kinds of backwards.

I think if she told me to castrate myself because she needed some entertainment, I would have obliged. I literally did anything and everything for her. I started dating her during my junior year of college which was the year that I began to take on a lot more responsibility. I was not only a college athlete but I was working two jobs during that year – all the while trying to work out 1-2 hours per day to keep the body she demanded going. Because we all know she would have canned me if I fell off at all. That put such a toll on my body and nervous system, my left rotator cuff and lower back are still all screwed up from pushing it too hard that year. No carbs, two-a-days, yuck.

Anyway, any free time that I had – which was maybe an hour a day, I would be spending it for her. I would either be helping her do her homework, helping her with a chore, taking a nap with her if she demanded she needed to sleep, even though I may have needed to be working. I couldn’t tell you all the times I headed to work all disheveled and smelling like her after napping or fooling around. It was not good. Nearly late to anything and everything.

Basically, I began to be her servant. Anything she wanted, she knew I would give to her. She knew she had that power on me too, so as this went on she likely got continually more bored with me. One day, we were both doing a program where we would help teach and underclassmen introductory course that our college had. Both of our classes were at identical times, so after class I’d wait on the bench between buildings and wait for her to come out of class and so on. So, she texts me as I’m in class and says, oh shoot, I forgot my laptop or flash drive or something that had a file on it that she needed for a presentation that she was supposed to give that day. She tells me to go run to her house, which was on campus as she lived in a school sponsored house, pick up whatever it was she needed, and run back. For me not to look suspicious, I literally run out of the classroom and all the way to her house, which is about 4/10 of a mile away. I’m nearly sprinting a 400-meter dash there and back. I do it all in about five or six minutes, meet her outside her classroom, run back into my classroom and sit down all red in the face and with sweat dripping down my face as it’s a hot September day.

Imbecilic. Not only should I have said no and made her do it just out of principle and because of the fact that I would avoid the future repercussions that would come of it, like having my cabana boy identity abused, I wouldn’t put my personal reputation on the line. I was serving as an upperclassmen mentor for these kids after being hand selected by one of the school’s professors, which could serve as a very important reference for me in the future. But, none of that mattered.

Things didn’t stop there. Not even close, and I couldn’t even tell you all of the things that I agreed to do because of her finger of control on me. Let’s give you another example or two. So, she used to work a couple of part-time jobs during her junior and senior year, the years that we were dating in college. One of her jobs was working off campus just a mile or two away in the small-college town that we were studying in. She would work sucky shifts, sometimes even like until 2 a.m. or 4 a.m. Most of the time it was from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. So, you have to adjust your food schedule accordingly, and if you’re like me and you don’t want to eat out or eat the crappy food that is around you at your work, whether it’s supplied by them, in a break room or the vending machine, you bring your own food each day. I have spent so much money on protein shakes and protein bars over the years, nuts, beef jerky, everything in order to keep me from crashing into the throngs of McDonald’s or Taco Bell at work. But, since she was well past the point of wanting to look good for me, stay healthy and continue to be in shape – and she was hot and had naturally good genetics, so she could get away with it – she stopped eating healthily. I never stopped in her way. She almost never brought her own food to work, and if she did bring her own food to work she would still not eat it and instead call me to bring her Burger King. Over the time she was working there I probably drove to Burger King and dropped off food for her over 15 times. Four bucks a visit at least, that’s $60 right there. Not bad in the long run, maybe I could buy myself some Lunar Janoski sneakers for that, but not bad.

The thing is, there was no reason for this to happen, and as time went on more and more, I began to resent her more and more for it. I began to resent her badly and feel undervalued, emasculated and used. It stemmed into all areas of our relationship. I began to be bitter and during times that she requested things from me, I would snap and say fine I’ll get it, and or do it, anyway. Just to try and make her feel bad instead of standing up for myself and saying that you’re worth it and worth saying no to her in order to protect your own personal health. See, when you end up making decisions like this in order to please another person, your girlfriend or wife, you end up losing yourself and wishing that they treated you better. But, you’re not capable of asking for it. The only way for you to truly move on is for there to be a crisis in your relationship or for your guys to sever that relationship. Otherwise, you will continue to be the yes man. I remember one time. We were in a Target just shopping around like you do when you are bored, and she really wanted a white rug. First of all, never buy a white rug. I don’t care what type of rug it is, but I think this rug was a furry, white rug that looked like a border collie was converted into a rug. These things will get trashed in a minute and look like total crap. But, because it looks good on the shelf, just like that can of Pringles she demands you buy and then she eats them all in the car ride home and blames it on you, the same thing will happen with this rug. I knew we shouldn’t buy it, it’s not a big deal if I say no to her, but I say “fine, you requested it and we will buy it.” She then insisted that we shouldn’t and that I should stop fretting and just put it back. I still didn’t. It was an obtuse, backwards way of me trying to communicate that you’re being unreasonable and that you’re not taking into consideration me – but, I couldn’t value myself enough to do it.

What’s to Be Learned From This

I want you guys to learn from my mistakes here and look at your own experiences in dating, maybe you know someone dating right now, or maybe it’s you that’s dating right now and is beginning to resent the other person for their requests and instances of being “microused” as I would like to call it.

I also want to point at where being blue pilled blinds us from our own personal value. Everything we do becomes externally motivated, and none of it becomes internally motivated. In life, if there isn’t a balance between external and internal motivation you can run into a lot of problems. At either extreme can be a loss of identity, confusion or even depression. It can also lead to self loathing or a feeling of being abused without communicating it. That’s what happened to me. I would do anything and everything to keep her, including buying her Burger King every night, and as a result I distanced myself from her.

There is a direct relationship that I would say looks like this: as resentment goes up, personal respect goes down. If you don’t let yourself get in a position where you resent this person, you have probably been practicing good personal respect throughout the relationship. Just my take and my experience from my first girlfriend ever. Resentment grows slowly over time to repeated instances where you feel undervalued.

