MGTOW – My Best Friend Got Dumped at His Lowest

“I think the whole thing God not giving you anything you can’t handle is BS ex-girlfriend now called to break up with me as my Dad is laying in the hospital as I was going to go see him.” Today’s message is going to be about another real-life experience, a MGTOW message and lesson... Continue Reading →


MGTOW – The Chameleon: She Will Change Colors

Remember, she is only going to wear that Brett Favre jersey for three weeks, maybe a whole month. Then you’ll never see it again. She doesn’t have to sport the camouflage anymore, her camo is now embedded in her and you’re blind to it. Women are naturally good at being chameleons because they are innately... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – What Happened When I Didn’t Pay for Dinner

YouTube: Twitter: Email: Today’s article is fueled by another personal story that I had during my last dating relationship in which I was duped into thinking with a blue pill mind and blue pill heart. There was no evidence of any conscious grounding as to what was going on in the relationship and it’s... Continue Reading →

MGTOW – He Didn’t Know He Was MGTOW

YouTube: sunrisehoodie Twitter: @sunrisehoodie Gmail: Welcome back guys, sunrisehoodie here once again for another MGTOW video where we focus on my observations regarding the world around me, relationships and how to become the best man in light of the MGTOW philosophy. I want to bring up a good comment from Blue Pills are Suicide... Continue Reading →

Go MGTOW on The Mainstream Media – ESPN Pulls Robert Lee From Announcing Game in Charlottesville, Va.

YouTube Channel: sunrisehoodie Twitter: @sunrisehoodie Gmail: I don’t know what’s more sad that most college students have no idea who Robert E. Lee is or what ESPN just did today in pulling an Asian American announcer named Robert Lee from announcing the University of Virginia vs. William & Mary game scheduled for Sept. 2,... Continue Reading →

The Freeing Power of MGTOW

MGTOW saves you from buying that car. MGTOW saves you from buying that house. MGTOW saves you from going to those bars, from paying those tips, from buying those girls their drinks. MGTOW saves you from wondering if you’re women is happy. MGTOW saves you from having to stop at the floral shop once a... Continue Reading →

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