MGTOW: Red Flags, Warning Signs and Green Lights

MGTOW – The Elusive Unicorn: Red Flags, Warning Signs and Green Lights

What’s the difference between a red flag and a warning sign and what do green lights look like if you’re still looking for a nawalt or are hoping a close friend of yours to finds one?

If you’re not already subscribed to the TheRedPill thread on Reddit, you should definitely go over to Reddit and sign up. Beyond the community that the thread provides, it gives you red pill doses on the regular to keep yourself grounded as the gynocentric world continues to lob bombs on us from all angles.

Here’s a link to the Reddit post that I am referring to, titled: The lengthy red flags, warning flags, green flags list. It’s pretty lengthy and is a great starting place for new MGTOW followers or those curious about the MGTOW movement. It’s summative of many things to look out for in women such as what type of parents they had, their spending habits, how they talk about people behind their back or even how they text and communicate casually with you.

I bring up this thread because today’s article is centered around the differences between what I’ve coined as red flags, warning signs and green flags. If you’re going MGTOW then there doesn’t appear to be much of reason why these three things should be of concern to you. Red flags, warning signs and green lights have a lot more importance when you believe you are on the hunt for a NAWALT or unicorn.

Before I delineate the various red flags, warning signs and green lights for everyone, I will quickly define each based on my understanding.

Red Flags: Negative traits, behaviors or life situations that can disqualify a woman from being a potential dating prospect because of the harm that they can cause in their life, your life or that of their children.

I’ve already been talking about red flags recently and have discussed two of them, one of which was about a woman who is addicted to social media and the girlfriend or wife that is constantly comparing you to an ex or another male.

Some other common red flags with woman are:

  • That they’ve dated and had sex with a laundry list of people
  • They spend frivolously
  • Have multiple credit cards and debit cards
  • Sleep in perpetually
  • Insist on routine gifts like flowers, food or makeup
  • Continue to have side conversations with other male “friends”
  • Have had an abnormal hair style on many occasions
  • Speak poorly of most people
  • Gossip a lot
  • Don’t have close friends
  • Don’t speak with their family
  • Isolate you from others
  • Look down on your hobbies
  • Don’t encourage your dreams
  • Don’t respect authority
  • Engage only in trivial conversation
  • Has to always be extroverted and social
  • Has more empathy for animals than humans
  • History of drug use and drinks alcohol heavily
  • Creates drama
  • Craves attention

The list is nearly endless and is relative to the type of person you are and the type of woman that you would be looking for. The main difference between a red flag and a warning sign is that a red flag is a current issue that has already manifested itself in the person that you are considering. It’s not something that is festering or eventually may bear its head five years into marriage. It is currently present and should be avoided, with almost no exceptions

Warning Signs: An indicator based on a current or past circumstance that may hint at the development of a red flag.

Warning signs don’t immediate disqualify a woman from being a potential candidate, rather they raise your attention and make you cautious about this person. Think of the tornado analogy. A tornado watch means there are meteorological indications that a tornado will be created, while a tornado warning means the tornado has been spotted. A warning sign is essentially the tornado watch.

Often times warning signs are created by situations that this person cannot control, thus you can’t blame the person for having an issue or having baggage. Rather, take note of it and factor it in HEAVILY into how you move forward with this person. On this Reddit post I saw some things like “having only guy friends”, “using powerful words in the wrong context” or “highly OCD” as being referred to as “warning flags”, or warning signs. I would deem these things red flags as they are current issues and aren’t necessarily created by uncontrollable circumstance.

The main warning signs that I would point to based on my definition are:

  • Having a distant father
  • Growing up in a tumultuous home
  • Being sexually, physically or emotionally abused as a child or adolescent
  • Having little to no responsibility growing up, whether it was not having a job or having to pay for anything at any point
  • Being an only child
  • Having few experiences that helped shape her:
    • Not playing sports
    • Little to no travel
    • Limited exposure to other people and/or ideas
  • Being raised in an isolated community

Another warning sign that crossed my mind for consideration was a history of having mental health issues or a familial history of such problems. These things can be remedied although they may be a sign of other problems such as an isolated environment, poor exercise or health habits. All of these things exacerbate mental health issues in addition to the potential for issues arising from clinical or chemical depression.

I don’t like being too critical of these things, as men are also susceptible to all of these issues. I am simply bringing them up from an objective perspective as you want to look out for your best interests, not belittle another person.

Green Lights: Qualities or characteristics that would encourage pursuing a relationship with that person. These can include habits, beliefs, behaviors, goals and more.

Here is a list of the most encouraging green lights that I can think of:

  • Has goals that are both short term and long term
  • Follows healthy habits on a consistent basis
  • Is concerned with eating healthy and exercising
  • Has empathy and is concerned with being altruistic
  • Will check in with you and is conscious of other people’s feelings
  • Has passion for things
  • Can engage in conversation with a variety of people
  • Saves more than she spends
  • Respects your time
  • Has respect for your habits, suggestions and ideas
  • Appreciates traditional gender roles and acting upon them
  • Enjoys intellectual conversation and can discuss large issues not just domestic topics
  • Respects your sleep schedule
  • Has respect for your personal time

Some red flags, warning signs and green lights will hold greater or less weight to you depending on what you value and your own personal characteristics. It’s up to you to determine what is of value to you, but I know I didn’t conceptualize their verity prior to my dating years. After having two failed relationships and taking the red pill I can now see that things like red flags and warning signs hold true quite often.


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  1. It’s very interesting that you have Sleep in perpetually on your list. When my ex-girlfriend and I were making plans to live with each other she asked if we can sleep in daily. This is possible because of our flexible work hours. However I said that I wanted to wake up early and do things like yoga, meditate and exercise but she could sleep in if she wanted. When I said this she started crying and asked me if those things were more important than our relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s interesting to hear man, as it was definitely a huge issue – especially in my first relationship dating relationship. Before dating her I practiced getting up early to do exactly like you and workout/read/etc. For the first few months I sacrificed these things to spend a few more hours in bed with her but I had to give that up eventually as a poor start to my day would end up detracting from the quality/free time available later. It definitely is a double standard that is set. If you don’t get up early to work/workout then they complain about a lack of initiative. But if you do get up then it’s as you said, they think you are putting them on the back burner. Funny how subtle things like that can turn out big.

      Liked by 1 person

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