An article on the goodmenproject’s website, which is not a good red pill source as the title of the page might indicate, notes that three reasons why men resent women are:

  1. Women represent sexual privilege/authority to the average man
  2. Some men don’t particularly care for women’s values/interests
  3. Women pride themselves on being complex

Each of these reasons look at the upper hand that women do have in many areas, which is accurate. But it doesn’t take into the account the other side of the coin, which is the fact that this is something men have to deal with, as opposed to an asset that women possess. Resentment does happen because of how women treat men and the times that men let them treat that way because their biology tells them you gotta say “Yes dear, you’re right, I’m wrong, I’m sorry – in order to keep her as a viable child bearing option.” Remove that desire and things can move on. Stay focused on your craft, value yourself and you won’t run into these conundrums.

If you don’t address these things then you’re not becoming a better person yourself and you could be in for a rude ending to the relationship, as I was which I will talk about at a later date.

If you made it to the end of the video, well I’m very encouraged to say the least. For those that did, I hope you took something away from it and please leave a comment, like or subscribe – I will get back to you within 24 hours and always take into account what you have to say. Thanks again, hoodies up, hoodie is out.

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MGTOW – What Happened When I Didn’t Pay for Dinner


Today’s article is fueled by another personal story that I had during my last dating relationship in which I was duped into thinking with a blue pill mind and blue pill heart. There was no evidence of any conscious grounding as to what was going on in the relationship and it’s another case of how love is going to totally mitigate any “normal” thinking.

So, we were going to get some dinner and I’m in not only a city that I don’t know, I’m in an entire region of the country that I don’t know. She’s live here her whole life and knows the area, thus I’m kind of at the mercy of her knowledge as we try to get something to eat or whenever we go out, period.

She brings up this one restaurant that she has frequented many times and we decide to go there. I’m cool with that and then we order the food to go. I don’t know how it emerged or if I was just lingering in the background as she ordered for me, knowing what the best food was to get at the restaurant, but she ended up paying. In fact, they actually gave us one of the entrees for free because it was near closing time and they didn’t have what we initially asked for. As a result, we get two entrees for a little under $8. Freaking great deal. The average dinner date is probably around $35, so I will take this every day of the week. She should take this everyday of the week. She’s gotta eat too, so just look at it as her going out to get herself dinner.

We get the food and step out of the restaurant, and on the way to the car I say thanks for paying, I appreciate it. No big deal considering the money I would end up dishing out on her during the four to five months that we are dating. She sharply snaps at me and brushes my hand off her far shoulder.

Out of her mouth she says, “yeah, shut up.” I’m telling you this right now and it’s almost shocking to me that this happened. This was within the first three weeks of us talking. Who knows what was going on in her mind and bothering her at the time, maybe something that she wasn’t telling me. I have no idea. Regardless, that’s absurd. I would still stay with her for another four months like an imbecile and as time went on more and more I was reminded of this kind of as a grainy, filtered, not completely clear picture – rekindling the question “what am I doing?”

Looking back it’s clear. I wasn’t doing the masculine thing and paying for her. She probably thought, “oh, he doesn’t offer to pay for this $8 meal, he’s not going to pay for that ring, that car, that house, those kids, those vacations, those bags and everything else.” If anything, that moment would actually work in my favor going forward as I always carried the label as being cheap and not willing to invest in her throughout the rest of the relationship.

Let me give you a little more context too. Her previous boyfriend of around three or four years was the type of guy to pay for everything. She broke up with him for me, and I wouldn’t be surprised since I haven’t been in touch with her in any capacity for about four months if she was back with him. I asked her once how much she thought he spent on her throughout the time that they dated. She estimated that he spent well over $10,000 – maybe even $20,000, because you can’t lose the little expenses that add up in a relationship, even the gas it takes to drive to the other person, the money that you lose by deciding to spend time with that girlfriend or boyfriend and the extra package of oreos or teddy grahams you buy for her at the grocery store when she says she wants to tag along.

The dude bought a fly sports car, which is another story in itself, just to court her. She dug the guy with a nice whip, crazy tattoos, smoked cigarettes, drove a motorcycle, didn’t give a wooden nickel about anything and spent a lot of money frivolously to court girls. That was her type and that was her ex-boyfriend. Bring me in and I’m over here stealing food from the dining hall every time I go, trying to flip items on eBay and not buying cups so I instead steal milk from the dining hall with tupperware containers.

Bottom line, she wanted me to pay for the food. And as I didn’t pay it represented something that she didn’t want. She wanted a prototype and I wasn’t the prototype – just because I didn’t pay for that one meal. The important thing right here is that the next day I could pay for the plane flight to Dubai, Barbados, Thailand – WHEREVER – but because I didn’t pay for that one meal and if I don’t pay for every meal going forward on those lavish and expensive, five-star resort locations, then you’re not the one. The pressure is constantly being applied to you. It’s never ending. You’re expected to go in debt during the year of dating and courting, just to get her. And then you’re expected to go in more debt when you buy her that ring, get that mortgage going and start having a family. Then you can’t keep track of your health and you can’t keep track of random expenses or the kids college down the road and she leaves you in debt. The merry go round of paying and expenses will never stop. The merry go round will never close and the treadmill will never stop. The expectations are always there, and maybe the only day of the year that you get a breather is your birthday – or if you’re laid up in the hospital and you can’t physically go to a restaurant and pay for your meal together. Even then she might make you Venmo her or Apple Pay some ish wired from your bedside.

I don’t know. It starts at one meal and you think it’ll end and there will always come times when she will be okay with paying. No, the test is always on. It will always be on, and if you fail one test you cannot retake it. There is a no retake policy when it comes to missing out on paying for a meal, and I learned that in retrospect.

