MGTOW: The Plan B Boy – She Will Always Have a Man in the Bullpen Stats

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Half of women have a man on deck.

An article in the Medical Daily revealed that a survey done by, an online market research company, detailed that half of women who are married or in relationships have a Plan B man on standby who is “ready and waiting”. This is already a high percentage but many more women were likely being dishonest or do have a man on deck but failed to realize it. These women have an insurance policy, and the may be lingering on social media, an ex-boyfriend, an acquaintance during high school or college, the work husband, or even gym buddy. Subtle small talk over months or years add up, and she is cultivating the man on deck, or the man in the bullpen as I like to call it, in case of one small slip on behalf of her current boyfriend or husband.

“However, to avoid playing the field and going through all the bases, women have taken a shortcut to get back to the finish line with a Plan B man.”

To further intensify the very encouraging nature of this study…the man in the bullpen is far from a rookie. He is a seasoned veteran that has been loitering around for seven years. Upwards of four in 10 women said they got to know this guy as they were with their current partner, while nearly 4 of 10 women said he was “on the scene” – whether at parties, in a similar social group, at work or while working out, far before the relationship began with their current boyfriend.

Whether it’s the distance that has preserved his freshness to her, the sexual tension that has existed or because she believes she needs some insurance, this man in the bullpen has been able to preserve this freshness that the current boyfriend simply won’t be able to grasp. It’s an unfair advantage.

The survey states that for some, the feelings are stronger than they are for the current boyfriend. One in 10 women confessed their Plan B has professed their undying love to them, while two in 10 knew that they Plan B would “drop everything” for them. Furthermore, 15 percent responded with feeling more for the Plan B man than their significant other. Frightening.

“This could spark fear in men across the UK and be great news for women looking for that extra bit of love and care so that their attentions aren’t swayed.”

Half of these women take the “never say never” approach when it comes to hooking up or dating this man in the bullpen. Thus, she won’t cut off this guy and won’t destroy this relationship in the event that she needs its resources. With the accessibility of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter the danger is amplified. All it takes is a bad date, a boring vacation, some minor arguments and she could jump on any one of these social media sites during some down time before bed and kindle a serious relationship with this Plan B individual.

This article in the Medical Daily is highly blue pilled and puts the responsibility on the shoulders of the man to be “attentive to their women’s needs, even when the relationship is on the rocks.” The responsibility should be on the shoulders of both people in the relationship, as the alternative would mean that the girl is always meant to be entertained and can’t generate her own ways to spend time.

A relationship shouldn’t be a game. It should be a building block for two people’s lives in order to bring success and enrichment to both of them. The game is immature; it’s indicative of high school and college dating behaviors, especially in the western world. It stems from the need to feed those entertainment seeking neurons in the mind of the girl who wants to be stimulated by a game she keeps on the table, like a long drawn out game of Risk.

I know I don’t want that. I have enough to worry about with other areas of my life.

But, this is the female’s take on the situation:

“the good news is that this [the game] isn’t a chore. On the contrary, it’s a heck of a lot of fun [if the game is prolonged].”

I’ll opt out.

A relationship should be enjoyable and at times exciting. But if you’re expecting to be married happily ever after to a person then there are going to be far more doldrums than there are peaks. It’s unsustainable and unreasonable to think that constant entertainment, games, fun and excitement is a constant in long term relationships. That’s why many of them fail today, hence bringing in the Plan B man.

Days Before Red Pill

Back during days of blue pill weakness before Morpheus snuck into my matrix, I was drowning in blue pills. I had never had a girlfriend at this point, which was at the end of my sophomore year of college. Looking back, that was a true blessing. Nearly reach 21 years of age and avoiding a relationship was a gift that I didn’t realize I possessed.

But, genetics took over and I fell for a girl that I had my eyes on for a little over a year. She was very attractive and as usual, at first I thought we had more in common that I would later realize.

There were so many red flags. My prefrontal cortex must have taken a deep sleep, as I simply avoided the signs that this wouldn’t end well.  rebounding from a breakup with a dude that treated her poorly…but was well endowed. For one thing, I had to live in the perpetual shadow of that. After the breakup she bounced around and months later we had a three-week course together.

I happened to give a speech in class about my life that caught her attention. She probably wasn’t even aware that I was in the class with her prior to that, but because of what my speech entailed she caught interest in me. I was blue in the face with blue pills to keep her. Spending money, sending her gifts, courting her with long flowery texts and staying up way too late to have phone conversations and Facetime calls with her.

We were going long distance for three months between sophomore and junior year, during which I saw the first signs of her Plan B man getting loose in the bullpen. I distinctly remember a snapchat message that included “you’ll have to love me more than Adrean.” No idea what prompted this, but I was simply a pawn in a game. Almost two years to the date passes and I wake up one morning to a call from her stating that she cheated on me with him. The writing was on the wall the entire time. There were more signs and detailed tributaries branching off of the main river here, but there is no need to get into it – because the Plan B man warming up in the bullpen pulled through at the end of the day, and the thesis is proved. As soon as our relationship dried up, the bullpen was called to as it was with me and my ex.

To this day, about a year and a half later, she is still dating the guy that was warming up in the bullpen.

Look in the Sky, Look for the Vultures

Look above you. The Plan B man is like a vulture circling in the sky for you to leave and for his prey, the girl, to be available. Vultures don’t explicitly attack if they don’t have to. They’d rather let the other person do the hard work or the other animal to do the hard work and kill their prey. That’s their intention. They want to be efficient and only enter into the picture when they know what they are there for is available, the girl.

Don’t create an opportunity for this vulture. Better yet, don’t be there at all. Better yet be so far away from any potential prey, because unless you throw a perfect game – which there have been 23 of those in all of MLB history – she is going to go to the bullpen.

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    1. No doubt that it is smart. It’s a good survival tactic for them, although recognizing that it is a survival tactic that leaves nothing for you as the guy makes the decision to go mgtow the clean way in many cases.


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