MGTOW: Analysis – RGIII and Why there are No MGTOW in the NFL

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As invulnerable as J.J. Watt or Tom Brady may be, no NFL player is immune to the temptation of a woman. And when you’re in the NFL, there are PLENTY of them to sift through.

Apparently NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III is the latest victim of the every so plentiful field of women for NFL stars, and it looks like it’s going to take him on as bumpy of a ride as his NFL career has been thus far.

Just last week on July 2nd, Griffin and his new fiancee, Grete Sadeiko welcomed their first child – RGIII’s second kid, but first with Grete. This is hardly a record ratio of franchises considering Antonio Cromartie’s 14 kids with eight women ($336,000 in child support annually), but considering he just divorced his previous wife 11 months earlier, RGIII may be on that direction unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 5.39.56 PM

According to, RGIII’s ex-wife of three years is demanding $36,000 per month, not including any child support that he will have to pay for the child that they had together in 2015.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the RGIII timeline, here is a brief rundown of the events.

RGIII Timeline

The Skinny on Sadeiko

Sadeiko is from Estonia and earned a track scholarship to compete at Florida State University where she studied psychology and just graduated this past spring. Her sister, Grit, competed in the 2016 Olympics in Rio as a heptathlete.


Grete wasn’t just on the team at Florida State University but was highly successful, being a second team All-America selection two different years. She began to contact RGIII while still enrolled at FSU.

MGTOW Learnings

The Blessings of Mediocrity

What I’ve noticed is that a man is most insusceptible to relationships with women when he is in a “mediocre” stage in his life. When a man’s career is going poor he may not attract a lot of woman but the need to pursue a woman may be strong in order to counteract a struggling career. Conversely, when the career is going well, so are the woman. Woman will not pay the interest when money is not coming in and it’s not expected to come in.

In the case of RGIII, he’s suffered from both. Dawdling in the realm of steady mediocrity will lend itself to the greatest protection from the blue pill poisoning on our minds.

As RGIII’s career began to take off at Baylor University in Waco, Tx. so did his relationship with his ex-wife, Rebecca Liddicoat. In 2009 the couple began to date and they would stay together through Griffin’s rise to the Heisman Trophy before getting married in 2013.

RGIII Rebecca wedding                rgiii-i-got-her-back-she-got-mine-alert-7679554

While this is speculation, as his career in the NFL with the Washington Redskins began to be riddled with injuries, his marriage began to be riddled with its own issues. To counteract this, Griffin began to dabble with his now fiancee.

I’ve found that I am very weak and more susceptible to pursuing women when my confidence is low and my path in life has been stymied.

This is where the blessings of mediocrity come in. While it doesn’t sound glamorous, I would relate this to our drinking habits. We drink our sorrows away, we drink for celebration. We date and have sex to forget our pain and to celebrate, and on a larger level – because we biologically think we are ready to provide. Both ends can lead to the financial and reputation grave.

Sniping for a Simp

Apparently Grete attracted the gaze and interest of RGIII through repeatedly liking RGIII’s Instagram posts. Being in the limelight as RGIII’s fiancee, Grete has kept her social media accounts on private, but from the looks of it, Grete does it for the gram every once in awhile.


The conversation first started between RGIII and Grete on Twitter during a three month period when RGIII drifted away from his ex-wife. I’ll give Grete props for moving her account to private, which illustrates some self respect and respect for RGIII…although simp sniping from social media is not a good sign.

Grete can do it anytime from anywhere. Being around the dominant, money making “alphas” of the NFL puts RGIII’s blonde in the line of sight of all kindz of men who would like to have her for a night or two.

There was clearly no respect paid by Grete for RGIII’s ex-wife and the child that they had together as she began to stalk the struggling quarterback on social media. This only points to hypergamy and unfaithfulness as we move forward.

If this instagram message from RGIII doesn’t illustrate the extent to which he was blue pilled by her social media graces, I don’t know what does:

RGIII rant to Grete
Relationship Fastforwarding

As I said before, Grete and RGIII were posting pictures on social media together just months after the divorce was settled between RGIII and his ex-wife. In 11 months from the divorce date RGIII popped the question, but not after knocking up Grete six or seven months earlier.

It makes no sense for RGIII’s career for him to have a second child at this point, and to get married again. He is already responsible for one child and he still hasn’t even secured a job in the NFL yet after flubbing in Washington and Cleveland last year. Sure, he had earned more money before stepping on the field than any player in NFL history, but the powers of divorce, alimony, child support and the US court system prevents any sum of money from being completely safe.

Greta Sadeiko Engaged

Secondly, Grete is in her sexual prime right now and will be for the next five or six years. For her to want to forego the field for a child and a diminished body at the age of 23-24 clearly means that she wanted to ensure she would get a piece of the pie before their relationship failed.

This follows the exact formula that Chicago Cubs shortstop Addison Russell factored into with his soon to be ex-wife, Melisa Russell. Addison and Melisa had their first child at the age of 22 before they were married, and shortly thereafter you find Melisa with a ring on her finger.

By proxy you find RGIII bowing at one knee with a diamond just months before Grete pops out their first child. It’s all in the plan.

Oh, and let’s not forget about RGIII’s tattoo of homage.

Robert Griffin - Greta Tattoo
The NFL Needs a Red Pill Spokesperson

There are countless examples of NFL wives that have shamed their husbands, cost them millions and even their careers.

Imagine if Tom Brady, who has earned $196 million in earnings just as a quarterback (not including endorsements) opened up the media and NFL player’s minds to MGTOW. Not only would the sports world take note, but it would send reverberations throughout all sectors of entertainment and even the economy.

Not to mention that they won’t have to call bae immediately after games on Sunday after they’ve been banged up and bruised to pieces.


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