MGTOW – He Didn’t Know He Was MGTOW

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Welcome back guys, sunrisehoodie here once again for another MGTOW video where we focus on my observations regarding the world around me, relationships and how to become the best man in light of the MGTOW philosophy. I want to bring up a good comment from Blue Pills are Suicide Pills who brought up a great, simple definition about MGTOW – “To enjoy life in your OWN way and not conform to society’s norm or norms.” Great definition. I’m looking for a definition or a slogan to work off of for this channel, so please keep sending those comments my way and I’ll be sure to respond. I always check my comments, once or twice a day, and I’ll get back to you.

In today’s video I’m going to talk about a run-in and conversation with a guy that I realized was MGTOW, or at least a purple pill. Just the other day I was heading into my dorm and at the front of the dorms at my school we have security guards as opposed to just a door that needs you to scan in or a resident assistant. These guys are third party security guards that the school hires. You need to have them scan you in with your cards each time that you go into the building and if you’re bringing in a guest you need to have the security guard sign you in and your guest. Subsequently, you get to know some of these security guards over the year and you strike up conversations with them.

This one day there were two guys, Dan and Bruce. I had gotten to know Dan really well over the last year. Just last year I was dating my second of two girlfriends that I’ve had and I would have Dan sign her in many times. The dude is probably around 75 or 80 and he is a talker. He will get you and not let go for 40-50 minutes. He tells some good stories but also some stories that you definitely think are tainted with some lies and hyperbole, but over time you could tell that he grew to have some affection and interest in the girl I was dating. He would always ask me about her when I was heading into the building and she wasn’t there and he would always pose questions about the seriousness of our relationship and some pretty personal questions. He would go on and on in certain stories and you could tell that he was trying to impress her with certain stories of time in the army or when he showed his bravado growing up. He somehow always got on the topic of beating people up, and mind you this guy was probably only a few pounds heavier than my girlfriend at the time and about the same height.

Anyway, fast forward about five months, and I’m not dating this girl anymore. I come into the dorm, seeing him for the first time since leaving for the summer, and the first thing that he asks me is whether or not I’m dating that girl. Mind you he would tell me that she was a keeper and that she is one of those girls that you don’t have to know for a long time and you can tell that she’s just your friend and she is someone to talk to. First of all guy, you cannot judge a girl or anyone based on occasional thirty minute interactions once a week. If you do you’re going to have an overly positive perspective of this person as they can give the best presentation of themselves that is possible each time you interact. You don’t have to live through the doldrums of life with that person and the dead air that inevitably happens, not the ongoing static of an occasional run-in.

I say that I’m no longer dating her and he is in somewhat of disbelief. He asks me what happened, how our breakup went down and whether or not it was mutual. I know Dan but not at the point where you think he would be asking me these questions and if I didn’t have the ex-girlfriend there is no way that he is going to have that amount of interest in my personal information. I didn’t want to say an specifics or speak too negatively about her, so I just said that it was mutual and we grew to realize that there was very little that we shared in common and that I wanted to go elsewhere in my life. There are many things that ended that relationship and I’ll talk about them in another video, but the main thing was that she didn’t think that I was as invested into her as I should have been. That’s definitely a classic criticism.

But, to get me out of this situation, thankfully the other guy there, Bruce, had popped some red pills in his time. The first thing out of his mouth was “Good!”, when he heard that I was no longer dating her. He then said, “never marry. You should never marry. Only date, but if you do date make sure you never marry and make sure it’s a girl from the Phillipines.” Now I’m cracking up inside here. I’ve got two perfect representations of a red pill and a blue pill angel vs. demon on my shoulder going at it. I responded by saying that I completely agree with him and that I believe that marriage is a broken institution that shouldn’t be pursued today. I even questioned him when it came to marrying eastern women or Filipino women, as he had married one himself after breaking up with his ex-wife – who was an American. When he was married to his ex-wife, the American, he even said that his brother-in-law told him to break up with his sister and that he had found a Filipino girl at this party the other day that would really like to meet you and would be interested in you – as he was married to his sister! Crazy, long story short he goes on to marry her, and I’m not sure if those two are still together, but it didn’t appear like he had to go scout her out MLB style in the Philippines. It’s not the only situation of a failed marriage that I’ve seen come out of a Filipino hookup. Someone else in my life had a brother who went overseas, picked up a girl out of a crowd – who knows how – and brought her back to the U.S., paying for all of her expenses to bring her over here, goes on to marry her and you knows what happens next. This sister actually was talking to her parents about this decision when the parents were extremely naive about the outcome. They didn’t see a worst case scenario, but she proposed that the worst case scenario would be for them to get married, have kids, get divorced and she takes them back to the Philippines with her after getting custody.

As of now all of that has happened short of bringing them back to the Philippines with her. I’ve had a couple comments talking about this situation, and frankly while it is more likely for a marriage like this to succeed – as this security guard did say that this wife of his and her family did everything to help him out, reminding him when to take his medication, helping him out with work responsibilities and generally supporting him as this guy suffered a head injury on the job a number of years back. But the thing that you can’t risk is the money and the unknown. Whenever you date, but especially when you date a woman and marry a woman after taking her out of her original culture and then you bring her into a materialistic, self-worshipping, feminized culture in the United States, Western Europe or Canada in particular. You risk the unknown, and when you’re often taking a woman out of a country with abject poverty and is extremely conservative, you’re foregoing the risk that she will become enchanted with the Western world in front of her.

Overall, this was a very encouraging encounter though. Seeing both a blue pill or purple/red pill perspective on women clash in the same room was something I didn’t expect and it’s refreshing to see it played out in the flesh at times – instead of just on a screen. From it I learned a number of things:

1) The power of younger woman to grace and fool older men

Even when I was dating this girl, I could see that his whole world lit up when she was around. We would be sucked into conversation with him for an hour at a time, and he would tell stories of the most outlandish level of bravado. The dude is energetic and welcoming, I’ll give him that, but to see the power of a smile from a young girl in putting a spell on an older man – as it did with me – shows the crippling power that females have over men when they’re attractive, youthful and give you attention. It reduces our needs and our high brow thoughts to mere reactions and emotions. Part of this is that it gives the older man a glimpse into the youth that he’s lost and it reignites some vigor within him. That’s healthy, but he was genuinely upset when he found out that I broke up with her and couldn’t figure out how that happened. Once again, this dude is great and so friendly, but when you step back and look at the situation it once again reiterates the power that a fertile women will have on a man from the point he hits puberty all the way until his grave. We continually need red pills and we continually need things in our life to put our energy and focus into.

2) Catch MGTOW young

This other security guard, Bruce, was essentially MGTOW. He was initially mainly focused on a pumping and dumping technique and continually noted how I absolutely needed to use a condom – like over and over and over. Hey, that’s good advice for someone that still wants to have sex with women and run the risks with that. But, it was also rough to see someone and it’s always rough to see someone who is now MGTOW because of a divorce and tragic separation caused by a female who turned out to be a dud. Imagine the life that he could have lived and the amount of time and money that he would have saved if he had discovered this before his divorce. Some men get lucky, some know about MGTOW but then run across a woman who you think is a NAWALT and she turns out to be a snake in the grass. Catching MGTOW young is more common today, and considering that this guy uses a flip phone still I don’t think that he’s going to catch MGTOW as it is online – which is okay. You don’t necessarily need to know about MGTOW to reap the benefits, it’s just nice and edifying to have the community.

3) Stay in touch with your family

At one point during the conversation I was taken back by a question that Bruce posed for me. It’s one that has weighed on my mind significantly as I’ve dated and it’s reemerged as I broke off both of those relationships. He asked me, “do you stay in touch with your parents? Because that’s really important. I’m lucky if I get a phone call once a month from my two mid-20-year old sons.”

This struck me because during the span of the roughly two-year period in which I dated, I accidentally at first, then subconsciously cut off my parents from talking to me – whether because they were visiting me at college and I wanted to avoid them, whether they just wanted to casually talk on the phone or they had something to address with me and take care of. I found myself creating this wall between me and them and I began to see them as the enemy. Furthermore, my girlfriends both wanted me to create walls between myself and them. I’ll touch on situations in which that happened, but both girlfriends essentially told me that I need to cut ties from them and move on. Looking back on these times, I was an absolute idiot. If there are two people that have sacrificed on my behalf in this world, it’s both of my parents. I owe them everything and a lot more, yet both of my girlfriends didn’t see that and they wanted to remove me from that.

Looking back on it, they wanted to take the affection that I had for my parents and place it on them as a sign that I was maturing and leaving who had raised me and had moved on to the next stage of adulthood and partnership that they were desiring – whether or not that’s what they were implying by attempting to cut me off from them. A strong marriage I believe is linked with strong relationships with your parents and the rest of your family. A weak marriage and weak relationships are isolating. You get cut off from the people you care about by those who want to control you and to control your attention, as my ex-girlfriends were creating in me. Now I feel so much remorse for how I treated my parents during those times and how far I drifted away from even letting them know what was going on in my life.

Bruce brought this back up in my mind, even though he didn’t do it explicitly. He did it with a little nudge, a reminder that I needed. Those of you that are lucky to have your parents still and are lucky to have good relationships with them, let them know that you’re thankful for them and add that to the list of reasons why it’s good for MGTOW men to avoid hunting for women as it puts them at risk of losing what they had before they went on the hunt – which is often times friends, siblings and even parents.

Overall, just a very interesting clashing of generations going at it discussing MGTOW, marriage and dating. I’ve never had such an in-depth relationship about women before that hasn’t involved a peer or my father. Take heed of men that are older than you. There’s a reason why the most popular MGTOW content creators out there on YouTube and on the rest of the Internet are older. They’ve been through it. They know the happenings and have had the negative experiences.

So, once again men, if you stayed through and listened to this whole rant, I greatly appreciate it. If you haven’t done so already, please like, comment subscribe and even send me an email, direct message – whatever and pose a question, stir up a conversation or throw out a suggestion for a new topic to look into. I definitely will respond and take each bit of input to heart. Thanks again guys, stay strong and stay grounded out there today and enjoy the start of the August weekend. Sunrisehoodie, throwing up the hoodie.

Go MGTOW on The Mainstream Media – ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Announcing Game in Charlottesville, Va.

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I don’t know what’s more sad that most college students have no idea who Robert E. Lee is or what ESPN just did today in pulling an Asian American announcer named Robert Lee from announcing the University of Virginia vs. William & Mary game scheduled for Sept. 2, in no place other than Charlottesville, Va.

The funny thing is that I was actually a fan of ESPN back in the day and growing up and maybe until I was a sophomore in high school, I wanted to work for ESPN as a broadcaster! Well, not anymore now that they’re basically MSNBC that also airs sports on the side.

I would bet that at least half of the college student population in the United States doesn’t even know who Robert E. Lee is. Maybe they could state that he was a guy from the Civil War, but I don’t think they could tell me a fact about him, what he did or maybe even the fact that he was a general in the Confederacy. Yes, I think that most people know who Robert E. Lee is if they’re from Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania. But, beyond that, I think that our iPhone enthralled selves have written him off as just another white elitist with a beard and lots of money that we might have read in the midst of a marijuana daze during seventh period of our junior year U.S. history class.

ESPN’s full statement in this PC Audible the likes of Peyton Manning would be proud of said that, “We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue.” Furthermore, a Fox News article that I’m reading off of stated that ESPN changes assignments all of the time. Maybe they do! Maybe ESPN does, I’m sure it happens! But the dude is Asian. His middle name probably doesn’t start with an E! And you made the decision ultimately to not have him work. Most people probably have no idea that this game is going on and nobody besides those outside of a five hour radius from Charlottesville or those who have absolutely nothing better do to on Saturday, Sept. 2!

Deadspin may not be the most reputable source, but I got a subscription email from them today and they noted that they were concerned of the social media backlash behind having this guy announce the game. Sure any average Joe could screenshot his laptop or take a grainy picture of his TV and catch the name “Robert Lee” on screen, but the hub wouldn’t extend further than a few hours, and the derision towards ESPN would be coming from people that already don’t watch ESPN – as those that still watch ESPN are younger than 16 I would say, not politically engaged, or the 33-year that was a jock in high school and doesn’t pay a lick of attention to the type of left wing messaging that ESPN is throwing out there.

This is one of the reasons nobody is watching your network anymore ESPN! You thought you were doing a good job and staying hip by keeping people like Cari Champion, Stephen A. Smith, Stan Verrett, Neil Everett and Jon Buccigross on camera, but you’re not. The political correctness is nauseating and is getting in the way of the sports themselves.

ESPN wanted to externalize the blame on the situation in Charlottesville, Va. and if we are fair, that certainly does influence this decision, although ESPN also stated that Robert Lee resides in New York state, and now because he is reassigned to work the Pittsburgh vs. Youngstown State football game, he can see his family on Saturday night after the game! Great, let’s peg this national story and decision on the fact that he can see his family for another night. The dude has been in this business long enough, I don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

If you check his resume he is bilingual, and knows the least Confederate language of them all, Mandarin. I bet you the Confederates had a greater chance of winning than there being a Mandarin speaking soldier in Stonewall Jackson’s command.

This is a perfect example of why MGTOW are opting out of mainstream television and are going to solely consume factual, statistical reports on sporting events that they care about. If they’re going to get news of any sort they are going to control it like being at a buffet and subscribe to who they want to and follow who they desire. There is no need to be spoon fed this gynocentric and politically correct soaked television and digital media that ESPN is dishing out there. You wonder why so many of the ESPN broadcasters are female nowadays or female minorities.

Funny that CNN had an op-ed written by Roxanne Jones, who is a founding editor of ESPN Magazine and vice president at ESPN, write an article titled “Why ESPN and Robert Lee are right”. First of all, Robert Lee had nothing to do with this decision. I almost guarantee you. He probably doesn’t care at all. The piece just devolved into a rant about how Colin Kaepernick is justified and why Marcus Garvey and Harriet Tubman don’t have statues. Yes, let’s tear down the Confederate statues and replace them with those people – just so we can have equity! Oh wait..

Men, just an example as to why going MGTOW is more than just avoiding dating and marriage. Go your own way in all ways.

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MGTOW – Sleep Interrogation and Deprivation

When you start dating you begin to drop the need for other things such as food and sleep. I’m going to focus today on losing sleep, although food does play a role because it’s another energy source that gets supplanted by the excitement  I found that in my first relationship I was head over heels for this girl. I wouldn’t go to sleep without texting her and everything I did during that day was centered around my enjoyment from her and in keeping her.

I remember being about 170 pounds when I started dating her and in good cardiovascular shape but I had pretty poor body definition, nothing to attract a girl. When I started courting her all of that changed, my diet changed and my workout purpose changed. I wanted to workout for aesthetics, not for mental and physical health per say. I also dropped all sugar and simple carbs and went to a high protein, low calorie diet. I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t need to sleep. I fed off of her energy night and day. I woke up energized, I woke up not wanting that immediate breakfast only after about 5-6 hours of sleep.

I get why this is happening. Acquiring this mate becomes so biologically important. It has to do with survival and passing on your genes, so you brain goes in overdrive to accomplish this. Everything else gets pushed to the wayside because it’s not as high on the priority list. You can go without as much food, you can drop the sleep but you know if you lose the girl then you lose a chance to spread your seed and in a way survive for another generation through as many offspring as you have with that mate. This was my response to my girlfriend, and I will definitely make a video detailing my first dating experience, from beginning to end – it’s quick shocking and a big source of shame for me.

As far as how this relates to what I’m talking about today, is that you begin to ditch practices and habits that are necessary for your health and well being. Regardless of how great a relationship is for you, if you lose your own health, you lose everything and thus it should be the number one priority. One of the things that you can lose and sometimes the women will take from you, is sleep. It’s a way that you can become an impulsive, anxious and overall unhealthy person and also a person controlled by her, and that’s what I want to address today.

I want to look at the three different dangers that can result of women that deprive you of sleep and what can happen if you find yourself in a relationship where sleep does not persist as a priority. I know this is not a mainstream MGTOW topic idea although it’s something where I failed in both of my relationships and it’s something that can be applied to everyone’s life, whether or not you’re MGTOW, whether or not you’re currently dating or whether or not you want to date in the future.

Number 1: Increased Aggression

There is a study that I found on the Internet in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment and Trauma which looks specifically at “Sleep Deprivation and Dating Aggression Perpetration in Female College Students: The Moderating Roles of Trait Aggression, Victimization by Partner and Alcohol Use”. The study took note of 108 different women and their sleep quality was measured subjectively and objectively – self reports of dating and trait aggression were also made as well. The study found that indicators of sleep deprivation were associated with greater frequency of dating aggression perpetration.

Long story short, if you’re in a dating relationship in which you’re not getting enough sleep, she is not letting you get sleep, it’s long distance and you’re falling asleep on the phone each night or she has an expectation that you stay up with her if she has to pull an all-nighter during college for whatever reason…that is not a good thing. Lack of sleep is known to cause a brain chemical collapse, leading to aggression for one thing and behavior that does not reflect your normal self.

This puts you at risk of lashing out aggressively. It also puts her in a situation where she is more prone to behave as such. These are both bad things, as aggressive behavior is a one-way ticket to getting an abuse charge made against you. You don’t even need to be the aggressor in a situation in which your partner or the neighbors call the cops on you for loud noises and yelling just an apartment or home away. Cops are obligated to arrest someone if they’re called to the scene, and in a video that I watched today by Mkrafts, who I referenced in a recent video, the cops will have to arrest the person that is capable of doing the most damage. In all cases, unless there are two women present, that is going to be the man. Very rarely is it going to be the woman, unless she is built like Serena Williams and you’re built like a horse race jockey.

Number 2: They will deprive you of sleep to gain control and learn information

I’ve been deprived of sleep in both of my dating relationships, and especially in the first relationship that I had. I remember one night in particular her waking me up late at night to ask me a question, which was often something that she did. I’m not a responsive person when woken up. I’m very groggy and my one-track mindedness of sleeping is overwhelming. She asked me if I talked to any girls at this party that we were at. Mind you this is around a month into our relationship. Looking back I could see this as a ploy to some how leverage a breakup between us two. I’m assuming she probably saw me as too clingy at the time and was beginning to get bored of me after we had started spending our days together after being separated during summer break between my sophomore and junior year of college. Apparently she had been watching me throughout the night at the party and I hugged one of her teammates on the school swimming team as a form of introduction to seeing each other that night, completely normal and casual. That clearly counted as talking to a chick in her mind, unfaithfully. Mind you I’m barely conscious after having been sleeping, and she is storming around the house talking about how I’m going to have to make this up to her and how she is not going to be able to trust me.

Whether conscious or subconscious of her, she knew she could take advantage of my impaired mental faculties at this time of night. I was not sharp and for whatever reason, she was very sharp and attune to what I was saying to her. This is when women will try to take advantage of men, especially after they’ve been at work all day, are tired, their will power reserves are weaker and more often times is the case for the woman than the man – they have more energy. Maybe they haven’t been working or they’ve been in a low stress environment more hours of the day, thus their energy is slightly higher and the mental processing power is greater at the moment.

Sleep deprivation is a major concern in relationships and it’s yet another stand alone reason to go MGTOW in the first place. You don’t have to worry about what time you go to bed. You can simply go to bed when you want, whether this is immediately after work or right when you get back to your hotel after a long day at work.

Often times you will receive criticism for being tired, for not engaging with her during your fatigue and for choosing sleep over her – all of which are interpreted as a lack of appreciation for her and an overall lack of interest. If any of these things are the case, you need to ditch that chick because she is so far gone in insecurity that it is irreparable and not worth your time.

Number 3: Don’t Talk About Anything Important After 11 p.m.

Funny enough, my mom is a marital counselor and she always talked about the rule that you should never talk about anything important or significant after 11 p.m. or whatever your bedtime is that you have established for yourself based on your genetic circadian rhythms – which is what you should be basing your sleeping patterns off of, not the sleeping patterns that are outlined by the world around you. Those won’t lead to anything other than fatigue and suboptimal performance.

Anyway, I’ve failed that rule. I used to spend each night during the courting phase of my two dating relationships with 2-3 hour conversations that would end around 2 a.m. If I wasn’t doing that I was falling asleep with her at her house and then driving back to my dorm or apartment three times a week at 3 or 4 a.m. An absolutely terrible practice that screwed up my brain patterns, and I think I am still recovering from this.

But the reason beyond personal health for me saying this is that it protects you from saying harmful or damaging information. You could look at this from the standpoint that if you say it is likely honest and could lead to an early breakup. From a MGTOW’s perspective, that’s actually a good thing. Sometimes these things aren’t true but a combination of a dream state or a weakened mind and it could even lead to charges of emotional abuse or verbal abuse with the gynocentric judicial system that we now have in place.

Regardless, talking to someone like this – other than close friend or blood relative that needs your support at this time of night, is really dangerous and I’d stray away from it.

Ultimately, this message should just be another reason why going MGTOW is a healthier way of life. How many married men do you see get burned out and subsequently create the “dad bod” look? It’s because they are too tired from the stressors of work, family and marriage that they don’t have the testosterone and will power to stay in good physical condition. The same goes for sleep. With the vastly larger amount of free time that you have in MGTOW, the more time that you will have to sleep throughout the week and on the weekend. You won’t have to sacrifice your hobbies or personal goals either, which is one of the fears that comes when you talk about upping you sleep numbers.


The Freeing Power of MGTOW

MGTOW saves you from buying that car. MGTOW saves you from buying that house. MGTOW saves you from going to those bars, from paying those tips, from buying those girls their drinks. MGTOW saves you from wondering if you’re women is happy. MGTOW saves you from having to stop at the floral shop once a week on your way home from work. MGTOW saves you from having to clean up the kitchen after bombing it with a rib cookout. MGTOW saves you from feeling like you don’t live up to expectations. MGTOW saves you from alimony. MGTOW saves you from child support. MGTOW saves you from the calls from your girl pleading that you come home when you’re grizzying at work, trying to make money, pay those bills and SAVE. MGTOW saves you from having you to tell someone where you are at all times. MGTOW allows you to spend extra time at the gym and to buy that expensive gym club membership instead of clanging the rusty weights at the YMCA or lifting on the Smith Machine at Planet Fitness. MGTOW saves you from worrying about what your car looks like next to the guido as you’re driving down Rodeo or through the Lincoln Tunnel or on South Beach. MGTOW allows you to stay at the cheap, dumpy, raisin bran for breakfast hotel when you’re on a weekend road trip because you want to spend more on the meal at a special restaurant, have an extra day of freedom on the trip or just save your money. MGTOW allows you to fall asleep with the controller or mouse and WASD keys on your fingertips and not hear about the next morning. MGTOW allows you to quit your job that is paying you 100K for 60 hour work weeks, to instead take the job that is paying you 35K, is less stressful and gives you more free time to enrich the other areas of your life. MGTOW allows you to get up early on Saturday to go for a run instead of making sure you stay in bed and watch Netflix all day in order to prove to her that you want to spend time with her. MGTOW allows you to watch the game without feeling guilty. MGTOW allows you to mindlessly scroll through your YouTube Watch Later after a long day of work instead of listening to her diatribe about work or how you need to do this or that. MGTOW allows you to know where your money is going, what it’s being used for and what you’re saving it for. MGTOW gives you more financial peace, freedom and stability. MGTOW allows you to not worry about sneaking to the bathroom at work to make sure you text her back throughout the day. MGTOW saves you anywhere from $100-a couple thousand on birthday and Christmas gifts each year…I don’t know your past chicks. MGTOW allows you to spoil your friend’s kids, nieces, nephews, parents, sisters or whoever you so desire – with either your time, texts, gifts or thoughts. MGTOW gives you latitude with people. MGTOW allows you to fall asleep whenever you want. MGTOW allows you to avoid having to pinch yourself as you lay on the bathroom floor, trying to stay awake during those long term relationships. MGTOW allows you to socialize. MGTOW allows you to keep your friends. MGTOW allows you to eat off disposable plates and with disposable silverware. MGTOW allows you to shop on Amazon instead of spending your Sunday afternoons looking for the next accessory at Lowes, Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Menards…it goes on and on. MGTOW allows you to eat Cocoa Puffs at midnight without either having to get her a bowl or justifying your decision to eat those. MGTOW allows your gains to be your gains, not her gains just so you make sure you keep her satisfied. MGTOW allows you look like a slob. MGTOW saves you mad cash. MGTOW allows you to spend the money you spend on her and the money that the kids she wants you to give her would cost. MGTOW allows you to not worry about how she acts at family gatherings. MGTOW allows you live without shame on account of her behavior. MGTOW allows you to keep the family members that she otherwise wouldn’t get along with. MGTOW allows you to keep your dignity. MGTOW allows you to honor God. MGTOW allows you to take risk, financially, in your career or in that kayak or biking trip that you wanted to go on. MGTOW allows you to walk to the Apple store, Nike Outlet or GameStop instead of making stops at Forever21, Vera Bradley, Starbucks, comparing you to the models at Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Starbucks again, complaining she shouldn’t have had you buy that Cinnabon for her, looking for baby clothes at the Baby Gap and the $80 you dropped at Cheesecake. MGTOW allows you to stay in shape without being accused for cheating with the gym. MGTOW allows you to have personal goals for your life. MGTOW allows you to play that extra game for money like Woody Harrelson in White Man Can’t Jump…and not just do it once, but twice, thrice and quatorze. MGTOW allows you to keep your old Pokemon Cards, Storm Trooper figurines and Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards, and not have to worry about hiding them in the safety deposit box. MGTOW allows you to crack corny jokes and not be criticized for it. MGTOW allows you to not have your masculinity on the line when she sees you lose to the guy she’s been eyeing in the torn jeans, tattoos and affliction shirt that is two sizes too tight. MGTOW allows you not have to worry about her cheating on you after she watches “Magic Mike” with her girlfriends. MGTOW allows you have your political views and not worry about getting called out by her liberal, feminazi girlfriends. MGTOW allows you to break that finger or pull that hamstring at softball and not have her shut down your weekend warrior career. MGTOW allows you to be free from comparisons to Brad Pitt, Chris Pratt, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, Tom Brady, Bryce Harper, Steph Curry, Chris Brown or any man in a suit in tie that looks like he’s got it together. MGTOW allows you to be the person that you want to be. MGTOW allows you to make the impact that you want to make on people, your community and the world. MGTOW allows you to openly talk about politics, history or geography and not have someone roll their eyes at you. MGTOW saves you $1,000 a year in dinner dates. MGTOW allows you to Uber home from a night out or drive home from a night out and not worry about holding anyone’s hair back or feeding them saltines all night. MGTOW allows you to get up and move to Wyoming if you need a break from the city life. MGTOW allows you to go to Star Wars when it’s out instead of waiting for it to come to you for purchase one year later. MGTOW allows you to be wholly you. MGTOW allows you to be holy. MGTOW allows you to see yourself for who you are. MGTOW allows you to have introspection. MGTOW allows you to be FREE.

What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

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What is MGTOW’s Purpose?

What’s up MGTOW men. The next couple of days are looking good. We hit the weekend and barring anything not on the radar, I’ll be able to make a few more videos than normal and hopefully will have one up each day this weekend. So, pop this video through your headphones as you’re getting a lift in, going on a walk, grilling up some food, gaming or just relaxing after whatever this work has thrown at you.

Today I’m going to rant a little bit. I’ve written out a lot of what I’m going to say going forward, just because it’s a very tangential topic and video today with a lot of content and I want to make sure I get it in coherently. I hope that works with you guys and you get something out of it that you can take with you ahead.

Today I’m going to talk about MGTOW’s greatest purpose and what this purpose does for us as men and MGTOW men.  

I would say that I have been MGTOW for a little over a year now, having came across it on YouTube in July of 2016 after watching some Sandman videos, this guy named MKrafts (who I wish made more videos). He had a really interesting experience that was fundamental in creating my belief in MGTOW. He is from the United States and his dating experiences in the western world had failed. After serving in the U.S. Military he decided to date overseas and shortly after ended up getting married to a girl in Russia or Eastern Europe.

I’ll be the first to say that some of those girls are very attractive and I think that there is a culture of respect that is still underlying in that area of the world that makes them come across as more submissive than American women and more in line with natural female nature. Long story short he got married to her, brought her over the U.S. and after a relationship of parasitism in which she lazily hung around and milked off of his money, they ended up getting divorced.

Now, this dude is only in his late 20s, 31 or 32 at the oldest and he has some great insights and opinions about women and MGTOW. He doesn’t make any videos anymore, which you often see with some MGTOW channels – this idea of MGTOW burnout. I hope that he hasn’t fallen back to his old ways and ended up being blue pilled by western culture. But, I tell this little anecdote because this particular anecdote of his stuck with me. Why it stuck with me so much was because of the pain that was in his voice and the experience that his ex-wife put him through. It tore him apart, caused him shame and led to his own pain – all the while showing me through this example that eastern women aren’t the cure all for feminazism that has engulfed the United States, Canada and Western Europe.

Without MGTOW, without the philosophy of accepting culture for the way that it is and for the way that women are within the culture I live in the United States, we have knowledge. We have the knowledge that we can harness to avoid the pain that unfortunately came to MKrafts, who was a chill, reasonable, hard working and simple guy – not someone that you would wish a divorce upon or any other strife that you could wish upon a person.

I got a couple of comments in my last video, “Women Made MGTOW”, from two guys MGTOW values and mustno3. By boiling down their comments and my thoughts on them, basically I came to the conclusion that MGTOW at it’s highest form exists to maximize the enjoyment, productivity and purpose of a man’s life in a gynocentric world. At it’s most enlightened level, MGTOW gives you time, it gives you money but most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. It’s a red pill of liberation that frees you from standards you cannot satisfy, maintain, reach or sustain. Standards that a work driven, female-centered, money centric world has created. A world that is lacking in identity that is gained from within.

If there is anything that you get from my video today, I want it to be those very facts. That MGTOW maximizes one’s life and protects that life from strife, pain and suffering that many decisions can cause and all the things that the deceitfulness of the world and our own brokenness can cause.

MGTOW is liberation, and that’s part of why you see so much overlap in MGTOW with libertarianism and entrepreneurship in particular. MGTOW puts you in a place where you begin to work to be satisfied in yourself and to build yourself up. At the end of the day, you own nothing other than your thoughts. Everything you do comes from your thoughts in your mind, all of your actions and thus where you go in life. You own nothing in life other than that, permanently that is. You did not create this world, you’re not in command of other people’s actions and most important to know – you will never be able to tame the thoughts of a woman. Thus, don’t try to. Just aim to control your own thoughts and create the best you that you can, because that’s what you owe to yourself and to God.

I think of one of my favorite MGTOW media makers on YouTube, ImmortalMindz when I think about the simplification and liberation process that goes on when you accept MGTOW. He talks about how he has lost any interest in television, owning a television, mainstream entertainment and even watching sports to some extent – all of these outlets were once elemental in his happiness and daily life before his MGTOW realization. When you go MGTOW you don’t care about the thoughts around you, other than to be aware of them so that you can vet what’s bad and speak to other people with educated thought. You don’t want that television anymore, you don’t want to be passive in anything you do. You may play video games, listen to music, read, lift – all of these things stimulate the brain and improve you – even video games. Consumption of mindless messaging is destroyed, because it doesn’t relate to you and it doesn’t improve you. We are all entrusted with the minas and the talents. How you use it is our challenge, and MGTOW ensures that you use it effectively and efficiently.

I was never up to date in my television watching, haven’t consistently watched a show (other than sports, which is related to a lot of the work and jobs that I’ve had in the past) since Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Shows that don’t appear in the mainstream media and aren’t apart of the mainstream lexicon. I have no television that I use, I have no video game system other than an old N64, Game Boy Advance and Color and the occasional indie games and RTS games that I will pop in from time to time for mental hygiene and mind sharpening. I have no Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go or anything streaming subscription of any kind. I believe that Sandman has commented on this many times, discussing the erosion of the interest in these things when you go MGTOW. This is because MGTOW centers you on spending your time rightly and in focusing on making yourself the best man you can be in the world today.

I think I’ve clearly established what MGTOW’s purpose is and why its there. The main reasons that is. I don’t want to gloss over the fact that MGTOW is an emotion and energy saver. I’ve noticed a stark difference in the amount of emotional and physical energy that I’ve had since becoming MGTOW. I am able to sleep more, I have more time in the day, I’m able to take better care of myself, my diet improves, and most importantly my view of myself changes and improves because I’m not basing my self worth on the daily evaluations of this other person. Often times people might say that it is your fault for being in a relationship that would cause you to self evaluate like that, but let’s face it – relationships naturally do that and because of social media, women are going to constantly be building that standard for you that they base you on.

Dovetailing off of an article that mentions Ayn Rand and her idea that she coins as her “sense of life”, a philosophy or own our beliefs and views are necessary because “each of us needs to understand his own convictions consciously, to be able to put his sense of life into words. Otherwise we don’t really have a clear idea of what we believe or what is motivating us to make our biggest decisions – or whether it is true. We need to know what we think on philosophical questions, because our answers can affect the course of our lives. And the sense of life that dominates nations or cultures can determine their fates.”

Wow. That is weighty. The fate of cultures and nations depends on the philosophical convictions that you possess, and people without those convictions end up going down personal paths that are completely devoid of conviction and direction. I would compare that to a man that is currently trapped in the blue pill paradox of life, believing that he has to attract a woman, date a woman, marry a woman, impregnate a woman and work for a women. He doesn’t have a philosophy and he doesn’t know why he wants these things. Not knowing why you want something, such as a mate and kids leads to unwanted children, unhappy marriages and the general erosion of the family, all of which lead to the erosion of society – which is what we see today.

MGTOW provides this philosophical conviction in regards to women, and in some ways as it relates to finance, careers, politics and religion. It saves you many things and allows many more things into your life, which I will address tomorrow in my MGTOW saves and MGTOW allows diatribe.

Thanks for watching and or listening today, guys. I hope you have a stellar weekend of freedom and relaxation. Sunrisehoodie, done.